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Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Website redeveloment project

Redevelopment of the Trust's main public-facing website, including: discovery, design, build and implementation in year one and hosting, maintenance and support in year two. Plus road map for integration of Trust micro sites on to a single platform.

A Digital and E-Healthcare Offer for Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV Services across GM

A discovery exercise as part of a wider approach to transforming SRH & HIV services in Greater Manchester, wherein an ambition exists to potentially develop a pan-GM digital service that augments the current clinic-based services providing an innovative alternative e-healthcare offer.

NLEDP 148 - External Systems Integration Team

A team is required to complete the low level design, build and system test of c.20 interfaces to deliver outcomes related to the technical transition of interfaces on the legacy systems to the new system.

Feature development for FCO's open-data analysis platform (AWS based)

Develop capability of FCO’s existing cloud analysis platform with the addition of new features. The platform currently draws on a number of data sources and provides basic analysis functionality. We wish to build on this by developing advanced geospatial analysis, custom dashboarding and graph database enabled network analysis capabilities.

LNER Digital Experience Strategic Evolution (including Station of the Future) 2

Digital Blueprints for 4x core areas of LNER Customer Journey and review of LNER Digital Framework, visualisation of the framework and advice on how to socialise to ensure internal adoption.

Digital Trade Finance Service - Node.js Developer team

A team of node.js Developers to transition the DTFS platform to nodejs from PHP/Drupal and help transform the wider service in an agile project.

HMCTS Delivery and Release Mgmt Services

An experienced team of DMs, RMs, led by a Delivery Practice Lead to: Provide effective standards and practices across Digital Delivery. Drive delivery of high-quality&consistent increments/features in line with agile principles & timelines. Successful delivery into live service including identification, testing and resolution of blockers to meet deadlines.

Open Source Feasibility for a Revenues and Benefits solution - invitation to quote

We are looking for a supplier with experience of open-source, to advise on the feasibility of creating and sustaining an open-source solution for a Revenues and Benefits system.

C16975 User Centred Design Partner 1

We’re looking for a supplier who can provide the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to help meet demand for user-centred design capability within the Home Office’s Digital, Data and Technology directorate, on a range of internal and public facing services from discovery to live.

Rebuild of public and industry facing website and staff intranet for regulator.

The Communications Directorate at the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) wishes to develop a new external website and staff intranet as part of a re-platforming of both applications.

Scottish Information Commissioner Website Accessibility Audit

Audit our website against WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standard and produce a detailed report identifying (in an actionable format suitable for technical and non-technical staff) where the website is not meeting this standard and the work required to resolve issues. A re-audit is possible but not in this scope.

Specialist team to deliver Office 365 Power App Solutions

O365 Power App Development 7 existing Power Apps that need to be: - Reviewed to confirm their current functionality is correct - Duplicated with minor amendments to be used by another business area Apps need to be fully documented and a full handover to the IT team by mid-January.

prj_2539 Patient Record Migration

NHS Digital needs an experienced product development partner to establish cross-functional product teams that will own, monitor and improve critical patient record migration products/services in the NHS. These teams will be part of a long-term commitment to meet the Secretary of State for Health’s ambition for a paperless NHS.

National Security Data-Sharing Development Contract

The programme is enhancing the technologies and capabilities of an existing application solution. The application enables continuous, real-time exchanges of law enforcement and public security information with European countries. The programme is evaluating technical requirements and delivery opportunities to potentially extend the capability for additional secure data sharing solutions.

Information & Cyber Security Discovery - To inform business case

To further enhance and improve upon existing information and cyber security capabilities, a discovery phase analysis outcome is required to identify whether the Local Pensions Partnership (LPP) can utilise and benefit from the usage of third party partner 'Security Operations Centre' (SOC) services.

Clarity PPM Professional Services

We are seeking a service provider with proven expertise in the delivery of support to assist in the development of HMRC's instance of the Clarity PPM tool. The service provider is required to support in the customisation and configuration of the tool, deliver technical consultancy and skills transfer, as required.

PU-20-0182 - Oracle Cloud Support

To provide 24/7/365 support and development to the ONS Oracle SaaS Cloud System, supporting Oracle Cloud HCM, Payroll, ERP, PBCS, Cloud Reporting Suite, Integrations and support team to develop the ONS Oracle Cloud Roadmap.

Discovery, Alpha and Beta service creation to hold Temporary Bridge Solutions information

Develop a checker to inform bridge owners about how they can procure temporary bridges.

Bespoke Retained Capability Foundation

To provision a small team to plan an MVP approach and create a foundational, bespoke Retained Capability, performing within best practice frameworks, that will plan, develop and perform the initial operation of an area which supports the SMO in its endeavours to partner, monitor and validate the digital services supplied.

C17164 – DSA 001 - Data Matching provision

To provide skilled, data matching team to enable: • Support and enhancement of existing IBM Big Match implementation to enable near to real-time matching. • Expansion of data matching customer base, to match at scale and across multiple entity types. • Continuous improvement of matching, including match accuracy, monitoring, reporting.

Open Source Solution for a Revenue and Benefits System

We are looking for a supplier to conduct user research across local authorities, and their customers, to establish the desirability and feasibility of creating an open source solution for a Revenues and Benefits computer system.

Industrial Decarbonisation Digital Service Discovery

BEIS is looking for a team to deliver the discovery phase of a potential digital service project that will explore barriers to information sharing that inhibit the decarbonisation of energy intensive industry. The project should scope out whether there are potential digital solutions that could solve the barriers identified.

ITQ-LA-1119-385 (updated 20.11.19) - NHS Healthcare Leadership Model Application

Building on insights and a road map developed during 'discovery', a Supplier is required to develop a mobile app (Alpha, with Beta extension option) to support observation of, and reflection on, leadership behaviours in the workplace based on NHS Healthcare Leadership Model. Briefing Teleconference Scheduled: Friday 22 Nov at 14:00.

Sharing Platform

NHS England and NHS Improvement require an online sharing platform for health and social care. This is a larger solution to the one currently in place, which will build on the successful growth of the FutureNHS service. This project aims to deliver a sustainable solution for online sharing and collaboration.

User Experience & Design Capability

We are looking for UX and Design capabilities to drive user centered design of: communication, content, IA, interactions, products, policy, operation and services.

The Pensions Ombudsman: website redevelopment and digital platform integration

Redevelop website to: • help our audiences resolve pension complaints • improve the look/feel, making it more user-friendly/interactive with improved search function and more intuitive navigation • enable regular monitoring of user satisfaction Propose future plans/costings for hosting/maintenance arrangements Audit existing platforms to build in processes for future development.

National Monitoring Service (NMS2) - prj_3640

NHS Digital require a supplier that has significant expertise in Splunk Enterprise Security to enhance the critical operations of the Data Security Centre, National Monitoring Service and the NHS Digital Functions. The supplier will be required to develop, build and provide continuous improvements to the NMS2 Platform through to maturity.

Rateable Value Finder and an Online Forecasting Product

Identification of Business properties on IOW not currently rated for Business Rates plus any discrepancies in rateable value of existing assessments. A forecasting tool to identify potential increases/decreases to rateable value affecting IWC to determine the effect of outstanding appeals to rateable value of business rates, providing audit compliant reports.

AI Strategy and Pilot for NI Government

"The supplier will work with the Authority and stakeholders fto:- (a) develop an AI Strategy; (b) design an Enterprise Architecture for Automation ; (c) define a prioritised pipeline of AI projects (d) plan for delivery of 3 high profile projects that clearly establish the benefits of wider AI exploitation.

MOJ Cybersecurity Log Collection and Aggregation Platform

To implement, test ant potentially iterate suggested architecture, onboarding tenants and then handing over the documented live production platform in an operable state to the engineering team.

GLA Talk London Website Redesign

We have been working with an agency doing a data gathering exercise and we are now looking to work with a digital agency to help us reinvent the Talk London digital experience and come up with solutions to address the pain points of users and stakeholders.

DInfoCom/0091-Provision of Specialist Support to Land Environment Tactical CIS (LE TacCIS) Programme

To assist the LE TacCIS programme in the areas of: • Programme management, including dependency/benefits management. • Change&Risk Management. This includes business and transformational change. • Stakeholder Management. Creating and managing key stakeholder products and engagement plans. • Capability Development, Integration and Coherence, inc Enterprise/Business architecture and Service Management.

Property Asset Management System Replacement - Market Assessment and Recommendations

We are looking for an independent consultant with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of EAM/CAFM/IWMS suppliers and their strengths and weaknesses. The supplier will need to carry out a market assessment, create an assessment model/framework and provide recommendations of up to 4 suppliers.

Provision of a Data Analytics Capability (DAC)

The Provision of a cost effective, flexible and scalable Data Analytics Capability Managed Service that enables the exploitation of data including data from in-house and external applications under-pining effective decision making and planning. Copies of the SoR are available from

Book a Secure Move Service

Development and roll-out of the service to police & Authority users by August 2020. The service must: 1. Use a centralised electronic data platform to record, update andshare information on requests, status and completed escort journeys 2. Supports central data management; MI, reportingand performance 3. Facilitates payment ofsuppliers on actuals

ICT Engineering for Data Driven Products Essential to NHS Improvement & NHS England Operating Model

NHS Improvement and NHS England have ongoing needs to implement and support business-critical data products (systems and applications) both internally and to the wider NHS (including sector based users), to meet our objectives in line with the NHS Long Term Plan. Suppliers' Briefing Teleconference: 21/11/19 at 15:30 (log-in for details).

Defence Cyber Operations (DCO) Client Side Support

The successful supplier will deliver programme level changes to support the transformation of the existing MODCyP teams, thus sustaining the scope and scale of DCO activity. Based across six distinct but supporting activities, the supplier will deliver against the defined outcomes to support the Programme over a 19-month timescale.

UK National Space Surveillance and Tracking Capability-Discovery

The UK Space Agency (UKSA) is evaluating how stakeholders might utilise a Space Surveillance and Tracking capability. The UKSA is looking for a Supplier to undertake a Discovery that will evaluate needs of two broad stakeholder groups: commercial satellite operators and government.

Analysing and Managing Documents - Discovery and Alpha

Discovery and Alpha to research, build and test approaches to automate document management; including analysis (content, metadata), categorisation (document-type, topic) and deletion/ retention automation. Particularly interested in automated analysis of recurrent file-types through common data-entities, e.g. minutes containing “decisions” / "actions”, as well as exploring cross-document content and thematic linkages.

ServiceNow Test Tool Configuration

ServiceNow Test Tool Configuration - implementation of the testing tool utilising ITBM module for a SIAM organisation.

: UK SBS DDaT19253 UKRI-STFC Data Movement Framework for Scientific Analysis Service

For many National Facilities user communities, the computing infrastructure remain very difficult to use. The Ada Lovelace Centre is developing a set of tools to make the computing infrastructure easier to use.

Ongoing support and development of the Consular Integration Service

To provide 24/7/365 second and third line support to the Consular Integration Service which underpins the Emergency Travel Document service. To support, maintain and undertake integration and small scale development of CIS whilst also triaging enquiries at second line.

Assessment of business intelligence software options

A review of the effectiveness of our current business intelligence infrastructure and governance to help us understand whether our current software, its implementation and the supporting processes are future proofed and flexible, and what investment is required if not.

Agile partner to deliver a case management and time recording system for Childcare Offer Wales

We are looking for an Agile partner to work with us to develop and support an integrated, secure and bilingual, Azure cloud based CRM application process, data repository, and time recording system

WP1824: Global Digital Marketplace ICT commissioning guidelines and associated KPIs

Building on the OECD ICT Commissioning Playbook alpha, GDS requires research, analysis and agile product development and delivery capabilities, to produce: - practical step-by-step guidance for implementing the commissioning principles - associated key performance indicators (KPIs) - additional case studies - new infrastructure to present content and associated materials

Application Architecture and Optimisation Review

An Independent application architecture and optimisation assessment to produce a strategy to move the Council forward, realising its strategic priorities. To produce a rationalisation, integration and reprocurement roadmap, identify solutions, timescales, analyse impact and risks and a cost benefit analysis to help us become the #BestCouncil we can be.

Digital Services Partner to develop digital and data products and UCD services.

A core team to conduct agile, UCD product development through Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live, support improvements to NELSON's organisational structure and nurture the Navy's Digital Leaders of the future. With a total contract value available for the flexible and rapid provision of additional teams to deliver digital outcomes.

Agile Discovery Delivery Team - EDRMS Development

NILGOSC wishes to invite suitably qualified and experience suppliers to lead the delivery of the Agile Discovery phase to scope requirements and to advise of available solutions and potential costs for the roll out of an EDRMS solution.

Digital Trade Finance Service - Discovery, Alpha, Beta

A Service Design agency to help UKEF deliver a new DTFS service to meet user needs and GDS service standards though discovery, alpha, beta to live.

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust - website redevelopment project

Redevelopment and merging of the trust's two main websites – local and national – and providing scope for future microsite development. Project to include: full user-engagement discovery work, co-design, build and implementation. In addition, we are looking for 3 years hosting, maintenance and support.

Telephony cloud digitalisation with Microsoft Teams

The Local Pensions Partnership (LPP) is actively seeking to provide an enhanced, scalable digital cloud Telephony capability to end-users. This capability will need to meet call-centre & end-user requirements, together with seamlessly integrating into Microsoft Teams.

D134 Developer Team

To supply software developers to work on a backlog of development tasks on two NCCU priority projects.

PU-20 - 0040 - Managed Service for Ingres and OpenRoad Support

ONS has a requirement for ongoing BAU support for live Ingres ABF and OpenROAD systems whilst legacy systems are being transformed. We have a requirement to go out to market for this service to be provided until at least February 2022.

700010282 Joint Electromagnetic Design and Innovation Centre

2 FTEs are required to set up the Joint Electromagnetic Activities Design and Innovation (JEDI) Centre at the Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre, RAF Waddington. Subject Matter Expertise required in Intelligence Mission Data and air, maritime and land mission dependent data development and delivery.

Digital development, improvement and innovation for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

We are looking for a partner agency to work with us on continuing to improve the Kew's digital estate, including the continuous improvement of, the upgrade of our e-commerce and online learning offer, alongside on-site improvements to visitor experience through digital channels.

Business Analysis / Data Architecture

Data Architect and Business Analyst needed to map business requirements by business department and understand interdependencies across the DVSA. Once requirements are mapped we will then look to build theoretical data models to support the requirements before buidling the models physically in AWS via Informatica.

prj_3649 - NHS Digital’s Data Processing Service - Datasets

To support the Buyer to onboard 2 datasets onto its Data Processing Service

Housing Repairs Alpha

Councils are responsible for providing repairs to socially rented properties. We want to run an Alpha to understand what a common service pattern for end-to-end housing repairs would look like and test multiple iterations with representative customers – including accessibility requirements, to ensure we solve the whole problem for users.

Single Modular Code

Define the Minimal Viable Product, writing user stories and journey maps for a prototype website. Design and test an information architecture, refine content and develop an Alpha prototype, building on government design patterns and the existing TPR style guide. Working with internal developer and content manager to build a Beta.

HMCTS Crime Programme Business Analysis Services.

Provide flexible-team of 18 experienced-BA’s (including Practice Lead)in accordance with best-practice&recognised standards to: • Provide programme/business assurance of comprehensive feature/increment delivery • Drive&oversee delivery of high-quality and consistent requirements • Ensure features are delivered to a high-level • Develop/deliver effective stories for refinement • Maintain JIRA backlogs&confluence to a high-level.

Advanced Analytics - Development and Deployment

Build three advanced analytics tools in collaboration with the newly established Advanced Analytics & Insights team at NCS Trust: sales drivers and forecasting; text classification; programme success drivers

prj_3151 NHS Digital National Integration Adaptor

A multi-disciplinary development team comprised of software developers, testers and technical authors to deliver a backlog of work packages based in the development of Message, API and Façade Adaptor, Technical Reference Tools and Technical Documentation. Support delivery of outputs with third party commercial suppliers to the NHS.

Business Intelligence Deployment

Development of performance dashboards for decision makers across the network of NCS Delivery Partners. NCS Trust has the data system, BI platform and roll-out plan in place. The supplier will ensure the outcome is achieved by conducting user research, writing requirements, and supporting dashboard development, testing, documentation and training.

DfT Digitisation Advice and Guidance Discovery

The department need advice and guidance on how to digitise services as confidence, and creativity in the use of digital, data and technology increases. This will establish the need and propose a service model to meet future ambition Supplementary information can be accessed via the link below:

MOT Continuous Improvement Team

To provide services required to the digital MOT services for software delivery and digital service provision (service design, software development, software testing, platform engineering, architecture, security and data engineering).

MTVH Intranet

MTVH is looking to create a digital workplace that enables colleagues to feel part of one organisation, where everybody can easily communicate and collaborate from any location. We'd like to partner with a tech savvy, user focused organisation to carry out some discovery and help us to achieve this.

CCT 783 Provision of Programme/Technical Assurance Support to Pegasus Programme

Pegasus requires support from a highly skilled partner in achieving the schedule milestones. Provide effective stakeholder management to enable fully informed decision making. Deliver full lifecycle support to all new and existing projects, and ensure services are transitioned in to live iaw the ISS Cap Int process.

Environment Agency Asset Maintenance Standards - Unit and Carbon Rates

To refresh and update our asset maintenance standards and provide an average carbon unit rate per standard.

Cymru Wales Gateway Website C138/2019/2020

The user experience, design, build and ongoing maintenance of a network of outward facing Wales brand sites - to include the ongoing development and maintenance of the recently launched and sites as well as the development of further brand sites - including supporting DevOps on our Azure environment.

Support and Development for FCO Consular Hub Systems

To provide 24/7/365 support and development to maintain three FCO systems: The Contact Hub, the Crisis Hub and the Post Hub, and work with Consular to develop enhancements to these systems.

T IT 0086 Road Freight Electronic data - AlphaBeta

The supplier will deliver a Alpha Phase in line with GDS criteria ( and DfT Architecture Standards and Principles including, but not limited to: • alpha testing with relevant stakeholders • ensuring everyone can use the service • GDS Alpha documentation • Deciding whether to move on to beta

Technical Support for New Style of IT(Base) and Integrated User Services Mobility Project Delivery

• Produce mobility roadmap & Application Strategy. • Design & implement Application onboarding & management • MDMs discovery across Defence • Future of Mobility post-Sept 2020 • Use of Android & Windows devices • Use of virtual SIMs & BYODs • Mobile Application Management • Investigate new secure messaging App

MOD Project Delivery Centre of Excellence support

Support delivery of the PD Function Strategy through developing MI requirements, developing consistent and coherent PD artefacts, reviewing organisational construct, developing PMO functionality, assuring standardised roles/job descriptions roll-out and supporting culture enquiries.

ClwydAlyn Customer Portal

The provision of a residents’ portal for external customers to self-serve online.

Innovation Lab: Data Science managed service team

A Data Science team is required to work on complex data science problems taking up to several months at a time to deliver solutions the help inform DIT policy making.

Digital Intelligence and Investigations (DII) Programme Delivery and Portfolio Services

The Digital Policing Portfolio requires a range of services to support it in delivering the 2025 vision for national policing. These are DII programme delivery services and portfolio support services, which include Business Analysis, Information Assurance, Design Services and Project Management.

Discoveries into Digital Tools for Consular Assistance

Discoveries into three areas of improving consular services for British citizens and FCO staff: exploring how British citizens could use Digital Tools for consular assistance; how to improve consular pages on Gov.UK and reviewing The Complaints and Compliments Handling System that is used by FCO staff.

Design and build a family information service

To re-design, build and test a system to manage the digital front door for the Family Support Service, including the underpinning data management system to meet multiple statutory requirements. The contract includes hosting and support for the duration of the contract.

C16832 Delivery Partner to provide a Digital Portfolio Office and Burst Capability for EU Exit

A Delivery Partner is required to provide a Portfolio Office, with additional Burst Capability to coordinate and support the delivery of a range of new and emerging policy initiatives in relation to EU Exit.

Discovery - identify a more sustainable live service solution used to manage and pay EU grants

A discovery into possible long-term options for reducing development costs on the platform in the future by exploring solutions such as re-platforming, technical overhaul of the underlying architecture or identifying areas of the system that can be hibernated etc.

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

DfE require a highly skilled supplier with experience in creating and publishing content using Whitehall specialist content management system. Working with the department’s digital communications team (DCT) to create, publish and manage content on GOV.UK. The supplier will be required create the training materials to meet GOV.UK and accessibility standards.

ITPD0337 Data Science Expenditure

The supplier will work with us to 1. develop an operating model for data science across HE; 2. establish a common analytics platform; 3. define a prioritised pipeline of data science projects; and 4. deliver 3 high profile projects that show the power of data exploitation. by 31 March 2020

ITPD0336 Highways England Data Valuation

We want to enable data-driven decision-making. Data that lacks accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or granularity to inform a decision presents a risk. We want to understand whether the information we have is good enough, the investment that is required if it is not, and an investment priorisation process aligned to benefit.

ITPD0336 Data Strategy & Governance Business Change & Engagement

We want to enable data-driven decision-making. Data that lacks accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or granularity to inform a decision presents a risk. We want to understand whether the information we have is good enough, the investment that is required if it is not, and an investment priorisation process aligned to benefit.

Replace existing register and integrated CRM system for managing a renewable heating scheme copy

Redesign and replace the product that manages the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

0812 Digital accessibility partner to capability build across Essex County Council Revised

Act as our accessibility ‘partner’ offering support, guidance and recommendations to enable us to meet WCAG 2.1 AA requirements across our significant web estate. Build understanding and capability across the organisation enabling us to independently test products with our users and assure our content and code accessibility compliance going forward.

Social media review

Review of DfE social media channels including how we can reduce call/email volume to our public correspondence unit.

Strategic Supplier Partner

1. Facilitate development of the NICE IT, Data Management and Record Management Strategies and Enterprise Architecture governance and support implementation through prioritised delivery activity, as required. 2. Facilitate development of the NICE’s Digital Workplace vision and support implementation through prioritised delivery activity, as required

Maudsley Outpatients Room Booking System

- System will replace current ways of working and booking systems in place - Will take into account room requirements of all clinical services. - Centralised booking system covering all clinical services. - Link into patient information system - Act as way of signing in + notifying staff on arrival.

Replacement Intranet for Cafcass

SharePoint Online intranet - preferably based on an intranet-in-the-box solution that integrates with Office 365. Supplier to undertake user research, design, build, branding, and creation of style sheets. Supplier also to assist with implementation planning, content migration, and development of training for content creators and end users.

Prototype for Automated Network Defence Actions (PANDA)

This SOR is for software development resources to support continued development of PANDA. The desired outcome is to mature PANDA into a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 capability to support internal research projects and international collaboration.

Adaptive Ofgem

We will work with a delivery partner to: - support our teams to trial/iterate adaptive ways of working and learn where/how to apply approaches - upskill teams and leaders - trial improvements to enabling services, removing barriers for agile teams - full training (provisional, subject to need)

Future Borders Digital Design Capability

Must demonstrate capacity/flexibility to manage the design of front and operational facing digital products in line with GDS standards. Delivered through individually agreed SoWs the supplier must provide suitably capable multi-disciplinary teams with capability/skills in Agile design. A flexible approach will be agreed as each Statement of Work is agreed.

Future Borders Digital Delivery Capability

Demonstrate capacity/flexibility to manage delivery of front and operational facing digital products in line with GDS standards. Delivered through individually agreed SoWs the supplier must provide suitably capable multi-disciplinary teams with capability/skills in Agile delivery. A flexible approach will be agreed as each Statement of Work is agreed.

WP1823: Global Digital Marketplace discovery of national and subnational governments

Global Digital Marketplace Programme discoveries were completed under WP1694 WP1655 WP1656 WP1674, further national and subnational government organisations are in scope and we need two discovery teams working concurrently delivering discoveries in Guadalajara city, Mexico/Penang, Malaysia with two further discoveries over term and scope of the contract, if required.

DIT Consent Service

Development of a data service for consolidating, storing and managing consent for personal and company information being processed by the Department for International Trade.

Professional Services for the Transaction Monitoring Platform

Build and maintain HMRC Transaction Monitoring and Customer Insight Platform live service. Operating a Continuous Integration-Continuous Delivery (CI-CD) capability in public cloud, currently AWS, using open source technologies. Run and Maintain Live service high availability TxM infrastructure (Splunk, Scala Apps, Postgres, Mongo, ELK, AWS S3, Kafka, R Studio, Jupiter Notebooks).

Professional Services for the Multi-channel Digital Tax Platform

Building and operating a Continuous Integration-Continuous Delivery (CI-CD) capability in public cloud, currently AWS, using open source technologies.

Digital Channels Partner 2020-22

For the last two years, the Met Office has responded to meet user needs to provide a critical public resource for weather and warnings. This has seen the creation of a new responsive website. This proposal aims to identify a partner to work with us to build on this work.

K280020822 CVS Technical & Architecture Assurance

To provide technical professional services, to include: Planning and supporting ATOS exit Ownership of non-functional requirements Input and refinement of the backlog Design and assurance of code pipelines Design assurance Technical guidance and investigations. Design API resources and microservices. Advice on CRM Integration. Represent CVS at solutions design boards