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  • Resource Booker

    Scientia Limited

    Resource Booker empowers users to make and manage their own room and resource bookings. Rooms and resources are valuable assets and managing them effectively, with full booking rules and approval processes, across multiple sites is one of the biggest challenges faced by educational institutions and organisations today.

  • Totara Performance (Talent Management Platform)

    Think Learning

    Totara Performance is a functionally rich, responsive talent and performance platform. Combines appraisal, 9-box grids, e-Forms, 360 feedback, talent pipelines, pay progression, revalidation and CPD; Seamless upgrade options to Totara Learn, and Totara’s TXP Enterprise extensions (Totara Learn TXP, Totara Perform, and Totara Engage). Healthcare, NHS, Government specialist experience.

  • Learning Management System

    IMC (UK) Learning

    Our LMS, the imc Learning Suite, provides functionality to cater for all the needs of a modern enterprises training management and delivery, supporting all processes around eLearning, classroom learning, blended learning, on-the-job / informal learning and social learning.

  • Learning, Development and Improvement

    Saadian Technologies UK Limited

    Savvy for Education, Learning, Development and Improvement is a specific suite of modules designed to support a range of different learning activities – including self-guided learning and instructor guided learning. The system supports the delivery of educational courses or training programmes and can be applied to a variety of scenarios.

  • Digital staff training for Liquidlogic LAS, LCS and EHM

    Me Learning

    Online training for Liquidlogic systems. Reduce your training and support costs with our Liquidlogic e-learning suites. Developed in partnership with Liquidlogic and used by over 60 Liquidlogic customers our LCS, LAS and EHM suites are an excellent way to both keep staff updated and on-board new starters.

  • Learning Pool Essential (Learning Management System | LMS)

    Learning Pool Ltd

    Learning Pool Essential helps organisations manage their learning to improve performance. This hosted service is used by 100s of public sector bodies in the UK. Making the first steps in online learning - it's affordable, delivers value now and new features can be turned on later.

  • IGLU Classroom


    IGLU Classroom is an interactive digital classroom management suite. It offers a highly secure online synchronous learning environment that enables teaching staff to deliver classes remotely in real-time. IGLU Classroom is tailor-made to meet the needs of the educational sector and fully compliant with CyberEssentialsPlus, GDPR, G-Cloud, and LearningToolsInteroperability (LTI).

  • Traineasy LMS -X Limited

    A new-generation, mobile-responsive LMS with video gallery of Netflix style playlists, curated from sources including YouTube, Vimeo, customer's own, and off-the-shelf. Gallery is searchable, affording true just-in-time learning on any device. LMS-X supports dynamic user groups, training compliance rules and reporting, ILT, email/SMS alerts, learning pathways, certifications surveys and SCORM/AICC.

  • OPTIME - Booker


    EventMAP provide solutions that get to the core of timetabling, scheduling, resource management and space planning challenges within Education (Higher and Further) and training departments within Public Sector (e.g.Health and Police). Solutions have been designed in partnership with end-users to provide powerful, flexible tools to optimise the utilisation of resources.

  • OpenCampus 7

    OpenCampus UK Limited

    OpenCampus 7 is campus management from the cloud, providing SIS, LMS and ERP functions and a unique digitalisation engine to embed bespoke processes.

  • Me Learning FormLMS (Learning Management System)

    Me Learning

    Form LMS is a SaaS Learning Management System providing the Public/Private Sectors with a highly configurable and easy to deploy learning management system. Form LMS can host, track and report any digital / e-learning and classroom / virtual training and integrate with systems (HR & ERP) using an open API.

  • Teacher Dashboard 365 for Microsoft Office 365

    Axis12 Limited

    Integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Teacher Dashboard 365 provides a simple and safe digital solution for schools that takes the admin out of assignments. From assigning work, to visibility of students’ progression, through to marking it is designed to help teachers keep on top of their workload.

  • Google Meets Hardware

    Levett Consultancy Ltd

    Google Meet Hardware provides Education and Business organisations with an easy-to-join video meeting experience of Google Meets to the conference room. Its curated set of components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings or training/lessons affordable and headache-free for all organisations big or small.

  • Administrate Training Management Platform


    Administrate is a Training Management Platform designed to help enterprises streamline learning and development through our cloud-based, configurable software solution.

  • Cisco Webex by ITGL

    ITGL Limited

    Cisco Webex is a virtual meeting tool to keep people connected without the need for investment in infrastructure. It allows people to host an unlimited number of meetings. Everything is administered from a single interface allowing IT to set central policy concerning usage and security. Full analytics are provided.

  • CIS Connect

    ColIective Intelligence Sytems

    Our Student Attendance Management System will enable you to capture and manage attendance through a selection of technologies including card readers, beacons, biometrics. We also use a mobile app where appropriate for attendance gathering, notifications and student feedback. Comprehensive reporting enables student intervention and engagement.

  • Wonde Single Sign-On


    Wonde SSO enables students and staff to login to their educational apps with one simple set of login details; choosing between magic badges, emojis or traditional username/email address and password. Teachers can remotely manage a student’s dashboard… a simple solution for all to use at home and in school.

  • Visionable Video Conferencing for Education

    Visionable Ltd

    The Viosonable Education Platform links teachers and students anywhere in the world to enable next generation education services. Visionable provides an interactive learning environment with a state of the art on line multimedia classroom. Students can attend from anywhere and Professors can teach multiple classrooms simultaneously. Available for corporate functions.

  • Bromcom MIS for Alternative Provisions

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom is a cloud-based school MIS that provides a powerful suite of administration, analysis and communication tools. Our advanced behaviour management system includes a wide range of automation tools to trigger follow up actions, alerts and reports. We offer a highly flexible platform to suit the needs of Alternative Provisions.

  • OPTIME - Timetabler


    EventMAP provide solutions that get to the core of timetabling, scheduling, resource management and space planning challenges within Education (Higher and Further) and training departments within Public Sector (e.g.Health and Police). Solutions have been designed in partnership with end-users to provide powerful, flexible tools to optimise the utilisation of resources.

  • Education Management Information System


    Education Management Information System - For efficient management of sensitive information ideally for education establishments. Includes a curriculum manager, financial management and a safeguarding function to meet extra requirements. The MIS allows for better accuracy of data and a more secure platform to be saving the sensitive information.

  • Digital / e-learning courses with free LMS - Care Certificate

    Me Learning

    A suite of 15 digital / online training courses to help anyone working within Health and Social Care to achieve the Care Certificate.

  • Digital staff training for Mosaic from Servelec

    Me Learning

    Online training for Mosaic from Servelec. Reduce your training and support costs with our Mosaic digital / e-learning suite. Developed in partnership with Servelec HSC and used over 2 customers our Mosaic suite is an excellent way to both keep staff updated and on-board new starters.

  • Cypad Kitchen Manager

    ParentPay Limited

    Tablet apps , for caterers, schools and local authorities covering kitchen and workforce management and deployment , data collection , analyses , reporting, intelligent stock control, purchase- to-pay, instant communications, documents , HR records, recipes, allergen safety, special diets, risk & compliance, centralized QA and performance , productivity and finance.

  • TERMS Evolution Global

    West March Systems Ltd

    The full power of the TERMS Evolution system on the hosted internet. Maintain the most secure system available within the sector. Total freedom of access for users and managers whilst maintaining total control of data. This option gives the most secure high-performance MIS available on the internet or any intranet.


    CC CONSULTING LIMITED is software which makes the business of managing training (including online sales) and managing employee training records easier, more efficient and cheaper. has been developed by software experts who actually work in the training industry, so we understand your needs and issues.

  • Wonde Google Sync


    Schools are able to automate the administration of Google for Education by utilising Wonde Google Sync. The automatic user account creation, updates and deletions along with Google Classroom management are included within the solution.

  • Knowledge on Demand (KNOD)

    DCV Technologies Ltd

    We have elevated digital learning to the next level, It’s a truly immersive and new experience for students and teachers alike. A user-friendly interface that reflects the modern UI of today, combined with a great deal of functionality including e-assessments, instant past paper access and on-the-go note taking.

  • THRIVE - Learning Experience Platform (LXP) / Learning Management System (LMS)


    The ultimate learning and communication platform that helps teams innovate training, improve communication and increase employee engagement. We use next-gen technology to empower busy businesses to continuously learn, stay ahead of digital transformation and thrive at work. Micro learning, social learning, digital learning, online learning, elearning. We do it all.

  • Totara TXP (Learn, Perform and Engage) - Learning Management System

    New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning

    Totara Learn brings the benefits of open source learning to organisations, significantly reducing the cost of your learning management, with advanced functionality for workplace learning. Our platforms support competency management, performance management, team management, compliance tracking, classroom management and flexible reporting features.