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Start date: Tuesday 30 April 2019
Value: £378,250
Company size: SME
Sport England

Sport England Website and Consolidation

31 Incomplete applications

27 SME, 4 large

30 Completed applications

30 SME, 0 large

Important dates

Wednesday 5 December 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 19 December 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
We’re looking for an agency to redevelop Sport England’s main website, The appointed agency will also host and maintain that redeveloped website, and will support Sport England to consolidate its digital presence, helping to move the content of up to 10 websites on to

More details here
Latest start date
Friday 1 February 2019
Expected contract length
Two years, with the option for an extension.
Organisation the work is for
Sport England
Budget range
Costs are broken down into three phases. Phase one is for the redevelopment of the Sport England website, and includes discovery, user testing, wireframes, testing, design, build, SEO and implementation. Budget: £100,000. Phase 2 is for the hosting and maintenance of this site plus Be Inspired, This Girl Can, Evaluation Framework and Partner Extranet. Budget for up to two years: £160,000-£180,000. Phase three is for the consolidation of some of our external-facing websites (up to 10). Budget: £80,000-£110,000. Total budget across the three phases for two years: £340,000-£390,000.

About the work

Why the work is being done
We want to create a new look and feel for the Sport England website that better reflects Sport England as an organisation, that works better for users, has functionality that makes it easier to find content and is more visually engaging. We also, as part of phase 2 of this project, want to look at consolidating some of our other 24 websites onto our main Sport England website where practical and best for the user experience.

Further details can be found here:
Problem to be solved has become bloated with content and no longer reflects Sport England as it is today. Content is hard to find and the user experience can therefore be poor, with a navigation that doesn’t help the user. We need a cleaner, more visually engaging website that meets the needs of the varied people who come to us. We also want to address the fragmentation of our digital assets, by creating a website that has the functionality to take on some of the 24 other sites we own, as part of a phase 2 consolidation exercise.
Who the users are and what they need to do
The Sport England website has a mix of users. They include people looking for funding, who will want to find out what funding streams are available/open and how they can apply. It also includes people within organisations such as local authorities looking to access our research or tools to help them with their own projects. They’ll need to be able to easily navigate through the rich and sometimes data-heavy information we have. Other visitors will be looking for guidance, for example around planning applications, or simple trying to understand what we do, how and why.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
An analytics project was carried out in the first quarter of 2018 to better understand user engagement with the Sport England website, flow of traffic etc. This will be shared with the appointed supplier. It focused on a summary of top website pages, top site sections, top entrance pages and peak traffic times. Further analysis focused on user interaction with the homepage, funding section and research section. An analysis of the most commonly used search terms was also carried out.
Existing team
The supplier will be working most closely with Sport England’s head of editorial and content, who will be heading up an organisational project team for this project, as well as feeding back to the organisation’s other key stakeholders (such as our executive). The supplier will be required to work with the supplier who currently hosts and maintains the Sport England, Be Inspired, This Girl Can, Evaluation Framework and Partner Extranet sites, as part of a transition process.
Current phase
Not started

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
21 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3HF
Working arrangements
The supplier will need to understand Sport England as an organisation, and get under the skin of the types of people who come to us, the information we have and our overall digital presence. We’d therefore like to meet and have a good working relationship with the key people who’ll be working on this project and helping us through the key phases – including discovery and testing. There should be face to face conversations where necessary and possible, particularly as we’re scoping out key phases and looking at potential solutions.
Security clearance

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
In addition to the standard DOS terms and conditions, the supplier will also be required to sign up to the Sport England Data Processing Agreement

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Have extensive experience redesigning/redeveloping large, information-rich websites (both business to business and business to consumer) that are agile and adaptable
  • Have extensive experience carrying out user research and testing for websites that informs the service design approach.
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of accessibility. The supplier should be familiar with accessibility guidance set out in the GDS service manual
  • Have experience creating websites fully optimised for all devices. Provide an example of approach to how this is achieved and any key considerations.
  • Be able to be able to provide support to Azure hosting.
  • Have the ability to provide an enterprise grade content management system.
  • Has the technical capability and know-how to embed SEO good practice into the website redevelopment project.
  • Follow the principles set out in the Security Policy Framework and Security Classification Policy
  • Have access to the correct technical infrastructure to support the hosting and maintenance of the following websites:,,, and
  • Host these websites on a single content management system, which could involve supporting the migration of content onto a new CMS:,,, and
  • Provide a website hosting and maintenance customer support service at least five days a week, at least 9am-5pm, with a dedicated account manager.
  • Have worked to the Digital Service Standard’s 18 criteria in a previous project(s), and can evidence successful technical solutions as a result.
  • Have experience in consolidating multiple websites belonging to a single organisation, with differing technical requirements and audiences.
  • Demonstrate the ability to support and ensure Sport England’s compliance with the GDPR and associated national legislation.
  • Have adequate technical and organisational measures for protecting personal data in place, and any personal data processed on behalf of Sport England must be processed within the European Economic Area.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Ensure consideration is given to the use of open source as part of this website redevelopment project, and publishing the code openly.
  • Build technology that uses open standards where possible to ensure it works and communicates with other technology, and can easily be upgraded and expanded
  • Evidence working with the Government Digital Service as part of a wider digital project.
  • Provide customer support as part of the hosting and maintenance element of the contract outside normal working hours and at weekends.
  • Provide a priority system support centre that can rectify website issues as and when they arise.
  • Provide evidence of having worked to develop and/or maintain government or public sector digital assets.

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Technical solution and systems in place
  • Approach and methodology
  • How the approach or solution meets our objectives/goals
  • How the approach or solution meets user needs
  • How the supplier has identified risks and dependencies and offered approaches to manage them
  • Estimated time frames for the work
  • Value for money
Cultural fit criteria
  • Work as a team with our organisation, fully immersing your organisation into ours to understand structure, objectives, challenges etc.
  • Work collaboratively with our organisation to offer solutions to complex challenges, explaining these in layman’s-terms.
  • Share knowledge and experience with staff at Sport England.
  • Provide honest and expert feedback to the client.
Payment approach
Fixed price
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Where can we access the Outcomes Requirements Template?
Apologies for the confusion, this is not a missing document. These are the requirements which are detailed in the advert for this opportunity.
2. With regards to the question "Have the ability to provide an enterprise-grade content management system" would you be open to a bespoke built CMS?
3. Please can you advise if you would be open to changing the allocation of budget across the programme of work?
Yes, we would be open to this.
4. Have you identified a preferred CMS?
No. We’re open to options.
5. What roles are there within the Sports England team and how will they be involved in the project?
Day-to-day contacts will be Sport England’s Head of Editorial and Content, Senior Content Editor and Content Editor. The appointed supplier will work most closely with these people through every stage of the project.

A Sport England steering committee and project team has been established for this work, bringing all parts of the organisation together. In most instances, it’s envisaged that the content team set out above will relay/link the appointed agency to these wider conversations.
6. Has any previous user research been conducted?
An accessibility audit of the Sport England and Be Inspired websites was conducted in early 2015, that utilised user testing to identify accessibility and usability issues. No other relevant user research has been conducted.
7. Can you please elaborate on this requirement: 'Be able to be able to provide support to Azure hosting.' Is hosting the solution on Azure a requirement for the project or can other cloud based hosting solutions be considered? Also, do you have any requirements or preferences for the web stack and/or CMS solution?
While we currently host the Sport England website on Azure, other cloud-based solutions can be proposed and will be considered. We will also consider web stack/CMS options – there is no preference, but the platform must be agile and easy to use.
8. Can an agency apply for just Phase 1 (research and design)? Or will you only accept proposals from full service agencies claiming expertise at design as well as hosting and maintenance?
No. We are looking for submissions that encompass all three phases of the project, as opposed to single-phase submissions.
9. Are there any technical restrictions for the project, i.e. do you require all sites to be developed in Umbraco CMS?
No, we are open to alternatives to our current CMS, however, we require the websites mentioned in the brief – when they’re in a position to be hosted and maintained by the appointed supplier – to all, ideally and where practical, sit on the same CMS.
10. What is the current content management system?
Of the first set of websites the appointed supplier will take on hosting and maintenance responsibility for:

Umbraco is used for the following websites: Sport England, Be Inspired, Evaluation Framework, Sport England Extranet

Wordpress is used for the following website: This Girl Can

The other websites we’re looking to consolidate sit on a mix of CMS’.
11. Is remote / virtual working acceptable if the team can attend face-to-face meetings?
12. Where can we find out about the Digital Service Standard’s 18 criteria?
13. How essential is experience in consolidating multiple websites if other relevant and complex digital experience can be provided?
It’s important to show relevant experience or expertise that demonstrates a level of knowledge and execution in bringing a number of websites together/integrating websites.
14. Does the chosen agency need to be ISO accredited?
No, ISO accreditation is not mandatory. But we would require the appointed agency to demonstrate how it would secure our hosted system.
15. The brief references that some of Sport England's existing websites are currently on Umbraco. Does Sport England specifically wish to move away from Umbraco or would Sport England be happy to retain Umbraco as its primary CMS platform? Umbraco is our recommended platform when an open source CMS is required and we would be highly likely to recommend it as the technical foundation of our proposed solution
We would be happy to retain Umbraco as our CMS platform if that is the best option, however, alternatives will be considered.
16. Could we confirm that you are happy with opensource enterprise-grade content management systems? E.g. Drupal
17. If successful in reaching the written proposal stage, would it be possible to review your analytics study under NDA? This is highly likely to add value to our approach and help us get under the skin of the website's current challenges.
No, Only the appointed agency will be given access to our Google Analytics account
18. Would you consider splitting the three phases into separate bundles of work? The opportunity to work with Sport England would be great, but the requirement to have such a diverse range of essential skills and experience will exclude the majority of suppliers.
We are looking to appoint a single supplier to work with us across all three phases
19. For vendors offering a move to an alternative CMS (and hence without specific expertise in supporting Umbraco) would there be the opportunity for the current support and hosting arrangements to be kept in place while sites are ported to the new CMS?
Yes. Though this arrangement will only be possible until 30 November 2019.
20. You have requested the scoping of 10 additional web domains as part of the phase 1 solution. Are you requesting full specification and build-ready proposals for each domain or are you seeking a platform solution capable of delivering against the 10 additional domains as defined by high level user requirements defined in phase 1?
The latter – we’re looking to ensure the platform solution can meet the technical needs of these 10 websites, and to also get under the skin of user needs around these sites.
21. Can we assume the 10 additional web domains will be consolidated to the Sport England domain – sharing an overarching information architecture and look and feel/branding.
22. Can you please describe the shape and size of the SE team we would be working with?
Day-to-day contacts will be Sport England’s Head of Editorial and Content, Senior Content Editor and Content Editor. The appointed supplier will work most closely with these people.
Other key contacts include the Director of Mass Market, who is representing this piece of work at senior levels of the organisation.
A Sport England steering committee (comprising around five people) and project team (comprising up to 15 people) has been established for this work, bringing all parts of the organisation together. In most instances, it’s envisaged that the content team set out above will relay/link the appointed agency to these wider conversations
23. Is the included this scope?
Yes. That sits within the Club Matters website ( which is one of the 10 websites we’re looking to consolidate. The learning modules are powered by a learning management system which will likely need to be retained, which is something to be factored into the Club Matters strand of the consolidation
24. The is currently showing application errors. Will this site be fully operable during the scoping in phase 1?
The website was briefly displaying errors earlier in the week, but is otherwise fully operational
25. Who will conduct the content audit across the 24 domains identified for consolidation?
Sport England’s content team (comprising the Head of Editorial, Senior Content Editor and Content Editor), will lead on this, working closely with colleagues across the business.
26. Technology: Would you be open to moving to an alternative cloud provider (AWS)?
27. Technology: The ultimate goal of phase 3 is that the content from the 10 other sites be included on the Sport England website. If in the phase 1 discovery that isn’t felt to be the best outcome, is it accepted that some of the sites may then have to transition to a new CMS separately?
Yes. While the ambition is as stated, we are absolutely committed to ensuring our approach is aligned with what comes through in the discovery phase of this project.
28. Technology: The ITT addendum states: “All these websites should continue to use the same CMS – a phased approach to taking on hosting and maintenance can be explored if this will be different to our current CMS.” Are we right to assume that a Linux based stack is a possible option, provided the move is phased?
29. Technology: Are there any external integrations that we need to be aware of prior bidding? eg: document management, SSO, access control, Custom APIs to work with

Part 1/2
Using our current system in Azure as an example, the only integrations we have are a secure VPN between Sport England and Azure. This is only for administrative purposes and is not actually used in the normal functioning of the websites hosted there.
For all intents and purposes the websites are self-contained, although we could conceivably use Azure storage for document management, for example

Part 1/2
30. Technology: Are there any external integrations that we need to be aware of prior bidding? eg: document management, SSO, access control, Custom APIs to work with

Part 2/2
While the overall budget across all three phases is fixed, there remains flexibility to look at whether more or less is required for each individual phase, while not increasing the overall budgeted amount.
Our current hosting and maintenance contract (which encompasses, Sport England, Be Inspired, Evaluation Framework, Sport England Extranet and This Girl Can), ends on 30 November 2019. It would be expected that the appointed supplier would be able to assume hosting and maintenance responsibly for all of these websites by that date.

Part 2/2
31. Budget & Timeline: Your requirements state that the new supplier will be required to work with the supplier who currently hosts and maintains the Sport England: Are there any contractual obligations Sport England has with them that would stop you from transferring fully away from the current supplier within the two years of this project? Or is there a hard stop for the current supplier’s services within the two years of this project?
Our existing hosting and maintenance contract ends on 30 November 2019, so this is the hard date to be aware of, by which point the websites indicated (Sport England, Be Inspired, Evaluation Framework, Sport England Extranet and This Girl Can) will need to move to being hosted and maintained by the appointed supplier. If there’s a desire to take on hosting and maintenance responsibility for any of these websites before that date, that can be scoped out.
32. Budget & Timeline: How do you propose to reconcile the necessarily scope discovery and "Agile" approach described in the ITT and the fixed price requirement?
While the total budget for the three phases is fixed, there remains scope to look at whether more or less is required for each individual phase.
33. Project Management: Will Sport England’s head of editorial and content have ultimate authority to sign off and progress the various aspects to this project?
34. Project Management: Do you have any “technical” resource that will be part of the organisational project team?
The project team being put together for this project (up to 15 people), will include a representative from our IT team.
35. Project Management: We like to work in a collaborative team with our customers. What percentage of their working day will key people be able to dedicate to working with us?
This is a priority project for us, and as such, the editorial team (comprising the Head of Editorial, Senior Content Editor and Content Editor) will be widely available to work with the appointed supplier throughout the project as required
36. Project Management: What resource (in days or in budget) have you accounted for in regards to any content or platform testing that may be required on your side? We ask this because customers must always engage heavily in final testing for sign-off.
This has been built in to the third element of phase 1 (design, build, SEO and implementation of the redeveloped Sport England website), and is part of the £100,000 set aside for phase 1. While the total budget for the project as a whole across the two years cannot be exceeded, there remains scope to look at whether more or less is required for each individual phase
37. Design: Does Sport England’s head of editorial and content have the authority to sign off the significant design/UX input required for a project of this type?
Yes. A steering committee comprising around five Sport England colleagues will be engaged at key stages of the project (i.e. on design), so at some points we will seek formal approval before the Head of Editorial and Content can sign off on some specific (and limited) strands.
38. Design: How much time and resource is available to be dedicated to working on this phase of the project?
The design element has been included as part of phase 1 under ‘design, build, SEO and implementation’. Up to two months has been anticipated for this work, however, timescales can be revisited if and as required
39. Design: Is there any user research for the 10 (+14) sites at the moment?
No. However, we’re currently working closely with colleagues at Sport England to build as full a picture as we can around these sites.
40. Design: Do you have user personas for any/all of the sites
No. For the Sport England website, we have done a piece of work identifying the type of people who visit the site, however, these have not been developed into personas.
41. Design: Do you know if users cross between the 10 (+14) sites?
Users invariably will in many instances – in some cases, we link from the Sport England website to these sites (i.e. to the Active Lives Online tool).
42. Are you able to give us an indication of how much traffic the main site and other sites currently deal with? Top line only at this stage will suffice, average monthly / view of last 12 months. “Many of the issues with the existing website are around its functionality” – could you elaborate on functionality limitations? Is it mostly around content presentation and needing more flexible content layouts? Have you determined a website domain strategy for the consolidation as yet or open to guidance?
As a rough guideline for our websites which garner highest volumes of traffic, over the last 12 months, the Sport England website had 800,000users&2.7 million unique page views; Club Matters had 80,000users&245,000 unique page views, and This Girl Can had 400,000users&1.2 million page views; and Be Inspired had 140,000 users+185 unique page views.
Functionality restraints as described are largely around content presentation. There are also constraints around our current website being able to take on some of our insight-rich websites which function in a different way and currently have a different look and feel – i.e. Active Lives Online too.
43. To what extent do you envisage the consolidation being at this stage? ie. Club Matters and This Girl Can have distinct identities of their own, do you envisage these becoming just sections on the main site – i.e. very much a single website and domain vs are they viewing it more as leveraging the templates/functionality etc delivered in Phase 1 for a series of re-platforming exercises
The This Girl Can website will remain standalone under current plans, but will need to be hosted and maintained by the appointed supplier.
Regarding the latter point, we really want to get under the skin
44. If consolidating to a single website & CMS – at this stage do you know whether there will likely be a need for different teams to have restricted user CMS permissions in order to manage their respective areas of content (assumption being that there may be different teams maintaining content for the currently separate sites? What integrations do you currently have? – i.e. any key third party systems the websites currently connect to, be it CRM, external databases, ESP etc
This is likely. For example, with the Active Lives Online tool, an external provider updates the data on this platform. For Club Matters, certain elements – i.e. the Clubmark accreditation process – is currently managed by a supplier which would require back end access. There is also a learning management system plugged into the Club Matters website.
45. Do you have direct ownership of all the listed websites? I.e. to make decisions about what to do with them based on the Discovery findings
Sport England owns each website. Sport England’s editorial team is working closely with colleagues across the business around this. For example, we as an editorial team don’t currently manage the contracts/procurement process behind each site, and some have more than purely hosting and maintenance support from appointed agencies. But we will be leading the decision-making.
46. Will it be possible to spend the combined budgets for phases 1 and 2 across both phases? (on initial assessment, phase 1 seems lower and phase 2 seems higher than we would expect)
47. Is Azure mandated as the cloud platform, and do you have an arrangement with them already?
We currently use Azure, but other cloud-based platforms can be proposed.
48. Are any CMS platforms either favoured or unfavoured?
49. Do you have an audit of the size of the site (content)?
There are approximately 1,400 active pages on the Sport England website, which excludes any pages hidden from search or behind a login.
50. Is there a list of functionalities we need to support / deliver on the redeveloped site?
No – we would expect to flesh this out as part of phase
51. What is the timescale and process for the proposal (and presentation?) for shortlisted suppliers?
We will communicate this with the shortlisted providers in January
52. Up to X10 websites will be consolidated in Phase 3, will there be a Phase 4 consolidating the additional 14 or a review of the proposed budget if the site functionality requires it? You've shared URLs for x10, what are the other 14 URLs?
While the scope of this project, and the budget for it, wraps together the three phases indicated, our current hope is that we’ll be able to look at consolidating some of the other 14 websites beyond this. The 14 websites will form a part of the discovery in phase 1, which will help inform any future work around these. The websites in this 14 includes some which we’re unlikely to consolidate, such as and, or others that may be less practical to consolidate for a mix of reasons, such as, and
53. There will be a significant content audit for each website, so not all the content on each site will necessarily be migrated.’ ITT p3, in reference to the x10 other websites. What scope is needing to deliver to support the content audits – will we undertake the bulk of audit work, and then advise what to keep / redraft / remove? Will there be a content audit requirement on the other x14 sites? Will you refine the audit scope – ruling out sites or sections of sites, that won’t need consideration? How many page templates has the current site
We see Sport England’s editorial team as leading on the content audit, as we’ll be best placed to be able to identify what needs to be kept, redrafted or removed – however, support form the appointed agency as part of this is expected, though the form that takes is open to a conversation. We don’t envisage a content audit for the other 14 websites.
The Sport England website has about six page templates
54. Google Analytics Audit Are you able to provide us with access to Google Analytics Account/s for all the websites?
Would you like your Google Analytics set up to be audited and configured to support the new website and future consolidation of others?
Yes, we will provide the Google Analytics logins for all the websites. We currently envisage an audit/configuration of our Google Analytics, though anticipate a discussion on this with the appointed agency.
55. Technical Audit – Will there be one point of contact on your team who can support this, or will we need to talk directly to your suppliers? The brief mentions Umbraco and Wordpress CMS solutions. Are there others currently in use? Will the integration of the Small Area Estimates tool ( ) need to be included in scope? What platform does this use? Will the integration of the Market Segmentation tool ) need to be included in scope? What platform does this use?
We envisage one point of contact at Sport England will act as the conduit, though of course at times direct conversations between suppliers may be necessary.

Yes, the integration of both tools mentioned are part of the scope – they’re among the 10 websites we’re looking to consolidate and should form part of the discovery in phase 1. We can and will advise on the platforms used by both of these tools at a later stage
56. Technical Audit – The Active People Interactive website (and tool) ) hosts The Active People Survey that ran from 2005 to 2016. This has now been superseded by the website (and tool) Active Lives Online ( ) which provides the most recent survey data. Will both websites/tools need integrating? What platforms do they use? Will Applications as well as Websites be included in the ongoing maintenance or upgrades? Brief states ‘fully optimised for all devices’ is this to the latest specifications or do older browsers and devices still require supporting
We envisage both tools will need integrating. The Active People Survey provides data from 2005 to 2016, which we still need to give people the opportunity to access and interrogate. We can and will advise on the platforms used by both of these tools at a later stage.
We will defer to Government Digital Service guidance/best practice on optimisation.
57. Audience – Is there any existing research about your current / potential audiences for your different websites? Do you have any further segmentations or personas to feed into the Discovery phase? Can you provide access to any of the target audiences to support our research and testing? Users, non-users and people with disabilities. There is mention that things are hard to find and the navigation does not support current user journeys. What are the current user journeys that you are looking to prioritise? (High level)
For the Sport England website, we have done a piece of work identifying the type of people who visit the site, however, these have not been developed into personas. Any information and insight available will be shared with the appointed supplier. We can certainly support with finding users of the website for research and testing, and we may be able to support more broadly pending discussions.
58. User Testing – Will it be feasible to place a testing tool on your current websites/s to support user testing during the Discovery phase?
Yes, in theory.
59. Are you able to share any existing brand guidelines? Will the existing agency that headed up the current look and feel for Sport England be involved in the website look and feel? Is the new web build part of a Sport England re-brand or purely updating the look and feel of the site? Do you envisage other websites eventually moving into the Sports England Website to consolidate the brands or will they continue to hold a separate look and feel such as ‘Be Inspired’, ‘Evaluation Framework’ and ‘Club Matters’? How do you envisage these different campaign/ brands living together?
We can certainly share our brand guidelines at an appropriate point. The agency involved in the current look and feel is not proposed to be involved in the website look and feel.
We’re not envisaging a Sport England rebrand – the focus is on refreshing the look and feel.
In terms of the look and feel of the other websites – this is something we’re very much open to discussing and rationalising. Clearly, a brand like Club Matters does have its own identity, but in moving on to, there’s an important discussion to be had around how it-would fit.
60. Content – Will SE be creating all copy? Will SE be sourcing all photography and video? Will you be commissioning new photography and video content? Will new illustrations / infographics need to be included in scope for this project? You have 7,000 pages on the site – with over 4Million+ URLs indexed for the Image Gallery section with endless filterable strings, bloating the code and slowing the site. Would you consider Image Assets being shared externally to the website? Do you have any reason to keep this section of the site working as it currently is?
Sport England will be creating all the copy, and sourcing images/video. Where necessary, we will commission imagery/video/infographics. However, illustrations/infographics should in the first instance be included in the project scope.
On the image gallery, yes, we’d consider image assets being shared externally. It doesn’t have to retain its current functionality, but it’s a resource we are likely to want to continue to provide.
61. Build - How do you envisage the content migration being done?
We are keen to discuss options around content migration with the appointed supplier.
62. • Hosting and Maintenance – The hosting solution needs to support the Sport England website, and also others listed in the brief (list below). Two of these websites are on the list to be consolidated: the ‘Be Inspired’ Website and ‘The Evaluation Framework’ website. Does the solution offered need to support the hosting of these two sites before they are consolidated?
o Be Inspired website ( – Umbraco
o The Evaluation Framework website ( – Umbraco
o This Girl Can ( – Wordpress
o The Sport England extranet – Umbraco
Yes, the appointed supplier would need to start hosting and maintaining the websites mentioned before any consolidation exercise (phase 3), although scoping of the websites we’re looking to consolidate, including research and testing, will form part of phase 1
64. Measurement – Do you have a preference for tracking tools and approaches, or would you like us to recommend? Would you like performance reporting and optimisation to be proposed in scope for Phase 2 and beyond?
We don’t currently have a preference and are open to recommendations. We’re working closely with colleagues who specialise in this area, so we may have a view once we start working with the appointed supplier.

Yes, performance reporting and optimisation can be included in the scope for phase 2 and beyond.
65. SEO – Has there been any keyword research performed in the past for the Sport England website, or any of the others? Has there been an SEO or keyword strategies in place
We’ve done an exercise looking at what people search for using the Sport England website’s search function – terms most used and improving the results generated etc. No other relevant research has been carried out, nor do we currently have an SEO or keyword strategy.
66. People – Will Sport England be actively managing internal stakeholders, to support conversations and agreements with the owners of the other websites to be consolidated? Sport England’s project team will be headed up by Sport England’s head of editorial and content. We will be required to work with the supplier who currently hosts and maintains the Sport England, Be Inspired, This Girl Can, Evaluation Framework and Partner Extranet sites?
Yes, we will actively manage internal stakeholders as described.
Yes, it is envisaged the appointed supplier will at key points need to be connected with the existing supplier.