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Alpha (C) - DfE apply to open a new academy trust or free school

7 week Alpha developing coded prototypes to support submission and management of applications to DfE to open new academies and free schools. Requires highly skilled, experienced and collaborative supplier. Initial external user research will be supplied by DfE to the successful supplier to inform development.

Crown Marketplace - Web-based FM Beta

The Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Crown Marketplace Programme requires a supplier to develop a web-based Facilities Management (FM) Marketplace Beta for the wider public sector, which will enable a broad range of users with small or large requirements to obtain best value FM pricing from a range of suppliers.

CP1609-18 Automation of Data - Virtual Worker

To use Virtual Worker (Automation) to cleanse data using the same processes as an existing data operative, but continues to process during non-working hours.

0670 Technical Services Portfolio - Delivery Partner

Essex County Council (ECC) requires a collaborative supplier able to provide a flexible capacity of highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams to support us in the design, development, integration and implementation and delivery of services, via a call off agreement to deliver an agreed set of outcomes (work packages).

NHS Pension Scheme Digitisation Programme

The NHSBSA requires a Supplier to work with us on the NHS Pensions Scheme Digital Transformation, delivering user need driven outcomes for our members and employers.

BEIS – Digital Delivery Analysis, User Research and Design requirements

Scoping and design of internal and external facing digital services in line with GDS services standards, including: -Identifying user/business needs, skills requirements, proposing design and delivery approaches and writing business cases -Capturing synergies across internal and external services. We expect the following roles covered: Business Analyst User Researcher Service Designer

National ANPR Service Programme – Technical Client Side Support

Programme Management and associated supporting Technology Delivery functions, to facilitate the Technical Client Side function of the National ANPR Service Programme.

End to End Service Management Design

To obtain a summary of the work and supporting evaluation, suppliers must register on the Authority's eSourcing Procurement Portal ( using access code 84R42C5MXR. Responses must be uploaded via BIP Delta along with any clarification.

College of Policing: wireframes UX design for candidate assessment/administration system

Wireframe UX design for the replacement of the College’s candidate assessment/administration system. This will deliver examinations/assessments and manage candidate admin for recruit assessment centres and national promotion exams.

Patient-level costing system pilot across Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS)

Alpha phase (including rapid discovery) to develop a clinical analytical information system to support the delivery of patient care across an Integrated Care System. Work to be completed in Nottinghamshire and London. Contract delivery to commence by 11 July 2018. SUPPLIERS' BRIEFING MEETING SCHEDULED: 16:30 on 22 May, London, SE1.

Defra: Artifical Intelligence: Discovery Alpha Beta

To develop systems that use data sets in conjunction with capabilities such as AI, Machine Learning and Data Science within the inspection regimes at the UK border and in the maritime environments.

Acas17117 - Acas Digital Innovation and Delivery Projects

Acas require a strategic partner to assist in the delivery of the immediate requirement for the beta phase of “submit a notification” and to support us over a two year period on digital outcome projects to GDS standards using agile methodology.

WP1575 Discovery/Alpha to understand how we can move away from PSN to use networks in the future

A Discovery/Alpha showing how government migrates from PSN that: -are cost-effective -maximise commercial services -maintain a strong marketplace -deliver measurable security -support working across organisational boundaries The project will gather evidence via interviews with consumers and suppliers, and from network traffic, to test how government can best adopt future networks.

Unified evidence-base and strategy for Social Media enabled policing across the UK

The DPP requires the supplier to undertake the insight and strategy phase of the Social Media project across three core themes: social media as a contact channel, social media to address local needs and engaging children and young people, to create a unified strategy for social media.

MMO Digital Transformation and compliance services covering Discovery, Alpha and Beta stages

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) (part of the Defra Group) require a delivery partner that has the capability and flexibility to support the end to end delivery of digital products associated with fisheries control and in line with, for example, Defra/GDS digital standards/design patterns/technology standards and principles.

Service Design in Social Care - Supporting councils to design person-centred care and support

The LGA is commissioning a partner organisation that has experience in applying service design approaches in social care and health. The Programme will support councils in designing person-focused care and support. Interested organisations are invited to propose activities that will contribute towards the outcomes specified within the available budget.

NLEDP 069 - Learning Partner Delivery

The requirement is to appoint a learning partner for NLEDP that can be flexible and reactive in providing a full learning portfolio for LEDS. It will need to be modern, dynamic and flexible to meet the needs of modern policing and Law Enforcement.

C12961 Home Office Unified Communications Service Transition & Programme Support

The initial effort will be to secure the current telephony service which is due to be withdrawn. Subsequent projects will rollout the remaining UC functionality in a series of phases. There is a need to build the service, and manage the transition of services to a BAU state.

CAID Client Side Delivery Partner

The Home Office requires an integrated team to manage and deliver the next stage of development and ongoing operation of the CAID system. This includes technical project management from planning to service introduction and business change support and ensuring the underlying architecture is sufficiently resilient.

Home Office Biometrics (HOB) – Application Development

Developing and supporting applications for HOB programme using an Agile methodology. Application development projects are focused on delivering and supporting: the DNA solution, the Biometric Services (API) Gateway, access portal, and mobile solutions. Key technologies are: Java, JBoss Fuse, WebServices, Microservices and Postgres. The scope covers development and system testing.

Schools financial benchmarking web development.

To finalise the development of the public beta school benchmarking website and work as part of the scrum team to prepare for the move to a post-live support, maintenance and development arrangement. We require web developers for infrastructure and Technical Architecture, software design, Quality Assurance and automation testing.

Bus Service Operators Grant: Discovery Phase

The winning supplier is required to deliver a Discovery Phase in line with GDS criteria ( This will include, but is not limited to: -discovery sessions with relevant stakeholders -user researchers to fully identify and scope out user needs -GDS Discovery documentation -recommendations/options for Alpha/Beta phases including solution design suggestions

Business Reporting & Management Information (BRMI) Phase 4

Project co-management, BI design and architecture Training and knowledge transfer Delivery of cubes and dashboards Expanding Unit Cost and Service User Journey analysis functionality to cover Childrens services Delivery of Homecare project functionality, including reports and dashboards Delivery of pilot contract management functionality Integrating additional system data into the warehouse

HM Land Registry Digital Street - Research and Development

A supplier to work with HM Land Registry to explore the art of the possible on our Digital Street R&D project, developing proof of concepts using key technologies like blockchain, distributed ledgers and smart contracts. Our goal - prove that we can make land registration and buy sell process easier.

CySAFA Options Analysis / User Stories Capture support

The work will involve tasks such as the development of technical requirements documentation, assisting with the development of tender documentation, performing research into and recommendations on new and unexplored technologies and assistance with stakeholder management and briefing.

Application Packaging for Windows 10

The winning supplier will be required to: • Package Applications to align to our Windows 10 baselined build • Provide an optional discovery and UAT service as outlined above

Design & Development of a Web Based Digital Intelligence & Investigation Capability Assessment Tool

The DII Programme requires a supplier to design and develop a web-based DII assessment tool, based on an exisiting assessment framework developed within policing. This will enable self-assessment by police force staff and provide a view of the ""as-is"" DII capability to support strategies, action plans and investments.

Student Journey Transformation: design and implementation of Salesforce CRM

A collaborative partner to: • Support the cultural change to move a diverse range of stakeholders to a group CRM approach • Implement Salesforce (Sales/ Service/Marketing/Community Cloud) for key Student Journey phases (International and Home) • Collate information into a single cust-view via significant interface development with existing/3rd party systems

Office 365 (O365) training

Office O365 training for Trainers and End Users

Digital discovery and alpha of school experience for teacher training candidates

DfE require a highly skilled, collaborative supplier with experience delivering digital services that meet users' needs and is in line with the GDS Digital Service Standard to deliver the discovery and alpha of the School Experience Programme. DfE reserves the right not to proceed to Alpha following the Discovery phase.

Discovery and development of a minimum viable service for Temporary Accommodation

The discovery phase is intended to assess what’s required of the minimum viable product and the business case for developing it. The MVP will address a slice of prioritised user needs.

Health and Social Care Patient Held Record

To provide a health and social care Patient Held Record co-produced with experts through lived experience.

Northgate M3 & Lagan CRM integration, including associated website developments

To assist in providing enhancements to the existing Web/mobile apps including integration with KANA Lagan, Orchard CMS and Northgate M3. This will require redevelopment of existing components to utilise Azure federation. Including documentation and handover.

WP1598 - Development Capability for GOV.UK Verify

Back end software development to: - Reduce the time taken to connect services to Verify - Deliver interoperability with european digital identity schemes - Perform critical upgrades - Increase the number of users who successfully pass through the Hub - Improve reporting and analytics capability

National Minimum Dataset for Social Care - Alpha

DHSC, with its Delivery Partner Skills for Care are commissioning resources for an Alpha phase to become part of its Agile multi-disciplined delivery team. The resource requirements will include software development and testing and could include elements of content design and user experience/interface designs.

Multiplication Test Check - Development, Quality Assurance and Technical Architect Services

DfE require a highly skilled supplier with experience in developing digital services for government that meet users' needs and in line with the GDS standards to complete beta and prepare the system for live. DfE are looking to secure Technical Architect, Full Stack Developers and Quality Assurance.

South London GP IT Infrastructure Refresh

The 2017/18 GP IT Refresh Programme will include Project/Programme Management and Engineering for the implementation of deliverables defined by the GP IT Capital programme which include: • Servers • Switches • Uninterruptable Power Supplies • Firewalls

South London GP IT Desktop Refresh

The 2017/18 GP IT Refresh Programme will include Project/Programme Management and Engineering for the implementation of deliverables defined by the GP IT Capital programme which include: • Desktop PCs • Desktop Scanners

Technical Consultancy Support to Ambulance Radio Programme

ARP is seeking to procure specialist consultancy resource to support in developing detailed technical requirements for its planned procurement activity. The Supplier will be required to carry out the following: - data analysis; - stakeholder engagement to gather requirements; - development of requirements and Specification; and - stakeholder workshop sign-off

Website Product Development and Integration

Integration of disparate functionality and microsites within the overall estate, aimed at creating a consistent and harmonious digital presence.

Implementation, design and delivery of a CMS Platform with 2 initial websites

ANDBC seek to appoint an experienced partner to implement, maintain, support a CMS platform, develop two initial websites on this platform - Leisure and Economic Development. The budget is approximately £50k. Work will include among other things user research, project management, CMS implementation, deployment, training and managed hosting.

Discovery of a Teachers' Student Loan Reimbursement Service

DfE require a highly skilled, collaborative supplier with experience in delivering digital services that meet users' needs and in line with the GDS Digital Service Standard to deliver the discovery of a service for reimbursing teachers' student loan payments.

FSA583 - Digital Development Services - Call-off Agreement 2018 to 2020

The Food Standards Agency requires a collaborative supplier able to provide a flexible capacity of highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams to develop new and existing digital services in line with the GDS Digital Service Standard. This will be a 24 month call-off agreement

Royal Navy: NELSON Data Platform Product Development

Programme NELSON was formed to rapidly accelerate the exploitation of advanced data analytics and AI in the Royal Navy. A core element is to deliver a common maritime big-data platform. This requirement is to iteratively develop the Data Platform from its current alpha to an operationally capable and accreditable beta.

Public Health England (PHE) Intranet

To develop Beta and potentially Live intranet for Public Health England based upon existing Discovery, Alpha, and technical appraisal work already conducted.

Metropolitan Police Service Infrastructure Architecture Managed Service

To provide a highly flexible, on-demand infrastructure architecture service to the Met Police across its various programmes and projects.

Metropolitan Police Service Enterprise Architecture Managed Service

To provide a highly flexible, on-demand infrastructure architecture service to the Met Police across its various programmes and projects.

Metropolitan Police Service Security Architecture Managed Service

To provide a highly flexible, on-demand security architecture service to the Met Police across its various programmes and projects.

Metropolitan Police Service Information Systems Architecture Managed Service

To provide a highly flexible, on-demand infrastructure architecture service to the Met Police across its various programmes and projects.

Security Testing

We have a requirement for penetration testing on a complex bespoke network and it's component systems. We will require approximately 2-3 tests per year over the next two years by CHECK accredited, DV cleared testing team.

Discovery phase to support the digitisation of the transfer of care from hospital to local authority

A discovery phase to support the digitisation of the transfer of care from hospital to local authority meeting the data standard and creating a replicable model for other health and local authority organisations that use the same COTS providers.

New Care Model delivery infrastructure deployment

In conjunction with in-house specialists, to manage and deploy endpoint and cloud-based infrastructure to support transformational change in care provision

HMCTS Robotic Process Automation

HMCTS want to build an RPA capability to deliver business process improvements using a mixture of supplier and in-house staff. We currently have four robots in production which we are continuing to develop and a further four in various stages of development.

Develop Pipeline into a portfolio reporting tool which supports collaboration copy

Developing LocalGovDigital Pipeline into software that can also support portfolio reporting for an individual borough or public sector organisation

A discovery phase to understand how we can redesign the ‘front door’ for adult social care

A discovery phase to understand user needs for adult social care needs assessments.

Health and Justice – SARC Project

There is a requirement for a project team to define requirements and processes of Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) and produce work packages that enable the procurement, design, configuration and implementation of a Case Management System (CMS) for use by healthcare professionals working in SARCs

Health and Justice Temporary Estate

In Temporary Places of Custody there is a programme to ensure that detainees receive equity of care whilst being temporarily detained.

Health and Justice IT Programme Management and Development

The provision of a comprehensive programme management and development service along with PMO support to lead, manage and develop a complex portfolio of Health and Justice IT projects across the temporary and secure estate for NHS and non NHS customers.

Discovery Phase – National Chargepoint Registry (NCR) 2.0

The winning supplier will : • Undertake a Discovery Phase to determine:  specific user needs;  how best to meet user needs; assessing;  recent legislation (AFID/AEVB); and  continuation of NCR: • either in current/new form; and • how best funded – either by OLEV or private sector.

GITIS CRM Beta Phase

Beta Phase: Agile team required to build, implement and integrate a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system for 'Get Into Teaching' services. User training required. Services for the CRM include, but are not limited to: Contact Centre, marketing (direct marketing, events, social media), website and third party integration

Primary Care Managed Data Programme

To design and support tools to enable primary care groups currently in 6 CCG areas to maximise use of the rich data in their patient records to design targetted healthcare interventions, maximise resource usage and understand populations at practice and cluster granularity level

New website development to draw together our estate, and provide ongoing support.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority invites tender applications for the design and build of a significant new website development to draw together the estate, and provide ongoing support.

National Careers Service Digital Development

A discovery phase for the National Careers Service specifically for a citizen user need to "understand myself" in order to inform decisions about their career. This is a procurement of a complete team that will need to have one (possibly subcontracted) member with expertise in occupational psychology and psychometrics.

Highways England Pavement Management System (HAPMS) Maintenance and Support Contract

This opportunity is to provide ongoing Application Maintenance and Support Services provisions for the Highways England's Pavement Management System (HAPMS) for a period of up to 2 years.

New ESPO website - catalogue and frameworks

ESPO require both their (framework, content and registration) and (catalogue) websites to be amalgamated onto one new website. It requires a Magento platform for the catalogue and a CMS platform for the content and frameworks, with seamless integration. The new website will be launched on 1 April 2019.

Develop prototype tools to support a local approach to children’s safeguarding

Development of prototype tools to enable social workers to take a local area based approach to children’s safeguarding.

Bristol Operations Centre - Phase 2- SMART City Design and Delivery

Smart City Service Development - lead, plan, prioritise, prototype and deliver the technical innovations that will form Bristol’s SMART services. This will cover all key areas, Security and Surveillance, Health systems, Traffic & Transport, Energy, Environment and Waste. Bristol Operations Centre Commercialisation - use SMART to attract new customers/revenue.

Develop a digital service to enable users to submit, view and comment on a Planning Application

We want to create the minimum viable proposition for a digital service to enable users to submit, view and comment on a planning application. This is to be a step change in order to reduce the current demand failure and improve public engagement with the planning process.

UK SBS IT18065 BEIS Market Surveillance and Product Safety Database (Alpha and Beta)

The Office requires a team to deliver alpha and beta phase outcomes for an MVP1.0 release of a market surveillance product safety data hub. This will exchange data with external sources to drive services and improve intelligence capability. It will enable case management and notifications on product safety issues.

DOS_012: Development and Live Support of the DWP Digital Children’s Platform and other systems

Primarily Digital Teams for the Development and Live Support of the Children Platform technology estate, primarily the Child Maintenance Scheme (CMS) 2012 System. Digital Teams will support the delivery of outcomes for required regular releases of changes, repairs and Live Support to remain current with legislation and optimised for performance/service.

Build and Delivery of an Online Trailer Registration Service

Experienced agile delivery resource to implement an online trailer registration service into public beta by December 2018, in line with GDS service standards. Key delivery roles at a minimum include; Software-engineer, Test-engineer, Business analyst, Agile leads. Enablement to DVLA personnel needs to be undertaken during development and post go-live.

Digital Support Services - Disclosure and Barring Services

The Authority requires expert digital support services to help with the strategic delivery of its digital by default programme. This shall be a Call-Off Contract to enable flexible support for projects within the programme throughout the 2 year Call-Off Contract.

Digital Services at the Border Programme – Big Data Capability

Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (HODDaT), Borders IT require a Delivery Partner for ongoing Big Data capabilities to work on projects within the DSAB programme.

Defence Learning & Management Capability (DLMC) - Future Services Delivery Partner

The delivery Partner needs to: 1) Deliver products and artefacts relevant to the Discovery and Alpha phases of an agile delivery programme. 2) Provide artefacts to support an initial gate approval. 3) Work in a way that supports GDS Digital Service Assessments.

Lewisham Council main website build

We are looking for partner to rebuild the Lewisham Council website on Sitecore. The website will provide authenticated services – Lewisham’s My Account customer portal - and will integrate with the council’s CRM platform, as well as other systems. We would like the partner to support the website following implementation.

GDE Project Management Service Work Package Cerner Electronic Patient Record

Documents including specification should be obtained from Owen.O' and all offers must be resubmitted via the portal The Delta access code is 837KVKK29V Please advise on your registered email with Delta to enable access to the documents at .

Digital Strategy Consultant

Discover the gaps in the digital services for this ambitious University and define a target service portfolio. Define what business activity is needed to accelerate the digital transformation including finance, governance, programme management. Deliver a Strategic Outline Case (5 case model) for accelerating the digital transformation.

Social Work England digital user research, user experience, accessibility and content

User research, user experience design and associated services for GDS compliant digital services for Social Work England

Alpha (B) - DfE Intervention in an Academy

8 week Alpha(B) development of service to support DfE/ESFA intervention in academies to manage financial, management, governance or educational performance issues. Builds on completed Discovery and Alpha(A). Requires highly skilled, collaborative supplier experienced in delivering digital services that meet users' needs and GDS Digital Service Standards.

Open University Technology Partner

The Open University (OU) is seeking a Technology Partner to support the delivery of its digital outcomes. Digital services are vital to the OU as it continues to find new ways to engage with students, deliver high quality teaching and learning, and manage the institution effectively.

Continued support for ASP, GIAS, and SPT services

We are looking for an agile partner to help us support and continually improve our digital services in line with user needs, and support the DfE team members through coaching and mentoring; building knowledge and increasing capability within the Department.

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) - Transformation Programme

The NHSBSA require resources to work across the organisations Digital Services, these resources will be primarily augmenting existing teams for the delivery of outcomes as required The NHSBSA require the ability to quickly secure resources.

WP1559: Procurement and contracting reforms multi-discipline team (re-issued)

Design and implementation of: (1) digital, data and technology procurement and contracting reforms (2) flexible service/resourcing models to support cross government demand (3) collaborative stakeholder relationship plans

LAA non-live environment hosting and portfolio support Architects

Architect support for non-live environments hosted on the Redcentric cloud platform. Additional input into/support for live hosting and other portfolio projects.

LAA non-live environment hosting and portfolio support Database Administrators

DBA support for non-live environments hosted on the Redcentric cloud platform. Additional input into/support for live hosting and other portfolio projects.

FSA574 - Call-Off Contract - Surveillance Programme - Use Cases

Deliver predictive risk insight for use case using data science. Define use case exam question, establish potential enabling data sources and high level data scoring, such as perceived value, reusability, accessibility, veracity etc. Collate and prepare data, run hackathons, refine analytical models, validate insight, package outcome for adoption/rollout.

Discovery phase and development of an MVP for a ‘Hackney Welcome’ service

Discovery and development of an MVP that joins-up council services for people moving in to the borough.

Her Majesty's Passport Office - Digital Developer Team

A team of Big Data Developers for both Front End and Back End Development, experienced in using Java and/or Scala. This will include Technical Leads and an Agile Business Analyst to support HM Passport Office’s Transformation Agenda.

Delivery partner for the development of the Energy Customer Database

We require an experienced collaborative delivery partner to design and build a secure cloud database for ~8 million records. We also require service design, user research and front end development skills to design and build a service that meets user needs and engages energy customers.

NHS Improvement Data & Analytics Product Development & Platform Enhancement

The specialist resources required will work in blended teams, gathering requirements, developing, delivering and supporting digital outcomes for programmes of work such as CTP and PFMS. They will act as hands-on role-models playing a key role in delivering NHSI digital systems and improving long-term velocity and quality.

NELCSU South - Infrastructure GP AD Project

The design/solution must be secure with no possibility patient information is accessed by external parties. Must meet NHS Standards for network connectivity, security/IG. It must include a fault reporting mechanism providing information on how the proposed solution recovers from a network and power interruption, without human intervention, retaining configuration/state information.

WP1544: Agile development Team to improve the technical documentation pages for GDS products

The intended outcomes for this project are to improve the design and usability of the Technical Documentation format and Services Toolkit within the Government as a Platform Programme. The existing Technical Documentation format being built on produces a static website and the intention is that this will remain.

Organisational Design for Transforming Government Security programme

Involvement strategy for frontline and management staff in the organisational design Establish and agree a common target operating model template for CSUs across all four clusters and the Government Security Group. Develop an implementation planning approach for CSUs to move from their current state to the target operating model.

Careers Wales Website

Re-platform and modernise website to improve user experience and enable effective content management. Work with Careers Wales to define a series of projects delivering business logic to support the new website initiative. Supplier will be required to work with a content delivery system integrated through a defined set of APIs.

HJIS Programme Direction and Clinical Oversight

Programme Direction and clinical oversight service to support the national Health and Justice Information System (HJIS) deployment.

Provision of Specialist Support to Land Environment Tactical CIS (LE TacCIS) Program

To set up, and manage programme functions for the LETACCIS programme inc risk management, financial management, dependency management, programme reporting, schedule management, configuration management, change management, blueprint generation and capability introduction plan generation and development.

Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Cloud Infrastructure Development

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is migrating legacy IT systems used by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to new public cloud hosting during 2018. To support these migrated applications, MoJ requires the development of new automated infrastructure to provide services such as SSL termination, software load balancing and log aggregation.

TfL - Privacy and Data Protection Design Principles and Recommendations

TfL require support to define and apply Design Principles that will govern how they interact with customers regarding data protection. These will inform digital solutions, giving users greater control over their data (e.g. engaging communication of terms and conditions). The aim is to build trust between TfL and its customers.

Development & Support for (RBGKEW/522)

We're looking for a development partner to work with us to improve (and RBG Kew's wider digital estate) over the next two years.

Operational Cloud Service Support

Support of AWS cloud hosted services using automation tools such as Terraform, Ansible. Provision of 24/7 on call support for AWS Cloud hosted services. Management of incidents and change via ServiceNow and JIRA. Enablement of knowledge transfer and skilling up of DVLA personnel