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  • Ascelus Real


    This is real life implementation of digital platform with patient and clinician applications with some integration with hospital IT systems to improve monitoring and management in long-term conditions and patients recovering from coronavirus. Allows outpatient monitoring appointments to be eliminated or the number reduced, replacing these with ‘virtual clinics’.

  • MyClinic Ltd

    MyClinic provides a way for healthcare professionals to remotely consult with their patients. Comprising of Clinics created by the healthcare professional, patients can join a clinic waiting room online, and be seen remotely by the healthcare professional, using a web-based video consultation and other online tools.

  • Nucleus

    Datatrial Ltd

    Nucleus provides a cost effective hub for clinical information (documents, communication, and technologies) to enhance collaboration and decision making. Built for the compliant clinical research environment, it can be deployed simply to enable more efficient access to information and other third party technology

  • Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Health Solutions Limited

    Our goal is to help people feel better informed and more in control of their health, wellbeing and fitness. Evergreen Life is a personal health record app used by over 750,000 people in the UK and is connected to all major GP systems in England providing online patient-facing services.

  • Termlex Terminology Server

    Termlex Limited

    Termlex is a cloud hosted terminology server that provides APIs for accessing terminology standards like SNOMED CT, ICD-10, dm+d, etc. It also allows users to access maps between the above products or to create and maintain their own maps from local codes to the above standards.

  • Complete Comprehensive Hospital Information System (IoT)


    Medical Platform enables anytime, anywhere medical care support software. Secure EMR with RealTime IoT Integration, Diagnosis/Complaints, Lab Orders, Pharmacy Management, Linen Management, DNA management

  • Falls Prevention Service

    Storm ID

    The Falls Prevention Service allows patients to securely share actively and passively gathered movement and mobility data, from connected hardware, sensors, apps and wearables. The data can be used by health and social care professionals to pro-actively initiate community interventions to reduce admissions to acute care.

  • Inventory management, RFID and ERP solution for NHS and Healthcare

    Ingenica Solutions Limited

    Inventory management, RFID & ERP solutions for NHS and healthcare resource management.GS1 certified inventory management solution, proven in NHS,developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise ERP platform, accessed via VPN, N3/HCSN,UK data centre.Ingenica's highly scalable ERP inventory management solution, benefits from Microsoft and Ingenica investment and published development roadmap.

  • Red Ant Cloud Software

    Red Ant Digital

    A cloud platform-as-a-service for applications, with a particular focus on data collection, ingestion, integration and orchestration. Typical use cases include pharmacovigilance for monitoring drug safety/adverse drug reactions, device incidents and vigilance, at-scale data collection, backend services for consumer-facing webforms, websites and mobile apps, or other datacentric developments.

  • Pathpoint™

    Open Medical Ltd

    Developed by practising surgical clinicians, the N3 accessed Pathpoint™ platform mimics the dynamics of clinical patient care. Highly versatile interoperable, collaboration solution offering flexible patient tracking, planning, and reviewing. Modifiable for multiple, distributed teams following customisable workflows. Automatic clinical-coding of treatment pathways using SNOMED-CT NLP referencing technology delivers superior analytics.

  • Reimburse


    Reimburse is a pioneering smart contract platform for flexible pricing of healthcare based on treatment performance, facilitating the application of truly dynamic innovative pricing solutions between healthcare systems, commissioners and manufacturers, in a secure and compliant fashion with minimal administrative burden.

  • Upstream Population Health Suite

    Upstream Health

    A complete set of population health analytics, and mobile first applications to join working across the health, social care and voluntary sectors. Combining, risk stratification, with collaboration tools, key clinical functions and deep record integration, all centred around our patients and their families.

  • We Schedule It


    We Schedule It simplifies scheduling in the new remote virtual normal. Our service has a seamless user experience from the Application to the Web Portal in order to alleviate clearly defined pain points in any given industry or sector and / or be indispensably useful to clients.

  • CHiP colorectal and gastroenterology endoscopy platform with LumenEye X1


    The CHiP tele-endoscopy software platform, supported by the LumenEye X1 endoscope for colorectal and gastroenterology settings, permits rectal examination at point of care, remote video monitoring of procedures, storing endoscopy images to the patient record, virtual patient video consultations and serves to reduce the demand for formal endoscopy in hospitals.

  • Pathnexus Platform

    Termlex Limited

    Pathnexus platform makes it easier for lab specialists to harmonise their lab results data. It is designed to map and integrate local request/result codes with standards like Unified Test List (SNOMED CT), PBCL, LOINC and NPU, making it possible for lab specialists to standardise, analyse and monitor their information flows.

  • Ethics RM

    Infonetica Ltd

    Ethics RM is a cloud-based Research Ethics Review management solution used by research intensive universities, hospitals, ethics committees, Institutional Review Boards and government bodies. The platform facilitates researchers to collaborate and submit ethics applications, ethics committees and reviewers to review applications and research managers to manage an organisation's ethics portfolio.

  • Cognizant LEAF - Learning Evolutionary AI Framework

    Cognizant Worldwide Limited

    Cognizant’s powerful Learning-Evolutionary-AI-Framework (LEAF™) is enables artificial intelligence to move beyond human limits to deal with this complexity today’s extremely complex problems and staggering amounts of data. Taking advantage of massive datasets and distributed computing capacity, it generates complex models and discovers novel decision-making strategies automatically, thereby optimizing business outcomes.

  • Digital Monitoring of Patient-Reported Outcomes and Experience

    HRTBT Medical Solutions GmbH

    Heartbeat Medical offers a digital solution to automate the tracking of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures. 

The software enables the cost-efficient collection of the information required to assess patients' health status and Quality of Life, and features an intuitive interface to make insights actionable in the context of clinical routine and research.

  • Care and Support Plan Service

    Storm ID

    The Care and Support Plan Service allows individuals to consent to their care and support plan being shared between healthcare professionals and local authority carers. Access provides a holistic view of the individual; highlighting correlations between health data and the care needs outlined in the care and support plan.

  • Ascelus


    Ascelus is a digital platform with patient and clinician applications which fully integrates with existing hospital IT systems to improve monitoring and management in long-term conditions and patients who are recovering from coronavirus. Ascelus allows outpatient monitoring appointments to be eliminated or the number reduced, replacing these with ‘virtual clinics’.

  • Penguin


    Penguin is a web-based platform that allows clinicians to automatically ask patients systematic questions (e.g. PROMs) based on their diagnosis and course of treatment. The patient can answer these questions from a smartphone/tablet/computer at home. Real-time alerts let clinical teams know when there are adverse events.

  • Cimar Medical Imaging Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud copy

    Cimar Ltd

    Gain a Single Source of Medical Imaging Data with Cimar's cloud VNA. Images can be archived, transferred, viewed, and connected. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM providing a holistic view. Cimar provides elastic storage - no need to purchase space in advance or be concerned about high-watermark budgeting.

  • PatientIQ - Lateral Technology Patient Case Management System


    Lateral Technology's 'PatientIQ' is a medical record and patient case management system designed for use by patients, carers, Trusts, Local Authorities, Charities and organisations. Supporting digital transformation - shifting to remote management, consultations, enabling unattended appointment management, access to appointment/clinical letters, remote patient monitoring and patient/clinician messaging.

  • Lifebit CloudOS: Cloud-Based Unified Research Environment

    Lifebit Biotech Limited

    The Lifebit CloudOS Unified Research Environment allows individuals, teams and large organisations to manage, run, scale, and automate big data analysis to reach maximum efficiency over cloud environments or hybrid infrastructures (HPC-Cloud).

  • AIMES Trustworthy Research Environment ( Data Safe Haven)

    AIMES Management Services Limited

    AIMES TRUSTWorthy Research Environment is a “cloud” based Data Safe Haven. The research platform overcomes the challenges faced by attempting to undertake meaningful electronic research. Joining data-sets in a methodical and secure manner allows the health economy and research community to progress to evidence based medical research like never before.

  • Digital Outpatient Appointments Service

    Storm ID

    The Digital Outpatient Appointments Service allows patients to securely share healthcare data as part of an asynchronous consultation with a remote healthcare professional. Applicable for gastroenterology, rheumatology, respiratory medicine, diabetes and endocrinology, dermatology, sexual health, clinical genetics, oncology, haematology, immunology, pain management, AHP services, stroke and immunocompromised patients.

  • Activity, Sleep and Nutrition Tracking Service

    Storm ID

    The Activity, Sleep and Nutrition Tracking Service allows patients to securely share activity, sleep and nutrition data, gathered from apps and wearables. The data can be used by healthcare professionals to design and provide support for a range of conditions, including chronic long term conditions, to improve health outcomes.

  • Ideagen PleaseReview


    PleaseReview allows multiple participants to review, co-author and redact the same document at the same time with complete control over the document's content and the process. PleaseReview helps teams deliver higher quality documents, reports and policies, whilst also saving significant time and money.

  • Apple HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service

    Storm ID

    The Apple HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service enables popular consumer health apps like FitBit, MyFitnessPal etc. to be used in new care pathways. Patient generated data can securely flow to Lenus, connecting with EHRs, making it accessible to healthcare professionals for use as part of care provision.

  • LiquidOffice: electronic forms & business process management (BPM)

    ePartner Consulting Ltd

    Fully web-based, LiquidOffice is a business process management (BPM) solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms. It encompasses the entire business process management life-cycle, from process design and workflow simulation to deployment and optimisation.