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PTL Validation

Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications
5 SME, 4 large

Completed applications

Completed applications
11 SME, 2 large
Important dates
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Published Wednesday 20 February 2019
Deadline for asking questions Wednesday 27 February 2019 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Wednesday 6 March 2019 at 11:59pm GMT


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Summary of the work Mid Essex Hospital Service NHS Trust has a requirement for a suitably skilled and experienced team to provide RTT validation/audit/training for their return to reporting in September 2019. This programme of works will commence late March 2019 to completed by 30 June 2019.
Latest start date Wednesday 20 March 2019
Expected contract length To 30 June 2019
Location East of England
Organisation the work is for Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust
Budget range

About the work

About the work
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Why the work is being done Post implementation of Lorenzo (EPR) system in May 2017 and initial data quality issues, the Trust came off reporting for the 18 week RTT reporting in January 2018.
Whilst the technical implementation of the system went well with more than 99% of data being transferred accurately, the linking of records by staff proved a new challenge with many thousands of pathways not being linked or correctly resulting in a growth in the size of the PTL. The Trust have a requirement for a suitably qualified and experienced team to support this.
Problem to be solved In interrogating the wider PTL, several challenges were identified in terms of data quality and pathway knowledge across the Trust. The Trust require a clear understanding of approximately 50,000 records – audit, successful migration, validation, training. Weekly reporting on progress and issues, and end of project report with sufficient detail for the Trust to continue sustainable and quality RTT and efficacy of project for RoI.
Who the users are and what they need to do All staff groups - Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Ward Clerks, Administrative/Secretarial, Health Care Assistants.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
Existing team The Trust have a decentralised validation team
Current phase Not applicable

Work setup

Work setup
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Address where the work will take place Broomfield Hospital, Court Road, Broomfield Chelmsford. CM1 7ET
There may be a requirement to travel to Braintree and Maldon hospitals
Working arrangements On site Monday – Friday with arrangements for off-site to be considered.
Security clearance DBS

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions Should you be shortlisted you will be invited to deliver a presentation at the Trust between 14/3 to 18/3 This will be for approximately one hour and should cover your proposed solution.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Has evidenced track record of delivery including lessons learnt
  • Have Suitably qualified staff available to deliver the project
  • Demonstrate their experience in PTL validation/audit/training/reporting
  • Be able to deliver the Trust's requirement by 30 June 2019
Nice-to-have skills and experience

How suppliers will be evaluated

How suppliers will be evaluated
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How many suppliers to evaluate 5
Proposal criteria
  • Your approach and methodology of designing a programme for PTL validation
  • Value for money
  • Describe how your solution will meet the needs of the Trust and their requirement to return to RTT by September 2019
  • What is your proposed team structure and process for their management
  • Demonstrate the suitability of proposal including team numbers offered
Cultural fit criteria - Demonstrates the ability to work in a transparent and collaborative manner with the ability to engage and work with end users at all levels
Payment approach Fixed price
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. Do you have a set budget in place for this work? The Trust wishes not to disclose that information
2. You state that "The Trust have a decentralised validation team". Will this current decentralised validation team have the opportunity to bid for this opportunity? No, the winning bidder will support and work with this team
3. Is there a current incumbent and if so will they be reapplying? No, there is no current incumbent
4. Is this considered inside our outside of IR35? In our opinion outside
5. You mention team, does the Trust have a thought on what skill sets and how many specialists would be required or is that for the winning bidder to decide? That is for bidders to determine
6. What is the current RTT back-log? We are unable to disclose that information. This project concerns the understanding of 50,000 records as per the 'problem to be solved' section of this opportunity.
7. Have all 3 Trusts rolled-over to Lorenzo? If so what stages are they post-implementation? Only Mid-Essex have Lorenzo and this procurement is for Mid-Essex only
8. How are the Trusts currently using Lorenzo to report RTT, i.e. Access Plans, front end RTT, back end SQL? Back end SQL
9. Are all Trusts using Lorenzo to a consistence approach when recording or are there local variations? Only Mid-Essex Hospital use Lorenzo and this procurement is Mid-Essex only
10. What is the Trusts Access Policy are they consistent across all 3 Trusts? The Trust has an access policy and is working to make this consistent across the sites. However this procurement concerns MEHT only
11. What is the referral process across the health spectrum; GP. CCG, Community? E-Referral Service? All of the above
12. What is the operational awareness of how RTT is reported, clock starts and stops and how to accurately record this on Lorenzo? As part of the return to reporting policy a review of the knowledge level and engagement level across all staff groups in managing elective care pathways including the use of our EPR will be undertaken
13. What is the current RTT set-up across the Trusts, DQ, RTT Validation, Information teams and process/communications/meetings? Regular PTL meetings within business units and corporately that escalate issues to Trust board. Governance processes in place to review pathways
14. why did the Trust decide to come off RTT reporting? a) Trust did not believe the RTT performance was a true reflection b) no assurance on how the data was being extracted from the system c) inaccurate/inconsistent recording of RTT following implementation d) other please expand c) inaccurate/inconsistent recording of RTT following implementation
15. Presentations Should you be shortlisted the presentations will be held on Monday 11th March. These will be at Broomfield Hospital, CM1 7ET