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AWS CloudTrail

Amazon Web Services UK Branch

Amazon CloudTrail provides a history of AWS API calls for your account, including API calls made via the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and higher-level AWS services (e.g. AWS CloudFormation). The AWS API call history produced by CloudTrail enables security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance auditing.

RDF Cloud Hosting Services


RDF Group Cloud Hosting Services help organisations move from traditional legacy systems and infrastructure to cloud-based architectures and applications. We support our clients to deliver cloud-based systems and services that meet the UK Government Technology Code of Practice and Digital Service Standard.

N4 Cloud


N4Cloud provides access to a self-service virtualisation platform hosted on infrastructure owned by Node4. The infrastructure is securely shared across multiple customers and hosted in three Node4 UK data centre. Node4 manage the infrastructure up to the Hypervisor and ensure a portal is available for provisioning.

Cybersecurity - Managed Security Service (MSS) SOC Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Capgemini UK plc

This service offers insight and response to security threats against enterprise and cloud environments by providing professional management of security information. It uses IT and business related use cases to discover, analyse, triage and respond to suspect behaviours from systems and their users, continuously improving and tuning use cases.

Pivotal Data Suite

Pivotal Software Inc

Pivotal Data Suite provides the flexibility to choose and adopt proven, open source, scale-out databases, including: Pivotal Greenplum, our enterprise data warehouse system; Pivotal Postgres, a leading alternative for organizations that want to get away from the cost and complexity often associated with third-party databases.

Backup as a Service

EACS Limited

EACS backup as service offering enables a cloud environment suited to customer's business and IT requirements. This can be undertaken with public, private and hybrid approach dependent on user requirements.

LHCR 'Region in a Box'

Sitekit Digital Health

Consultancy and development services to configure and deploy the target architecture for LHCR regions to establish an information sharing environment that helps health and care services continually improve treatment, tailors care to the needs of individuals, empowers people to look after themselves better and make informed health and care decisions.

AWS and Azure Workload Migration

Blue Cube Security Ltd

Assisting our customers set up a secure AWS environment and migrate their workloads to this in planned and well executed manner using the skills of our Cynergy (Brand Name) delivery team.

Alscient AWS CloudTrail

Alscient Limited

Amazon CloudTrail provides a history of AWS API calls for your account, including API calls made via the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and higher-level AWS services (e.g. AWS CloudFormation). The AWS API call history produced by CloudTrail enables security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance auditing.

Cybersecurity - Managed Security Service (MSS) Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Capgemini UK plc

Managed SOC offers a full spectrum of security incident prevention, detection and response services at bronze silver and gold levels. This cloud environment offer includes SOC / SIEM, Vulnerability Management, Threat intelligence, Security Analytics and GRC, delivered from multitenant SOCs across the globe as per clients' language and regulatory requirements.

EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ Commerce


EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ Commerce is a unified marketing and digital commerce platform that simplifies the task of showing the right products to the right customers at the right time. Instantly preview products in real time on multiple screen formats including Apps.

Q VMware Cloud Management Platform

Q Associates Limited

Q Associates, delivers a comprehensive cloud management platform designed to deliver and manage IT services across private, public, and hybrid clouds. vRealize speeds up the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies, providing high levels of agility for developers and lines of business while maintaining governance and control.

Security Exposure Assessment - PWNED


Our cloud-based service identifies whether your critical data has been PWNED and exposed, following a data breach. There are many recent high profile breaches, including LinkedIn, Dropbox. Assess and protect your data and identity with confidence. Free Trial available

Castleton Hosted Services

Castleton Technology Plc

We deliver a range of services from fully managed Desktop as a Service to Backup as a Service/ Disaster Recovery as a Service. Our cloud services are delivered from our Tier 3 ISO 27001 accredited data-centres. We deliver flexible, bespoke solutions tailored to individual customer requirements

Cybersecurity - Managed Security Service (MSS) Portal

Capgemini UK plc

Capgemini MSS Portal is a multi-tenant portal that can be used to view different clients and business divisions from a single view covering security controls both in and outside the cloud. This portal is scalable for alerting and clients.

Iaas - Infrastructure as a service

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

LHIS IaaS provides a fully managed best in class enterprise offering. The service provides fully managed server instances delivered to the customer preconfigured with a range of operating systems, antivirus, critical patches installed and back up routines in place. This is complemented by fast resilient N3 and internet network links.

Virtual Machines (Assured)

Netscan Limited

Virtual Machines based on our Enterprise Infrastructure, delivering a cost effective platform for all hosting applications. Optional 24 hour UK support and management. Managed, secure services over internet or JANET, for customers requiring an OFFICIAL platform based upon Assured or Elevated architecture (previously IL2 and IL3).

Deployed Platform Service OFFICIAL

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Deployed Platform Service delivers a small footprint environment, available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE. The platform delivers a range of digital services from advanced Cyber Operations, Operational Intelligence(Cognitive), Business Intelligence(Predictive) through to Cloud/Enterprise services enabling cross security domain data sharing and collaboration.

Azure Data Platform

Jarmany Ltd

End-to-end data platform incorporating all aspects of the data management requirement. ETL, processing, storage, analytics, data science.

Amazon CloudWatch


Amazon CloudWatch is a web service that provides monitoring for AWS cloud resources, starting with Amazon EC2. It lets you programmatically retrieve your monitoring data, view graphs, and set alarms to help you troubleshoot, spot trends, and take automated action based on the state of your cloud environment.

Azure Cloud Consultancy

Just After Midnight

Audits, reviews, assessments and recommendations through to full design and provisioning of your Azure environment and management/support services. We can help start or optimise your Cloud journey and work independently of or collaboratively with your in-house team.

Virtual Private Datacentre (Assured)

Netscan Limited

Our Virtual Private Datacentre solution provides dedicated resources on our Enterprise Infrastructure, 24 hour UK support and management, with customised control panel to manage your resource pool. Managed, secure services over internet or JANET, for customers requiring an OFFICIAL platform based upon Assured or Elevated architecture (previously IL2 and IL3).

Government Cloud Manager

FCO Services

FCO Services’ Government Cloud Manager provides the dashboard functionality to manage your multi-cloud environments. This comprises of a single cloud or a combination of private cloud, public cloud (such as AWS, Microsoft Azure) and Software-as-a-service (such as Microsoft Office365) with 24x7x365 service management of services provided.

Amazon IoT Analytics by KCOM


AWS IoT Analytics is a fully-managed service that makes it easy to run sophisticated analytics on massive volumes of IoT data without having to worry about all the cost and complexity typically required to build your own IoT analytics platform.

HMG Comply and Secure

Convergent Network Solutions

Managed Protective Monitoring Service based on Good Practice Guide 13 (GPG13). 24x7 PSN Service Provider Compliant SOC Service.

Azure Managed Service

Pure Technology Group

The pure technology group is a certified Microsoft CSP Tier 1 partner, one of only a handful in the UK. We do much more than simply sell Microsoft subscription licences. We provide expert design, deployment and support services for the cloud, utilising Fortinet firewall security.

AdEPT Nebula Firewall & Web Filtering Services

AdEPT Telecom plc

AdEPT offers cloud-hosted web filtering, requiring no local or client-installed resources on customer devices; in conjunction with AdEPT's virtualised firewall services with features including Anti-Virus, Intrusion Protection and Detection and the management of tailored firewall rules thereby providing dynamic protection against external threats.

DXC Technology Backup as a Service Offering

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

DXC Backup as a Service provides a cost-effective managed service for backup and recovery of all types of data. The client chooses whether the data is hosted in their data centres, DXC datacentres, or public cloud environments. DXC then manages the purchase, configuration, protection and management of the backup data.

Cross Domain Secure zone OFFICIAL

Vysiion Ltd

This service allows secure communication of sensitive data between Assured and Elevated OFFICIAL public cloud platforms. Designed exclusively for the UK Public Sector, it is compliant with NCSC cross-domain security standards, GDPR and is based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure data sovereignty with full support free of charge.

Private Cloud Storage Elevated OFFICIAL

UKCloud Ltd

Our object storage-based private cloud service is designed for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for private storage OFFICIAL workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure data sovereignty.  Private Storage provides isolated single-tenant environments that can be designed specifically for your workload requirements.

Network and Security Services


CANCOM UK’s 'Network and Security Services' consists of several modular network and security offerings, that when combined provide a fully managed Protective Monitoring, Detection and Response Service for clients, helping them define a clear security strategy.

Umbraco Azure


Fully managed service for design, build and support of websites usingUmbraco for web content management. Service includes project management, technical design and architecture, Azure cloud and Rackspace private cloud hosting with support, testing, training and reporting. ClerksWell are a certified Umbraco partner.



The TransportAPI platform-as-a-service offer provides a means to aggregate transport sector data from any set of digital sources into a data warehouse for distribution through a content distribution network to business and consumer facing services.

NEL Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud Hosting and Analytics Services

NEL Commissioning Support Unit

NEL BI Cloud Hosting Services design, build and offer solution-focused services to support health/social care improvement and population health management, within public/private sector. •Microsoft Azure-based •IaaS/PaaS/SaaS options •Data warehousing, reporting and visualisation tools (SQL/PowerBI/SSRS/SharePoint) •System-wide offer •Information Governance, NHS/social care data use of Public Cloud Services compliant.

Piksel Carelink - Amazon Comprehend Medical

Carelink - Piksel Ltd

Amazon Comprehend Medical is a naturallanguage processingservice that makes iteasy touse machinelearning to extract relevant medical information from unstructuredtext. Using AmazonComprehend Medical, you can quickly and accurately gather information, such as medicalcondition, medication, dosage, strength, and frequency from a variety of sources like doctors’notes,clinical trialreports, and patient healthrecords.

UKCloud for VMware Elevated OFFICIAL

UKCloud Ltd

Our VMware-based public cloud is designed exclusively for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for OFFICIAL workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure data sovereignty.  Our VMware service is scalable on-demand, flexible, billed by the hour, and with  full support free of charge.

OutSystems Platform

OutSystems Ltd

OutSystems is a rapid application development, low code platform that allows business analysts and developers to create, deploy and manage responsive web and native mobile applications (iOS and Android). The product is cloud based, scalable and able to address even the most complex data integration requirements.

Hosting and Managed Service

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

PDMS provide a complete and high availability (uptime exceeding 99.9%) end-to-end Hosting and Managed Services provision and have the track record, expertise, infrastructure, systems, accreditations and partnerships to provide the systems we develop on a fully managed-service or software-as-a-service basis. Includes security, business continuity, disaster recovery, backup and patching services.

Managed Core Infrastructure (Assured)

Netscan Limited

Fully managed resources on our Enterprise Core Infrastructure, 24 hour UK support and management, with customised control panel to manage your resource pool. Managed, secure services over internet or JANET, for customers requiring an OFFICIAL platform based upon Assured or Elevated architecture (previously IL2 and IL3).

Compute and Application Hosting ( IaaS )

Park Place Technologies

The Park Place Technologies Compute and Application Hosting ( Iaas ) Service provides a resilient, secure, scalable and fully redundant environment for physical and virtual based workloads. Your fully managed infrastructure is supported 24x7 with options of a single UK-based location or multiple to provide additional redundancy.

DXC Technology Identity Management as a Service

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

Identity and access management is very complex and affects every aspect of your business. This service manages creation, change, and removal of accounts and access rights so your users have the right access to services and applications at all times, helping you to prove compliance and reduce risk.

DXC Technology VMware Services

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

Design, supply, build and operate services to support VMware hosted within the client's data centre, DXC facility or public cloud environment. DXC managed support for VMware is an integrated managed service consumed on a platform-basis. DXC can migrate servers to the operating system, including a hardened patching and monitoring service.

Cloud Hosting

Ortera Limited

A highly available tier-1 hosting service for any Internet-connected application - popular for websites, CRM, databases, SaaS applications, time-tracking services, digital imaging, workflow and information sharing, on-the-fly encryption and many more.

Check Point Hosted Management Service

Pentesec Ltd

With Pentesec, your Check Point Management Server will be hosted on an Enterprise High Availability Multi-Domain Server Cluster, across geographically separated Datacenters. This provides constant availability and scaling resource management, all backed up with an industry leading Enterprise SLA and without losing the ability to self manage your organisation’s security.

O2 Cellular WAN

Telefonica UK Limited

The Cellular WAN service is a portable, convenient and affordable way to use cellular-network connectivity to create a true WAN extension. Using a pre-configured plug-and-play router, O2 Cellular WAN works straight out of the box. So your network connection can be up-and-running in minutes. All you need is power.

Systems Management & Monitoring


CANCOM UK Systems Management & Monitoring service provides 24/7/365 management and monitoring of clients’ environments, from hypervisors, servers, virtual machines and storage, to network devices and can even reach out to public cloud environments to provide clients the same level of support regardless of location.

Q VMware NSX

Q Associates Limited

VMware NSX® is the network virtualization and security platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delivering the operational model of a virtual machine for entire networks. With NSX, network functions including switching, routing, and firewalling are embedded in the Hypervisor. NSX-T performs similar SDN functions for non-VMware environments.

Q VMware ELA

Q Associates Limited

Q Associates VMware ELA service combines SDDC technologies from VMware for building and managing cloud infrastructures. Accelerating your digital transformation through a software-defined approach to business and IT. Allowing you to run, manage, connect and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment, enabling freedom and control.

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon Web Services UK Branch

Amazon CloudWatch is a web service that provides monitoring for AWS cloud resources, starting with Amazon EC2. It lets you programmatically retrieve your monitoring data, view graphs, and set alarms to help you troubleshoot, spot trends, and take automated action based on the state of your cloud environment.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Ixis IT Limited

A Website Application Firewall (WAF) & Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which provides advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection with layer 3/4/7 network protection.

Oracle Cloud Hosting Services

Namos Solutions Ltd

Oracle IaaS, PaaS, and DbaaS to host infrastructure, middleware, and databases. Namos solutions manages the interaction and delivery of the hosting of the service to the end client.

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Quorum Network Resources Ltd

Quorum are a Direct Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) which allows us to deploy leading edge IT services suitable for all business sizes. As a CSP Quorum are a single point of contact for any technical assistance and billing for Microsoft Cloud solutions.

OFFICIAL - Environment as a Service

Q-Solution Ltd

A complete platform, connected to the Internet, accredited to OFFICIAL (IL0/2) and consumed as a service. Allows the buyer to focus on application build. Platform includes all necessary System Monitoring, Protective Monitoring (GPG13), AV, IDS, IPS, Alerting, Remote Access, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Detection and Behavioural Monitoring

Carelink HSCN Cloud - Managed VM Service

Carelink - Piksel Ltd

A secure, highly available virtual platform with connectivity to HSCN and the Internet.

Microsoft Azure Hosting Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Total Enterprise Solutions

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying and managing applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is secured through a global network of Microsoft managed data centres. Service to support the on-premise release of BC.

Microsoft Office 365

FCO Services

FCO Services' managed Microsoft Office 365 is specifically for government departments working at the OFFICIAL classification requiring a collaboration solution. For Government. By Government.

Palo Alto Managed & Transformation services

Softcat Limited

Palo Alto Networks delivered services to support network security and infrastructure transformation. Based on a scoped set of deliverables, defined work packages and milestone payments. Including security workshops, discovery & architecture design, pilots,testing,HLD&LLD, deployment & validation, operational readiness, operational support, handover and knowledge transfer.

Amazon CloudTrail by KCOM


Amazon CloudTrail provides a history of AWS API calls for your account, including API calls made via the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and higher-level AWS services (e.g. AWS CloudFormation). The AWS API call history produced by CloudTrail enables security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance auditing.

Oracle Cloud Consulting

dsp managed services

• Public Cloud design, build and migrate for Oracle, AWS and Azure • Hybrid Cloud deployment Oracle, AWS and Azure • Public Cloud design, build and migrate for Oracle, AWS and Azure • Hybrid Cloud deployment Oracle, AWS and Azure

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Software and Application Development

Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd

Google Cloud Platform offers many services for greenfield software and application development. Services include serverless services like App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Firestore and Cloud SQL. Kubernetes Engine is a managed containerisation platform giving greater cloud neutral flexibility where required. Virtual servers are available for traditional or monolithic applications.

ISB Cloud Hosting Services (Platform as a Service)

ISB Global Limited

ISB Global (ISB) provides best in class Cloud Hosting Services to their customers. We provide a full service from design, build, ongoing support, tried and tested templates or bespoke hosting solutions. We recommend utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides a world class cloud computing platform.

Cloud Hosting & Website Development

twentysix Limited

twentysix provides various cloud hosting solutions through a combination of public, private and hybrid cloud services. Hosting services are primarily in support of our website design and development services, which are extensive. Our agency has been creating highly functional, bespoke websites in .NET for well over 15 years.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Nigsun Limited

Nigsun Cloud Hosting service provides secure, durable, and extremely low-cost storage for data archiving and backup. You can store your data cost effectively for months, years, or even decades. With our scalable infrastructure you can switch it on when required.

Datacenta - Managed Wordpress Hosting


This service allows customers to develop and maintain websites in the WordPress CMS and post on to the Internet. Sites are hosted on a dedicated virtual server, (Single Core, 2Ghz, 2GB Ram, 50G Storage, 200GB per month of data transfer, two IPV4 IP addresses, reverse DNS) on a shared host.

Tectrade's Rubrik as a Service


Tectrade provide management, design and implementation services around Rubrik’s backup and recovery platform. Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery for virtualized and physical environments. Eliminate backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalogue management, and de-duplicated storage into a single, scale-out fabric.

Monitoring as a Service


UKFast’s Monitoring as a Service solution saves your team valuable time and resource by leaving the monitoring of your infrastructure to UKFast. Our proactive monitoring service watches the key elements of your server and alerts us to any potential issues before they've had the chance to impact your solution's performance.

Unified Security Service (USS)

CM Security Ltd

Web Security, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Email Security, Compliant Email Archiving, and Multi-Factor Authentication on a single unified cloud hosted platform.

Managed service IaaS


Fully managed service for design, build and support of websites using Sitecore and Umbraco for web content management. Service includes project management, technical design and architecture, Azure cloud and Rackspace private cloud hosting with support, testing, training and reporting. ClerksWell are a gold Sitecore partner and a certified Umbraco partner.

AWS Amazon Translate

Phoenix Software Ltd

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, and affordable language translation. Neural machine translation is a form of language translation automation that uses deep learning models to deliver more accurate and more natural sounding translation than traditional statistical and rule-based translation algorithms.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Services

The Server Labs Ltd.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) public security services include: AWS Certificate Manager, AWS CloudHSM, Amazon Cognito, AWS Directory Service, AWS Firewall Manager , Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Identity and Access Mangement (IAM), Amazon Inspector, AWS Key Management Service, Amazon Macie, AWS Shield, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS Single Sign-On, AWS WAF

Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Software Inc

PCF is a unified, multi-cloud platform to run your enterprise applications and micro services within. PCF PAS allows developers to quickly push applications without having to manual create their own containers - the platform does this. PCF PKS provides an evergreen Kubernetes runtime to run any containers you do have.

Amazon AWS Trusted Advisor

Bytes Software Services

An online resource to help you reduce cost, increase performance, and improve security by optimizing your AWS environment, Trusted Advisor provides real time guidance to help you provision your resources following AWS best practices. bsscloud

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Altiatech Ltd

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a set of tools from Microsoft with deep integration to provide customers with control to administer, provision and secure devices used by an organisation. EMS manages smartphones, tablets, and laptops and desktop devices from a single system, including user credentials and applications.

CACI UK Hosting Service


CACI's service provides secure, highly available and scalable Saas like platform for software database applications. This includes rapid onboarding of local authority hosted databases and configuration of extended functions and services e.g. Data matching Hub, Data warehouse, 3rd party reporting tools, VPN connectivity, systems integration and automated data exchange.

Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOC)


SOC as a Service is a managed 24/7 cloud operations centre, delivering the security expertise your business needs to provide real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and reporting; helping you to harden and defend your services.

Evident Proof Data proof and compliance platform


Evident Proof turns data, documents, processes and transactions into immutable, unhackable, proof and provenance chains for Local Government and Enterprise. Compliant with EU and worldwide data standards, generates proof certificates and court ready evidence certificates that enable clients to, reduce risk, enhance revenue streams, solves disputes and verify data events

Amazon CloudFront by KCOM


Amazon CloudFront is a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of your websites, APIs, video content, or other web assets. It integrates with other AWS products to give developers and businesses an easy way to accelerate content to end users with no minimum usage commitments.

Managed Security Service by iomart

iomart Group Plc

The iomart Managed Security Service provides users with a fully managed and monitored solution that can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. The solution is designed to protect the customer from attacks, detect compromised systems and either report or take action on incidents detected.

Smart City Experimentation Infrastructure as a Service

Bristol Is Open Ltd.

A city-wide private R&D/pilot to live service fibre/wireless testbed infrastructure which enables organisations to build and test a broad range of solutions and applications. Including GDPR sensitive citizen centric health & well-being experiments, environmental sensing, congestion controls, energy supply, driverless cars. AI-enabled cyber security, data analytics and Smart City services.

Cloud Hosting Readiness Assessment


With our certified security experts, we will assess your cloud architecture or existing services, in accordance with the NCSC best practice guidelines. Highlighting areas requiring attention and a proposed remediation plan, to enable you to fully migrate from legacy data centres to cloud services.

Cyber Security services in securing your Cloud or data centre


We will deliver Security Enforcing Functions to protect your capability providing you the assurances that your capability is following best industry and NCSC Cyber Security guidelines.

Amazon Comprehend by KCOM


Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text. Amazon Comprehend identifies the language of the text; extracts key phrases, places, people, brands, or events.

Secure Remote Access

Netscan Limited

Secure Remote Access provides you with a customised cloud server, integrated with optimised OpenVPN installation for secure, private, remote access to data. 24 hour UK support/management. Managed, secure services over internet or JANET, for customers requiring an OFFICIAL platform based upon Assured or Elevated architecture (previously IL2 and IL3).

Managed Private Cloud SECRET

SecureCloud+ Limited

SECRET Private Cloud service is an accreditable fully managed end-to-end service that delivers a scalable platform utilising a mixture of VDI and remote application technology. Supporting existing legacy, new and complex applications, designed to meet storage and collaborative analysis requirements and manage raw and working files for big data analytics.

Cloud Direct Azure with cost management tool MyAzure

On Direct Business Services Limited

Azure helps your organisation meet its business challenges. Build, manage and deploy applications on a scalable platform and pay monthly, based on usage. Our My Azure dashboard gives real-time visibility of your Azure costs; view spend against individual components (each virtual machine), and monthly cost forecasts based on current usage.

Managed VMware Private Cloud

Aptum Technologies (UK) Ltd

Aptum Managed Private Cloud platform is powered by VMware. It provides a secure private virtualised offering on dedicated infrastructure with a predictable monthly cost. Virtual machines can move seamlessly from one piece of dedicated physical hardware to another and leverage the resources of several customer dedicated hosts.

Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

NETconnection System Ltd

Forcepoint next generation firewalls and management

Local and Linked Data Infrastructure Services

Porism Limited

Deployment, operation and management of cloud infrastructure to store and deliver metrics broken down by type and geography. The service manages data and metadata which can be expressed as linked open data with persistent resolvable identifiers. It permits custodians to publish data according to established good practice.

Adarma Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Adarma Ltd

Cyber security monitoring and event detection, vulnerability and threat analysis and managing the effectiveness of client cyber security controls

Workload lift and shift to UKCloud, Oracle and AWS Cloud


Flexible digital infrastructure, allowing you to be responsive to changing environments and to iterate and improve existing services in an agile way. Using our Digital Engagement framework and Ideation, we choose the right hybrid, private or public cloud and create a migration roadmap.

Piksel Carelink - AWS Glue

Carelink - Piksel Ltd

A fully managed ETL service that makes it easy to move data stores. Simplifies/automates difficult, time consuming data discovery, conversion, mapping, and scheduling tasks. It automatically crawls data sources, identifies data formats, and suggests schemas and transformations, so customers don’t have to spend time hand-coding data flows.

Public Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cantium Business Solutions

Cantium Business Solutions have certified staff that work with our customers to provide a tailor-made solution that fits within the desired budget while still being able to meet the business needs.Using a variety of public cloud services we provide a flexible and cost-efficient cloud strategy.

Shared Managed Hosting

Vohkus Limited

The provision of flexible IT resource as a consumption based service with full management. This service can be provided as either Private or Public Cloud bespoke to the User requirement.

Cloud Connectivity by KCOM


The service provides the ability to scale their bandwidth into Cloud Providers such as AWS and Azure based on fully monitored and supported infrastructure.

Cloud Application Management and Maintenance

Syntel Europe Ltd.

Atos-Syntel provides support for applications hosted in the Cloud i.e. Oracle Cloud,Azure,Pivotal Cloud Foundry,OpenShift,AWS,Google Cloud Platform, Amazon-Elastic-Compute-Cloud(EC2),IBM’s Blue Cloud,Sun Cloud,Google AppEngine&Microsoft Azure Services Platform. It provides applications related support services including service management and reporting, integration, release and testing support. Includes management of VM's, Containers, Microservices, API's etc

Amazon Artifact by KCOM


AWS Artifact provides on-demand access to AWS’ security and compliance reports and select online agreements. Reports available in AWS Artifact include our Service Organization Control (SOC) reports, Payment Card Industry (PCI) reports, and certifications from accreditation bodies across geographies and compliance verticals that validate the implementation and operating effectiveness.

Amazon cloud service delivery

Cognizant Technology Solutions UK Limited

Cognizant’s Amazon (AWS) Cloud Infrastructure Services support planning, building and managing Amazon (AWS) cloud environments. As one of the worlds biggest integrator of Amazon (AWS) cloud services (ranked #1 globally for trained resources) Cognizant provides expertise in delivering complex at scale AWS cloud services and AWS cloud migrations.

Managed Firewall By Ampito


Our managed firewalls service encompasses a suite of services for customers to leverage and strengthen their in-house technical capabilities and where necessary extend support outside of core hours to provide a complete 24-hour service. Our service supports Fortinet, Palo Alto and Checkpoint firewalls and we continue to add new vendors.

Database Management Services

DBaaS Ltd

DBaaS Ltd doing Managed, Consulting, Support and Delivery Services to Database Management in on-premises, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Engineer, Onsite or Remote DBA Support on All Oracle, Middleware, eBiz Products, Databases, Architect, Exadata, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQLServer, NoSQL / BigData /ADABAS/Natural in Bare Metal, Cloud, VM, Containers, AWS RDS Platforms

Cloud and infrastructure hosting provision, adoption and support

PPM Cloud Consultants

Specialist service provision of cloud hosting, cloud hosting adoption, cloud hosting migration and cloud hosting support.