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  • Supply Chain Track and Trace

    Tongadive Ltd

    Digital orchestration enabled track and trace SaaS to provide visibility, security and immutability of data as goods move through the supply chain. A fully functional deployed service will provide end to end visibility and traceability of goods preventing counterfeiting and enabling efficient forward and reverse supply chain.

  • Civica Fleet Management

    Civica UK Limited

    Civica delivers fleet management (Tranman) software and services that enable improved fleet management and operational efficiency; through whole life cost management, workshop/stores management and third-party maintenance providers. We possess a highly experienced and capable team of solutions architects and implementation consultants that undertake our projects and deliver within tight timescales.

  • Motionworks Proximity


    Location solutions that not only automatically sense the location of your assets and inventory, help improve the safety of your people and streamline your business. Zebra MotionWorks™ arms you with actionable insights so you can optimize your business and keep an eye on your assets

  • ArcGIS in the Cloud


    ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) that connects maps, apps, data and people enabling smarter, faster decisions. Everyone in your organisation may discover, use, make and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime. Web and mobile GIS, high-performance desktop, server and spatial databases on your preferred cloud.

  • Construction Logistics Manager

    Atkins Limited

    Construction Logistics Manager has been developed for the construction sector. Bringing programme, cost and environmental impact together, allowing you to optimise your logistics and identify benefits. Using dedicated HGV routing, via TomTom for market leading data and routing options. Giving control to confidently challenge, optimise and improve your construction programme.

  • TT - End to End Data Analytics Platform

    Twin Technology

    It has Data Pipeline, Data Cleansing, ETL, Predictive, Deep Learning Workbench, Self-service BI, AI-driven Search, and Analytics Dashboards available on Cloud, On-premise on Any Device and can connect with any Structured, Unstructured, IOT, Blockchain data Sources.

  • Formation Software


    Formation Software is a self-serve digital form generator which adapts to your business and individual processes. Link your organisation's field and office based operations. You can collect data efficiently and securely on any iOS and Android device or via web forms. Suitable for use in any industry.

  • Unity Convergence Platform


    Cloud based ISO27001 GDPR compliant convergence platform. Our service unifies your business information in a single consistent user experience, without moving the data, and provides detailed drill down capabilities. Integrates with Microsoft Power Platform tools and services.

  • Epicor Software

    Epaccsys Limited

    Epicor System provider Epaccsys have been supplying Epicor Systems and Epicor solutions for over 15 years with Epicor E10 software. The full suite of Epicor ERP System modules available include Financial, Distribution, Supply Chain Management and Project Management.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services


    RSM provide project governance, assurance, advisory for projects. Support capabilities from our in house support desk. System selection services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications: Finance & Operations (F&O), Finance, Business Central, Field Service, Customer Engagement, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Project PowerPlatform: PowerBI, Power Automate & Power Apps

  • P2D Digital Track and Trace

    P2D Limited

    P2D provides fully itemised, secure track and trace service with demonstrable proof of final destination and end to end visualisation of the product movement. The service includes the digital attachment of full customs declarations including all Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary PS certifications required by DEFRA and other regulatory bodies.

  • eLogii


    Cloud-based suite of software for planning, routing, dispatch and execution of road vehicles for distribution or field services.

  • Border Enforcement App

    Equine Register Ltd

    Equine Register's Border Enforcement application allows border control staff to rapidly and accurately identify equines at border control points destined either for import or export, and in real time see other identification / registration data, vaccination status and food chain status.

  • Animal Traceability Services

    Equine Register Ltd

    Equine Register's Animal Traceability services allow users to track the historic movements of animals in real time, and also to track the movements of animals with which they have come into contact in the past. This is an essential part of animal traceability in managing disease outbreaks.

  • M.App Enterprise

    Hexagon Geospatial

    M.App Enterprise is a simple to navigate platform to build lightweight and dynamic geospatial (GIS) applications (Smart M.Apps) targeted to solve a specific problem. It combines content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single application to transform data into a smart digital reality. Hosted on premise or on the cloud.

  • ERP Solution

    Epaccsys Limited

    ERP Solution software provider Epaccsys have been supplying ERP Solution software solutions for over 15 years with Epicor Solution software. The full suite of ERP Solution software modules available include Financial & Distribution, Supply Chain Management and Project Management ERP Solution software

  • Savant Stock Control (SSC) Service

    Savant Limited

    The Savant Stock Control system (SSC) is a secure, cloud-based stock management service for clinical laboratories. The software suite covers all aspects of stock management including deliveries, issues, movements, quarantines, discards, reconciliation and reporting and ordering..

  • b4b wayfinder


    b4b Alerts and Analytics - a customisable cloud dashboard and database used to access, analyse and present data from sensors and gateways that connect to the cloud via a diverse range of connectivity technologies including: WiFi, LPWAN, GSM, Internet.

  • Intelligent Management Platform for All Connect Things (IMPACT)

    Nokia UK Ltd

    Nokia’s IMPACT platform facilitates Device Management and Application Enablement for a huge spectrum of Devices. Easily connect and manage devices from hundreds of millions of ultra-lightweight Low Power end points to complex automotive systems such as Cars and Lorries. IMPACT manages these devices at tremendous scale in an efficient way.

  • Civica Route Planning

    Civica UK Limited

    Civica Route Planning and Optimisation is fully integrated with Civica ePOD. Enabling organisations to manage complex route planning that maximises the use of vehicles/drivers, based on orders, weight/volume/location, vehicle capacity/time-window. System led, route building helps to reduce fuel cost, increase delivery capacity and customer satisfaction by delivering efficiently and on-time.

  • ERP Cloud

    Epaccsys Limited

    ERP Cloud software provider Epaccsys have been supplying ERP Cloud software and ERP Cloud software solutions for over 15 years with Epicor ERP Cloud software. The full suite of ERP Cloud software modules available include Financial & Distribution ERP Cloud, Supply Chain Management and Project Management ERP Cloud software

  • GIS Map and Data Services


    Online maps for use in your Esri GIS. Includes free GB Basemaps built from Ordnance Survey OpenData™ and premium data services including Ordnance Survey MasterMap data,the Land Registry Polygon Service and open data indicators for socio-economic and health. Delivered as a fully managed Data as a Service (DaaS) solution.

  • Causeway Donseed Delivery Management

    Causeway Technologies Limited

    Donseed Delivery Management is an online system for both suppliers and site managers to book, manage and record deliveries across multiple sites. The cloud-based software allows a firm’s supply chain to log into an online system where they can book and manage deliveries to multiple sites across their portfolio.

  • b4b asset track


    b4b Alerts and Analytics - a customisable cloud dashboard and database used to access, analyse and present data from sensors and gateways that connect to the cloud via a diverse range of connectivity technologies including: WiFi, LPWAN, GSM, Internet.

  • MMD Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) Service

    Meta Mission Data Limited

    Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) exploit the benefits of using intercept data collected simultaneously on a target from different locations and orientations to rapidly and accurately geo-locate threats in a number of seconds. MMD provides CESMO Services through G-Cloud for Decision Support.

  • GBG Loqate

    GB Group plc

    Loqate is a real-time registration and address validation solution. The service allows you to capture and validate postal addresses, perform postcode lookup and gain insight about that specific location e.g co-ordinates, building height or flood risks. Loqate can validate email addresses, Bank Account details and mobile and landline phone numbers.

  • You. Smart. Thing. Travel Assistant


    A cloud-based ‘Travel Assistant’ enabling regional authorities and destinations to offer bespoke routing to visitors via an easily distributed web-based interface. Built to UK Government digital standards the Travel Assistant captures who’s planning to travel and where from, enabling network optimisation, improving accessibility and reducing emissions whilst promoting active travel.

  • Transporter App

    Equine Register Ltd

    Equine Register's Transporter application allows transporters of animals to manage movements of the animals in their vehicles. The application allows owners of animals to pre-register vaccinations that are needed and provides a full audit trail of movements and animals interacted with, to enhance biosecurity.

  • Procurement & Logistics Management System

    Skotkonung Ltd

    End-to-end project, personnel, assets and organisational management solution. The platform enables inventory management, procurement and dispatch of items/equipment, consignment tracking, and item disposition. Additional modules support geospatial mapping; data aggregation, analysis and visualisation; reporting; and risk management. Custom workflows ensure appropriate information flows to support inter-/intra-organisational collaboration.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

    Mazik Global Limited

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the business application that enables people to make decisions quickly through an intuitive user interface that provides access to real-time insights and intelligence. Grow at your own pace doing business anywhere, anytime, through the choice, flexibility, and with intelligence of the cloud.