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GLA Back Office System

The new back-office-system shall provide: (i) a portal/website for submission of referred applications/pre-applications/stopping-up orders (ii) a tool for managing the workflow of each of the work-streams (iii) space for collection of data about each application together with amendments to that data (iv) reporting-tools for analysis of workloads/data-trends (v) Electronic-Document-Management-System

Public Website Design, Development and Hosting copy

For further details on the requirements, please visit the link below and access the brief and specification documents (contact for password):

Microsoft Azure IAAS Data Centre Migration

Design and implementation of a Microsoft Azure tenant for approx 400 virtual servers, with subsequent migration of the current VMware based servers and associated network design and any configuration required.

Level 3 Support, Maintenance and Service Management to the Flood Guidance Statement IT application

The work will cover Level 3 Support and Maintenance service that has ran since the system application became operational in January 2017. Additionally there is a prioritised backlog of work that will be completed in development phases.

Service Design Training and Mentoring

Bespoke service design training: • Tools and approaches for service design in practical context; • Prototyping & testing methodologies; • Define requirements to solve current ‘problem’; • Plan, conduct user research and analysis; • Prototypes; • Recommendations for upscaling -Develop tool kit supporting design of services -Post Implementation Mentoring.

DInfoCom/0069 - The Provision of Digital Project Support for Armed Forces Recruiting Programme

Capturing the Armed Forces recruitment environment data and creating a data map, investigating and articulating customer and user needs, translate these needs into user stories and creating business requirements document to inform the AFRP SOR. COPY OF STATEMENT OF REQUIREMENT CAN BE OBTAINED FROM

C16078 Home Office Infrastructure PPM Service

Technical Project Managers (rough weighting 90%) and Technical Programme Managers (rough weighting 10%) are required to support a range of projects within the Digital, Data and Technology area.

DInfoCom/0072 - Provision of DLMC Service and Technical Architecture Design copy

Delivery partner to provide a small, focused team to validate the DLMC Service Design and Solution Architecture within the context of operating live services and provide the evidence to inform a Business Case seeking approval for the development phase. COPY OF STATEMENT OF REQUIREMENT CAN BE OBTAINED FROM TONI.PRINCE177@MOD.GOV.UK

Traffic Regulation Orders and Associated Data: Policy Alpha

Undertake user research to identify current/future user needs for users of TROs and associated data. Develop and iterate a legislative MVP system for making TROs, to meet needs and enable provision of digital TRO data. Present the prototype to help enable potential legislative change.

Company website including booking and payment system

To develop a simple one-stop shop online. The objective is to allow customers to go online to book and purchase our commercial services or request a quotation for quoted services. Customers will go to one place online to purchase our commercial services and have a seamless booking and purchase experience.

Enabling Architecture–User Access Device (UAD) Discovery, Evaluation, Proof of Concept and Selection

It is necessary to conduct a discovery and alpha (selection / proof of concept) into User access requests to allow MOD to select and prove feasibility of a new User Access Device for a geographically disparate and global user base consuming centrally hosted services over a private network.

R&R Data & Digital Portfolio interface with Parliamentary Digital Service Support

Parliamentary Digital Service Support, enabling their timely support for the Restoration & Renewal Digital Programme, with initial focus on AD Identity & Access Management, Office365/SharePoint and Dynamics365. This will also include Core Service Accreditation, Cyber Security, SAM/Licensing, Azure Infrastructure/Network (incl. IaaS/PaaS), GAL/Messaging & Communication (including Skype) and End User Computing/Devices.

Cyber Security - Delivery Partner

HM Land Registry are looking for a cyber security partner to work alongside HM Land Registry’s in-house IT security teams. The partner will work on selected cyber projects providing leadership, knowledge, strategy and technical resource.

Proof of concept for Dynamics CRM integration

We are seeking a partner to provide a 'proof of concept' for some integration work on our on-premise Dynamics CRM.

Transformation Service Delivery Capability

We are looking for Service Delivery capabilities to support the development, delivery and communication of effective, user-focused digital services, taking products from vision to delivery by engaging with the teams and stakeholders across DfE and wider.

Digital, Data & Technology Transformation HE 2020 Programme - Strategy & Commercial

Highways England requires support to enable the successful rollout of initiatives in order to prepare and deliver the Road and Investment Strategy 2020 to 2025 (RIS 2).

WP1703: Digital Capability for Urgent EU Exit Requirements

GDS require a supplier that can provide teams, or resources to supplement existing teams, to work on urgent EU Exit related projects. Individual statements of work (SoW) will be agreed and aligned to the discrete delivery phases as required. This is the third in a series of contracts. See

Mendix Low Code Development Partner for GM Smart Resident Platform and Early Years App and Portal

A development partner to develop our Smart Resident Platform using our intended Low Code solution Mendix. The development of an app and portal for Citizens and professionals to digitally transform the Early Years process as part of a wider unique regional architecture harmonising Local Authorities and Health providers

MoD Programme CORTISONE Healthcare Information Exploitation (HIX) Alpha - RFQ 700006906

Programme CORTISONE requires a team to work with the DT, ISS architects, CGI (current Med IS technical solution provider) and business stakeholders (including Defence Statistics Health) to run a series of alphas to create processes and dashboards to exploit data collected from the exiting Med IS (EMIS PCS).

Provision of a Specialist Software Outcome to support Project ERUGATE

Provide a specialist software developer who is highly familiar with BAE Systems Australia's Open Platform Architecture (OPA) system and the ERUGATE Digital Receive Chain software. The Supplier shall deliver software revisions defined within an Agile tasking methodology during 3 visits per year to the Republic of Cyprus.

CP1770-19 Management of Programme establishing governance, support & adoption of Office365 tools

Management of the programme to establish governance, support and full adoption of Office365, specifically: - rationalising storage, moving away from on-premise to the cloud wherever appropriate - standardising on use, change management and governance of tools and features - establishing consistent training, support and development services - evaluating benefits achieved.

NHS Improvement: Data & Analytics Driven Product Development

Information and analytics are a critical for delivery of outcomes within the NHS Long-Term Plan. NHSI and NHSE require new data driven digital products, building on NHSI's existing platform of loosely coupled, highly aligned services. A Suppliers' Briefing Teleconference is scheduled for 22/05/19 at 15:30 (log in for details)

Developing final product for foster carer applications

Development of part of a digital service to support the recruitment of foster carers, through iteration and improvement of an online eligibility checker and application form.

Making information about being an employee accessible, searchable and understandable

Build an accessible, responsive website that is the definitive place to find information about HR policies and procedures. Make HR policies and guidance accessible, searchable and understandable. Support employees to act confidently on information and reduce the number of simple queries handled by the HR service desk.

Public Transport Smart Ticketing T/IT/0033 – the current landscape and options for the future

The winning supplier will be required to deliver a Discovery report (MS word and PDF) with analysis and supporting evidence.

UK SBS DDaT19116 UKRI - The Funding Service Beta Phase – User Experience Team

We are seeking a partnership with a highly skilled and proven GDS supplier to provide user experience expertise to supplement our in-house delivery team in the beta phase of building the UKRI Funding Service. The resource should be sufficient to support two development teams working concurrently.

UK SBS DDaT19127 UKRI - The Funding Service Beta Phase – Technical Team

We are seeking a development partnership with a highly skilled and proven GDS supplier to provide technical and development expertise to supplement our in-house delivery team in the beta phase of building the UKRI Funding Service. The resource should be sufficient to run 2 development teams working concurrently.

Strategic Delivery Partner (Discovery & Alpha)

IPO holds its customer records in multiple legacy systems and within those systems the records are duplicated and held against individual IP rights. IPO require the development of a centralised, IPO wide, Single Customer Record with self-serve capability via a secure User Account Management Service to provide the Change-My-Details service.

WP1702: Digital Capability for Urgent EU Exit Requirements

GDS require a supplier that can provide teams, or resources to supplement existing teams, to work on urgent EU Exit related projects. Individual statements of work (SoW) will be agreed and aligned to the discrete delivery phases that are required.

Support development and Maintenance of website estate for the RAF

Supports RAF with maintenance and development of RAF website, front and back end to ensure satisfactory user experience and we connect with our targeted users.

Digital Capability Management

Development of Digital Toolset and associated Capability Management Processes.

Themis Data Transformation, Migration and Management Information

The Home Office requires a supplier/consortium to build the components for Data Transformation and Enrichment, Data Migration and Management Information for the Themis solution, and deliver the associated migration, reports and transformation services into the live environment.

EPR Implementation Support Team for Kettering General Hospital

Provision of an experienced project management team resource for the implementation of the Trusts EPR system implementation. resources will include PMO, programme director and manager project managers Senior Product Specialists Configuration Support resources technical teams floor walking support UAT teams

Scoping & design of 'Gateway for Growth' digital portal

A Discovery is required the Government's 'Gateway for Growth' project. The Gateway for Growth will explore ways of aligning and expanding the HMG offer across trade and development. Gateway will streamline the way businesses are able to interact with and receive support from HMG by providing a single user-friendly web-presence.

Surrey County Council - Digital Transformation Partner

Surrey County Council are seeking a partner to accelerate our transformation by helping the organisation to see that digital is a critical component of both service design and delivery to enable better outcomes for our customers/residents and to support us to deliver savings.

Cloud Native Architecture Migration

Complete design of Cloud Native Architecture for existing service. Provide design documentation. Support governance processes. Build pipeline and tooling to allow secure operation of service and infrastructure. Support ITHC and remediation. Our estimates suggest a delivery team of 6 including 4.5 DevOps, 0.5 Tech-lead and 1 delivery management/BA.

Pensions Dashboard Business Case, Roadmap and Plan

Work with senior management and key stakeholders to produce a digital roadmap and business case for the Pensions Dashboard.

LNER Mobile

Market leading mobile experience through a mobile app and/or PWA

Ref KR1923 - Renewable Electricity Register (RER) Re-Write

Develop replacement IT system to administer renewable electricity schemes, including; • Account set up, • user permissions • Application/admission to scheme • Compliance declaration submissions • Submission/validation of electricity generation data • Issue certificates • Supplier compliance • Fuel mix disclosure • Data reports • Automated audit trail • Migration

Online Patient Held Record

To provide a health web-based Patient Held Record. The form will be co-developed and produced with Oxleas Online Health Record project board; comprising of patient/ service users and clinical staff who will offer expert input. User- centred design will be of particular focus.

Service Design & Technical Architecture Service Discovery

Talented team to undertake discovery work to help the service team understand how to develop an existing digital service to meet a public beta assessment against the GDS Service Standard.

T/IT/0047 Software Development Services

• Provide experienced GCP resources expert in full stack web development, cloud technologies, Agile, DevOps and CICD. Mix of Developers, UX Specialists and Technical Leads. • Support the team working within a software development lifecycle and applying good development practice within a GCP environment using appropriate tools and documenting outputs.

PS-19-79 Test Engineering Service

DVLA requires a collaborative supplier able to provide a flexible capacity of highly skilled Test Engineers to support us in the delivery of software solutions, working closely with our Development Teams to, ensure solutions meet customer requirements, are defect free and robust.

DInfoCom/0067 - Provision of Security Architecture Compliance (SAC)

Provision of a cost effective, flexible security architecture compliance service that ensures policy compliance and can meet the demands of IAS’s requirements to support and maintain the current applications services and also provide security architecture compliance services for new requirements that are technology agnostic.

PS-19-80 Integration Engineering Service

Working alongside existing agile team to deliver and support as required for our integration components detailed below in line with chosen architectures, these currently are: o API Gateway and secure Web platform o Printing o Addressing o Common image service o Notifications o Customer communications o Workflow o Scanning

Delivery Partner for Data Services

Ofgem require a highly skilled, collaborative supplier with experience in delivering cloud-based data platform, technical architecture design and external facing portals in line with the GDS Digital Service Standards to continue work and deliver the hub and exchange.

Data Science agile development - BA, User Centered Design and Delivery Management Capabilities

We require specialist project delivery capabilities to support a mix of continuous improvement of ESFA existing systems and a suite of GDS compliant digital projects. The projects are leading the digital transformation of ESFA data collections and sector improvement services for the education sector.

IPTProc421 - FETM API Development

A requirement for: • 2 x developers • 1 x Project/ Transition manager. to: Development and implementation of REST API’s. (Search and write back) Implementation of authentication and authorisation. Integration with internal API’s. API Gateway & Proxy

Enhancement of the Individual Electoral Registration Digital Service (IER DS)

Build of a new iteration of the Individual Electoral Registration digital service. This includes a new Serverless based citizen facing front-end, and the migration of existing components to new container based infrastructure on the public cloud.

Data Strategy Research - Discovery

We seek a scoping exercise to enable DfT develop a transport data strategy, by assessing where the department is in terms of data maturity/capability, engagement with the ecosystem, and its direction. It will provide recommendations in drafting a data strategy mindful of user needs, stakeholders’ views, and published data strategies.

Pen testing

Build Reviews - 4 days: Firewall Review - 2 days: Wireless Testing - 1 day: VPN - 1 day: Netscaler – 1 day: External Infrastructure - 2 days: Internal Infrastructure - 3 days: Infrastructure level scanning of the PSN domain Internal Infrastructure authenticated vulnerability analysis – 8 days: Blackberry UEM

NHS Improvement Data & Analytics Platform; Operations, Enhancement and Development.

Information and analytics are critical components for delivery of a wide-range of outcomes within the NHS Long-Term Plan. Working with NHSE, it is essential that the core NHS Improvement SIP platform is supported & developed to provide consistent and timely information, underpinning analytics and digital products. Supplier Briefing Teleconference 24/04/19@15:30.

CCT 728 - Provision of Services to New Style of IT(Base)

Provision of Services to New Style of IT(Base) and Integrated User Services

Tableau Training & Support

Greater Manchester Mental Health are looking to procure a supplier to support implementation of the data visualisation tool Tableau over the next 12 months in defined service areas.

Public Beta phase - Development of the Patient Safety Incident Management System (DPSIMS) Project

Public Beta phase development of the successor to the NRLS and STEIS, to support efforts to reduce harm in the NHS through better data collection, analysis and sharing of learning. Suppliers' Briefing teleconference on 18 April, at 11:30. Dial-In details will be forwarded to suppliers who have confirmed an interest.

Home Office DDaT C15694 SOM Programme Delivery Partner

A programme delivery partner is being sought to work with the programme team to commission, assure and support the delivery of our objectives and targets. The Delivery Partner will support Delivery Management; Business Change and Communications; and Design and Assurance.

Digital outcome specalists to design and develop a new in house data warehouse

The Trust is looking for a niche supplier to provide skilled, experienced and knowledgeable resource who can work with the Trust in a collaborative way, to design and build a new data warehouse to industry standards.

National Careers Service Digital Developments

One or more suppliers to provide digital development services for the National Careers Service. This should be able to develop digital products through discovery, alpha and beta phases in order to handover to the live digital service team in a way that supports knowledge transfer and is sustainable.

Home Office DDaT Organisation Database Partner

To support the design and development of an organisation structure baseline data architecture and database (including querying tools), detailing organisation structure, role relationships, role descriptions, and required skills for each role at each grade, for the Home Office Digital Data and Technology Directorate.

Find & Explore National Pupil Database Data: Live Public Beta - maintenance and development

Live Public Beta phase: a multi-disciplinary, co-located agile team required to develop and maintain a metadata service, which will be used to provide support and guidance to users that need to understand the data that is held within the National Pupil Database.

T/IT/0047 Software Development Services

• Provide experienced GCP resources with expertise in full stack web development, cloud technologies, Agile, DevOps and CICD. Mix of Developers, UX Specialists and Technical Leads. • Support team in working within a software development lifecycle, applying good development practice within a GCP environment using appropriate tools and documenting outputs.

Transport Weather Manager Ongoing Support, Maintenance and Testing

Ongoing support, maintenance and end to end testing of the existing Transport Weather Manager system including lifecycle improvements.

ServiceNow PEN testing

DV cleared, CHECK certified PEN tester required for a ServiceNow Plaform. ServiceNow experience is a must have requirement alongside Security testing.

Crime Programme Automated Track Case Management (ATCM)

Provide solutions to enable functionality that will include: - DVLA SJP case progression - Single/multi-defendant Police SJP case progression - Enabling multiple Magistrates to work on SJP cases - Enhancements to ATCM - Migration to the API model with decommission of current solution - Management/redress of live service issues

Agile development of a replacement for Key to Success and School to School

We are looking for an agile delivery partner to help us develop the service in line with user needs, for delivery of a functional service within a year and to plan and take forward subsequent phases of work; and to help build knowledge and capability within the DfE.

National Tuberculosis Surveillance System: Beta and Live

PHE wishes to replace two legacy TB surveillance systems. Discovery and Alpha have been completed and PHE is now seeking a supplier to build and deploy a replacement system which will deliver some extensible components for reuse in other systems, and to migrate existing data

Development of MyNotts App

Nottinghamshire County Council is looking for an established digital agency with significant experience in: - Customer and user research - Website and App development - Design and development of Apps for the local government sector to work and partner with us in development of ‘MyNotts’ App portal for the Council

Strategic Delivery Partner for the Customer Focus and Website Modernisation Programme

The Council wishes to invite suitably qualified and experienced suppliers to: • Design and implement a new ‘Customer Hub’, • Deliver a business process review of Cleansing and Waste services, • Provide overall programme implementation oversight, • Facilitate knowledge transfer to Council Officers.

WP1701: Digital Capability for Urgent EU Exit Requirements

GDS require a supplier that can provide teams, or resources to supplement existing teams, to work on urgent EU Exit related projects. Individual statements of work (SoW) will be agreed and aligned to the discrete delivery phases that are required.

Electronic Patient Records

Joint EPR Consultancy Services for 3 Acute Trusts - Output based specification - Outline business case - Procurement services - Full Business case

Support and improvement to Operations Platform

The Border Systems Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) has developed an electronic form capture and workflow

Requirements for Specialist Planning and Governance Integration

Work Packages 1 Specialist Programme Planning Service across the 3 inter-linked major programmes. Duration 6-9 months. 2 Governance and integration of a new Target Operating Model. Duration 6-9 months.

A Systems Integrator to provide an enterprise solution including Office365 and migration to cloud

Acting as a systems integrator to propose, obtain and implement the new technology that will empower DigitalNL’s vision. This new technology suite will enable DigitalNL to rapidly realise the benefits and business value of the digital programme. This vision can be found here

Technical Assurance and support services for Technology Operations Centre (T-TOC) Project

Consultancy required to support Highways England and its primary supplier in the implementation and integration of its strategy and technology architecture to deliver the requirements specifications namely: ITIL-based Service Management Platform; Configuration management for Operational Technology; Roadside device monitoring; Non-real-time analytics; Planned engineering works management.

Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) Professions Framework Partner

We require a Partnership support to: • build out and augment the DDaT Professions Framework for each individual Profession. • provide a coherent structure of roles and responsibilities, with defined career paths. • development of framework for the recruitment of staff to be trained into the skills of the future.

ICT Application and Application Management Review

A review of the Council's ICT applications to understand: * whether the applications themselves are fit for purpose and meet our requirements; *whether the functionality and capabilities of the systems are being maximised ; *what, if any, opportunities exist to reduce the number of systems deployed .

Business Process Improvement Exercise copy

The Consumer Council is seeking a supplier to analyse its current business procedures to identify areas where we can improve accuracy, effectiveness and overall efficiency. The work will be in the discovery phase and supplier will need to redesign those processes to realise the improvements.

Discovery into how MHCLG manages public, parliamentary and other correspondence

Discovery into how MHCLG manages public, parliamentary and other correspondence

Assess technology needed to support delivery of an affordable, efficient housing needs service

A programme to assess, buy and/or build the technology needed to support delivery of an affordable, efficient, empathic housing needs service

Office 365 Migration

CFL wish to implement a phased migration approach to the current IBM Lotus Notes / Domino / SmartCloud email and Connections collaboration tools set to Microsoft’s Office 365. CFL are looking to procure professional services from a suitable and qualified IT Partner who will work with the internal project team

Cloud and Infrastructure Technical Architecture Services to GM NHS LHCRE Delivery Team and GMCA

SME's in Cloud and Infrastructure Architecture and Commissioning providing:- - Options Discovery - Target Infrastructure Architecture - Infrastructure Procurement Assurance - High Level Service Design - Public Cloud Partner - Infrastructure Solution Delivery Ultimate requirement is to create single integrated technical architecture across private and public cloud platforms for GM

Discovery and alpha into improving digital collaboration between Local Authorities

The structure of local and central government lends itself to public organisations working in silos to devise solutions to meet their own needs. This discovery and alpha aims to solve that problem in accordance with the Local Digital Declaration.

customer sales transactions and contact interactions

Customer sales transaction and contact interaction plus activities viewable updated in realtime on one platform with timestamps in order to easily establish a complete picture pf customer profile to aid query resolution and record customer interaction and outcome..

Data Directorate Data Architecture & Governance Transformation (Updated)

Continuation of the provision of data architecture and data governance services. Providing a blended team of experts, capable of integrating and working closely with DfE staff, to deliver our vision of enterprise-wide data architecture and data governance across the Department for Education. Ideally work will start on 1 April 2019.


Procure resources with experience working on the Digital Transactional Toolkit (DTT) platform and Firearms Licensing Online (FLO) application. Required to Support and make minor updates to the : • PSNI FLO Admin facility. • PSNI online Firearm application forms. • PSNI Firearms Mobility Solution. • PSNI API interface.

National Retraining Scheme Service - Get Help to Retrain private Beta

A production ready end to end GDS/DFE compliant digital service for 'Get Help To Retrain' including for example the design and build of a public facing digital (web based) application that meets user needs and is secure and scalable, iteration of the service, user research and digital and IT support.

Improved Customer Experience - user centred design, self-serve support & better customer engagement

We are looking for an agile partner to help us develop and deliver our customer experience programme. This pioneering work will make it easier and more efficient for customers to work with the ESFA.

IT Service Transition, Management, Delivery and Digital Commercial Specialist Support

The supplier will be responsible for running delivery of service transition, including but not limited to the delivery of tender documents, project plans, programme deliverables, procurement, budgets and business engagement. The primary areas for support are around transforming core ICT with changes to HE requirements for Telephony and Connectivity Services.

Contracts Awarded Database

We wish to subscribe ideally to an existing portal of contracts awarded, based on open source data published by councils under the Transparency Code

Building a digital adoption service

Design and development of a digital service to support the recruitment of prospective adoptive parents.

Consultancy support for Digital Transformation

Consultancy support for the delivery of a Digital Transformation Programme in a Housing Association

Digital Policing Portfolio Business Analysis Support Services

The DPP requires a range of services to support it in delivering the 2025 vision for national policing. These support services include Business Analysis support to assist in the design, development and delivery of DPP products and services nationally into police forces.

Digital Therapy

A digital service providing live, one-to-one, typed, NICE adherent CBT by BABCP accredited therapists for the treatment of patients with mild to moderate depression or anxiety disorders. Therapeutic appointments to be available on weekdays/weekends including early and late appointments. This should be accessible via web browser.

DIT Export Licensing System for the export of strategically controlled items - Beta to Live

The LITE programme requires a design and development team to deliver an updated export licencing system against a roadmap and regulatory framework using an Agile methodology. The scope covers design, application development and system testing.

NELSON Data Platform Beta - Live Development

Programme NELSON was formed to rapidly accelerate the exploitation of advanced data analytics and AI in the Royal Navy. A core element is to deliver a common maritime big-data platform. This requirement is to iteratively develop the Data Platform from its current private beta to live.

Provision of Microsoft 365 SharePoint Enhancement Service

The existing ARP SharePoint solution has considerable limitations including lack of configurability, scalability and search optimisation. There is limited SharePoint technical expertise and/or capacity within the ARP team to design and implement a more robust and longer-term solution to support the on-going needs of ARP document management and collaboration tooling.

Sitecore Development Services

Sitecore development of venue and company listings based on data held and updated in a Salesforce CRM. The listings are to be displayed on multiple websites, for some of which this will be the first section to be migrated to Sitecore, and in multiple languages.

Route Survey Tasking & Analytics

An Application to automatically schedule and plan route survey missions, supply mission tasking to the UXVs, ingest, store and analyse the data in a Route Survey Database. Machine Learning to analyse mission conditions to improve future success rate. Incorporate Automatic Target Recognition & Change Detection for Post Mission Analysis.

Prevent E-learning Platform - development, hosting and management of content

The Home Office is seeking a supplier to, via a discovery phase, assess its current training platform and determine the extent of its reusability and compliance against Government Digital Standards. Dependent on the outcome, the supplier may be awarded subsequent alpha and beta phases.

Digital Transformation - Programme & Project Partner. Call off Contract

Provide PMO services and roles to support the Accelerated Digital Transformation Programme.