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  • Civica Chatbot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Service (Standard)

    Civica UK Limited

    Rapid deployment of Microsoft QnA Maker making complex frequently asked questions (FAQ) documentation readily accessible for up to 100 concurrent Chatbot users over web, social and voice channels. Includes advice to curate content sources and use of conversational AI to maximise value from Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure App Services.

  • HOPEX Cloud for IT and Business Management (ITBM)


    HOPEX ITBM allows to create a strategic road-map with planning of future business capabilities and related IT investments using Business Architecture. It makes possible to optimise IT portfolios for costs, lifecycle and agility. Helps transformation project planning with alignment to strategic objectives of an enterprise.

  • Environmental and Flood Risk Asset Management Software

    AMX Solutions Ltd

    Fully customisable Asset Management eXpert software for LLFA's, Flood Risk and Natural Environment management teams. Comprehensive FCERM inventory collection, recording inspections, planning maintenance and detailed reporting on all flood risk assets. Consistent with Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales Datasets. Manage Drainage,SUDS, Instruments, Defences, Structures, Civils, Land and more.

  • Redmoor Health Sales

    Redmoor Health

    Redmoor Health specialises in supporting staff across health and social care to deploy technology to manage demand, support the workforce and help patients manage their health. Redmoor Health’s Sales Service helps maximise take-up and awareness of any new product or service across local, national and global markets.

  • Bizagi Automation Service

    Bizagi Limited

    Bizagi provides cloud-based Intelligent Process Automation software (DPA + AI + RPA). Architected for Microsoft Azure, it offers a secure and reliable intelligent process automation platform-as-a-service, allowing customers to run high-performance business process applications, integrated with existing systems, artificial intelligence services and leading RPA technology.

  • AssistEdge RPA on Cloud

    Infosys Limited

    AssistEdge on Cloud (Managed Automation) offers a readily available Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform on cloud, powered by AssistEdge™, for clients to build Robots (referred as BOTs) and automate their business and operational processes. It reduces the cost, complexity and time involved in setting up and maintaining an RPA platform.

  • Process Mining

    BusinessOptix Ltd

    Process Mining / data scenario modelling.

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning


    Digital Clarity enable organisations to gain greater insight and value from their data. This will drive better, faster decisions, more efficient processes or personalised user experiences. using our of expertise we implement solutions using techniques including Predictive Modelling, Data Mining & Machine Learning.

  • Digital Process Automation Workshop

    Zaizi Limited

    Digital Process Automation(DPA) Discovery Workshop is designed to kickstart your thinking with a short practical engagement to identify an initial business process and turn this rapidly into a standalone prototype. Working with a small team from your organisation, we identify the optimal process and rapidly turn that into a demo.

  • Community Mobile Patient Record EPR App


    We provide an app (android-tab) and a web version of our software, which displays an integrated clinical record from multiple sources. We use interoperability standards throughout, allowing us to pull information into the app and push it back. We provide tailored systems for services in community services with online/offline working.

  • SHREWD Command

    Transforming Systems Limited

    SHREWD Command takes complex data from multiple systems and provides simple real time visibility of patient flow to empower decision makers with the information needed from the entire patient journey to co-ordinate and take action. This improved visibility enables a new level of efficiency leading to improved outcomes and productivity.

  • iPayimpact

    CRB Cunninghams

    iPayimpact is an online payment, income management and dinner money administration solution for schools, local authorities and caterers. iPayimpact enables parents to make payments to school online or in cash through PayPoint for anything from school meals and trips, to uniform and music lessons.

  • Finworks - Collaborative Business Process Management Platform

    Fincore Limited

    The Finworks’ Business Process Management Platform allows you to rapidly define, manage and automate your business processes. We put the power in your hands to achieve digital transformation, develop a truly agile organisation, realise efficiencies quickly and achieve sustainable improvement.

  • Emergency Care Optimisation Solution

    Deloitte LLP

    Deloitte's emergency department simulation and improvement approach provides an advanced analytical toolkit to hospitals to enable them to identify, test and implemented areas of opportunity for improved patient flow, productivity and performance in their emergency departments.

  • Data Quality Assessment

    Incremental Group

    Accurately recording data, utilising the right data and implementing standards provides the foundation for organisations to fully realise the benefits of their data. Robust data quality increases efficiencies and improves the accuracy of performance reporting. Incremental’s Data Quality Assessment evaluates your data quality, measuring against seven tenets of data quality.

  • Data Engineering with Azure

    Incremental Group

    With Azure cloud service, data is consumed, stored, analysed, transformed and visualised cost-effectively, using the best tools possible. Incremental’s approach to Azure data engineering embraces this flexibility and choice, focusing on out-the-box Azure capabilities to leverage existing support models and minimising customer risk.

  • OPTIME - Booker


    EventMAP provide solutions that get to the core of timetabling, scheduling, resource management and space planning challenges within Education (Higher and Further) and training departments within Public Sector (e.g.Health and Police). Solutions have been designed in partnership with end-users to provide powerful, flexible tools to optimise the utilisation of resources.

  • Advanced Fraud Investigation and Prevention (AFIP) Cloud Software Service

    GoPro Consulting Ltd

    AFIP is a low-code, high configuration, leading public sector fraud investigation case management solution. AFIP is focused, through innovative use of data and rules driven process automation, on delivering transformational efficiency improvements to the entire fraud investigation process.

  • GOSS Digital Platform

    GOSS Interactive Ltd

    The GOSS Digital Platform is a powerful low-code ‘CRM-lite’ customer transaction platform, enabling public sector organisations to deliver rich and intuitive customer portals to their citizens. Delivers seamless end to end online processes, saving time, effort and money, whilst providing a single customer view and an excellent customer experience.

  • QualiWare X Architecture & Collaboration Platform

    QualiWare Ltd.

    QualiWareX enables architects and quality teams to manage risk and compliance whilst delivering both incremental improvements and large scale transformations. It provides capabilities to save time and costs by identifying areas for improvement, analysing impacts of change; quantify returns of change initiatives; and present this information coherently to different audiences.

  • Atlassian DevOps Solution

    Valiantys Ltd

    Valiantys, Atlassian Services Partner of the year 2019, offers an end-to-end DevOps methodology that utilises Atlassian tools to help our client to seamlessly build, test and run applications, enabling a faster deployment and unmatched user adoption. Our DevOps implementation methodology includes CI/CD, release traceability, training and dedicated Valiantys project manager.

  • Linkspace Management Information System (MIS)

    Ctrl O

    Linkspace provides an extremely flexible Management Information System (MIS) for your organisation. It provides reliable and secure data collaboration, with flexible reporting, alerts and visualisations. It is quick and simple to deploy and easily customised by your staff, as your business processes evolve.

  • Envoy - Activity Performance Management

    IMImobile Europe Ltd

    Providing access to critical and articulated patient data analytics. Healthcare Communications performance and capacity dashboard is the springboard to effective demand management and evidence-based decision making with all essential data in one place. Digestible charts/graphs put an end to data silos and weeklong reporting, optimising time and reducing unnecessary wastage.


    Transforming Systems Limited

    SHREWD COVID-19 is a cloud-based application, built on our platform, to provide a real-time view of data pertinent to support the management of COVID19 across a system; from local to national level. This module is effective for all users; from front line teams, system leaders and Incident Control Centres.

  • SHREWD Prediction

    Transforming Systems Limited

    SHREWD Prediction is a cloud-based application that enables systems to see data in a way that is simple to understand and identifies areas of pressure quickly. It takes a range of data and uses different algorithms to accurately predict how the data will act for the next fourteen days.

  • HGS Automated Digital Workforce; Amazon-Lex Chatbot, Intelligent and Cognitive Automation

    HGS UK

    Our certified automation experts support and deliver tailored HGS Automated Digital Workforce Software for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), cognitive automation, RPA; interaction automation (Chatbot), OCR/ICR across all industry leading platforms. HGS is a trusted UK Government Tier 1 supplier with 100+ automated solutions ensuring reliability, security and compliance.

  • Finworks – Compliance Management Platform

    Fincore Limited

    Finworks’ Case Management Platform is a secure and structured low code case management solution. The platform facilitates safe collaboration, task prioritisation, document management, reporting and advanced data handling. Effective case management empowers digital transformation and enables your staff to be more effective and drives efficiency across your organisation.

  • erwin Web Portal

    Sandhill Consultants Ltd

    erwin Web Portal allows anyone in the organisation to easily visualize important metadata stored in erwin Data Modeler solutions. Authorized users can use a customizable web-based interface to visualize important data assets – whether they are creating data models or need to understand modeled information. Intuitive and accessible user interface.

  • SmartFlow

    Maximise IT

    Introduce Services

  • Bizagi Modeler Services

    Bizagi Limited

    Bizagi Modeler and Modeler Services provide Cloud-based services to model, document, manage, publish, collaborate on and govern process models. Modeler Services allow users to create, optimize and publish operational processes to increase efficiency and governance, transforming Bizagi Modeler into a global portal for process governance and compliance.