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Integrated Logistics Support Role

Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications
5 SME, 1 large

Completed applications

Completed applications
5 SME, 0 large
Important dates
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Published Monday 1 October 2018
Deadline for asking questions Monday 8 October 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Monday 15 October 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


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Specialist role Service manager
Summary of the work The ILS role will complete ILS required documentation, reports and analysis. This is in accordance with the ILSMs direction. Including: Supportability analysis, Special Tools and Equipment analysis, Possibility of running a mini Logistic Demonstration (tbc for ORE), ILS requirements for the Safety Case Report signoff.
Latest start date Thursday 1 November 2018
Expected contract length 48 weeks (until 30th September 2019) with a 12 week unfunded option
Location South West England
Organisation the work is for Defence Equipment & Support
Maximum day rate £450 per day worked (8 hours).

Anticipated travel to a West Midlands site at least 2 days minimum to 4 days maximum per month to be included within this rate.

About the work

About the work
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Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with You will be a key member of the Integrated Logistics Support Team, overseeing the integration of the project. You will work with the delivery organisation, DE&S, on a daily basis.
What the specialist will work on Required to gather information for input to AESP documentation set including:

• Collation of required info for the AESPs 201/741 (Work Instructions (WI) and Knowledge Articles (KA)
• Pre Log Demo work.
• Log Demo and post remediation.
• Final AESP (In Full - AESP Cat 302, 512/522, 601, 711 updates required to 101, 111)

Primary ILS functions and guidance towards the development and delivery of:

• Influencing Product Design
• Equipment Breakdown Structure, LIR Data gathering & LORA
• Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
• Work Instruction and Knowledge Article information gathering
• SCM Development work and PM Inventory guidance

Work setup

Work setup
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Address where the work will take place MOD Abbey Wood, Bristol
Working arrangements 40 hrs (8hrs Mon - Fri).

This role will be based at MOD Abbey Wood with anticipated travel to a West Midlands site at least 2 times per Month up to a maximum of 4 times per month to attend meetings with the Delivery Team. No expenses are payable as this travel is expected to be inclusive within the daily rate.
Security clearance DV preferred, SC clearance acceptable

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions In the event that the post is vacated the Supplier shall ensure that it is filled within one working week by a candidate who meets the criteria of this competition with prior approval of the Buyer.

The Supplier and their representatives shall abide by:
DEFCON 5J(Edn 18/11/16)-Unique Identifiers
DEFCON 76(Edn 12/06)-Contractor’s Personnel at Government Sites
DEFCON 501(Edn 11/17)-Definitions and Interpretations
DEFCON 522(Edn 11/17)-Payment and Recovery of Sums Due
DEFCON 658(Edn 10/17)-Cyber
DEFCON 659A(Edn 02/17)-Security Measures
DEFCON 660(Edn 12/15)-Official-Sensitive Security Requirements
DEFCON 703(Edn 08/13)-Intellectual Property Rights - Vesting in the Authority

Available online at:

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Have Experience of maintaining mechanical/electrical systems.
  • Prevention of issues found by users in the field, developing suitable engineering based responses to issues within technical equipment support solutions.
  • Practical knowledge of developing Work/Knowledge Instructions for Deployable IT
  • Demonstrable experience of collating information for AESP production, attention to detail essential to help provide high standard documents including AESP CAT 201, 211, 412, 522, 601, 711 & 741.
  • Experience of Reliability & Maintainability modelling.
  • Production of supportability documentation in line with SEOC guidance and the DLF (JSP 886), but not limited to:
  • Recognised ILS qualification
  • Self Starter-Finisher with a methodical approach to problem-solving
  • Capable of delivering quality output to tight deadlines across multiple tasking lines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, able to develop and maintain positive working relationships with Stakeholders & Colleagues.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Proven track record in the delivery of Client-centric support solutions & services, Managing &/or Leading ILS Projects, including ILS Strategy development and implementation of Plans;
  • Practical knowledge of SSDT and Support Maturity Levels (SML) Software Support
  • Practical application of ILS in an ITIL managed service environment
  • Sound knowledge of DE&S iLog processes.
  • Demonstrated willingness to be flexible and adaptable to changing priorities with strong multi-tasking and organizational skills.
  • Knowledgeable of transition, upgrades, refresh projects in an Agile environment.

How suppliers will be evaluated

How suppliers will be evaluated
Opportunity attribute name Opportunity attribute value
How many specialists to evaluate 3
Cultural fit criteria Ability to work with others in a high pressure and conflicting priorities environment.
Assessment methods
  • Work history
  • Interview
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. Is there currently an incumbent in the role and will they be reapplying through DOS? There is no incumbent, this is a requirement for additional resource.
2. The evaluation on 'pricing' brings up to 20% of the marks in the marking criteria. Are we able to quote a higher rate than the advertised rate or is the marking set against the price 'on or below' that advertised? The maximum day rate is quoted. Any tenders for the role which are provided with a day rate above this figure will be deemed commercially unacceptable and will not be considered.
3. What is the IR35 Status of this role? The Intermediaries Legislation does not apply to this engagement, concluded by using the ‘check employment status for tax’ online tool