Awarded to VANRATH

Start date: Monday 21 January 2019
Value: £145,200
Company size: SME
NHS Digital

Urgent and Emergency Care Interim Programme Director

23 Incomplete applications

21 SME, 2 large

36 Completed applications

31 SME, 5 large

Important dates

Monday 12 November 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Monday 19 November 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Specialist role
Programme manager
Summary of the work
To augment current programme and project delivery management capabilities including; Leading UEC teams and managing the portfolio of work including live services and transformational programmes. Updating and improving Governance Plan, managing risks and issues, reviewing and aligning UEC programme and service delivery strategy within NHS-Digital.
Latest start date
Monday 3 December 2018
Expected contract length
Minimum 6 months maximum 12 months
Organisation the work is for
NHS Digital
Maximum day rate

About the work

Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
Expected to lead the work whilst working across existing programmes including Urgent and Emergency Care, AAMHARI. Stakeholders within NHS Digital and NHS England and others as required.
What the specialist will work on
Deliverable 1: Review and familiarise with UEC programme objectives, structure and governance and produce updated and improved Governance Plan for the Programme.
Deliverable 2: Review and align UEC programme and service delivery strategy within NHS-Digital .
Deliverable 3: Rapidly develop successful working relationship with NHS-Digital and NHS-England stakeholders. with the SRO to meet the IPA action plan with a specific focus on the delivery of a supplier strategy.
5.Manage the UEC programme
6.As member of the AAMHARI SLT, establish new, integrated management structure and approach
7.Review and refine the AAMHARI Organisation Design

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Skipton House London or Bridgewater place Leeds with travel between the two and to other locations when required.
Working arrangements
At least 4 days on site at either Skipton House or Bridgewater place for the first 2 months. Working arrangements can be reviewed after 2 months.
Security clearance
BPSS Clearance

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Recent Experience of working at Programme Director / Manager level within a large and complex organisation
  • Experience of working at a senior level in programmes in a Public Sector organisation
  • Recent (last 12 months) experience in working with NHS Acute Trusts, Commissioners (CCGs), Ambulance Trusts, GPs or Urgent Treatment Centres
  • Demonstrable and practical experience at a senior level, in public or private sector, of delivering transformational change to business technologies and processes, to deliver service improvements for users.
  • Digitally literate and capable of effectively engaging with technical staff, suppliers and stakeholders to define the best approach to service design to achieve business/user objectives.
  • Architecture experience: business and technical, designing and articulating complex integrated multi-system models: driving through coherent technology change - articulating the target state and benefits and the transition states
  • Experience of developing technology transformation strategies and managing the delivery of associated technical services, solutions while balancing tight resource constraints, conflicting priorities and a dynamic programme.
  • Experience of current AGILE project management practices, open source, cloud platforms, digital services, and GDS standards.
  • Risk analysis and quantification and mitigation planning including development of viable contingency and business continuity plans for national services and major transformational programmes.
  • Underpin the delivery and iteration of digital services with effective analysis, ensuring that performance data drives the delivery and improvement of individual services, and increases the quality of management information
  • Directing the use of resources, analysing expenditure, controlling the efficient use of £multi million programme funding to maximise value for money.
  • Ensure a robust business cases are developed, and has technical and assurance input from appropriate specialists
  • Ensures programmes and services are delivered within budget and delivery is achieved within an affordable resourcing and operational budget taking opportunities for efficiency.
  • Ability to manage the UEC Directorate and build a collaborative working environment and innovative culture.
  • Evidence of motivating and managing teams to ensure the successful delivery of targets and strategy. The post holder will lead multiple teams, equivalent to several departments, and includes third parties
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Working understanding of Urgent and Emergency Care
  • Working understanding of healthcare systems, providers: Acute Hospital Trusts, Ambulance Trusts and Mental Health Trusts; Provider Digitalisation and Digital Urgent & Emergency Care programmes; working knowledge of Urgent Treatment centres
  • Knowledge of procurement and supplier management
  • Knowledge of strategic and benefits realisation models.
  • Knowledge of National Audit Office, business case verification, and Government Major Project Portfolio (GMPP) returns, Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA).
  • Knowledge of operational management processes and standards
  • Detailed knowledge of the frameworks for project and programme delivery
  • Knowledge of ISO 20001, ISO 9001, ISO 27001
  • Knowledge of customer service, stakeholder engagement and marketing techniques.
  • AAMHARI and UEC Domain Expertise

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
  • Candidate should be able to provide high level evidence of them working in a similar culture to the NHS Digital Urgent and Emergency Care team:
  • Open and Transparent working approach within the team
  • Handling complex political environment with firm but calm style
  • Handling ambiguity and uncertainty through an aptitude to generate clarity with flexibility
  • Ability to move easily between deep technical discussions and high level articulation of business outcomes
  • Collaborative and helpful
  • Modern and digital
Assessment methods
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Interview
  • Scenario or test
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Will this role be deemed inside or outside IR35?
We are working on this at the minute. We have a blanket assumption that all roles are inside at the moment, but there may be a case to consider this being outside. We will conclude this thinking prior to finalising the candidate selection.
2. What is the overall objective of the current programme (and timelines, if possible? Also, regarding deliverables, are NHSD providing systems for local UEC teams or is it producing a blueprint for local teams to follow?
Each year the NHS provides around 110 million urgent same-day patient contacts. Around 85 million of these are urgent GP appointments, and the rest are A&E or minor injuries-type visits. Some estimates suggest that between 1.5 and 3 million people who come to A&E each year could have their needs addressed in other parts of the urgent care system. They turn to A&E because it seems like the best or only option.
3. What is the overall objective of the current programme (and timelines, if possible? Also, regarding deliverables, are NHSD providing systems for local UEC teams or is it producing a blueprint for local teams to follow?
The rising pressures on A&E services also stem from continued growth in levels of emergency admissions and from delayed transfers of care when patients are fit to leave hospital. The programme objectives are to work with NHS England and the existing Urgent and Emergency Care eco-system (e.g. 111 operators and system vendors) to:
4. What is the overall objective of the current programme (and timelines, if possible? Also, regarding deliverables, are NHSD providing systems for local UEC teams or is it producing a blueprint for local teams to follow?
(list is examples, not exhaustive): drive channel shift from telephony, reduce cost of service, improve convenience and access, manage system demand, provide access to primary care records, personalise triage using patient data, shift to predictive modelling of patient risk, improve algorithms based on outcome data, provide access to end of life plans and access to mental health crisis records, provide paramedics and other users with mobile access to UEC Directory of Services, provide 111 operators with access to live wait times data in UTCs, GP OOH and EDs, provide access to appointment booking across the UEC eco-system.
5. We have a candidate that ticks all the boxes of the essential skills bar one "'recent NHS experience' one: (Recent (last 12 months) ", however we see that as a positive. Within the company we can offer a reach back facility for this individual to colleagues with extensive and current NHS experience (at no extra cost). This includes Spine leadership, NHS Acute Trusts, Commissioners etc. Can you please confirm that would be acceptable or would our candidate not get passed the filter because they would be deemed non-compliant.
6. "We are unable to submit applications at the higher rate you have posted for this role because the framework will not allow us to.
The candidate we are working with will require a higher rate than the one we are currently able to submit at.
The question is – will you allow us to negotiate a higher rate after this initial application stage if we are honest and upfront about it at this early stage?
This is very important as we are not able to work with the candidate at the low rate we currently have."
You will need to contact the owners of the framework - this question has landed with the business team in NHS Digital and we can't respond as we don't know your relationship and rate situation with the framework.
7. Is there an incumbent in place and will they be applying for the role as an extension of their current arrangement ?
No - current Programme Director is leaving
8. Will candidates with non-NHS but relevant government experience be considered?
Some level of recent NHS experience is essential
9. Can you please state the meaning of AAMHARI and AAMHARI SLT?
Acutes, Ambulance, Mental Health and Regional Integration (a Directorate within NHS Digital where Urgent and Emergency Care sits), SLT = Senior Leadership Team
10. You may or may not be aware it is really difficult to get people to complete DOS skills matrix, this one is almost 30 questions long. Is it possible to reduce this as I fear it will put a lot of people of apply?
This is a key role within the Senior Leadership Team. We know we are moving quickly on the requirement, this is a function of the current Programme Director leaving. We appreciate it is a lot of work for a short timeframe. If you feel you have a candidate who is a great fit for the role and fulfills all criteria we would really appreciate your effort in responding. If your candidate doesn't fulfill the criteria - it would be your call to spend the time to submit at risk.
11. What is the expected timescale regarding feedback, interviews, offers etc.?
Need to move ASAP - will do interviews for best 3 candidates - looking to start work in November if possible
12. "Candidates do not have time to write a 2,500 application.
Do you also require a CV to support the evidence questions?"
CVs will be requested at the shortlisting phase. Applications considered per the notice.
13. Will T&S be available for the required travel, or is this to be included within the day rate.
This is to be included in the day rate