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Discovery on housing repairs and defining a common service pattern

Councils are responsible for providing repairs to socially rented properties. We want to run a discovery on whether a common service pattern for end-to-end housing repairs is possible and what it would look like.

Register+ database remediation discovery

A supplier is required to conduct a discovery to: • document the existing charity database and integration processes. • identify risks associated to the database with tactical mitigation options for each. • propose a roadmap for migrating the database and integration processes to Microsoft Cloud Services, including resources and costs.

Primary Care Psychological Therapies - e-CBT Service - Waiting List Initiative

The Trust (GMMH) are looking to procure a sub-contractor to support the delivery of a Waiting List Initiative (WLI). The subcontractor should have demonstrable experience in delivering e-CBT therapies to a significant number of clients within a 3-5-month timeframe under waiting list initiative conditions.

HeadStart Kent Knowledge Hub Website

This for the requirement for a complete rebuild/design of the HeadStart Knowledge Hub Website. Support Team

To develop the campaign landing pages and forms for domestic and international audiences.

OpenCommunity: data standards for local community-based services

Discovery phase for the creation and maintenance of local service directories, to understand what a ‘directory as a service’ could and should look like.

ECLAIMS Technical Support and Development service starting from 1 April 2019

Technical Support and Development services for the ECLAIMS service.

Energy Label Generator

Essential skills and experience include: Business process experience: Demonstrable knowledge and recent experience of business to business, web to print business processes that are logic based automated from user input. Experience in delivering evidence-based research to inform user-centric design, focus on user needs, end-to-end user journeys, motivations and goals.

Equality and Human Rights Commission website discovery phase

We are commissioning a standalone discovery phase to help inform the full redesign and development of our website. This is the first stage of work to improve our digital offer, help us meet the needs of our website users and extend our reach among our target audiences.

HMCTS Reform - Delivery of Special Components (Java capabilities) to the Reform programme

Provision of back-end common components, mainly written as Java micro-services, to be consumed by user facing business applications written by other teams, enabling users to manage and progress cases. Provision of teams to deliver the applications including BAs, architecture, design, development, management and QA aligned to Reform standards.

Taxi licensing applications discovery - fixing complexity, inefficiency and risk

Delivery of a discovery project using an agile approach to understand the opportunities for digital solutions for taxi licensing services. Helping us understand how a digital solution can enhance safety, improve the end user experience and reduce costs at a local and national scale.

IT Infrastructure Programme - Programme Discovery Phase

Migrate and upgrade Dynamics 2011 to Dynamics 365 Online and dependant systems to SaaS or cloud services and Office 365 and End User Compute Windows 10. Define roadmap, target architecture create and delivery project business cases.

Cloud based Critical Audit Solution copy

Cloud based Critical Audit Solution with potential to integrate to Trust systems

Department for Education - Content design support for GOV.UK

DFE require expert content design provision, creating content for the department to be published on the GOV.UK platform. The work will involve working with colleagues across the department to publish content on to GOV.UK in a timely and accurate manner, meeting the needs of the department and our users.

Strategic Telephony & Comms Technology Upgrade Discovery

Undertake a discovery to produce a strategic plan for telephony and Unified Communications. Outputs must include: •High level strategy document •Business and Technical requirements documented as EPICS, features and stories •Business case including a High Level technical design and summary, Indicative BOM, Cost model, benefits case and high level Plan.

London Digital Configuration Programme Team - 2a

Requirement for a supplier to deliver ICT digital configuration of Azure platform programme to customers across London. The supplier will need to provide Technical specialist resource with the relevant experience in both end point management and infrastructure undertaking technical tasks required to deliver the programme. Status reports will be required.

London Digital Programme Team - 1a

Requirement for a supplier to deliver ICT digital refresh programme to customers across London. The supplier will need to provide Technical specialist resource with the relevant experience in both end point management and infrastructure undertaking technical tasks required to deliver the programme. Weekly status reports will be required.

DfE Capital Directorate Systems and Data Discovery

DfE require a highly skilled, collaborative supplier with experience in delivering services that meet users' needs and in line with the GDS Technology Code of Practice to deliver the discovery to investigate the processes and systems required to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the DfE-Capital Group Division.

Digital Export Licensing Discover Phase

Discovery research and analysis to inform the delivery of a fully electronic export licensing system for cultural goods.

Joint Cyber Unit Capability Development and Integration Support

Client-Side support is required to provide a mix of business analyst and enterprise architecture support to JCU. The work includes Use Case refinement, business process development, technical design and knowledge transfer to support development, implementation and transformation activities within JCU.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Technology Portfolio

A VR Development Team will deliver a number of linked, unity based virtual training environments for our traffic officer service staff utilising solo, multiuser and projected room solutions. The team will also support a number of major schemes through provision of virtual scheme models for customer engagement International Site Team

A team to work on improving the information architecture of to incorporate new content and services.

Learn how to help customers avoid calling councils unnecessarily through the use of chatbots and AI

Design and assist with user research into how to help customers avoid calling councils unnecessarily through the use of chatbots and AI. Also to generate business cases for four service areas selected and background research on potential platforms to use

The requirement is for a HeadStart Knowledge Hub Website

This for the requirement for a complete rebuild/design of the HeadStart Knowledge Hub Website.

Active Places Data Maintenance Options Review

Provider to research and analyze the opportunities&barriers to maintain the Active Places sport facility data, identifying data maintenance options that drive efficiencies while maintaining currency and quality standards. The outcome will be a set of recommendations to influence future data maintenance approaches&system development improvements, which will inform future procurement options.

Respect Form Application

Building a ReSPECT form application using OpenEHR and HL7 FIHR on top of an open health platform comprising the EtherCIS CDR, PulseTile UX framework and QewdJS integration framework. Underlying technologies are redux, NodeJS and Angular.

HMCTS Reform - Delivery of professional application User Interfaces

Provision of business applications and application components for professional users to enable them to manage and progress cases and other data across multiple jurisdications and services. Provision of teams to deliver the applications including BAs, user research, UX, development, management, QA and deployment aligned to Reform Architecture and engineering standards.

The Digital Services at the Border (DSAB) Advance Border Control Delivery Partner

DSAB requires a partner to help deliver the ABC Service, specifically focusing on the delivery of a digital capability to allow Border Force, Police and other key stakeholders to identify and assess the threat posed by individuals who are about to travel to, and from, the UK.

Calculate Funding Service (CFS) systems agile development

We are looking for a development partner to help deliver our Funding and Contracting digital transformation. This will be a mix of continuous improvement to existing systems and delivery of new systems through GDS phases. The supplier will work alongside the in-house digital team and cover all digital service roles.

Beta-to-live data transformation, D365 CRM & digital services to manage academies & free schools

To deliver GDS compliant complex system and data integrated end-to-end MS Dynamics 365 digital services and a single data view for academies and free schools management. To include data modelling and design; D365 consolidation; digital self-service for external users; decommissioning services and data transition from legacy to new services.

Understanding Information Management Risks (Alpha / Private Beta)

Build of a dashboard service for multiple government departments to help them evaluate and mitigate information management risks, share reports, and track audits. We invite proposals that are delivered as SaaS, deploy bespoke or open source code, customised commercial software, or any combination of these.

Assessment Service (alpha)

Alpha phase - create proof of concept for a platform that can deliver multiple assessments.

UK SBS IT18125 UKRI-STFC Ibex Phase 3

UKRI are seeking provision of a flexible team of part-time project manager plus software developers (2-4) to support phase 3 of IBEX to implement additional functionality and roll-out the package to the remaining ISIS beamlines. IBEX is an EPICS based instrument control package.

Extending Track a Repair to support contact centre agents

Extension of Track a Repair to support the Repairs Contact Centre agents and workflow

Sport England Website and Consolidation

We’re looking for an agency to redevelop Sport England’s main website, The appointed agency will also host and maintain that redeveloped website, and will support Sport England to consolidate its digital presence, helping to move the content of up to 10 websites on to More details here

Home Office Enterprise Services - SolarWinds Orion Design Augmentation

•Technical Design Augmentation: Full implementation of a fully resilient platform and architecture SolarWinds Orion monitoring system based upon the upgrade of the existing installation; •Business Monitoring Systems: The design augmentation of technical systems enabling proactive monitoring rich event and alert management information supporting efficient and effective business functions.

Developing Hackney Works service to support advertisement of opportunities and online applications

Improvements to the digital service that supports Hackney residents to access pathways into employment. The service provides a more personalised and trusted service than commercial recruitment sites.

Joint National Roads Intelligence Service Outline Business Case

An experienced team to develop and produce an Outline Business Case for a Joint National Roads Intellignce Service.

South London Digital Refresh Programme

Supplier to deliver a large digital refresh programme, this consists of a mix of end point management & Infrastructure specialists across multiple London sites. The supplier will need to provide digital project management & engineering resource with the relevant experience in Primary Care refresh projects. Reporting to NEL Programmes function.

South London HSCN Rollout

"There are 330 sites that will need to be migrated from N3 to HSCN, working with Expo-e and BT Open Reach at each site".

Discovery and development of an MVP to enable tenants to track a DLO repair

Discovery and development of an MVP to enable tenants to track a DLO repair

Cyber Vulnerability Investigations as a Service (CVIaaS) – Military Air Domain

CVI Programme services including: • Domain Cyber Vulnerability and Risk Analysis • Programme management • ToI Scoping • CVI Delivery • Specialist CVI activities which may include but are not limited to: Technical Testing, concept demonstrators, code analysis • Cross Domain information sharing, CVI good practice and lessons learned

Payments platform prototype design and build

We want you to help us design and deliver a prototype to test if it is feasible to build a standardised payments solution capable of being linked to a diverse set of Public Sector client organisations, and connecting to a range of existing commodity payments services.

The Livestock Unique Identification Service (LUIS)

Development of a new application using agile methodologies to manage the issuing of Animal Identifiers across England and Wales. The application will be built using Microsoft technologies, JSON and deployed in Azure. Experience of system integration using robust and well documented APIs is essential.

DES Pulse Survey 2019

The requirement is to appoint a professional research agency to run and conduct analysis of DES's Pulse Survey for 2019. We require the agency to have experience in delivering these services for Government departments.

London Digital Configuration Programme Team - 2

Requirement for a supplier to deliver ICT digital configuration of Azure platform programme to customers across London. The supplier will need to provide Technical specialist resource with the relevant experience in both end point management and infrastructure undertaking technical tasks required to deliver the programme. Status reports will be required.

London Digital Programme Team - 1

Requirement for a supplier to deliver ICT digital refresh programme to customers across London. The supplier will need to provide Technical specialist resource with the relevant experience in both end point management and infrastructure undertaking technical tasks required to deliver the programme. Weekly status reports will be required.

Northampton Digital Programme Team

Requirement for a supplier to deliver ICT digital refresh programme to customers across Northampton. The supplier will need to provide Technical specialist resource with the relevant experience in both end point management and infrastructure undertaking technical tasks required to deliver the programme. Weekly status reports will be required.

CP1668-18 Improving Partnership Working

Discovery to analyse partner access to Devon County Council’s systems, categorise partners and recommend options for current and near-future technical solutions and ongoing approach to identity and access management.

WP1694: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of other nations’ open contracting data capabilities

Discovery research and analysis: - assess the maturity of in-scope nations’ open procurement and contracting 'ecosystems' - align/map the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) to other Global Digital Marketplace programme elements - define scope for potential work for following alpha phases (or further discovery), to explore any gaps identified

Thames Valley and Surrey LHCRE programme support

Expert support to the TVS LHCRE programme in key areas to establish and strong and viable model of operation. This will focus primarily on Benefits Planning, Target Operating Model, Business Case development, and Procurement / contract planning support.

Enterprise Data Architecture Services - Data Modelling & Governance

Data Modelling services to add further detail to an already developed Conceptual Data Model to cover allowing it to cover a wider range of business services. Data Governance services to develop a set of prioritised data governance recommendations based on an already produced Data Management Strategy.

New Livin website

We are looking for a creative team to work with us to develop a new website. The site will respond to customer interactions and generate data to help understand consumer behaviour/preferences. The site will provide visitors with an excellent online experience that is accessible, responsive, reliable, helpful, knowledgeable and future-proofed.

Electrical Safety Testing of Network Equipment Cabinets

This opportunity requires the provision of a managed rapid response electrical service to test network equipment cabinets (within 72hrs, 24hrs in an emergency) at any UK Establishment housing MoD ICT services. Where full EICR testing or remediation are required, a client established planned outage process is to be followed.

UK SBS DDaT18026 BEIS - OPSS Discovery for consumers and businesses product safety services

A Discovery that provides detailed insight into product safety user needs for consumers and businesses. This will be used to develop distinct MVP digital services as part of OPSS’s digital portfolio. This an 8-week discovery to deliver two separate reports for consumers and businesses respectively.

Software Development Capability

We are looking for Software Development Capability to work alongside our in-house digital development team and other capability suppliers, working with us to build digital services, as part of department's digital transformation of services, in line with government service standards.

Developing a VFM Data Collection and Management System (Alpha/Beta) copy copy

• Conduct user research in Alpha phase and provide digital support for 1-2 years after Beta phase. • Develop a flexible and imbedded data collection and management system that DfT will own and operate in, after support period; Important Additional Information accessed via this link:

NLEDP 097 LEDS Delivery Partner

The NLED Programme requires a Delivery Partner to replace existing Legacy Intelligence and Record systems with the Law Enforcement Data Service (LEDS) which will ensure continuity of business services, act as a platform for innovation to transform the way the HO manages and supplies data services to Law Enforcement Communities.

Development of Electronic Registers for Common Land and Town or Village Greens in Wales

Supplement existing Discovery work, followed by Alpha, Beta (Private & Public) to build and introduce electronic registers for common land and town and village greens in Wales. Define specification for and manage data migration of current registers and maps (including dominant tenement maps), including support for Welsh Government public consultation.

Plan migration from our legacy housing management system and provide ongoing coaching and challenge

Help Lewisham Homes ICT department plan migration from legacy systems and then provide ongoing coaching, support, challenge and assurance.

Delivery of Live Messaging, Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Services

Delivery of online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) by BABCP accredited therapists via real time and asymmetric text based conversation. Performance data to be supplied monthly based on recognised clinical outcomes.

THEMIS SOA Framework implementation and DevOps pipeline development

The Home Office require architecture and software development services that will support creation of a Service Oriented Architecture application framework and DevOps pipeline for a new intelligence system for the Law Enforcement Community. Expertise will be required in Service Design, Solution Architecture, Systems and Software Engineering and DevOps.

Redevelopment of Harlow Council website and intranet

We want to rebuild the Harlow Council website and intranet. We need a supplier to design, build and implement a new website and intranet with a new CMS solution. The supplier will need to provide CMS training. The supplier will provide hosting and ongoing support for the website and intranet.

CCT664 - EA Delivery Partner for DBS FRHS Programme

Defence requires a partner to help meet the challenges involved in the FHRS-Civ and DE&S HR projects and implement coherent technical solution(s) and deliver business and service change and ensure successful transition to the new solution(s) and services.

Digital Categorisation Service

We require a capable team for the development and roll-out of a Ministerial-prioritised Digital Categorisation Service to better assist HMPPS Staff in identifying Offenders who pose the greatest threat whilst in custody, and allow Police/Prison staff to better target their activity to prevent, disrupt and disable criminal networks within prisons.

Defence technology Matrix (DTM) software development

Further develop prototype knowledge management software tool through refining: search, indexing, visualisation, print and user commenting functionalities. Implement non-functional requirements e.g. scalability, user authentication, an Application Programming Interface, containerisation and quality assurance. Coding changes to enable the software tool to be hosted on Defence networks. Some support and maintenance.

NU/1435 Supply of Website Development Services for VOICE Digital Platform

- To understand the project and required functionality; - Review current build, database and hosting - Present ideas, novel solutions and design to develop detailed specifications; - Create comprehensive, phased and flexible project plan; - Use plan to develop new functionality and optimise the platform, with phased implementation.


Procure resources with experience developing on the Digital Transactional Toolkit (DTT) platform and Firearms Licensing Online (FLO) application. Required to: • Enhance functionality of the FLO Admin facility. • Enhance functionality of online Firearm application forms. • Develop interface between PSNI Command and Control System(CCS) and FLO Admin.

NICE Data Management Health Check

1. Conduct an audit of current data management maturity level highlighting related risks and issues 2. Identify high-level requirements/opportunities for improved data management considering transformation goals 3. Produce a proposal of (governance, process, technology, information) improvements/mitigations to meet NICE’s needs 4. Present findings and proposals to senior decision-makers

MHCLG need to deliver an Alpha phase for a new Energy Performance of Buildings service

MHCLG requires an agile, flexible team to deliver an alpha for a new digital service to replace the existing Energy Performance of Buildings Registers service (EPB Registers).

Crime Programme DevOps Services

To operate and maintain virtualised cloud infrastructure & application CI/CD services for the Crime Programme supporting development activity through to handover into Live Production environments. Employ continuous improvement principles to enhance automation and reliability of development & test environments. Achieve cost efficiency through active management of all non-live environments.

Home Office – Applications Packaging, Migration and Decommissioning Services

Support application remediation and provide the following support: 1) Discover, packaging, migrating and decommissioning applications 2) Develop and deliver practical action plans for exiting incumbent contracts 3) Establish applications management process 3) Package Windows 10 applications by 30/6/2019 to remove need for Citrix 4) Decommission in scope applications by 31/10/2018

Home Office – Project & Programme Management support for Technology Platforms for Tomorrow Programme

The Home Office requires project and programme management support to a range of Technology Platforms for Tomorrow projects to enable the delivery of project plans, deliverables, budgets and business engagement. Support will include delivery of five key TPT projects covering Windows 10 Build, O365, Mobile, Infrastructure and Technology roll out.

Solution and Technical Architecture Support for Technology Platforms for Tomorrow (TPT) Programme

The Home Office requires a supplier to provide solution and technical architecture support to a range of TPT projects so that they are able to provide end users with a range of EUC services, devices and infrastructure and to successfully transition EUC services into Live Service.

Solution and Technical Engineering Support for Technology Platforms for Tomorrow (TPT) Programme

A supplier is required to provide technical engineering support to a range of TPT projects and CTI services so that DDaT is able to provide end users with a range of EUC services, devices and supporting infrastructure and (where appropriate) to successfully transition these into Live Service.

Yorkshire & Humber Integrated Care Record - Regional Interoperability Infrastructure (Phase 1) copy

The Y&H region is one of five participants in the national NHS LHCRE programme. There is a requirement to provide a secure regional HL7 FHIR based data fabric (interoperability infrastructure) which can be used to access identifiable and pseudonymised patient data from care providers in the region.

Appeals Management solution replacement

Specify, design, test and bring into service an appeals management solution to replace the current application. To extract the complete data from the current application, and import the live data into the solution. Specify, design, test and bring into service a publishing solution for appeals decisions <= 6 years old.

HMRC Messaging - Agile delivery and live support of service orientated components

With this call-off MDG are looking for a service provider with specialist capability and experience in delivering Integration components / services, Service Orientated Architect, Cloud technologies and DevOps at an enterprise level.

Prj_2167 Strategic service design and digital experience strategy for urgent and emergency care

The digital urgent and emergency care directorate is seeking service design support for strategic work to inform high-level commissioning and prioritisation decisions. We want to map the end-to-end patient / staff experience, identify where digital can make most impact, and bring the future vision to life through prototypes

Content and Accessibility Improvements for UKEF Digital Trade Finance Service

UK Export Finance requires a team to support the development of content, service design and accessibility for the Digital Trade Finance Service in Beta Phase.

CP1659-18 Discovery exercise gathering & analysing performance data for customer touchpoints

Use supplier and DCC software and tools to collect, collate and analyse multichannel customer engagement. Develop a complete picture of engagement across channels. Synthesise data to prioritise service areas requiring digital service improvement. Develop maintainable benchmarks, frameworks and dashboards that enable DCC to monitor service improvement impact.

Get Information About Schools - Database Administration and Enhancement

DfE require a highly skilled supplier (or Agile partner) to provide database administration support for the Get Information About Schools service and work with our front-end design team to enhance the database as we continue to iterate the service in line with user needs and the GDS standards.

School Partner-Finding Tool

The British Council seeks a supplier to develop, build and host a digital, device agnostic tool and database to help schools in the UK and around the world to find other schools to partner with to build international connections and encourage global learning.

Skills Advisory Panels Data Tool: Discovery

The discovery phase should provide: - clear understanding of users’ needs in terms of datasets and strategic questions needed to influence and - clear prioritisation plan on which data/functionalities need to be incorporated into a first build of the solution and the ones we can possibly deliver at later stage.

Funding and Contracting Service (FCS) systems agile development

We are looking for a development partner to help deliver our Funding and Contracting digital transformation. This will be a mix of continuous improvement to existing systems and delivery of new systems though GDS phases.The supplier will work alongside the in-house digital team to cover all digital service roles.

Beta: Get School Experience Service

Beta phase: co-located agile team required to build and implement a school experience service, which will be used by people considering a career in teaching to secure a school experience placement. The service must meet the digital service standard including the reuse of common platforms.

Historic Environment Scotland - Oracle Cloud Platinum Implementation Partner

Implementation of integrated Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, and Payroll. This will include, for example, configuration, data migration, testing , training, and transition to BAU planning.

Discovery project for any to any appointment booking software across UEC and elective care

Key deliverables Full Discovery report covering appointment booking capability across all care settings Delivery options Wire framing Minimal viable product review and plan Enterprise architecture Project management artefacts Feature roadmap Digital measurement strategy Outline business case including expected resource requirement (Opex and capex)

DOS_014: DWP - Migration of CMS Correspondence Solution from Adobe Livecycle to AEM copy

The supplier must provide the necessary skills to perform a successful migration of the existing Adobe Customer Correspondence Management solution from Livecycle ES4 SP1 to AEM forms 6.4. Please also see Any work that's already been done

Discovery into presenting event fee information about retirement properties

The Law Commission have recommended a database to provide information about event fees to elderly property buyers. We want to conduct a discovery to investigate whether this is the best way of meeting user needs.

Developing a Server Database Management System & Web Portal for PHE’s Radiation Dosimetry Service

PHE require a supplier with technical architects or business analysts that can update the dosimetery services' database and web page so they are authored to current standards. It is important that suppliers have experience of working in an environment with sources of radiation (ie laboritories, manufacturing or x-ray services)

Case Management - Angular, Java, Documentum Technology Expertise

We are looking for up to two partners with expertise in Documentum, Angular and Java to support us with our digital agenda and to manage the anticipated immediate demand from programmes under the CCG Directorate and the BREXIT related programmes of Customs Declaration System and Border Systems Programme.

Digital healthcare intervention - proof of concept

Delivery of an Alpha and potentially other phases of a Proof of Concept digital health intervention.

Architectural assessment of DCMS 5G testbed and trials (Digital Outcome)

A novel piece of 5G technology analysis, summarising (in a report) 5G security aspects of existing 5GTT phase 1 projects and extrapolating into live deployment conditions (i.e through vertical markets), by creating a framework and investigating security challenges via architectural analyses (i.e. penetration testing of equipment not required).

Central Register of Planning Permissions (Discovery and Alpha)

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is looking to conduct a discovery and alpha to explore best solutions available to aggregate residential planning application data nationwide and make that data openly available.

Project management and technical advice for digitisation of the transfer of care from hospital

Project management and technical advice to support implementation of the digitisation of the transfer of care from hospital to local authority.

Accessibility Audit & Testing of DVLA Digital Services

DVLA need to ensure that digital services have been tested with users who have access needs, as well as them being compliant with WCAG standards.

Primary Health Record database for Continuing Healthcare (CHC)Non-CHC Placements service

Provision of a database application to support NEL Clinical Services - Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and Non-CHC Placements, which includes Adults, Children, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and S117.

Cyber Security Operating Capability (CSOC) Support

Client-Side support is required to provide Governance, Strategic Architecture and Data Exploitation support to the CSOC. Work includes producing a programme roadmap, implementation plan, TORs for a new Chief Information Security Officer role, Benefits Management processes, high level requirements and use cases, business architecture and an implementation blueprint for CSOC.

Programme, Project & Change Management for Global Connectivity, GC RESET and Exit from DFTS

Exit from DFTS contract. GC services/ systems achieve acceptance into ‘Live’. Site migration projects delivered to T/C/P. Tech refresh/change projects delivered to T/C/P. Plans/schedules produced and validated. Strategic advice/communications provided to Programme Team and stakeholders. GC Reset Review Note submitted plus follow-on actions completed. Strategy/PID developed for GC re-procurement.