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Acume Forensic

ADDUCE The document and multi-media exploration system. Incorporates all media from e-discovery, investigative life cycle or scan. Designed for information examination, classification, amendment, dissemination and presentation at trial, tribunal or hearing. Includes multiple automated tools and ADDUCE-LITE tablet and portable media platform. Hosted on private cloud UK Crown hosting centre

Timebase 247 - Time Recording from Tricostar

Tricostar Software Ltd

Timebase 247 is time and resource software. It is comprehensive, easy-to-use, with granular security, 100% web-based application giving service professionals the freedom to record their time electronically. Can be linked to payroll and HR systems. Time can be recorded using smart phones, laptops and PCs. Available on cloud or in-house.

interCOMM Court Case Management (with Source)

Visionhall Information Systems Ltd

An unrestricted license to use the interCOMM Advanced Court Case Management Platform within England & Wales. Allows unlimited courts, cases, users and transactions. Full source code included.

PwC Cloud Software Service Definition 1: eDiscovery cloud software

PricewaterhouseCoopers (LLP) PwC

The provision of document review software to support e-discovery, civil, criminal, regulatory and investigation matters. The software, such as Relativity provides keyword searching, computer-assisted review and predictive coding to bring major cost efficiencies to the review. The service supports workflows to manage the review and production of documents for disclosure.

Capita ePayment Collection Networks

Capita Business Services Limited

Capita partners with both PayPoint and the Post Office, two of the leading payment collection networks to provide a service where customers can make payments to the Organisation at nearly 40,000 locations. Payments made will be managed by Capita, passing swiftly through to the Organisation’s bank account.

Interactive Voice Response

Temple Interactive Media

Automated telephone call handling. Our systems are used for credit card payments, voicemail, voting and information services. Voice interface using telephone keypad or Speech Recognition to connect to databases and APIs. Call centre overflow and routing.

Timebox - Time Recording and Expenses Management

Alphatec Software Ltd

Alphatec Software's Timebox is an award winning time recording and expenses SaaS solution, that will help you manage time spent and expense costs in dealing with directorates, clients, departments, cases, projects and activities.

Capita One Digital Licensing Forms Package

Capita Business Services Limited

This is a package of predefined, self-service, licensing forms covering a wide variety of services commonly required. The intuitive and flexible forms solution enables the digital capture and processing of data. Using the One Digital Contact Manager, the solution provides a single view of customer engagement.

Bank Wizard Absolute for Cards


Bank Wizard Absolute verifies credit card details. It is used before submitting payment instructions helping to prevent failed payments and fraud. The service checks credit card validity, and is owned by the person whilst matching to an address.

Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery


Advanced eDiscovery reduces your eDiscoverycosts by using machine learning to analyse relevant data, to allow more efficient document review and data reduction decisions. You can work with data stored in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business.

Capita ePayment Internet Payments

Capita Business Services Limited

Supports online payment by debit or credit card. Includes the full process from capture of customer details and the goods or services they are paying for through to entry of card details and authorisation.


Neopost UK Ltd

Hybrid Mail

Over the Counter Payments

allpay Limited

allpay provides a comprehensive over-the-counter network payments service utilising more than 40,000 Post Office and PayPoint outlets and branches nationwide, providing organisations with daily transaction data via its secure cloud-based portal. Payments can be made via barcoded bill or plastic payment card.


CFH Docmail Ltd

Docmail is a cloud-based hybrid-mail-management system which allows users to arrange mailings of any size from any device with an internet connection. Docmail offers desktop print driver and web portal access. Data is transmitted via secure HTTPS connection for remote print and post fulfilment at our highly secure production facilities.

interCOMM Court Case Management with eForms (per Case)

Visionhall Information Systems Ltd

An advanced customer configurable court case management solution based on the system that has been used successfully in some of the world’s leading courts since 2006. The latest Version 5 has been redesigned for the G-Cloud with a low TCO pricing model with no capital investment and rapid deployment.

Bramble Hub Amlib UK - Refugee Information Processing System (RIPS)

Bramble Hub Limited

RIPS is a case management system allowing you to register clients and record all the services you offer to the client with each action carefully logged. A version of RIPS is available to support the automated payment management system offered to legal aid workers by the Legal Services Commission.

Capita One eStart

Capita Business Services Limited

Capita One eStart specifically supports a local authority to effectively tailor services to meet the specific needs of the community through a secure web based system. Authorised practitioners benefit from access to all the supporting information required to support children and their families from any internet-enabled PC.



ClickToPrint is a Hybrid Mail, Centralised Print Service that captures desktop print into a production mail environment without users having to move from their desk. This solution provides workflow to integrate with existing business processes and the option to convert mail to digital channels such as email or mobile.

Bank Wizard Absolute


Bank Wizard Absolute verifies bank account details. It is used before submitting payment instructions helping to prevent failed payments. The service checks account validity, and is owned by the person. It uses account details and personal information data by matching the validated bank account data with account owner.


IBI Group UK Ltd

ROADMAP allows road authorities to automate the process of planning, applying and managing the approvals of road and highway closures and keeping travelers informed of associated impacts and delays.

Civica Payments

Civica UK Limited

Enterprise Cash Receipting, ePayments, Income Management, Acquiring and Processing services, supporting the digital transformation agenda for public sector organisations from a small District to a large Unitary or Borough, Housing Associations, Schools, Universities, NHS or any public, private organisation. Compatible with Capita, Northgate, Adalante, Cashless Catering and parent portal solutions.

C-Track E-Filing

Thomson Reuters

C-Track E-Filing allows parties or their representatives to electronically file documents using a web browser. The system is available as a publicly accessible website with the requisite security protections. Once logged in users are able to electronically file documents, allowing individuals without computers to file pleadings using public internet terminals.

Cloud Customer Experience Platform, Cloud Contact Centre Platform, Omnichannel Routing


Through the ability to capture metadata along with audio files, the application allows customers to query and search that data, then filter it by the various fields. The application provides reporting that can be used to help the businesses understand what is happening in their call center.

DPS Practice Management system with Time Recording, Workflows, Reporting and integrated Accounts

DPS Software Ltd

A scalable and modular local government legal case management system. Entire case histories and procedures located in one central easy to use Practice Management System. Tailored workflows for Government Lawyers. Integrated within Microsoft Outlook. Secure online case tracking for commissioners and clients. ABS complaint with integrated accounts option.

Capita ePayment Call Centre

Capita Business Services Limited

Supports payment by debit or credit card taken by telephone, where the Customer provides payment details to the Organisation’s own employees – includes option for the Customer to independently enter their card details using a telephone keypad, so the call centre agent neither sees nor hears these details.

Peppermint CX

Peppermint Technology Limited

Peppermint offers a legal services platform built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The platform delivers Practice Management, Case Management, Matter Management, Client Relationship Management and Document Management applications. These applications are fully customisable and operate around a single source of data. This offers one source of the truth to your team(s).

Civica Pay Direct Debits

Civica UK Limited

Enterprise online self-service paperless and staff supported direct debits. Supporting the digital transformation agenda for public sector organisations from a small District to a large Unitary or Borough, Housing Associations, Schools, Universities, NHS or any public, private organisation. Compatible with Capita, Northgate, Adalante, Cashless Catering and parent portal solutions.

Capita ePayment Gateway

Capita Business Services Limited

ePayment Gateway (Payment Portal) supports online debit/ credit card payments, where a bespoke front-end form or system captures the Customer’s details and the goods or services they are paying for. The Payment Portal provides the card entry pages and authorisation process through seamless integration with the chosen third party system.

Capita ePayment Touch Tone

Capita Business Services Limited

ePayment Touch Tone (DTMF automated telephone payments) supports self-service payments by debit or credit card using the telephone keypad.

ALB Case and Matter Management System

Advanced Business Solutions

ALB is a complete practice management system for Solicitors and Coroners, encompassing Document Management, Case Management, and a specific Solicitors accounts package. In addition the solution provides an extensive SQL reporting tool.