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WP1694: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of other nations’ open contracting data capabilities

Discovery research and analysis: - assess the maturity of in-scope nations’ open procurement and contracting 'ecosystems' - align/map the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) to other Global Digital Marketplace programme elements - define scope for potential work for following alpha phases (or further discovery), to explore any gaps identified

WP1656: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of other nations' procurement policies and regulations

Discovery research and analysis into: - other nations' national and subnational procurement policies, regulations, and any plans to change them - extent to which current procurement policies and regulations (or planned changes) may support or hinder public sector transformation, digitalisation and procurement reform - scope of potential follow-on work

WP1655: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of other nations' DDaT routes to market & supply chains

Discovery/Research/Analysis into the: - extent which other nations' procurement routes to domestic digital, data and technology (DDaT) markets exist - maturity of supply chains within those markets - level to which these are functioning - scope of potential work for the following alpha phases, to start addressing any gaps identified

WP1674: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of nations’ DDaT / commercial capability & professions

Discovery Research/Analysis into: - other nations’ DDaT, Commercial capabilities and capacities - maturity of existing professions - consistency and ranges of skills, including critical skills - learning and development offers - recruitment and attraction strategies - extent of insourcing/outsourcing - work scope for subsequent alpha phases to start addressing gaps

WP1638: Global Digital Marketplace research, design and content creation

Research, design and content creation for a procurement reform best practice document that will be showcased at an OECD conference in Seoul and delivered as part of the Global Digital Marketplace.