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  • Concerto Key Management Solution

    Concerto Support Services Ltd

    A paperless solution which allows asset owners to manage an inventory of keys for buildings, assets and fleet. The Concerto key management solution utilises barcode technology to track keys and automated email/SMS alerts to chase overdue keys. The key management solution seamlessly integrates with the Concerto Asset and CAFM solutions.

  • Enterprise Reporting Cloud Service (RCS)


    PPM solutions contain lots of high value data for decision making, getting access to it for reporting is sometimes difficult. Our PPM professionals developed a reporting platform that collects data into the Data Lake using our integration platform, before optimizing it in the data warehouse for your chosen reporting tool.

  • Environmental and Flood Risk Asset Management Software

    AMX Solutions Ltd

    Fully customisable Asset Management eXpert software for LLFA's, Flood Risk and Natural Environment management teams. Comprehensive FCERM inventory collection, recording inspections, planning maintenance and detailed reporting on all flood risk assets. Consistent with Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales Datasets. Manage Drainage,SUDS, Instruments, Defences, Structures, Civils, Land and more.


    ARES Software UK Ltd

    PRISM G2 and the new PRISM GO form a complete enterprise project and contract management software solution for planning and executing capital projects with dependable EVM forecasts, cost control, and performance measurement. Integrate and standardize management processes with modules Estimating, Cost Management, Engineering, Procurement, Contracts, Field Management, Documents and Dashboards.

  • Causeway365

    Causeway Technologies Limited

    Focal365 is an analytics and integration platform, with functionality covering: Real-Estate/Property FM/Operations/Workforce Workplace/Occupancy – including real-time utilisation Environmental, HS&E Operations– with self-service for employees and preventive scheduling Asset-Management Deployment, support, and integration for TRIRIGA and IWMS/CMMS generally It is designed for ease of use and visualisation of valuable information

  • Cloud Based Fever / Asset Tracking, Surveillance and Recovery (Smart Building), Workspace Management


    Low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time asset tracking and cloud-based management dashboard. Integrates with a variety of IOT sensors, smart building APIs, desk monitoring and Fever Monitoring Solutions (e.g FeverCam & FeverScan) with facial recognition. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning


    Digital Clarity enable organisations to gain greater insight and value from their data. This will drive better, faster decisions, more efficient processes or personalised user experiences. using our of expertise we implement solutions using techniques including Predictive Modelling, Data Mining & Machine Learning.

  • Facilities Management Contract Pricing and Operational Efficiency Benchmark


    We use 3D laser scanning technology to capture all data sets of a buildings internal assets combined with our AI and patentable algorithms to accurately quantify and benchmark the contract pricing and operational efficiency.

  • Unity Convergence Platform


    Cloud based ISO27001 GDPR compliant convergence platform. Our service unifies your business information in a single consistent user experience, without moving the data, and provides detailed drill down capabilities. Integrates with Microsoft Power Platform tools and services.

  • Track Record Insight

    Jacobs U.K. Limited

    Streamlining construction management and site-supervision activities; from on-site data capture to the approval and completion of site-supervision inspections. TrackRecord enables organisations to demonstrate their statutory compliance to clients and contractors in a highly configurable, auditable, user-friendly web-based tool with companion mobile apps that reduce the risk of inefficient reporting.

  • Data Quality Assessment

    Incremental Group

    Accurately recording data, utilising the right data and implementing standards provides the foundation for organisations to fully realise the benefits of their data. Robust data quality increases efficiencies and improves the accuracy of performance reporting. Incremental’s Data Quality Assessment evaluates your data quality, measuring against seven tenets of data quality.

  • Data Engineering with Azure

    Incremental Group

    With Azure cloud service, data is consumed, stored, analysed, transformed and visualised cost-effectively, using the best tools possible. Incremental’s approach to Azure data engineering embraces this flexibility and choice, focusing on out-the-box Azure capabilities to leverage existing support models and minimising customer risk.

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Real Estate Management - Residential Property

    SAP UK Ltd

    Real-estate management covers investment, construction, sales, marketing, lease, space management, maintenance and repair management. Perform portfolio analysis, investment tracking, lead qualification, lease posting, rent escalation, and reduce project risk, vacancies, expenses and raise revenues. Real Estate management includes the following: Portfolio/Location Management Space Management Maintenance/Repair Energy/Safety

  • tf cloud Property and Asset Management Software

    The Technology Forge

    A web driven property asset management / facilities management (CAFM) system from TF. Modules include property, plant, estate management, valuations & capital accounting (IFRS), projects, surveying (condition, asbestos, legionella, trees, fire), help desk, planned maintenance, statutory compliance, grounds, roads, structures, utilities, risk assessments, DLO, BIM, CAD, GIS, suitability & sufficiency.

  • Invotra Staff Directory


    Invotra’s staff directory makes it easy to organise and search for employees across multiple teams and locations. The staff directory is populated manually or autonomously through your Active Directory/HR System. Search skills, roles, interests and more. Email, call or follow users’ actions through profiles. Includes organisational and team charts.

  • Primavera P6 for project resource management


    Oracle Primavera’s P6 project portfolio management solution enables project-driven organisations to intelligently manage their project resources effectively and efficiently. Projects no matter how small or large, simple or complex P6 properly configured manages all resources labour and non-labour. HPS’s professional services team configure Primavera to manage resources effectively.

  • Oracle Primavera Cloud – Schedule & Risk Management


    Oracle Primavera Cloud’s Schedule module from the world leaders in PPM solutions, provides organisations a best practice way to manage project plans, resources, risks and issues. From activity planning, scheduling, resource allocation/assignment to task, capture and management of risks/issues through to KPI reporting and review. OPC Schedule does it all.

  • APDocs Documentation Management


    APDocs document management platform is perfect for the collation and management of project documentation. Turn the collation of documentation into streamlined, automated submission and review processes. Already available with pre-defined document templates for Health & Safety File and O&M collation including integration with Smartsheets and BIM Models.

  • Primavera P6 for project scheduling


    Schedule your transport, infrastructure, nuclear, rail, health, schools and construction and infrastructure projects with Oracle Primavera P6 and deliver cost savings alongside project success. HPS’s professional services team configure Primavera P6, the world’s leading project management solution so you can schedule those plans with accuracy and ease.

  • Powerproject SaaS

    Elecosoft UK Ltd

    Powerproject SaaS is the cloud-hosted version of Elecosoft's award winning Powerproject software for project planning. Delivering powerful, flexible Gantt chart driven scheduling, Powerproject helps manage resources, costs, project progress and BIM via 4D planning. Powerproject SaaS scales from small plans to Enterprise-wide Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, safe place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • MACS ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT for Facilities Management (MEAM for FM) powered by IBM MAXIMO EAM


    MACS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for FM Accelerator Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) offers a complete set of applications that cover all aspects of cloud based management. IBM Maximo helps reduce unplanned downtime, increasing operational efficiency, whilst proving real time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites, improving your ROI.

  • Cadcorp SIS WebMap Express


    A low cost GIS map publishing and viewing application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for viewing and printing GIS spatial data.

  • tf cloud Statutory Compliance Software

    The Technology Forge

    A web driven statutory compliance system from TF. Modules include property, plant, occupancy, condition, asbestos, legionella, DAA, fire risk, risk assessment, reactive maintenance, planned maintenance, contract management, instructions, invoicing, inspections, tasks, DLO, permit to work, RAG reporting, CAD, GIS, BIM, portal access, mobile apps and powerful integration / API functionality.

  • IoT Smart City Sensor Analytics

    FlyingBinary Ltd

    The IoT Smart City Sensor Analytics service provides a secure Internet of Things capability within a familiar web and database context. In FlyingBinary open source and big data suite, it simplifies data integration, management, analysis and visualisation, providing new insights from physical data streams. Enables 5G Smart Cities insight.

  • Archibus Enterprise IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System)


    ARCHIBUS is an IWMS technology solution covering a range of CRE enterprise technology needs.  Its modular system allows a specific functional area to be implemented separately of others.  The modules encompass these main areas:  Portfolio Management, Space Management, Capital Projects, Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Sustainability and Risk, and Workplace Experience.

  • Primavera Unifier - a documentation management solution for projects


    Oracle Unifier provides organisations with an industry best practice solution that manages all documentation across the full investment governance lifecycle. Unifier’s document management solution works across all industries and sectors. Primavera Unifier uses automate business process workflows to collect, approve and store all project documentation in an auditable manner.

  • Client Portal


    Switchee is a cloud-based asset management and resident welfare platform designed for social landlords. The subscription based services, utilising data from Switchee and 3rd party devices, operate a set of value add applications which increase maintenance efficiencies and drive down cost. Put simply, Switchee saves landlords and residents money.

  • Project Management & Execution System


    For Owners looking to drive cost efficiencies, Teknobuilt’s cloud based PACE 4.0 is a Project Execution system that helps have better control of risks, mitigate delays and cost overruns through continuous monitoring and in-process verification. It helps alleviate challenges by bringing Advanced Work Packaging and integrating LEAN principles into construction.

  • Cadcorp SIS WebMap


    An easy-to-use off-the-shelf GIS application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for presenting and interrogating GIS spatial data and is accessed through a familiar and mobile responsive web mapping interface.