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98 results found in Cloud software in the category Asynchronous learning

Learning, Development and Improvement

Saadian Technologies UK Limited

Savvy for Education, Learning, Development and Improvement is a specific suite of modules designed to support a range of different learning activities – including self-guided learning and instructor guided learning. The system supports the delivery of educational courses or training programmes and can be applied to a variety of scenarios.

Blue Lights Evolve - Workflow enabled digital Knowledge Solution

Blue Lights Digital

A mobile learning and operational reference solution delivering interactive, immersive multimedia digital training courses and resources. Accredited continual professional development (CPD) for smartphone, tablets and the web enabling access to knowledge, procedures, policy and intelligence. Scalable learning management system with RBAC admin rights, content design and publication and business insights.

Bramble Hub StoryShare - Learn

Bramble Hub Limited

A gamified learning and development app where users complete stages, earn points and unlock the next level to improve their knowledge. The StoryShare brand is owned by 27partners.

OurRagingPlanet (open source GIS analysis and simulation)

Flax & Teal Limited

OurRagingPlanet is a platform for performing reports, training and analysis on geographic areas and features, at fixed time or showing events unfolding. There is a subscriber side for preparing simulations, reports or scenarios, and a shareable, easy-to-use map-based view with timeline. OurRagingPlanet is open source and driven by open data.

Learning Management System

The Virtual Forge

The learning solutions delivered provides learners with the opportunity to participate in online training, book classroom training sessions and work towards their accreditation all from one central portal. Each learner has their own unique personalised curriculum, plus access to a training library with extra content for learning.

Mentoring and Coaching Management

SkillGate Limited

Used for mentoring, coaching and/or observations, Coach! allows organisations a simple way to record face-to-face, one-on-one training interventions. It can be used stand alone or integrated with SkillGate LMS, Performance Manager, Traffic Light and WhizzAuthor.

Academy Learning Management System LMS

Built Intelligence Ltd

Built Intelligence LMS is our easy to use Learning Management System, it provides you and your project team with access to a suite of eLearning, ePortfolio and knowledge management tools. In addition it also contains tools to facilitate face-to-face training, monitoring, reporting and the development of role-based capability frameworks.

Off the shelf e-learning - Social Care catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Social Care e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool ensures staff are trained as per Care Act requirements and report on the effectiveness of your training. Increase the reach of your training, make extensive savings and be confident that your staff are up to date with any changes in legislation.

Relias Learning Management System & Content Libraries for Primary Care

Relias Learning Ltd.

Relias is an unrivalled learning solution provider, trusted by 10,000+ clients globally. The Primary Care solution comprises essential statutory/mandatory training – including Core Skills and the Care Certificate – plus clinical, soft-skills and leadership courses. Manage e-learning, face-to-face training, your own course content, and policies/procedures in one intuitive, built-for-healthcare platform.


CoSector Limited

Bloom is a SaaS implementation of CoSector's Bloom Software. The Bloom Software is based on a recent, stable release of the open-source virtual learning environment software known as Moodle. UoL have extended the core Moodle product with additional tools to improve teaching, learning and administration.

Academic Research, Education and Advisory Service (AREAS)

Research Series Limited

Our research and development team provide training (in-house and custom) in scholarly, systematic and innovative research on computational intelligence, cyber security, computer network security, enterprise architecture, security operations centres, information assurance and risk management & research methods. The team has published a number of notable articles, journals and books.

Brightspace LMS

Desire2Learn UK Ltd.

We are a provider of learning management software and associated services, supporting higher education, K12 and enterprise organizations.

Cornerstone Full HCM for Public Sector

Cornerstone OnDemand

Unified Human Capital Management combines our 3 core functional areas of Recruiting & Onboarding, Learning and Performance Management with Cornerstone’s core HR Management solution.

Shiken - AI-Powered Adaptive Learning

Meddicle LTD

Shiken is an adaptive learning management system (LMS) that blends AI and scientific research into learning acquisition to personalise learning and training for organisations while delivering mindfulness and mental health support to improve student and employee well-being. Shiken helps organisations deliver engaging, impactful, mindful and personalised training at scale.

Mobile Learning and Coaching Platform

Prosell Learning

On.Board ensures that you maximise the return on your learning content wherever it resides. It asks learners to apply their knowledge in the workplace and managers to feedback as part of the performance coaching process.Users can build their own branded programmes. Reports provide insight into engagement and commitment.

Curatr Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

HT2 Limited

Curatr LXP is an award-winning learning platform that allows you to provide content recommendations, activity recommendations and courses to your employees that are intelligently recommended, gamified and social. Make use of your existing content, curate content from around the web or use the thousands of curated items included for free.

Digital Communication Platform for Higher Education

Aula Education Ltd

Aula is a communication platform which brings engagement to the core of the digital student experience, replacing the virtual learning environment. We partner with universities to transform course content and harness behaviour data to drive engagement, enabling incredible teaching and learning to happen in every class, every time.

Off the shelf e-learning - Housing catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Housing e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource created in partnership with housing organisations across the UK, to ensure your staff and tenants have access to topics such as Affordable Rent, Modern Slavery, Managing Your Tenancy, and Welfare Reform.


University of London

Bloom is a SaaS implementation of UoL’s Bloom Software. The Bloom Software is based on a recent, stable release of the open-source virtual learning environment software known as Moodle. UoL have extended the core Moodle product with additional tools to improve teaching, learning and administration.

Off the shelf e-learning - Foundation Skills e-learning catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Foundation Skills e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource designed for use by everyone across industries. Providing comprehensive e-learning that has a strong and clear message across an employee lifecycle such as Unconscious Bias, GDPR, and Coaching.

Cornerstone Public Sector Recruiting, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding

Cornerstone OnDemand

With the intense pressure to identify, hire and onboard top talent, it’s time to rethink recruiting. Cornerstone Recruiting and Onboarding addresses all your Local Government talent acquisition needs to strengthen your candidate experience. Efficiently manage the entire process and shorten new hire and onboarding time to full productivity.

Bramble Hub StoryShare - Connect

Bramble Hub Limited

An online platform, communications outlet and app, intended to support transformational change programmes without using heavily transactional intranets. Connect is an e magazine that revolutionises the way employees engage, collaborate and communicate whilst undertaking digital transformation. The StoryShare brand is owned by 27partners.

Fully managed open-source learning management systems: Moodle and Totara.

eThink Education Ltd

eThink provides full management of Moodle and Totara, including cloud hosting, implementation, integrations, and exceptional service and customer support. We help our clients leverage Moodle and Totara's tools to deliver a solution that meets their unique needs and objectives, at a fraction of the cost of a commercial LMS.

Learning Pool Essential + (Learning Management System | LMS)

Learning Pool Ltd

Learning Pool Essential + helps organisations manage their learning to improve performance. This hosted service is used by 100s of public sector bodies in the UK. Making first steps in online learning - it's affordable, delivers value now and new features can be turned on later.

tessello xAPI LMS

Brightwave Limited

tessello is a 70:20:10 tincan xAPI platform combining LMS, LRS, social learning and curation of learning assets for deployment to communities of interest. It is especially suited to induction or dispersed audiences needing to share learning. Ask for a demo.

Cornerstone Public Sector Unified Talent Management System

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone unified system is designed to enable comprehensive talent management, from a single, all-in-one platform. One data model. One login. One customer support team. One solution designed for Public Sector. Cornerstone’s powerful, cloud-based system, is configurable to your exact needs, with rapid implementation, for Public Sector Organisations of all sizes.

Relias Clinical Solutions

Relias Learning Ltd.

Relias Clinical Solutions are a suite of assessment-driven education and analytics platforms that are transforming how doctors and nurses learn through the power of data and evidence-based adult learning principles. Relias Clinical Solutions target areas of high risk including OB, Sepsis, A&E, HCAI and Opioid misuse.

Workplace Assessment via Mobile Devices - Myprogress


Myprogress is a market leading mobile assessment application with an in-built ePortfolio for assessing learner competencies and skills offline in challenging workplace settings. It enables learners and supporting staff to track live progress against competencies and for staff to provide rich, authentic feedback in the moment.


Daden Limited

Discourse is a conversational AI/chatbot development platform optimised for employee support. It is designed so that authors can focus on content management rather than natural language understanding, and uses database and flow-chart type tools to rapidly author content. Full analytics are provided, and an API supports any UI.

Higher Education Data Warehouse Service


Higher Education Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for universities simplifies migration of data to the public cloud. Based on AWS Redshift with portability to Azure (SQL Server or SQL Data Warehouse) or open source columnar database (Greenplum, MonetDB, Postgres). Grow a big data lake for unstructured streaming data on Hadoop HDFS.

Off the shelf e-learning - Contact Centre catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Contact Centre e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is specifically focused on contact centres, and we aim to ensure your teams are empowered, with the right learning at the point of need, to deliver brilliant customer service time and time again.

Blue Lights Discovery - Digital Knowledge modules in App and Cloud

Blue Lights Digital

The next-generation education and resource solution delivering concept to delivery for evolving challenges of digital investigation. This platform delivers interactive, immersive multimedia led education modules, continual professional development and resources optimised for smartphones, tablets and the web, enabling access to professional knowledge, Procedure, Policy and Intelligence anytime, anywhere.


Expede IT Solutions Limited

YADA is a self-service live events management and social collaboration platform. Organisers create events and share them; these are matched with user's interests and they can register; check in; and share photos, videos, comments and social media interactions. YADA's LiveView feature projects this content around the venue in real time.


OCB Media

SCRIPT is a HEE/University of Birmingham prescribing e-learning resource for medical students, foundation doctors, dentists, paediatricians, nurses, NMPs and GPs. Comprised of 120 individual modules, SCRIPT includes a dedicated, cloud based, learning management system that can be customised on a client by client basis. Further information:

Me Learning BlueLMS (Learning Management System)

Me Learning

Blue LMS is a SaaS Learning Management System providing the Public Sector a highly configurable and easy to deploy learning system. Blue LMS can host, track and report any e-learning and classroom training and integrate with any system using an open API.


Pebble Learning Limited

PebblePad is often described as an eportfolio system but it is much more accurately described as a Learning Journey Platform. It supports the collection and presentation of evidence to demonstrate capability and competence for both formal review and accreditation and informal presentation.

Totara Performance

Think Learning

Totara Performance closely integrates performance appraisal, talent management, revalidation, CPD, and goal-setting. Users can set objectives, record 360 feedback, undertake appraisal, and manage team performance. Features can sit alongside Totara Learn LMS functionality to enable training needs analysis, personal development planning (PDPs), and learning access, to improve overall work-based performance.


Instructure Global

Canvas is a flexible, easy-to-use, cloud-native Learning Management System. A software-as-a-service platform, Canvas offers powerful functionality while remaining easy-to-use. Canvas provides powerful tools to extend learning beyond the classroom. It bundles messaging, assessments, grading, learning analytics, a learning object repository and more, all in one easy-to-use package.

NetDimensions LMS

PeopleFluent Limited

NetDimensions LMS includes all the functionality you need to implement, manage, and execute enterprise learning programs. We are the only learning management vendor focused on delivering integrated solutions to global organisations in high-consequence industries where operational and compliance requirements are complex and critical to the continuity of business operations.

Cornerstone NHS Performance Management - Appraisal - 360 Degree - Revalidation - Feedback

Cornerstone OnDemand

Empower NHS employees to take a more active role in their career development with clear, measurable goals, aligned with organisational objectives, defined career paths and targeted development plans. Gain valuable data and insights into your workforce performance and ensure your employees are recognised and rewarded, whilst improving engagement and retention.

Totara Learn Mobile First

Think Learning

Totara Learn Mobile First combines the functionality of the Totara Learn learning management system (LMS) platform with a native Mobile App (published to the Google and Apple app stores) which can be implemented quickly, to provide a solution which is highly customisable and cost effective.

Learning Management System

Wyoming Interactive Ltd

This is a cloud-based learning management system, highly configurable to manage learners in various industry sectors. It offers easy-to-use content authoring, granular data analytics collection and an intuitive, responsive user-interface. Supports interactive quizzes, video, pdf/ppt and other formats by arrangement. System supports single sign-on connection via consultancy and configuration service.

Traineasy LMS Limited

Secure by design, purpose-built training compliance and learning management system, clean and contemporary, supports SCORM and AICC e-learning, classroom bookings, certifications, email reminders and live training compliance statistics. Available with fully integrated performance and appraisal module for customers looking for a talent management component. Growing in popularity year on year.

Education Manager

i2N Ltd

Education Manager, is a secure managed service to deliver enterprise-scale educational services to organisations operating inside and outside the custodial estate(Prisons, Young Offender Institutions, Secure Training Centres, Secure Children’s Homes, etc). This includes education offerings from both Microsoft and Google. Chromebooks or Secure Linux Devices can be provided for access.

Off the shelf e-learning - Leadership Skills catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Leadership skills e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is CPD Accredited and mapped to ILM standards, providing the ability to integrate into a fully accredited programme. Offering e-learning across 20 titles from leadership and management, negotiation and developing personal resilience this catalogue is a great resource to support staff development.

Thinqi Learning Management System

CDSM Interactive Solutions Ltd

A modern Learning Management System (LMS) that provides easy-to-use content curation and authoring tools to bring your organisation's knowledge and learning into one place. With a truly modern user experience, Thinqi can deliver seamless informal, formal, social and workshop learning journeys coupled with powerful assessment, reporting and tracking tools.

Eportfolio for vocational training

Onefile Ltd

OneFile is a cloud based eportfolio and learning management system which enables the support of apprentices and any other competency based qualifications. It supports users to gather evidence and be assessed towards the qualifications or job roles. Customers find that it enables increased efficiency and quality.

Relias Learning Management System & Content Libraries for Secondary and Mental Health Care

Relias Learning Ltd.

Relias is an unrivalled learning solution provider, trusted by 10,000+ clients globally. The Secondary and Mental Health Care solution comprises essential statutory/mandatory training – including Core Skills and the Care Certificate – plus clinical, soft-skills and leadership courses. Manage e-learning, face-to-face training, bespoke content, and policies/procedures in a built-for-healthcare platform.

Cornerstone Public Sector Learning and Compliance Training Management Solution

Cornerstone OnDemand

Reinvent learning and development to realise the potential of your employee, Cornerstone’s powerful, cloud-based SaaS learning management system, is configurable to your exact needs, with rapid implementation, for organisations of all sizes. You can go beyond delivering training and compliance, to developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled Public Sector Workforce.

Moodle - Course Management and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning

Moodle bring the benefits of open source learning to organisations, significantly reducing the cost of your learning management, with advanced functionality in the delivery of elearning. Our platforms support competency management, training delivery, course management, personal development, classroom management and detailed reporting features.

KBPro - leadership and management training


KBPro - Digital Learning Zone is a learning and development solution for better leadership, management and innovation. The solution includes the latest ideas, innovations and research summarised from the best sources, in brief. It includes management qualifications, news and social media feeds, online discussions, capability and CPD tracking and management.

UpsideLMS Learning Management System


A full-featured and future-proofed SaaS LMS, UpsideLMS makes the management of your organisation-wide, multi-department, geographically dispersed Learning, Training and Performance Support interventions easy, efficient and effective. Its iOS and Android mobile apps for Learning cover the whole nine yards of Mobile Learning too.

Learning Analytics (LA) Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Learner Analytics Strategic Transformation and Change also including streams expertise for institutional preparedness and the implementation of supporting policies. Drawing on a range of data sources across an institution. Providing insights to teaching and administration staff, also enhancing support for students.

On Demand Technology Skills Development Platform

Pluralsight LLC

Pluralsight provides on-demand Digital Skills Development solutions focused on technology. It helps companies and professionals gain new skills at the point of need, master technologies and stay ahead of change. Pluralsight helps customers evaluate skills and proficiency, align learning to key objectives, develop talent and close skill gaps at scale.

Zoom Video

Zoom Video

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) brings teams together in a frictionless video environment. Our easy, reliable, and innovative video-first unified communications platform provides video meetings, cloud telephony PBX voice, webinars, and chat across desktops, phones, mobile devices, and conference room systems. Tiered pricing reflects volume-based discounts.

Cornerstone Core HR Suite for Public Sector

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone HR gives a complete view of the organisational workforce across business entities, divisions, locations, departments, cost centers, etc. With a primary source of truth for core employee and talent data, via a modern centralized interface, organisations can make smarter people decisions to improve business performance.

Off the shelf e-learning - Health catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Health e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is designed to meet Level 1 and Level 2 requirements of the Core Skills Training Framework. We’ve worked with organisations including Health Education England, The Royal Marsden Hospital, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and the RCPCH to develop this content.

Freeformers Champion Management Platform


Freeformers help digital transformation reach its full potential by creating the world’s best change champions inside your workforce. Freeformers breakdown barriers to learning about and using new technology while developing the human skills that technology can’t replace.


OCB Media

QI4U is designed to build capacity in a systematic approach to Quality Improvement (QI) for healthcare staff and service users. QI4U is targeted towards, clinicians, academics, patients and service users. QI4U comprises of eight modules which cover a range of QI methods and approaches. See link:

Learning Pool Total (Learning Management System | LMS)

Learning Pool Ltd

Learning Pool Total is used by 100s of UK public sector bodies to manage and improve learning performance. Our support and implementation provides ROI through an engaging and user-friendly platform. Making learning accessible to more users and ensuring you achieve your learning goals.

Mahara ePortfolio

Catalyst IT Europe Ltd

Mahara is an open source web application for creating electronic portfolios: a collection of reflections and digital artefacts (documents, images, resumes, multimedia). Use Mahara to demonstrate competencies, skills and development, then share with selected audiences. Catalyst are lead developers of Mahara, offering aaS hosting, theming, training and bespoke development services.


Cinos Communications Services

The Cinos Collaboration service leverages best of breed Cisco TelePresence video conferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications, and cloud WebEx Meetings and Webex Teams services. Bring teams together and collaborate from any location on any device. Promote teamworking, remote working and mobility, reduce decision making time and travel.

Online Courses

SkillGate Limited

SkillGate offers over 1,000 online tutorial programmes in areas of self-development (IT skills, management, communication) and also regulatory courses (H&S, compliance). The courses are supported by our A.I. delivered microlearning system. There are also some 60 certificated blended courses covering key areas. Detail available at

Off the shelf e-learning - Public Sector catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Public Sector e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource designed for public bodies. Providing e-learning across a range of titles from information security and cyber crime to diversity and management essentials, this resource is used by more than 230 organisations across the UK.


Daden Limited

Trainingscapes enables organisations to author, deliver and manage immersive 3D and virtual reality training to their employees without specialist 3D or programming knowledge. By learning and practising tasks by phone, PC or headset in a safe, realistic 24/7 environment retention, recall and job performance are improved and risks reduced.


Open Medical Ltd

Dermatologist designed, N3 enabled SaaS coordination platform tracks, plans and reviews care. Remote-referral-to-discharge, image calibrated, workflows enrich distributed clinical collaboration and sanction compliance to entire teledermatological standards. Pathpoint™ database architecture mimics the dynamics of patient care, automatically coding clinical treatment via SNOMED-CT NLP referencing to yield superior analytical outcomes.

Compliance Training Management Systems

SkillGate Limited

Traffic Light is a unique tool that delivers the right mandatory training courses to the right delegates at the right time. It advises managers about delegate progress giving each manager either a Green or a Red light reflecting their team’s compliance status.

Relias Learning Management System & Content Libraries for Social Care

Relias Learning Ltd.

Relias is an unrivalled learning solution provider, trusted by 10,000+ clients globally. The Social Care solution comprises essential statutory/mandatory training – including Core Skills, Care Certificate, and Dementia Care – plus clinical, soft-skills and leadership courses. Manage e-learning, face-to-face training, bespoke course content, and policies/procedures in one intuitive, built-for-care platform.


Macleod Associates

Workpepper is a cloud-based platform that supports the unemployed back into work with Outplacement, Re-training & Job Search tools. Also tracks and delivers on-line and classroom learning for Training Providers, L&D Departments and Colleges, with Event scheduling/optimisation/attendance. Discrete "out of the box" module for online Booking & Payment. Ofsted recognised.

Off the shelf e-learning - Financial Services e-learning catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Financial Services e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource with content written by Searchlight Solutions. Combining their specialist know-how on regulatory compliance and risk management with this flexible e-learning solution allows you to customise content to meet your financial services compliance and corporate responsibilities.

Learning Pool Standard (Learning Management System/LMS)

Learning Pool Ltd

Learning Pool Standard helps organisations manage their online learning, providing smaller organisations that are just starting with e-learning a low-cost solution to deliver online training efficiently. The LMS can be bespoke to you, with branding to your organisation and full training included.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education

Mazik Global Limited

Microsoft Dynamics and MazikEd is a cloud based solution that facilitates user-friendly management tool for educational institutions. We focus on improving the educational standards, along with the students’ performances, to get better results and mark a beginning for the educational revolution.

Custom-built e-learning content

Learning Pool Ltd

Our highly-skilled and experienced content development team work with customers to deliver interactive e-learning that enables them to maximise the engagement and impact of the module. Our in-house team can develop e-learning in a number of tools including our own Adapt solution and Storyline, Captivate, Camtasia and Elucidat.

Off the shelf e-learning - Compliance e-learning catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Compliance e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource designed for use by everyone. Providing gamified e-learning that has a strong and clear message on the full range of compliance titles from Anti money laundering and cyber security to Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace, and Whistleblowing.

Valamis - Learning Experience Platform

Valamis Learning UK Limited

Valamis - Learning Experience Platform, is an award-winning, open-source solution. It is being used by corporations, government agencies, universities, and other organizations to facilitate learning and improve performance.

Classroom Booking System

SkillGate Limited

SkilGate Classroom is an advanced face-to-face event booking system that allows administrators to manage hundreds of delegates in multiple classroom types at the touch of a few buttons. It can be used stand alone or fully Integrated with with SkillGate LMS, Performance Manager, Traffic Light and WhizzAuthor.

Lectora Online Limited

For the creation of engaging and interactive e-learning. Enables collaboration between developers, project managers and subject matter experts (reviewers). Includes vast library of e-learning resources, graphics, and tools for the development of branching scenarios, interactive exercises, assessment questions and more. Easy to use and fully supported.

Totara Learn LMS (Learning Management System)

Think Learning

The Totara Learn LMS (Learning Management System) enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect your employees’ roles, training needs and objectives. It is a functionally rich learning platform which can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Cornerstone Public Sector Learning and Training Content

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone Content Services Cornerstone is uniquely placed to respond to our client’s content needs through our 3-pillar approach; Learning Suite, Learning Experience Platform and Content.

Totara Learn - Learning Management System (Fully Managed LMS)

New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning

Totara Learn brings the benefits of open source learning to organisations, significantly reducing the cost of your learning management, with advanced functionality for workplace learning. Our platforms support competency management, performance management, team management, compliance tracking, classroom management and flexible reporting features.


Calibrand Limited

Calibrandtest is a powerful cloud tool that enables organisations to deliver E-assessments, tests, exams and marking for all types of assessments.

efireservice - PDRpro and learnPro Fire


Personal Development Recording and Learning Management System with Courses and Assessments for the UK Emergency Services focusing on Fire Service. Compliance Recording and Delivery

Cornerstone Public Sector - Learning for Salesforce

Cornerstone OnDemand

Build high-performance teams, and engage and empower your customers and partners with just-in-time training. Cornerstone for Salesforce reinvents the way organisations deliver information and learning management software (LMS) to accelerate productivity. Cornerstone for Salesforce leverages your Salesforce investment to support more effective learning across your organisation.

Learning Management System

SkillGate Limited

SkillGate Learning Management System (LMS) is an enterprise training planning, delivery and recording system. It acts as the base for an optional range of modular products that make up the full service.

Learning Pool Essential (Learning Management System | LMS)

Learning Pool Ltd

Learning Pool Essential helps organisations manage their learning to improve performance. This hosted service is used by 100s of public sector bodies in the UK. Making the first steps in online learning - it's affordable, delivers value now and new features can be turned on later.


Different Projects Ltd.

ShowHows lets your organisation easily create and publish visual step-by-step tutorial guides or instructions to show end users how to do just about anything - improving customer self-service and satisfaction. The guides can be embedded on any web page, online help article or knowledgebase and are shareable to social media.

Performance Management and Annual Appraisal

SkillGate Limited

SkillGate Performance Manager is designed to support organisational staff development activity. It supports formal annual appraisal process by asynchronous form completion and moderation and informal support through discussion recording. It has an integrated Objectives and Actions system allowing participants to monitor progress at all times via SkillGate LMS.

Headstream Learning Experience Platform - LXP

Learning Pool Ltd

Headstream LXP is a new product from Learning Pool that delivers a modern learning experience to users in their workflow. Headstream provides performance support at the moment of need and uses bot technology to surface learning in a workflow tool like slack or MS teams.

HELM - Health Education Learning Management

OCB Media

HELM is a dedicated, multi-site cloud based, learning management system that can be customised on a client by client basis and integrated with ESR. HELM includes 120 HEE/NHS Trust statutory/mandatory, leadership, prescribing and clinical e-learning modules that are OLM/ESR compliant. Available as individual modules or module 'packs'. Further information:


SkillSet Limited

elasticLearning allows you to securely host your eLearning content from a branded landing page, track usage and report on performance. SkillSet can customise the platform to complement branding, and provide support. elasticLearning is much more cost effective and quicker to implement than a full LMS.

Moodle / Totara Learning Management System (LMS)

Catalyst IT Europe Ltd

Catalyst's Moodle/Totara service is based upon the most widely distributed open source platforms for learning and development. Catalyst Moodle/Totara LMS offer secure, customisable and cost effective eLearning functionality with extensive value adding features included as standard to support content creation, webinars/virtual classrooms, student engagement and extended reporting.


ClickView Ltd

ClickView provides seamless and secure on-demand streaming of all video content within its platform, available within any browser, learning management system, tablet or smartphone. Providing exclusive video titles created specifically for teachers and students of Primary, Secondary, FE and Tertiary institutes

Flex Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Think Learning

Flex LCMS (Learning Content Management System) can manage and host elearning content for access within any Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) using SCORM and AICC. There are also elearning player options available.

Relias Learning Management System & Content Libraries for Integrated Care

Relias Learning Ltd.

Relias is an unrivalled learning solution provider, trusted by 10,000+ clients globally. The Integrated Care solution comprises essential cross-training for staff working in Acute, Mental Health, Primary, and Social Care – plus statutory/mandatory, soft-skills and leadership courses. Manage e-learning, face-to-face training, and bespoke course content in one intuitive, integrated platform.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (UK) Ltd

Engage your end users and arm them against real-world cyber attacks, using personalized cybersecurity training based on our industry-leading threat intelligence.

Castor EDC

Castor EDC

Castor EDC offers Electronic Data Capture for medical researchers. Founded by healthcare professionals who’d experienced problems with data management and a lack of user-friendly tools, Castor EDC is an easy-to-use cloud solution for capturing medical research data and running clinical trials: eCRFs, ePRO, eCOA, ePROMs, randomization and more.

RM Unify

RM Education Ltd

RM Unify is a true single sign on identity and access management service. It delivers an App Library, Launch Pad and Management Console to users through any browser, on any device. There are full network integration options for MIS and AD user management and provisioning. Onboarding/offboarding section details exit plan.

Online Course Authoring

SkillGate Limited

SkillGate WhizzAuthor is our online and blended training course authoring system. It allows authors to create, publish and manage courses. Programmes allow you in integrate almost any type of object so you can include courses or other ‘objects’ created elsewhere in your programmes seamlessly.