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Accessibility Audit & Testing of DVLA Digital Services

DVLA need to ensure that digital services have been tested with users who have access needs, as well as them being compliant with WCAG standards.

Primary Health Record database for Continuing Healthcare (CHC)Non-CHC Placements service

Provision of a database application to support NEL Clinical Services - Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and Non-CHC Placements, which includes Adults, Children, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and S117.

Cyber Security Operating Capability (CSOC) Support

Client-Side support is required to provide Governance, Strategic Architecture and Data Exploitation support to the CSOC. Work includes producing a programme roadmap, implementation plan, TORs for a new Chief Information Security Officer role, Benefits Management processes, high level requirements and use cases, business architecture and an implementation blueprint for CSOC.

Programme, Project & Change Management for Global Connectivity, GC RESET and Exit from DFTS

Exit from DFTS contract. GC services/ systems achieve acceptance into ‘Live’. Site migration projects delivered to T/C/P. Tech refresh/change projects delivered to T/C/P. Plans/schedules produced and validated. Strategic advice/communications provided to Programme Team and stakeholders. GC Reset Review Note submitted plus follow-on actions completed. Strategy/PID developed for GC re-procurement.

CPG/3012/2018 Supporting the delivery of two global Emergency Travel Document Centres

Supporting delivery of two global Emergency Travel Document Centres, one in Europe and one outside Europe, for processing and issuing of 30,000+ Emergency Travel Documents annually to British people overseas.

DEFRA Beta/Transition to Live Phases - Earth Observation, Bovine TB, Flood Risk Reporting Projects

Beta phase development (including closed and open Beta), transition to live and 1st year support (3rd line) of IT solutions for 'analysis ready' EO data, Bovine TB management and Flood Risk Reporting based on Alpha prototypes.

Home Office – Law Enforcement Portfolio – Landscape Mapping

Provide independent portfolio management across Law Enforcement national technology landscape. Perform integrated planning, risk and dependency identification and management. Maintain governance &oversight processes. Implement interconnected outcomes planning and realisation, and consistent programme management deliverables. Document related business, technical and architecture standards. Advise and inform clients on landscape issues with mitigations.

User Research for Highways England Website

The aim of this project is to help us establish the user needs and requirements for our new corporate website and ‘road projects’ website through stake holder interviews, user research and testing and to help us refine these through the development process.

Alpha and Beta for a resource to support prospective higher education students with decision making

The Office for Students requires an experienced, collaborative supplier to carry out an Alpha, and potentially Beta, for a new resource to support prospective higher education students with decision making

WP1656: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of other nations' procurement policies and regulations

Discovery research and analysis into: - other nations' national and subnational procurement policies, regulations, and any plans to change them - extent to which current procurement policies and regulations (or planned changes) may support or hinder public sector transformation, digitalisation and procurement reform - scope of potential follow-on work

Digital Data and Technology-Data Quality Team: Business Change Service.

Provision of a Business change service to build and deploy a range of services focused on Data Quality analysis and reporting. Services will be hosted in UK-based public cloud services and all team members must be UK based. Suppliers will be expected to work as part of multi-supplier team.

Redevelopment of the website

The work will involve the following: • Full user research exercise. • Discovery, ending with an agreed backlog and MVP • Development work carried out using Agile methods incorporating the Government Digital Service’s service manual • Support to GLA staff in the release of new code into the production environment

Planning Tools for cycle networks and infrastructure prioritisation – Discovery

• Undertake a GDS compliant Discovery to identify the best/most effective way to deliver core planning tools. • Write up recommendations in a Discovery report, clearly outlining requirements and options for delivery of Alpha phase. • Present findings, recommendations and options to DfT team and Digital Design Authority. Additionalinfo

Managing Export Projects

To strengthen our position as one of the 21st century’s great trading nations, DIT require a supplier to conduct Discovery - Beta for an Export Project Management tool.

Through the Gate - Digital Service

We need an experienced Supplier to undertake important work understanding complex user needs and delivering quality digital solutions to support Prison Leavers during their integral transition back into the community. We aim to develop a quality service that improves rehabilitation success, reduces re-offending, and adds business value by increasing efficiency.

Voice & Data Management

Following procuring a Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication system we require a team to support the planning, implementation, post support phases. This will include management of project, mitigating project delivery risk across identified services managing outputs through an outcome and deliverable-based model ensuring continuity of service is maintained throughout all sites.

SMarT Scheme Discovery Phase User Research and Procurement Process Activities

A multi-disciplinary team is required to undertake the procurement process to award a management contract for SMarT and SMarT Plus claims. The team must undertake research on users of the current SMarT claims system to generate a report/recommendation on user requirements to identify features for a new claims system.

WP1663 Private Beta/Beta to understand how we can move away from PSN to use networks in the future

Private Beta/Beta showing how government migrates from PSN that: -cost-effective -maximise commercial services -maintain strong marketplace -deliver measurable security -support working across organisational boundaries The project will gather &test evidence via beta testing, interviews with consumers and suppliers, to test &prototype how government can best adopt standards for future networks.

WP1655: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of other nations' DDaT routes to market & supply chains

Discovery/Research/Analysis into the: - extent which other nations' procurement routes to domestic digital, data and technology (DDaT) markets exist - maturity of supply chains within those markets - level to which these are functioning - scope of potential work for the following alpha phases, to start addressing any gaps identified

WP1674: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of nations’ DDaT / commercial capability & professions

Discovery Research/Analysis into: - other nations’ DDaT, Commercial capabilities and capacities - maturity of existing professions - consistency and ranges of skills, including critical skills - learning and development offers - recruitment and attraction strategies - extent of insourcing/outsourcing - work scope for subsequent alpha phases to start addressing gaps

Self-monitoring Digital Solution for Adults with Cystic Fibrosis

Functionality to include (Phase 1)- Integration with (or pull in data from) a range of health technology products or wearables relevant to CF health monitoring e.g. spirometry, oxygen saturation. Phase 2 - Interoperability with the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Electronic Patient Records either directly or via Care Information Exchange.

National Image Transfer (NIT) Support Solution. Re-published due to increase in Budget Range

The primary objectives of this initiative include, but are not limited to: • Reduce the burden of support on Authority stakeholders; • Allow the ICT Delivery project teams to focus on delivering new capabilities. • Engage a supplier to transition the NIT Solution.

HMCTS Reform - Technical Digital Product Management

HMCTS Digital Transformation projects for HMCTS services and wider Reform projects.

Consular digital discoveries copy

Assisting the Digital Transformation Unit conduct up to three discoveries into new consular digital services and produce business cases based on the outcome of these discoveries

PS-18-202 MIBI Engineering Service/Squad

-Business analysis to identify and feed a pipeline of development work. -Feed data into and develop a Microsoft Azure based MIBI solution in line with chosen architecture (appendix A). -Automated development testing of solution -This pipeline may be defined as high-level Epics, business/technology outcomes or detailed user stories/requirements.

PIPCS 2019 / 2020 Apps Dev & Apps Maintenance Development Services

Personal Independence Payment Computer System (PIPCS) Release Development work over the period 2019 / 2020 alongside Application Maintenance problem fix work. Java developers required, with Curam accreditation and previous PIPCS experience. Specific tasks include perform analysis, design, development and unit testing of software applications from user requirements and design documents.

Robotic Process Automation - Identify and Assess Opportunities

A short pilot of Robotics Process Automation to build a business case; understand the skills required; identify additional business processes that could benefit (achieved through internal comms) and provide assurance around technical, data and security risks.

Schools financial benchmarking service - further development and support

DfE require a highly skilled supplier (or agile partner) to complete outstanding development of the Schools Financial Benchmarking IT system & service to pass the GDS Live Service Assessment and then move to supporting the digital services in a live environment in line with the GDS standards

Redevelopment of the General Dental Council website

The supplier will design, build, test and deliver a new website and implement a new ASP.NET web CMS solution. The supplier will provide training on the use of the CMS, and support the website including developing appropriate content workflows and advising on ongoing improvements.

HR Service Desk Discovery

A discovery phase to understand the ways in which the HR Service Desk can be redesigned to make better use of technology and support people to manage their own HR issues. Findings will be validated through data, user research and inform a business case to justify onward investment.

CCT646- ISS Independent Skills Assessment

1.Validation of Skills self-assessments - Baseline skills for Band B and equivalents in technical functions against skills profiles 2.Data Load and Analysis-provided validated assessments that can be uploaded to Kenexa. Recommendations on top talent, development needs and succession planning 3.Train 60 staff to enable the completion of future assessments

Website Content Migration Team - review and redesign of online content

Website Content Migration Team - to support the redesign and rewriting of approximately 600 pages of web content. UX, Content Strategy, Digital Toolkit and Information Architecture already completed. This work supports the go live of our new website. Interview date will be 22nd October 2018.

DfE statistics dissemination platform (alpha and beta)

Our Statistical Dissemination discovery identified the need for an alpha focusing on dissemination of data which provides a new platform for access to, and consumption of, statistics. This should make the statistics easier to find, access, navigate and understand – and give users point-and–click ability to produce their own breakdowns.

Penetration Testing

involve but not be limited to the following types of testing: • Internal infrastructure assessment and vulnerability scanning; • Network device configuration review; • On host build reviews; and • Application testing (where appropriate). Exepected to be approx 5 days work

ACT/04609 Air Performance and Risk Management Information System (PARMIS)

Deliver Air with a Performance and Risk Management tool that can operate, interoperate, interrogate and analyse data from a variety of Defence data sources. It should also be able to expand its capability and can adapt to changes to increase the exploitation of data with future requirements.

College of Policing: RFI – Solution Development for Candidate Assessment/administration/ATS

RFI for the potential development of a national system to replace the College’s current candidate assessment/administration system. This will deliver examinations/assessments/some ATS capability (not all) and manage candidate admin for national recruit assessment centres and national promotion exams. Wireframes outlining a potential system / links provided in the RFI pack

Cyber Deployment Partner PMO and Security Demand & Supply Management - as a Service

Provide PMO and Security Demand & Supply Management Team to support the expanded Data Security Centre responsibilities.

Cyber Deployment Partner Cyber Design Authority - as a Service

Provide Cyber Design Authority Team to support the expanded Data Security Centre responsibilities

Maritime Multi-Links Programme - Project Team Support copy

A Specialist acquisition support, of up to four individuals is required to provide technical support to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Maritime Multi-Link Programme (MML) to assist in identifying and assembling the project artefacts required to support MML Main Gate Business Case submission by Sep 19.

Blue Badge Beta to Live Contract

The supplier is required to: • Host/support the service • Support LA’s in terms of queries/questions/disputes raised (including invoicing LA’s) • Continuously improve the service, focussing onthe backlog • Move the service from Public Betato ive, asper the GDS standards Important Additional Information can be accessed via this link:

Clinical and Programme Oversight Service

Programme and clinical oversight service to support the national Health and Justice Information System (HJIS) deployment

Support and continuous improvement for 2 MCHLG Services (Data Collection and Grant Payment services)

Support and improve two significant MHCLG live digital services, which allow data collection and grant payments. Improvements should be delivered in an agile way and based on changing business and user needs. Tech stack: MarkLogic NOSQL, Orbeon forms, Java, XQuery, XPath, Jaspersoft.

GDS discovery phase research

The aim is to provide an improved service to Dart Charge website users. This will be measured by increased user satisfaction, ease of use and increased functionality digital channels, especially the website. Crossing charges and Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) can be paid via digital channels. Accounts can be managed digitally.

ESPO replacement website - catalogue and frameworks

ESPO require both their (framework, content and registration) and (catalogue) websites to be amalgamated onto one new website. It requires a Magento platform for the catalogue and a CMS platform for the content and frameworks, with seamless integration.

Business Case Development for a HR & Finance System Solution with Benefits Assessment/Realisation

Consultancy support to develop a fit for purpose Business Case including (Benefit Reliastion, Risks and Costing) for the procurement of a combined HR and Finance solution for the University. We are looking for organisations with the relevant in-depth sector experience.

Agile team to build reports (currently built in JasperSoft, XQuery/NOSQL) for MCHLG grant service

There is a need to produce reports, currently built using JasperSoft (XQuery/NOSQL). We want an agile and user-needs driven process for creating reports. You'll work with our analyst-users to build our 7 critical reports and improve the process, building knowledge of the domain/data model, creating documentation and questioning our assumptions.

MODNET Evolve (ME) Procurement Support

The winning bidder will be expected to implement standard P3M principles and enable MODNET Evolve to launch individual procurement projects to replaces ICT services provided by the ATLAS consortium under the legacy DII contract with ISS.

DOS_013: Development of the DWP Child Maintenance Group's Analytic Platform

The Supplier must enable DWP to develop a new MI and Analytical Platform to support the Child Maintenance Group's user needs. Delivered through Supplier provided multi-disciplinary teams providing services under Solution/Technical Design and Software Development capabilities. This project consists of 3 Phases, this procurement is for Phase 1 only.

C14115 National CD Service - PPM and Business Change Transition Partner

Home Office require a Delivery Partner for ongoing development capabilities to work on the development of our live products with the National CD Service

C14114 National CD Service - Business and Data Analysis Transition Partner

Home Office National Communications Data Service require a Delivery Partner for ongoing business and data analysis capabilities to support both live services and projects. Expertise is required in User Research, Business and Data Analysis; with blended teams ranging between SFIA levels 3 and 5.

C14113 National CD Service Engineering Development Transition Partner

Home Office National Communications Data Service require Engineering Development services , to support ongoing development of our live products. Expertise will be required in Solution and Business Architecture, Systems and Software Engineering; forming blended teams ranging between SFIA levels 3 and 7.

C14112 National CD Service - Engineering Delivery Transition Partner

The Home Office National Communications Data Service require Engineering Delivery services to support project delivery for the next 2 years. Expertise is anticipated to be required in Solution and Business Architecture and Systems Engineering; forming blended teams ranging between SFIA levels 3 and 7.

C14111 National CD Service - Design Assurance Services Transition Partner

The Home Office National Communications Data Service require Design Assurance services covering Enterprise, Solution and Business Architecture; Information Assurance; and Technical Design Authority, as it transitions from a programme into service delivery by April 2020. Expertise will be required in blended teams up to and including SFIA level 7.

CySAFA(D) Technical Design Review

To perform an evaluation of the CySAFA(D) project including the processes used, decision made and technical design to ensure appropriate design for future delivery.

DPP/DPC - Policing Portal - Customer/Business Requirements and Strategy Study

The DPP requires the supplier to undertake a discovery exercise to identify the scope of a public customer portal for policing. The supplier will be responsible for eliciting, testing and prioritising customer/business requirements and expanding hypotheses to develop a clear vision and strategic case for change.

DEFRA UnITy Programme User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Support Service

DEFRA is seeking a trusted partner to lead, shape and manage the successful delivery of UAT across the Defra Group and UnITy procurements. Further Instructions on how to respond to this supplier opportunity are available if required. Please email if you would like to receive these instructions.

National Minimum Dataset for Social Care - Beta (Services)

Skills for Care require the provision of specific technical roles within the multi-disciplined team with the skills outlined in following sections. We are seeking to commission additional roles to scale up the team for delivering the technical aspects of beta. Note: Please see previous section for details of existing team.

UK SBS IT18203 UKRI-STFC National Infrastructure Modelling Service

DAFNI is looking to obtain external expertise to deliver a National Infrastructure Modelling Service. It will provide the user community with the ability to improve performance of existing models, reduce the complexity of creating models and facilitate the creation of complex system-of-systems models.

FCO cloud analysis platform development

Building a secure cloud data portal, drawing data from a range of international open sources and providing a suite of user-friendly analysis tools for users.

UC Data Agile Delivery Team

DWP requires a team to work closely with a small in-house team and stakeholders at all levels to implement and iterate a transformative platform and set of services that delivers UC data in a safe and frictionless way to its users.

Modernising PHE's Population Health Intelligence System

To perform Discovery and potentially other phases in order to explore the needs of users to upgrade and/or replace population health analytics and surveillance systems for a single Population Health Intelligence System including non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factors and wider determinants of health.

Open System Architecture Demonstrator

The commission will involve developing a working demonstrator, based on the architectural target end state defined by the project, which can be applied against an operational scenario defined by the project on a cloud-based platform which can utilise data sets provided on award of the commission.

Discovery Work To Understand Capabilities Provided By Air Tasking Applications

Deliver RAF a full assessment of the current Def STARS and other Air planning applications to determine the future high-level requirements for the future application(s) replacement.

A technical discovery phase to identify where to store housing management data and manage migration

A technical discovery phase to identify the optimal master data approach for housing management data

PS/18/180 Strategic Enquiries Platform Engineering Squads

The squads will work to identify/feed a pipeline of work that will replace the current Enquiries platforms, through migration and introduction through Business transformation. This pipeline may be defined as high-level Epics, business/technology outcomes or detailed user stories/requirements. Dependencies, expected milestones and forecast will be discussed throughout delivery.

National Image Transfer (NIT) Support Solution

The primary objectives of this initiative include, but are not limited to: • Reduce the burden of support on Authority stakeholders; • Allow the ICT Delivery project teams to focus on delivering new capabilities. • Engage a supplier to transition the NIT Solution.

Digital Transformation Partner/Advisory Support.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC) requires a collaborative supplier able to provide a flexible capacity of highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams to support us in the design, development, integration and implementation and delivery of services, via a call off agreement to deliver an agreed set of outcomes (work packages).

RSSB Digital Engagement: Sitecore Implementation Support

RSSB seek Sitecore implementation support for the beta development phase of the website rebuild including: (i) Creating Sitecore Azure hosting environments (ii) Advising and verifying the set up of the Sitecore solution code base and custom components (iii) Translating RSSB IA content model into an extensible Sitecore data structure.

Prototype and build a production ready MVP Directory of Services

Prototype and develop a production ready MVP Directory of Services which allows data to be entered and maintained in a central repository, which we can test and get feedback from.

PHE Screening Discovery and further programme of work

To perform Discovery and potentially other phases/categories of service development on a PHE screening programme. This is likely to include, but not limited to, the PHE National Breast Screening System Improvement Project. The Supplier may be required to run two or more Discovery phases simultaneously for the call-off duration.

Agent Portal / HGNT

Post Office requires a supplier to lead on the UX/UI design on Digital Transformation Programmes, including a new b2b Agent Portal and retailer point of sale application.

Border Systems Technology Projects (BSTP) – Project and Programme Management

Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (HODDaT), Borders IT requires Project and Programme Management capability to work on projects allocated to the BSTP team. This includes project management, architecture, analysis, and project planning across the portfolio, managing both existing and new projects.

Border Systems Technology Project (BSTP) - Critical Systems Project Delivery Capability

Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (HODDaT), Borders IT require a Delivery Partner for specialist project delivery capabilities to work on critical Border Force systems within the BSTP team, delivering a mixture of upgrades, enhancements and technology refresh to critical existing legacy systems.

Manage arrears for non-secure rent accounts, major works and service charges

Improve our minimum viable service for caseworkers so that it is easy to use and improves rent arrears management and collection. In addition, roll-out to other rent tenure types and to business teams who manage major works and service charge arrears.

Master Data Managment Solution - Aberdeen City Council

The MDM solution will create a data hub and a golden customer record, which will enable a single view of a customer across the council. This will enable the council and council partners to understand a customer better and deliver customer services more proactively and effectively.

Home Office – Police and Public Protection Technology (PPPT) – Police Systems Migration

Migration and upgrade of Police National Systems from a traditional on-premise datacentre to Amazon Web Services.

Security Clustering Transitioning Service-SR151697505

Run and Manage CSU1 Design Authority, working with Service Design Leads, Service Business Owners, Transformation Project team, Cabinet Office and other CSU leads. Support local implementation of designs, seek continuous improvement in Design Authority process and provide ad hoc operational design advice to project team and service leads

Map of Interdependencies across Civil Nuclear Sector

To scope, develop and populate a tool that maps the supply chain of the civil nuclear sector. Illustrating dependencies whilst drawing out aspects of commonality or trend themes. We have no specific format in mind, but are looking to providers to develop the best way of showing the information.

Ofsted digital services: 2 year call-off contract for discovery and alpha services

We want a partner to help us iterate and improve our digital services. The supplier will carry out discovery and alpha phase work on different projects, starting with a discovery on parent reviews of schools. They will help build our capability by working closely with in-house teams.

Capability and Acquistion Management Service (CAMS)

Applications Services DevOps Tower (ASDT) is an internal software house to Defence which is deploying Dynamics Online services to deliver configured applications to meet the demands of Defence. There is a requirement for Dynamics online DevOps team to deliver applications and support them in live.

Digitally enabled assessments- service line

Discovery phase; scope user’s needs (STA and Schools)regarding solutions for a digital service, in preparation for an alpha considering; internally developed options (multiplication-tables-check(MTC) work could it be re-used?), off-shelf and school technology. If successful, the aim is to move to an Alpha investigating build options to release a functional service.

Business Architects Team for the Crime Programme Technology Workstream

The service will ensure the integrity and consistency of the Crime Service Model solution suite through each stage of the delivery lifecycle, as well maintaining the requirements for digital delivery. It will ensure a consistent design across crime service projects and technology delivery and business process design.

Teachers' Student Loan Reimbursement: Alpha

A team required to: develop prototypes and test them with users; conduct additional user research where necessary; and demostrate technical feasibility.

Maintenance of heat press units for Seafarer passbook printing

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is seeking a supplier who can manufacture electromechanical components to repair a small number of specialist hardware units. We also seek a service to inspect and calibrate the heater and pressure plate components within each of these units every month over a 24 month contract.

User research to improve schools digital guidance content and tools on

DfE requires user experience research amongst schools/academies on school resource management guidance and tools covering (a) self-assessment tool, efficiency metric, and workforce planning guidance; and (b) review of financial health checks. Reports with recommendations required to ensure guidance and tools are clear, easy to use, and impact on audience behaviour.

Deployment, Adoption and Operational Strategy Based on Combined Hybrid-Cloud On-Premise Environment

Working alongside the MSB Digital Services team, the chosen partner will be expected to deliver the following outputs: 1. Hybrid-Cloud and On-Premise suitability assessment and adoption proposal 2. Business Case and Executive Summary Presentation - including cost models 3. Strategic Programme to deliver the business case - including cost models

CRM Dynamics support

We are looking for a support provider for our on premise MS Dyanmics 11 CRM. This includes an SLA for managing support calls from our technical team

Pega Technology Expertise

We are looking for Pegasystems registered partners with experience in cloud-based Pega 7 Government Platform delivery to support our digital agenda, providing Scrum team Pega Expertise to take ownership of aspects of projects. The supplier will be responsible for ensuring their resource work alongside permanent CDMG staff and other suppliers.

Development of an online interactive tool, using open data to map growth and infrastructure projects

Kent County Council wishes to consult with suppliers that have the capability to build and support an online interactive tool, using open data to map future growth and infrastructure projects in Kent and Medway. Please express an interest via the Kent Business Portal:

2018/2019 Scope for PSN Health-Check – Oldham Council

To conduct a PSN Health-check of the Oldham Council network including internal and external infrastructure and end user devices. The precise scope and technical details will be agreed with the supplier further down the process. The following information provides a scope for pricing the audit

Blue Badge IT Resource Procurement

DfI requires an experienced technical lead and developer to work with internal staff. The technical lead/developer will primarily be expected to play a leading role in the design, development, testing and release of interface and internal features in relation to the GB system and other changes required by BlueBadge team.

Free Trade Agreements & Trade Disputes Alpha Beta

To explore further how digital tools and techniques can support government officials in delivering new processes for Trade Disputes and Free Trade Agreements. The supplier will validate the high level user needs to create prioritised backlogs and Alpha prototypes that can be built out into live services/processes in Beta.

Civil Aviation Authority - Drones Registration Service

To design and complete the project Discovery phase, including undertaking user research, developing UX wireframes, operational model impact assessment and provide input into the proposed approach to deliver the Alpha and Beta phases.

Medical Examiner programme - Alpha & Beta

DHSC requires a supplier to deliver the Alpha and Beta stages of the project to digitise the Medical Examiners Office function, of reporting and recording the reasons for a death.

UKEF: Large Corporates and Overseas Buyers Web Presence Alpha

UKEF is looking for a Supplier to undertake a content-focused Alpha. It will explore and establish how we can meet the identified user needs of two UKEF audience groups: Large Corporates and Overseas Buyers on the platform.

Development of a digital travel diary for the National Travel Survey - Discovery Phase

The winning supplier is required to deliver Discovery Phase in line with GDS criteria ( To include, but not limited to: • discovery sessions with relevant stakeholders • user researchers to fully identify &scope out user needs • GDS Discovery documentation • recommendations/options for Alpha/Beta phases including solution design suggestions

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) –Marine Casualty database

Develop and implement a database to replace and streamline the functionality of the European Marine Casualty Information Platform as used by the MAIB. Current data to be migrated and searchable. Provide suitable means of maintaining population of the database.

Oracle Cloud implementation for HR, Recruitment, Payroll and Expenses

Digital support for the implementation of Oracle Cloud to cover HR, Recruitment, Payroll and Expenses functionality including configuration, integration, testing and training.

Developing our view of our citizens

A discovery phase to understand how we best provide a single view of citizens.

Digital experience platform for UWE Bristol

Replace the current Immediacy content management system with a dynamic and resilient digital experience platform which can better meet the needs of our users.