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  • MyClinic Ltd

    MyClinic provides a way for healthcare professionals to remotely consult with their patients. Comprising of Clinics created by the healthcare professional, patients can join a clinic waiting room online, and be seen remotely by the healthcare professional, using a web-based video consultation and other online tools.

  • PRISM Module 5 - Provider Portal

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, secure, encrypted and auditable mechanism for provider organisations to RECEIVE referral letters electronically where eReferrals (eRs) is not in place, negating the need to receive faxed or emailed referrals in a provider or triage setting.

  • Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Health Solutions Limited

    Our goal is to help people feel better informed and more in control of their health, wellbeing and fitness. Evergreen Life is a personal health record app used by over 750,000 people in the UK and is connected to all major GP systems in England providing online patient-facing services.

  • AireFrame - Electronic Health Record

    Aire Logic Limited

    AireFrame is a comprehensive electronic health record, supporting the collation of patient information including medical history, assessments, medication, care plans and test results. The patient centred record allows clinicians an holistic view of the patient to make informed decisions about their care and the ability to share appropriate information.

  • Complete Comprehensive Hospital Information System (IoT)


    Medical Platform enables anytime, anywhere medical care support software. Secure EMR with RealTime IoT Integration, Diagnosis/Complaints, Lab Orders, Pharmacy Management, Linen Management, DNA management

  • CHiP virtual video patient clinic & remote consultation platform


    CHiP enables video consultations with medical and dental patients. The tele-health platform syncs with your clinic management software to seamlessly fit into the clinic workflow. Write patient reports, add images and videos and store these against the patient record. Securely share cases with colleagues through instant messaging and video calls.

  • Pathpoint™

    Open Medical Ltd

    Developed by practising surgical clinicians, the N3 accessed Pathpoint™ platform mimics the dynamics of clinical patient care. Highly versatile interoperable, collaboration solution offering flexible patient tracking, planning, and reviewing. Modifiable for multiple, distributed teams following customisable workflows. Automatic clinical-coding of treatment pathways using SNOMED-CT NLP referencing technology delivers superior analytics.

  • ID Clarity Agency

    ID Medical Group Ltd

    IDClarityAGENCY has been built to manage temporary staffing agencies used by a hiring organisation. It is a bespoke web-based, end-to-end recruitment management system that handles all aspects of the temporary hiring process. Authorised users simply need a computer, access to the Internet, the appropriate URL and login details.

  • PRISM Module 3 - Resource Library

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, single repository for all referral related resources for a referrer to access.Including resources for clinicians, providing clinical guidance, useful weblinks, patient leaflets and provider service related information. Referral criteria is hosted as an additional resource to allow clinicians to review this information outside of clinical referral pathways.

  • Care and Support Plan Service

    Storm ID

    The Care and Support Plan Service allows individuals to consent to their care and support plan being shared between healthcare professionals and local authority carers. Access provides a holistic view of the individual; highlighting correlations between health data and the care needs outlined in the care and support plan.

  • PatientIQ - Lateral Technology Patient Case Management System


    Lateral Technology's 'PatientIQ' is a medical record and patient case management system designed for use by patients, carers, Trusts, Local Authorities, Charities and organisations. Supporting digital transformation - shifting to remote management, consultations, enabling unattended appointment management, access to appointment/clinical letters, remote patient monitoring and patient/clinician messaging.

  • Questionmark OnDemand

    Questionmark Computing Ltd

    The Questionmark OnDemand service is an online assessment platform providing the ability to author, deliver and report on tests, quizzes, surveys and exams for training, certification, advancement, channel expertise, competency measurement, compliance and workforce learning. Widely used in government, military, health, law enforcement and fire services.

  • Savant Stock Control (SSC) Service

    Savant Limited

    The Savant Stock Control system (SSC) is a secure, cloud-based stock management service for clinical laboratories. The software suite covers all aspects of stock management including deliveries, issues, movements, quarantines, discards, reconciliation and reporting and ordering..

  • PRISM Module 4 - Referrer Portal

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, encrypted and secure mechanism for referrers such as primary care / GP practices, to SEND referral letters electronically where eReferrals (eRS) is not in place, negating the need for faxing/emailing letters to onward providers. The referral letter is created via PRISM and saved onto the clinical system.

  • DrDoctor Patient Engagement Platform

    DrDoctor (ICNH Ltd)

    Enhance appointment booking by enabling patients to book, change and cancel their appointments. Communicate with your patients on their terms and save money in the process by moving correspondence online. Collect insights from your patients and clinicians digitally to improve outcomes and reduce follow-up activity. Enable value-based healthcare.

  • Doctorlink

    Doctorlink Limited

    Doctorlink is the leading supplier of Online Triage/Video Consultation services to General Practice. Our solution enables GPs to efficiently manage demand by directing patients to the most appropriate care pathway (e.g. self-help, pharmacy, urgent care). It transforms how Practices manage resources, saving money in workforce efficiencies and reducing administrative burden.

  • Virtual Clinical Trials Service

    Storm ID

    The Virtual Clinical Trials Service enables healthcare professionals to conduct remote clinical research using connected devices and secure healthcare data exchange. The service is well-suited for pharmacology research or studies that do not require in-patient care or observation. Patients can participate from home while receiving support from their care team.

  • ID Clarity Staffbank

    ID Medical Group Ltd

    IDClaritySTAFFBANK offers streamlined payroll, allows candidates to self-register and self-select shifts, and can SMS workers immediately vacancies become available. Single click, multi-shift posting on one screen; auto-matching ensures suitably qualified and available candidates are allocated to vacant shifts. Compliance-focused ensuring staff records are updated in real-time with dynamic management reports.

  • Hospital Management (HIT) Integrated Platform

    Smarter Business Limited

    Our Hospital Management (HIT) platform enables anytime, anywhere medical practice for primary care doctors, therapists & specialists. Our SaaS solution enables hospitals in the private/public health space to manage transactional clinical, administrative and commercial data seamlessly. All SaaS modules are free, you only pay for data at key-clinical event points.

  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) Self-Care App

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    The MSK app has been developed to offer support and guidance on how to manage a Musculoskeletal (MSK) condition or injury. This can relate to any injury, disease or problem with muscles, bones or joints. Clinical guidance and exercise videos can be of benefit to anyone with an MSK condition/injury.

  • Visiba Care

    Visiba Care

    Visiba Care is a scalable virtual clinic platform that enables healthcare organisations to open one or several digital receptions, under their own brand and administration. The patient can access digital receptions via a user-friendly and easy-to-use app or web portal as a unique entry point.

  • Consultation Preparation

    Philips Healthcare

    Free up administrative burden, reduce cost and maximise clinicians' time with Philips QuestLink; a web-based tool designed to digitally capture information from patients prior to an appointment. Forms can be configured to individual care pathways and the resulting data presented in the EMR as part of a patient's record.

  • PPEIMaaS - PPE Inventory Management as a Service

    Fujitsu Services Limited

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to NHS Trusts having an urgent and pressing need to manage PPE inventory. Fujitsu has partnered with North West SME Appligo, to scale the Agileware PPE Management Solution across the NHS to allow NHS trusts to more effectively manage and track their PPE resources.

  • Recap Health


    Recap Health enables NHS Trusts and clinical teams to share patient education information (videos, leaflets, trusted webpages) with patients. Patients view their information on secure personal homepages. They become better informed and learn to self-care more effectively. NHS Trusts gain efficiency savings and data about what information is most useful.

  • Patient Care Platform / Fever Detection and Monitoring


    Providing a connected healthcare ecosystem offering medical and management staff with real-time patient, ward and hospital information allowing them to focus on the patient's care. Our integrated Fever Detection, IoT and DoT devices enable continuous monitoring/screening of critical health data, thus managing health proactively rather than responsively.

  • CHiP endoscopy, clinical imaging and collaboration software platform


    CHiP connects to any endoscopy or clinical imaging device including medical, dental, ophthalmology and optometry. Video call live into examinations for review, training and advice. Manage clinics, capture images and videos, create reports, securely share with colleagues and upload to the patient record. Secure video call with colleagues and patients.

  • API Services

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    We develop APIs that are published to the web in a fast, reliable, scalable, well-documented and well-tested way with your business requirements in mind.

  • PRISM Module 6 - API Suite

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    With the way the PRISM platform evolved, numerous API’s have been developed to provide the option for the rich content and data that is held, to be presented to different audiences and platforms, if appropriate. APIs present service users with relevant content from PRISM to other digital platforms(ie: websites/mobile apps).

  • Gastroscopy mobile application

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    This app is the first port of call for information about Endoscopy procedure. To be used in conjunction with medical treatment. Day Cases covered in this app are Diabetic and Non-Diabetic. Clinical information/guidance,Clinically approved videos, Nurse led videos describing Day Case Journey, Patient information leaflets and information about the procedure.

  • Medicines and Drug validation

    Melissa Data Ltd

    Verify drug terms against a recognised, compliant pharmacopoeia lexicon. Determine if a provided drug label exists, verify closest matching drugs, and provide a standards-compliant term suggestion - “Preferred Label”. The service adds drug dose, route and formulation information. Reducing effort for data harmonisation, and increases the quality of healthcare datasets.