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  • Argonaut - Traffic Signal Control

    Idox Software Limited

    Traffic signal control providing fixed time, adaptive control, traffic signal prioirty and remote monitoring fo traffic signals. Compatible to all UK standards, the solution is entirely modular in design ensuring that all signals and algorythms are supported using the underlying architecture.

  • ArcGIS in the Cloud


    ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) that connects maps, apps, data and people enabling smarter, faster decisions. Everyone in your organisation may discover, use, make and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime. Web and mobile GIS, high-performance desktop, server and spatial databases on your preferred cloud.

  • Cloud Based Fever / Asset Tracking, Surveillance and Recovery (Smart Building), Workspace Management


    Low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time asset tracking and cloud-based management dashboard. Integrates with a variety of IOT sensors, smart building APIs, desk monitoring and Fever Monitoring Solutions (e.g FeverCam & FeverScan) with facial recognition. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • AuditOnline

    Doc-works Ltd

    A fully-featured audit management system, empowering day to day users to complete, respond, report and action on all standards within an organisation to become and remain compliant, e.g CQC. Tablet/smartphone technology links direct to a powerful analytics portal comprehensively managing, automating and mandating action plans. Helpful wizards provide easy self-management.

  • Construction Logistics Manager

    Atkins Limited

    Construction Logistics Manager has been developed for the construction sector. Bringing programme, cost and environmental impact together, allowing you to optimise your logistics and identify benefits. Using dedicated HGV routing, via TomTom for market leading data and routing options. Giving control to confidently challenge, optimise and improve your construction programme.

  • TT - End to End Data Analytics Platform

    Twin Technology

    It has Data Pipeline, Data Cleansing, ETL, Predictive, Deep Learning Workbench, Self-service BI, AI-driven Search, and Analytics Dashboards available on Cloud, On-premise on Any Device and can connect with any Structured, Unstructured, IOT, Blockchain data Sources.

  • Argonaut - Alerts

    Idox Software Limited

    For Subscribed Users - travel alerts allow these users to be automatically notified when a change in the user’s defined route occurs. Users may then register for SMS and email alerts and may define the time periods for when they would like to be alerted.

  • Unity Convergence Platform


    Cloud based ISO27001 GDPR compliant convergence platform. Our service unifies your business information in a single consistent user experience, without moving the data, and provides detailed drill down capabilities. Integrates with Microsoft Power Platform tools and services.

  • Shopping cart: Website with full eCommerce capability

    Answers and Solutions ltd

    A cloud based application to enable an online shop. Easily upload details of items for sale. Can be used as an Out-of-the-Box website shop - easy to use. This service entails the integration and configuration of several commercial software products with 10+ years in the marketplace

  • Digital Display Content Management

    21st Century Technology PLC

    Displaying the right information is essential for effective communication with customers and transport service users. EPI is a feature-rich system specifically designed to remotely manage your display estate. The sign editor makes it easy to manage content and is adaptive to screen sizes and models.

  • Cadcorp Spatial Database Service


    The Cadcorp Spatial Database Service provides a cloud hosted PostgreSQL database with the PostGIS extension or a cloud hosted Microsoft Azure SQL Database for use within GIS and web mapping software.

  • Airport Display Management

    21st Century Technology PLC

    An airport display management system that assists airport owners and operators to ensure smooth management of buses and bus stands, based on the scheduled data with dynamically generated real time updates. The solution allocates buses to appropriate stands and provides information to customers through displays and online services.

  • X-Screen


    X-Screen is intended for the initial & refresher training of those personnel whose employment requires them to examine objects using security-related X-Ray equipment. It is widely used to improve and enhance the skills of the operators in order to improve their threat detection skills.

  • PDFTables


    PDF Tables accurately extracts data from PDFs. It uses an AI algorithm which can see column shapes, and outputs spreadsheets. There is a web API so it can be automated.

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, safe place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • BriteLocate AR - Augmented Reality Wayfinding

    Briteyellow Limited

    BriteLocate AR is an app-plugin for integration with mobile wayfinding apps bringing high definition personal guidance with visual indoor positioning and navigation.

  • MACS ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT for Facilities Management (MEAM for FM) powered by IBM MAXIMO EAM


    MACS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for FM Accelerator Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) offers a complete set of applications that cover all aspects of cloud based management. IBM Maximo helps reduce unplanned downtime, increasing operational efficiency, whilst proving real time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites, improving your ROI.

  • Cadcorp SIS WebMap Express


    A low cost GIS map publishing and viewing application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for viewing and printing GIS spatial data.


    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    Manage Real Time information (RTPi) for passenger info, fleet management, curtailment and cancellations. Create and manage routes, timetables and schedules. Drive digital displays, manage adherence for subsidised routes, drive Traffic Light Priority schemes. Import and export TXC datasets. Publish data via an Open API and create management KPI dashboards.

  • Security and Access Management Framework (iSAM)


    iSAM framework enables organizations to accelerate their development processes by reducing the efforts involved in creating user management modules only for Appian applications. The Low-code Appian Platform based application provides the creation of user and role functionality without updating single lines of code in the existing application.

  • MyTAG Proof of Health and Safety Compliance

    MyTAG Ltd

    MyTAG Health and Safety Compliance uses proof-of-presence technologies, which cannot be falsified (unlike Barcode/QR-Code/NFC), to authenticate equipment/process/health and safety/Covid-19 compliance routines. Health and Safety compliance tags are scheduled to provide notifications to compliance teams of upcoming/overdue audits, and interactive compliance questionnaires/Documents/Incident Reporting/Photo/Video-capture are shared from the audit location in real-time.

  • Cadcorp SIS WebMap


    An easy-to-use off-the-shelf GIS application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for presenting and interrogating GIS spatial data and is accessed through a familiar and mobile responsive web mapping interface.

  • Exonaut Incident & Crisis Management Solution

    4C Europe UK Ltd

    Exonaut Incident and Crisis Manager is a web-based, end-to-end solution for incident reporting, tracking and escalation to crisis response. It integrates incident reporting templates, custom dashboards, crisis alerts, and emergency response tools. A mobile interface engages key stakeholders to manage incidents in real time regardless of location.

  • GeoConnect+ Integration and Visualisation Platform

    Bentley Systems (UK) Limited

    GeoConnect+ hosts the integration of asset networks and estates, integrating and visualising asset/project data, commercial and IoT enabling analysis and clear presentation of complex information. It maintains a golden thread of information throughout the asset life cycle. GeoConnect+ is a Digital Twin engine hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Argonaut - Streetworks and Road Works

    Idox Software Limited

    The Argonaut strategic control system takes an automatic feed from the existing Street works system to include a copy of street works in the database. Idox Transport automatically publishes the street works to either the Voyager web outputs or to a page on your website, requiring no manual intervention.

  • Border Enforcement App

    Equine Register Ltd

    Equine Register's Border Enforcement application allows border control staff to rapidly and accurately identify equines at border control points destined either for import or export, and in real time see other identification / registration data, vaccination status and food chain status.

  • M.App Enterprise

    Hexagon Geospatial

    M.App Enterprise is a simple to navigate platform to build lightweight and dynamic geospatial (GIS) applications (Smart M.Apps) targeted to solve a specific problem. It combines content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single application to transform data into a smart digital reality. Hosted on premise or on the cloud.

  • IdentityGateway


    Our intelligent ID pass management software allows you to streamline, manage and automate ID pass applications. Increase compliance, reduce insider threats and improve security for both staff and visitors.

  • Argonaut - Variable Message Signs

    Idox Software Limited

    Argonaut’s adaptor, automatically determines the appropriate legends to display on any operator station, or free-text, Car Park Guidance, RGB Pictogram VMS based on the conditions and command the VMS to display the appropriate information. Users can test messages and legends before committing them to the system and or the sign.

  • AWS Cloud Solution

    Qualligence Ltd

    We review and evaluate your current environment. AWS-certified and Government security cleared Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers design solutions for your unique needs. Strategic Roadmap - We will collaboratively work with your to build a strategic agenda to guide your ongoing infrastructure development and deployment.