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Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications

Completed applications

Completed applications
18 SME, 1 large
Important dates
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Published Wednesday 17 August 2016
Deadline for asking questions Wednesday 24 August 2016 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Wednesday 31 August 2016 at 11:59pm GMT


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Summary of the work Integrate microsites that were created over the past few years into the main GLA website.
• Full analysis of each microsites
• Production of the integration plan
• Implementation of the plan
• Support to GLA team and knowledge transfer
Latest start date 17/10/2016
Expected contract length Contract duration is one year with an option to extend for an additional year
Location London
Organisation the work is for Greater London Authority
Budget range Up to £300,000

About the work

About the work
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Why the work is being done The GLA launched its new flagship website, in November 2015. The next major milestone is the integration of a number of microsites (that were created over the past few years) into the main website.
Problem to be solved The creation of these microsites, whilst useful at the time, has led to a dilution of the mayoral and assembly “brand”. User testing also revealed considerable confusion amongst the target audience groups wishing to find information about and services provided by the Mayor and Assembly. The 5 priority microsites to integrate are:
Talk London:
London Curriculum:
Housing moves:
Healthy Schools:
Seaside and Country homes:
The final list of microsites has not yet been compiled but will be between 5 and 7 more.
Who the users are and what they need to do User research carried out in 2014 for identified six distinct personas for the website. Microsites have not (as yet) had this research carried out. It is likely that some of the personas will also be applicable to microsites. The identified personas are London residents; activists and bloggers; job seekers; delivery professionals (e.g. local authorities); the press and businesses.
As a user "I want to see as much information and use as many services as possible from one website so that I can find what I need quickly and easily”
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done The list of microsites has been identified, along with the GLA stakeholders for each microsite. The list has been partially prioritised.
Existing team The GLA has an excellent team of officers who will be part of the team and two suppliers in particular who provide web development services (including support and maintenance services to and microsites);
The internal team consists of:
Senior Manager Digital Transformation, Product Owner for, Delivery Manager, Content Manager, Product Owners for microsites (subject matter experts across the GLA), DevOps engineers, Infrastructure engineers.
Current phase Discovery

Work setup

Work setup
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Address where the work will take place Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA
Working arrangements We expect the majority of the supplier resources to work from City Hall. The resource carrying out analysis work in particular will be expected to work from City Hall for around 80% of the engagement period. We will be flexible with other resources in allowing work from the supplier’s premises but all resources will be expected to work from City Hall for agreed periods at no additional charge (for travel etc).
Security clearance The successful supplier will need to be BPSS cleared.

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions 1) The prices proposed by suppliers must be provided in a table reflecting - resource or skill
- duration (amount of project day expected)
- day rates.
2) Prices quoted must include an appropriate adjustment to reflect travel to City Hall and subsistence costs.
3) All suppliers must adhere to the 1500 word limit in the written proposal (-/+ 10%). Any proposals exceeding the word limit will be disqualified.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Must have at least 4 years’ experience in digital business analysis including requirements gathering, producing stories and acceptance criteria, producing wireframes, prioritising stories into a MVP and testing (weighting: 6%)
  • Must have experience of at least one project which involved integrating the features, functions and content of one website into another (weighting: 2%)
  • Must have at least 4 years’ experience of working in multi-disciplinary Agile teams and preferably using the GDS service design manual (weighting: 2%)
  • At least 4 years’ experience of developing digital products using Drupal 7 core and contributed modules, including both front end and back end development (weighting: 2%)
  • At least three code contributions to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 (weighting: 2%)
  • At 4 years’ experience of developing using MySQL and MariaDB databases underpinning Drupal websites (weighting: 2%)
  • At least two projects which involved the successful migration of content, data (on a MySQL or MariaDB database) and configurations from one Drupal website to another (weighting: 2%)
  • At least two projects which involved integrating the features, functions and content of one website into another (weighting: 2%)
  • At least one project that involved setting up, configuring and managing servers and associated hosting services provided by Amazon as part of AWS (weighting: 2%)
  • Must have at least 4 years’ experience of working in multi-disciplinary Agile teams and preferably using the GDS service design manual (weighting: 2%)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • 4 years experience of website testing: code audits, acceptance, performance, regression and creating and carrying out automated testing. (Weighting 2% for each)
  • 4 years’ experience of researching, producing and, working with developers and others, implementing and integrating solution architectures for products such as authentication, search, workflow integration, discussion forums, messaging and mail.
  • At least one project in the past 3 years that involved consolidating, merging/integrating multiple sites into one, particularly: -websites in Drupal -Upgrading one version of Drupal to another

How suppliers will be evaluated

How suppliers will be evaluated
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How many suppliers to evaluate 5
Proposal criteria
  • The proposed technical approach to carrying out the integration of multiple microsites (Weighting 4%)
  • How you will ensure that the GLA’s aims will be met and the problem (as set out above) solved (Weighting 2%)
  • How you propose to stage the work, and a proposed timetable (Weighting 2%)
  • The team of resources you propose (Weighting 2%)
  • What team structure you propose, given the skills required and how each team member will contribute to solving the problem and meeting the GLA’s aims (Weighting 2%)
  • Confirmation that the team you propose will be available for the duration of the work. (Weighting 2%)
  • What risks you perceive in the proposed work and how you (and the wider team) can mitigate them to an acceptable level (Weighting 2%)
  • What assumptions you are making and the services you need from the GLA (Weighting 2%)
  • How you will ensure that the GLA gets maximum value for money by engaging your company (Weighting 2%)
Cultural fit criteria
  • How will you ensure that you work with the GLA team as a single team with a shared purpose? (Weighting 5%)
  • What measures do you propose to ensure that you quickly understand the Mayor’s vision for London and apply it to your work with the GLA? (Weighting 5%)
  • How will you ensure that you communicate with the GLA team frequently, openly, honestly and constructively challenging any pre-conceptions and involving them in decision making? (Weighting 5%)
Payment approach Time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. We have many of the qualities you are looking for including integrating
features and functions, whilst working with Amazon hosting services. We've got lots of experience working with CMS’s and worked on numerous projects in PHP,however we have got limited experience of Drupal. We don’t anticipate this to be any problem as our developers are incredibly bright and pick things up easily. With that in mind, are you happy with us to tick yes to the Drupal questions? We’d be more than happy to provide you with case studies to prove that we’d be comfortable in delivering this project.
Drupal experience is an essential criteria, so regrettably, the answer has to be :- No, you cannot apply for this opportunity.
2. Will any further documentation be released during the procurement process or do we base our response purely on the information presently in the marketplace and clarifications? We don't expect to release any further documentation on this procurement. If you need any further information, please send through questions
3. "What measures do you propose to ensure that you quickly understand the Mayor’s vision for London and apply it to your work with the GLA? ""

Do you have any documents online or otherwise which you recommend we reference in responding to this question based on the transition to a new Mayor and his vision."
You should be able to see a great deal of information on this from website and the Mayor's social media feeds
4. "The prices proposed by suppliers must be provided in a table reflecting - resource or skill - duration (amount of project day expected) - day rates"

Do we take this to mean you would like a spread sheet submitted detailing line by line list of tasks, type of resource, duration of effort, day rate (cost) in order to achieve the working solution OR merely a table with a row for each resource type, total estimated days, day rate?
The latter. This is a time and materials contract so we would like to see, based on your experience, the estimate of days but do not expect you to submit a fixed price bid for the work.
5. "The final list of microsites has not yet been compiled but will be between 5 and 7 more".

Are we correct in understanding the total sites will be between 10 and 12?
For planning purposes, please assume 12 microsites.
6. Is the content on the existing sites to your satisfaction or do you anticipate investing effort in adapting or replacing content? Content wise, it is a varied picture between fully acceptable to needing large scale replacement. The content work will be carried out by GLA officers, working with the Supplier chosen from this procurement.
7. "Microsites have not (as yet) had this research carried out."

is this research in scope or to be conducted as a separate exercise?
This will be a separate exercise and will not play a part in this procurement
8. Who will be responsible for the population of content for the new microsites. GLA officers from relevant departments will populate the content for the microsites as they are integrated into The work will however be centrally co-ordinated through the existing GLA project team and the Product Owner for
9. Are there any integrations to 3rd party or internal systems which we should be aware of in scope of this work? None
10. This site has a login facility. Can you explain what this currently does and have you evaluated what the future requirement may be? The GLA are currently in the process of identifying our specific requirements for authentication on The login for Healthy Schools allows school reps to nominate their school for an award.
11. Housing Moves features a Google translate language selector (top right). Will this meet with your expectations going forward or have you considered other options. We would want to examine this with the Microsite Supplier but expect the present solution to be satisfactory, provided it meets accessibility criteria.
12. Are you looking to profit from reuse of features within to achieve economy of scale and reduce long term cost of ownership of your digital estate? We specifically mean use existing modules or templates, design patterns. We expect the integrated sites to, as much as possible, become part of so from a design perspective, there will be a change. However, if we are able to re-use existing features and templates, we absolutely seek to do so. With respect to modules, we use Drupal, which is open source so will not see additional costs in this respect. As a general principle, one of the reasons for integrating microsites is to reduce costs.
13. "Must have experience of at least one project which involved integrating the features, functions and content of one website into another"

so that we can cite an example relevant to your requirement do you have specific known requirements for this statement? e.g. api protocol, source system, nature of integration.
We don't have a specific example relevant to our requirements and would look to suppliers to cite one that best captures their skills and experience in this area.
14. Please can you list the content management systems or otherwise which are currently powering sites which are candidates for "Microsite integration" For the purpose of estimating, please assume that all microsites that are the subject of this procurement are built in Drupal
15. We interpret the word count limit to be upon the "Written Proposal" and not Case study, Work history, Reference. Is that correct? Written Proposal
16. How is the data for the Property Search introduced / maintained. e.g. is this an API integration or managed in the content management system? For planning purposes, please assume that this is through an API
17. For EACH of the web sites in scope can you give some estimate as to the number of content types you anticipate AND if any of the content types are already available in the site (and can be reused). We do not anticipate the need to create more than a couple of new content types to accommodate microsites. The website has around 50 content types already, around 10 of which are views and we expect to be able to accommodate the vast majority of microsite content using the existing content types.
18. Do you intend to follow Alpha, Beta, Public Beta, Live phases Yes
19. Please detail the current and future purpose of so we can estimate the effort required to harmonise the solution into the common platform. London Curriculum is a site holding resources for teachers. Teachers are provided a login and are then able to choose from a number of downloadable documents to aid in their teaching.
20. The call states the closing date for applications, but not for tender submissions or other milestones in the process. Can you provide an anticipated timeline for the selection process please. Phase 1, Deadline date for response 31/08/2016.
Phase 2 Documented evidence to support phase 1, deadline 07/09/2016
Phase 3 Written submission, release 16/09/2016 to 30/09/2016
Phase 4 Evaluation and Award to be completed by 24/10/2016

These dates are indicative and subject to change.
21. This web site is returning "Service Unavailable".
Can you provide a summary of the scale, complexity of this site in the absence of a site we can assess.
If the website in question is, our apologies, this shouldn't have got onto the list, the content has already been moved to so please ignore this microsite.
22. What do you as an organisation see as the major challenges this project presents? As an organisation, we don't see that this project will pose major challenges. Doubtless we will encounter the usual issues such as staff availability, the timing of each microsite integration and the regularity with which we will need to prioritise. However, we have much experience of working in an Agile way and look forward to meeting and overcoming them.
23. The initial brief indicates there may be a presentation as part of this process. Can you provide any further information on what might be expected at this stage? Not at this stage but should we exercise this option, the shortlisted suppliers will be given plenty of notice.
24. What is the weighting for the nice-to-have skills and experience The Nice-to-have skills and experience carry a total of 6%, meaning the weighting for each bullet point (as there are 3) is 2%.