Awarded to Capgemini UK plc

Start date: Monday 20 May 2019
Value: £3,000,000
Company size: large
Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

DWP One Service

17 Incomplete applications

10 SME, 7 large

35 Completed applications

20 SME, 15 large

Important dates

Tuesday 12 February 2019
Deadline for asking questions
Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Tuesday 26 February 2019 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
Supplier to work with a small in house team and stakeholders to implement and iterate a transformative design that delivers a comprehensive data and information solution to support and enhance the One Service. The One Service represents an end-to-end service and way of working delivering exceptional service to our customers.
Latest start date
Monday 29 April 2019
Expected contract length
Expected contract to be up to 24 months with an initial Statement of Works for approx. 8 weeks
Organisation the work is for
Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
Budget range
We envisage the team to work with us will be made up of approximately 7 roles during an initial 8 week discovery phase, these roles include:
1 Product Manager
1 Agile Delivery Manager
1 Solution Architect
2 Business Analysts
1 Dev Opps
1 User Researcher

Additional roles may be required during subsequent phases of delivery if Discovery is delivered successfully by the selected supplier.

The indicative budget for all phases is up to a possible £3m. This does not represent a commitment to spend up to that value.

About the work

Why the work is being done
DWP is in the midst of numerous transformation programmes. The finance MI work stream is a key enabler of the finance transformation programme. Specifically:
-High user expectations of depth and pace of insight, including near real-time data.
-Huge potential for automating human tasks
-Significant level of complexity of inputs
-Different IT systems
-Tactical solutions have become permanent
-Technology outdated making data extraction challenging in certain areas
-Many inputs require clerical additions
-Access to data controlled by third parties in some instances.
-Those working to develop new data products struggle to access the data they require.
Problem to be solved
Suppliers will work with operational and performance managers to deliver significant cultural and behavioural change around data use for insight/analysis, BI and MI. From metric development, through technology stack, to end user products, utilising the most appropriate modern technologies.
Who the users are and what they need to do
As part of our user research activity, we will be cataloguing and profiling many user groups. We expect all of them to be DWP and other government department employees and contractors. Our research will not be with citizen end users. To illustrate we may find data customers in operations, among the Senior Management team, people who manipulate and publish data among the analysts, planning and performance teams and additional data curators in policy.
Early market engagement
Internal work within DWP to understand the overall need to move to a more user led BI/MI solution. DWP will provide product owner, SME’s, and Legacy IT experts.
Any work that’s already been done
A similar piece of work has been undertaken in a different area to develop a data platform and a front end dashboard. The successful supplier will work with that team to understand the learning and see what opportunities there are for re-use.
Existing team
The supplier will need to work with DWP employees within DWP offices with varying levels of Agile experience but with extensive knowledge of the DWP and organisational change. The supplier will be expected to transfer skills and knowledge as the implementation and design iteration progresses. The supplier will be working closely and regularly with senior DWP leaders, including Director level. DWP team will be available to provide direction and information to the Supplier
Current phase
Not started

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Caxton House, Tothill Street, London but some travel will take place.
Working arrangements
On site presence is essential and expected to work a minimum of 7.5 hours a day, 5 days a week to enable close working and co-creation. Some travel may be necessary to other DWP Hub locations e.g. Leeds, Sheffield and sites in the Northeast of England. DWP travel expenses policy will apply.
Security clearance
SC Security Clearance is required to operate on this project and the team must hold or be eligible and prepared to undergo the security clearance (SC) process.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
The Call-Off Contract will be supplemented by additional DWP T&Cs. DWP is not seeking for Bidders to propose changes to the Supplementary T&Cs as part of the bid process, we will not be negotiating/deviating from these terms. Suppliers must comply with the DWP Travel & Expenses (T&S) Policy.

The project is agile and there is potential intent (and necessity for continuity purposes) to award subsequent phases to the selected supplier under the DOS contract to be awarded (at the Department's discretion) if delivery is successful via a series of Statements of Work.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Experience of implementing and iterating a transformative design that delivers a comprehensive data and information solution. 9.00%
  • Immediate capacity of skilled resource with 4 years+ experience delivering strategic reviews of data and MI services in a complex multi-product/multi-supplier organisation. 2.00%
  • Must have 4 years+ stakeholder management experience within a complex multi-product/multi-supplier organisation. 2.00%
Nice-to-have skills and experience
Demonstrate experience of working within a large government department or a comparable organisation within the last 3 years.1.00%

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Proposed approach and methodology to meet the Departments requirements to transform and enhance existing data use and information. 20.00%
  • Proven experience of working with teams to deliver major cultural and behavioural change to the organisation around data use. 15.00%
  • Experience of your proposed team and the skills required to deliver the work required. 10%
  • Evidence of maintaining at pace a detailed understanding of technical and business solutions to allow on-going support and further development. 9.00%
  • Proven experience of knowledge sharing and skills transfer with in-house teams so as to build sustainable capability. 2.00%
Cultural fit criteria
  • Evidence of a culture of continuous improvement where individuals learn from past mistakes and offer improvement opportunities. 5.00%
  • Demonstrate ability to work as a team, sharing knowledge with our organisation and other suppliers. 5.00%
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Suppliers will only be asked to answer the 4 questions under "Skills and experience" when applying for this opportunity. Please could you confirm this is all you expect in a response?
There are 4 questions to answer under the heading 'skills and experience'. 3 questions for 'Essential Skills and Experience' and 1 question under the 'Nice to have Skills and Experience'. As per the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Buyers Guide, Suppliers are asked to provide evidence of proof of skills and experience for each Skills and Experience required.
2. The advert mentions that DWP will provide a "Product Owner" – can you clarify the role of "Product Manager" that you're requesting from the supplier?
Product Owner will be part time role on this work able to bring supplier up to speed with general background, other suppliers already engaged in similar work, and make intros to key stakeholders/users. Product Manager will be full time, getting up to speed and bringing in and using SME’s and key users. Working closely with reference to DWP Product Owner.
3. Will SC clearance be required for all roles prior to starting the 8-week, Discovery? Or can shadowing provide sufficient cover if some team members are already SC-cleared?
Anyone who is looking at data needs to be SC, so in Discovery there will be no need for all roles to have SC, but a reasonable number so that work can progress. E.g. 3 or 4 roles. These roles must be SC prior to starting Discovery.
4. What 'evidence' do DWP expect for Q2 regarding the "Immediate capacity" – are you expecting CVs at Stage 1 to prove the experience for this?
As per the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Buyer Guide, you are required to answer the question as fully as possible within the 100-word limit providing evidence of proof of skills and experience for each of the Skills and Experience requirement. You are unable to upload CVs to the portal.
5. You have asked 3 questions in the Essential Evidence, one is rated at 9% and the other two at 2% each. Can you confirm that you are looking for simply the 100 word answers to each of the questions or if there is further evidence you are looking for (particularly for the 9% question) outside of the 100 word response?
As per the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Buyers Guide, there is a 100-word limit for each of the responses. You are required to answer each question as fully as possible within the 100-word limit providing evidence of proof of skills and experience for each of the Skills and Experience requirement.
6. Is the DWP prepared to provide sponsorship and support for candidates willing to undertake SC Clearance?
Supplier staff can apply for SC clearance and we can support by showing them how to do it and send off the paperwork if this is what is being asked. However, our expectation is that all staff being supplied would either have, or be eligible to obtain, security clearance. A key eligibility factor is UK residence for 5 years.
7. Who from your team will be scoring applications for this opportunity and what positions do they hold?
The team that will make up the evaluation panel will be made up of DWP members of staff who will have both business and technical knowledge and expertise as well as an understanding of the requirement in order to assess the supplier responses and provide sound justification for their decisions. The team of evaluators will remain the same throughout the process for continuity purposes.
8. Are you looking for Product Manager to be supplied by the Successful Bidder or by DWP?
To be supplied by the successful bidder.
9. How would you like to evidence the immediate capacity, is it by sharing the CV of the potential candidates?
You will be unable to upload CVs to the portal when answering the Skills and Experience questions. As per the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Buyer Guide, you are required to answer the question as fully as possible within the 100-word limit providing your response.
10. "The Call-Off Contract will be supplemented by additional DWP T&Cs" – Can you please share those supplemental Terms and Conditions?
These additional terms are for completeness and will be shared with the three successful suppliers who are sent the RFP.
11. Was the similar piece of work to develop a data platform and a front end dashboard delivered successfully by a supplier, or internally by DWP?
This work is currently being delivered by a supplier working very closely with DWP business staff and digital group staff. It is ongoing and will continue to iterate for the length of the contract.
12. Work already achieved to date–the ‘work that has already been done’ section says that a similar piece of work has been undertaken in a different area to develop a data platform and a front end dashboard. What that completed with external support?
Yes, with a core team of supplier staff, obtained via a similar commercial exercise to this one. The supplier team engaged with relevant DWP staff in the roles of users and SME’s to progress the work.
13. What Business Unit does this opportunity sit within?
The work is being taken forward by DWP Digital Group, who are seeking suppliers. Digital have been commissioned by the DWP Finance function to do this. The outcomes/products will be used across a wide range of DWP functional areas, such as Operations, Data Science, Operational support functions and Finance. So not solely within Finance.
14. Are you able to provide a list of any systems which are in scope to be replaced as part of this programme (if any)?
No. Data comes from various source systems containing citzen data as used by operations to run the DWP lines of business. They will not be impacted by this work. This is about transforming the way data is obtained, validated, adjusted/corrected and utilised by the Dept. A process that is currently overly resource intensive and manual. Some minor tactical MI “handling” systems may be replaced, but impossible to be clear on this until Discovery completed.
15. Is this opportunity solely focused on improving MI and not related to any other system upgrade programmes across DWP?
This opportunity is focused on improving the use of data of which MI is a significant part. It is not directly related to other system upgrades, however as Legacy source systems are upgraded / replaced / modernised (various separate Programmes) this is likely to give opportunities to improve the utilisation and flow of data for MI & BI purposes.
16. Please can you provide details of what the next steps are following this initial application i.e. deadlines for the written proposal?
The DOS buying process is made up of two stages. First shortlist stage is where potential suppliers Essential and Nice to Have Skills and Experience are evaluated. This allows for a shortlist of the top 3 scoring suppliers. First stage supplier’s deadline to respond is Tuesday 26 February 2019 at 11:59pm GMT. Following evaluation of the supplier responses, Shortlisted suppliers (max of 3) will then be invited to the Second Assessment stage, approx. 20/02/19. This is where a written proposal is requested and the indicative timeline for submission is 27//03/19. Dates for presentations will be notified to the Shortlisted suppliers.
17. Please note, error made in answer to Q17. re deadline for written proposals being 20/02/19.
Deadline for 2nd stage written proposals should read 'Shortlisted suppliers (max of 3) will then be invited to the Second Assessment stage, approx. 20/03/19. This is where a written proposal is requested and the indicative timeline for submission is 27//03/19.
18. Please note, Q16 asked what the next steps were following the initial application i.e. deadlines for the written proposal.
A revised response was posted in Q17, however to be clear the error was regarding the date for the 'invite to the 2nd Assessment Stage', which is 20/03/19 and not 20/02/19 as stated in the response to Q17.
19. Can you host a call with suppliers about this opportunity where we can have a live Q&A and the discussion notes are shared on this tender ad? This has proven helpful on other DM opportunities.
We are unable to offer a live Q&A on this particular occasion.
20. Are you working with any existing suppliers in relation to this tender opportunity? If you are, who are they?
There are two suppliers, Equal Experts and Thoughtworks (with contracts working with DWP) who are doing the same type of work in different functional areas of DWP. The successful supplier will be expected to work with them to share knowledge and re-use.
21. Is this opportunity inside or outside of IR35?
We expect the roles to be deemed as outside of IR35 however, should the features of the engagement change; a further assessment will be made which could change the determination.
22. Scope of the project–the summary of work suggests that a supplier has been requested to implement and iterate a transformative design that delivers a comprehensive data and information solution. What outcome do you envisage of the discovery phase? Is it to understand and map out the user journey through user research and analysis of policies/laws/business needs?
Without being prescriptive we expect Discovery outcomes would be a plan for post Discovery period, setting out how work will be progressed involving user and technical research to enable transformation of DWP utilisation of data to produce process performance MI. As per requirement, Discovery should ascertain how processes can be improved, providing more automation, less manual intervention, more responsive and flexible data products. Not limited to MI, also insight and analytical data use. Business needs are critical across many users. We don’t expect need for policy or law analysis. Outcomes/products will be wholly internal to DWP, used by DWP staff/managers
23. For the essential skills, over 4 years of stakeholder management experience, are you looking to evidence this experience with one supplier over 4 years in one project, could you please clarify it?
It is not clear what is being asked, but as per the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Buyers Guide you are required to answer the question as fully as possible within the 100 word limit providing evidence of proof of skills and experience. The 4 years’ experience does not have to have been gained whilst working on a single project.