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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

    Kick ICT

    Make the sales journey as smooth as possible. Manage your sales leads and opportunities more efficiently with access to new levels of insight on customer behaviour. Super charge customer acquisition and empower your business development team like never before, combining Office 365, Outlook and LinkedIn to build customer engagement.

  • UK Business Database

    Market Location Limited

    Selecting the Market Location Business Database will enable you to be licensed for usage pf the master Business database of UK business names, telephone numbers, addresses, and other related information collected, verified, updated and owned by 118 Group

  • Engage Hub Cloud Solution


    Engage Hub is a real-time journey orchestration and cross-channel communications platform delivering improved CX and operational efficiencies. Engage Hubs dedicated Agile team offers rapid journey automation and hands-on journey mapping for enterprise companies. Use cases include digital process automation, call centre optimisation, and multichannel communications.

  • Infobip - Moments - Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform


    Moments is an omnichannel customer engagement platform – omnichannel communication automation, event-based orchestration, personalized messaging, campaign analytics and customer data management. It helps enterprises to create personalized communications to deliver messages in the right moment and over the right channel - through the entire customer journey.

  • SMS: NHS Serve SMS Platform

    Mobisoft Corporation Ltd.

    An SMS solution to replace NHSmail. NHS Serv integrates seamlessly with existing appointment handling software via API. NHS Serv is fast becoming the solution of choice for many Hospitals, NHS Trusts and local Surgeries. NHS Serv includes technologies taken directly from our PROTECT platform, trusted by many governments globally.

  • Stannp Direct Mail Platform

    Stannp Hybrid Mail offer a SaaS web based solution to direct mail; offering companies a fully digital, integrated solution to their direct mail needs. With over 30 years experience in printing and mailing, our online platform has thousands of active customers, serviced through our capacity to mail over 50 million items annually.

  • Bramble Hub Icon - DOPiX

    Bramble Hub Limited

    DOPiX is an enterprise customer communication and output solution for fast transitioning of legacy Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems, which historically have proven to be difficult, time consuming and expensive to remove. DOPiX takes data directly from core mainframe applications (especially IBM) ensuring the correct variable data in all communications.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 / D365 Customer Insights

    cloudThing Limited

    Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to build a holistic, real-time, single customer view which unifies your data sources and unlocks actional insights to improve customer experiences. . We support discovery activities, business architecture, governance set-up, DevOps/SecOps tooling, service design, experience research/design, technical architecture, predictive science and all related services.

  • Website User Experience (UX), Wordpress Web Design


    Your website needs to promote your business whether you are providing a service or physical products. It is your most important online asset and your leading salesperson. Our website user experience approach will guide your site visitors to find the information they need and inspire them to contact you.

  • SMS Messaging

    Mobisoft Corporation Ltd.

    A British government approved messaging system, designed ground up in conjunction with Embassies, global international organisations and corporate multi-nationals. SMSi is used to quickly provide information to staff via mobile SMS, keeping them informed of security issues. Used by: FCO, Embassies, DFID, UN, EU, NHS, Banks local and central government

  • Social media listening, audience intelligence and analytics platform

    Fenix Media

    Pulsar is an audience intelligence, social listening & analytics platform taking social data insights to a whole new level. Going beyond keyword tracking and text mining, Pulsar allows brand audience mapping/tracking how content spreads using cutting-edge data science, image analysis and premium data sources to help organisations improve their marketing.

  • Social Media Management Service

    The Virtual Forge

    Our Social Media Management service includes the set up of new and/or re-structure of existing social media profiles and campaigns. We deliver community management and content creation and distribution services, either on a monthly basis or as short-term campaigns, along with consultancy and training services, to upskill your internal team.

  • BriteLocate AR - Augmented Reality Wayfinding

    Briteyellow Limited

    BriteLocate AR is an app-plugin for integration with mobile wayfinding apps bringing high definition personal guidance with visual indoor positioning and navigation.

  • SMS: Education messaging platform

    Mobisoft Corporation Ltd.

    A British government approved messaging system, designed for Schools. Used by: FCO, Embassies, DFID, UN, EU, NHS, Education, Banks local and central government

  • FLEX AI Medical Assistant

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    The FLEX AI Medical Assistant is an artificial intelligence assistant designed to support medical staff in self-serving hospital services 24/7. Junior medical staff spend more time on clerical work than practising medicine and many of the tasks can be repettive and prime for automation.

  • Easy & Secure Analytics Service

    Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

    Analytics tagging Goal reporting Audience analysis Google Analytics, WebTrends et al Reporting service Analysis, consultancy & recommendations service Return-On-Investment (ROI) analysis Funnel analysis Outputs vs. Outcomes Organisational KPIs and CSFs Interactive dashboards, graphs and charting Cross-platform analytics reporting: web, social & mobile A/B split testing

  • Acquia Mautic

    Acquia Inc

    Mautic is a marketing automation system that makes it easy for companies to send communications at scale, while creating personalized experiences for individual contacts. Mautic helps teams gather important contact information, optimize and replicate their campaigns, and ultimately, report on results.

  • UK Business Contacts Plus Data

    Market Location Limited

    Selecting Contacts Plus Business Data means you will be licensed for usage of a data-set of the 118 Group UK Business Database comprising of contacts in business Records for functional heads and Senior Decision Maker contacts. Usage Terms & Conditions apply.

  • Unstructured Text Classification

    Turning digital data into operational intelligence. Organising and annotating any short or long form text with readable, consistent topic categories in a knowledge hierarchy. Customers manipulate these topics to perform behavioral analysis, content recommendation, ad targeting, document retrieval, data discovery, request routing, and more.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy

    The Virtual Forge

    The Virtual Forge will increase your online presence, improve search engine rankings and improve your overall website performance by driving traffic from search engines. We focus on improving your domain authority to help you to maximise your visibility and reach, as well as targeting traffic to maximise your ROI.

  • govDelivery Digital Communications Platform for NHS and Healthcare


    govDelivery is a digital communications platform providing email marketing, campaigns, internal communications, newsletters, alerts, SMS, RSS functionality and social media integration. govDelivery offers personalisation, automation, targeted messaging, high deliverability, analytics, reports, customised templates and access to a network of 22 million+ UK subscribers to help organisations reach large audiences.

  • Finyx Enterprise Survey Tools

    Finyx Consulting Limited

    This enterprise strength cloud based survey tool enables rapid and flexible tailored surveys of populations of staff, users and stakeholder from small groups to multiple thousands of respondents.

  • FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Contact Agent Support Skill

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    The FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Contact Agent Support Skill is able to improve the efficiency of staff who are dealing with citizen queries and is particularly useful for new or temporary contact staff.

  • SMS

    Mobisoft Corporation Ltd.

    A British government approved messaging system, designed ground up in conjunction with Embassies, global international organisations and corporate multi-nationals. SMSi is used to quickly provide information to staff via mobile SMS, keeping them informed of security issues. Used by: FCO, Embassies, DFID, UN, EU, NHS, Banks local and central government

  • The ZeroFOX Platform


    ZeroFOX delivers automated threat detection and risk remediation targeting organisations across social media, mobile apps stores, web domains, online news sites, blogs, forums, deep/dark web, online marketplaces, email, collaboration platforms etc. ZeroFOX automatically identifies and remediates risks inc. fraudulent accounts/pages, phishing attacks, counterfeit goods, exposed PII, insider threats, physical threats.

  • You. Smart. Thing. Travel Assistant


    A cloud-based ‘Travel Assistant’ enabling regional authorities and destinations to offer bespoke routing to visitors via an easily distributed web-based interface. Built to UK Government digital standards the Travel Assistant captures who’s planning to travel and where from, enabling network optimisation, improving accessibility and reducing emissions whilst promoting active travel.

  • Customer Communication Management, Output & Correspondence Creation

    apto solutions limited

    ACCM is a solution for generating dynamic, professional documents and digital correspondence, for communication with your customers and suppliers across all communication channels. It enables complete control of outgoing correspondence integrating with your ERP, CRM and other systems you may have.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)

    Kick ICT

    We combine Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation applications to offer the ultimate customer engagement platform. Formerly known as Dynamics CRM Our service includes developing, consulting, migrating, deploying and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications.

  • SMS: OTP (One time Pin) SMS platform

    Mobisoft Corporation Ltd.

    A British government approved financial services messaging system. For financial organisations and banks. Adds an additional security layer for online banking transactions. Financial Serv can issue one time transnational pins and pass codes to a users mobile phone via secure SMS.

  • Sugar Market marketing suite

    EnableIT Technologies Ltd

    Sugar Market helps marketers by connecting search engine marketing/optimisation and social media management, in a single, all-you-need marketing automation software. Create professional and powerful campaigns with email and landing page builders. Entice more visitors to your site and track their digital journey to see where they interact on your website.