Awarded to BJSS Limited

Start date: Monday 5 November 2018
Value: £87,400
Company size: large
Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority - Drones Registration Service

25 Incomplete applications

17 SME, 8 large

19 Completed applications

8 SME, 11 large

Important dates

Thursday 2 August 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Thursday 9 August 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Thursday 16 August 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
To design and complete the project Discovery phase, including undertaking user research, developing UX wireframes, operational model impact assessment and provide input into the proposed approach to deliver the Alpha and Beta phases.
Latest start date
Friday 14 September 2018
Expected contract length
8wk discovery, Alpha 14wk Beta integration + private Beta 26wk Public Beta support 12wks
South East England
Organisation the work is for
Civil Aviation Authority
Budget range
Current estimate of £125k - £175k to complete the Discovery Phase.

To understand the future budget expectations suppliers are requested to submit estimated costs (with a % tolerance) for Alpha and Beta and also Public Beta support post go-live.

Refined estimates and costs for Alpha and Beta are expected to be developed through Discovery and funding for those phases awarded in line with supplier proposals and performance.

About the work

Why the work is being done
Department for Transport (DfT) introduced an update to the 2018 Air Navigation Order (ANO) on 30 May 2018 that requires drone operators to be registered in the UK. This requires the CAA to manage the delivery of a new online service to manage drone operator registrations, test remote pilot competencies and manage payments to support the measures under the ANO that come into force from 30 November 2019. This will require Public Beta to commence from 1 October 2019.
Problem to be solved
CAA are looking for a strategic partner to deliver an online registration service from Discovery through to Public Beta. CAA request suppliers to respond to a tender with a proposal to undertake the Discovery phase, including assessment of target operating model options and also to provide a cost and implementation estimate for undertaking the following Alpha and Beta phases.

The CAA would like the Strategic Partner to suggest an appropriate solution to meet the functional, non-functional requirements. This could include configuring an existing application or building the service.

More details on the legislation can be found here:
Who the users are and what they need to do
Users will be drone operators and remote pilots. They need to register and complete an online competency test.

Additional users will be CAA in the role of administrators and authorised third parties (e.g. police) who will need to be able to access specific data held within the solution.

A list of user groups has been identified as part of the initial Feasibility Review undertaken by the CAA. They will need to be consulted as part of the Discovery phase and the results from the consultation needs to be included as part of the requirements and design of the registration service.
Early market engagement
None has taken place to date.
Any work that’s already been done
A Feasibility Review has been conducted by the CAA and DfT to establish likely planning parameters for the solution required to implement the new service. The review has delivered a baseline set of business requirements and policy assumptions:
• A high level technical blueprint for a modern, scalable and usable public-facing solution;
• A recommended delivery approach and outline plan of delivery timescales; and
• Outline solution delivery and running costs based on assumptions and research.
Existing team
CAA Portfolio Delivery:
• Business Sponsor;
• Product Manager;
• Service Owner;
• Project Manager;
• Procurement Manager;
• Business Analyst; and
• Solution Architect;
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Aviation House (Gatwick)
Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex RH6 0YR


CAA House
45-59 Kingsway
Working arrangements
Based on current assumptions, the Strategic Partner will be required to work full time - five (5) days a week (regular, day time-only) - phased across the project in line with specific delivery requirements.
Security clearance
In line with CAA processes, SC level clearance is required.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
• • The CAA reserves the right to cancel the contract with 4 weeks’ notice (break clause) without cause.
• Supplier performance assessment by the CAA, which will include the requirement to pass the formal GDS Service Assessments (after Alpha and Private Beta phases).
• Alpha and Beta stage phases will be subject to Discovery outcome and CAA approval.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
Complete the Drones Registration Response Template
Nice-to-have skills and experience

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • How the approach or solution meets user and other stakeholder needs
  • Value for money
  • Quality of delivery team proposed resources
  • Proven track record in delivery similar projects
  • Proposed approach and methdology
  • Project plan / estimated timeframes for the work to meet the legsilative deadlines
  • How risks and dependencies have been identified and proposed approach to manage these
Cultural fit criteria
  • The team members need to demonstrate experience in other similar projects
  • Agile delivery – successful and proven track record
  • • Experience of working as a team with our (or similar) organisation and other suppliers
  • Experience of transparent and collaborative decision making
  • Experience of taking responsibility for their work and resolving problems effectively
  • Experience of sharing approach, knowledge and skills with other team members and with the department by example
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. How can I access the Drones Registration Response Template?
Suppliers will be provided with a copy of the Drones Registration Response Template if they email
2. How can I access the Feasibility Study Review?
Suppliers will be sent a copy of the Feasibility Study Review if they email
3. How do I complete the Drones Registration Response Template?
For each relevant question, please provide an initial Yes or No response indicating supplier capability, followed by a brief and succinct summary of the supplier's relevant skills and/or experience. There is no minimum word count - but please keep responses high level and brief.
4. How many users fall under the category of "CAA" in the role of administrator and how many under authorised parties?
CAA expects that it will have a number of administrator roles (based on role based access control model). Authorised parties will be determined through discovery but this is currently estimated as being in the region of 5 users.
5. How do I submit my completed Drones Registration Response Template?
Please email completed Responses to
6. Will "authorised third parties" (e.g. police) need access to case and/or licence data, or will they need to input data?
Authorised third parties will only require access.
7. What is the estimated number of drone licence applications in any one year (including growth forecast), and how many times in one 12 month period would an individual need to login to update their details? Would this be at an annual renewal?
The estimated number of drone registration applications will initially be ascertained through discovery and iterated over the life of the project. Renewal would be every three (3) years.
8. CAA has stated it would like the Strategic Partner to suggest an appropriate solution to meet the functional & non-functional requirements. This could include configuring an existing application or building the service.

Please confirm if CAA is open to the idea of a "SaaS" solution rather than build from scratch? Does CAA wish that Discovery takes a completely technology agnostic approach to asses and review a number of options, or is CAA expecting a supplier to focus on one of either open source or SaaS?
At this point CAA is solution agnostic. The solution to be proposed through the discovery phase.
9. Within the Drones Registration Response Template, what is expected in terms of skills or similar project references?
CAA would like responding suppliers to provide a brief overview of its skills, expertise and reference ability of design, implementing and delivering similar projects to Drones Registration. CAA is looking to understand suppliers practical experience and track record.
10. Please confirm if all work will need to be carried out at CAA's London and Gatwick offices, or whether remote working is permissible, with onsite presence as required.
CAA would consider a flexible working approach to delivery blended between on and offsite working. CAA would however expect onsite presence for key meetings, workshops and reviews.
11. What do you see as the balance between quantative and qualitative research? Are there any specific quantative and qualitative activities that must be included?
Suppliers must propose their suggested research approach that is aligned to the GDS Service Standard guidance and can that address CAA's problem statement. Based upon these two pre-requisites being met, CAA is open to consider any proposed methodology.
12. Will scoring from the evidence stage be taken through to final evaluation scoring? As opposed to being used solely for the purposes of shortlisting?
Evidence provided at this stage will be evaluated separately from tender responses.
13. Is this service expected to be in and therefore follow the design patterns?
This is to be determined during the Discovery phase.
14. CAA state "complete the project Discovery phase", does this meant that the Discovery phase has been started already? If so, have those roles which CAA identify as existing team (Product Manager, Service Owner, Project Manager, Procurement Manager, Business Analyst and Solution Architect) been involved in the Discovery work to date?
To confirm, Discovery phase has not started but CAA has established its core team and have roles in place ready to start.
15. CAA has identified an existing team business Sponsor (Product Manager, Service Owner, Project Manager, Procurement Manager, Business Analyst and Solution Architect) which of these roles are expected to move forwards to complete the Discovery phase?
Within the advert for this requirement, CAA has identified its basic core team members who are all expected to be involved during the Discovery phase, and potentially some extending into Alpha and Beta.
16. Does CAA expect the supplier to take delivery responsibility for achieving necessary outcomes, or alternatively is CAA only looking for suppliers to provide sufficiently qualified people who will work under CAA's direction?
CAA is looking for an outcome based solution to be provided.
17. With respect to the procurement process, what are the steps and dates that CAA expect between 16th August (closing date for applications) and 14th September (latest starting date)?
In accordance with the DoS standard process, next steps will be for receipt and evaluation of expressions of interest, shortlist of suppliers (max 10) to tender stage, issue tender, evaluate responses and award.
18. CAA are looking for a "strategic partner to deliver an online registration service", additionally the ANO requires CAA to also "test remote pilot competencies" and "manage payments". For avoidance of doubt, does the scope of this Discovery and subsequent Alpha and Beta phases cover "test remote pilot competencies" and "manage payments"?
The scope of delivery for Drones Registration will include drone registration, education and testing of pilots. It is anticipated that there will be an interface required to an existing payment service, which is likely to be determined during Discovery.
19. Is this opportunity outside of IR35?
CAA is looking for an outcome based proposal rather than the appointment of individual specialists.
20. Would you like suppliers to provide one example for the evidence stage or multiple?
Suppliers have the option to include their most relevant experience and evident pertinent to this requirement, which may include multiple examples, however responses need to be succinct.
21. In order to compare suppliers, how will price be evaluated?
In accordance with the advert, 30% evaluation weighting is attributed to price. Fixed price proposals for discovery are welcomed and indicative estimates for delivery of later phases (Alpha, Beta and support).
22. Will CAA be able to share the outputs of the Feasibility review with suppliers?
Selective aspects of the Feasibility Study will be shared at the tender stage with shortlisted bidders.
23. Is SC clearance required from the outset or would you accept team members in the process of acquiring SC clearance?
SC clearance will be required from the outset.
24. Has a desired resource profile for the Discovery been identified? If so, can you please share this and indicate which roles a supplier should fulfil.
An outline of the existing CAA resource profile and indicative supplier roles were described in the advert. However, the exact makeup of the supplier team will likely be refined during the tender process with short listed suppliers.
25. Though there is no word count, please can you confirm if you still require the answers in the usual format, client example, what we did, and any results?
Interested suppliers must complete and submit the Response Template to CAA. There is no prescribed word count on the template, but Suppliers are asked complete and return a succinct response.
26. Please can you confirm if you have used any external parties for any other research related to this project?
A feasibility study was undertaken by a third party, of which selected aspects will be shared at tender stage with shortlisted suppliers.
27. Do you intend to change the level of identity verification required, or the methods used to verify users, for pilot registrations and tests?
Identity verification is only proposed to be required for Drone Operators, not Remote Pilots. The level and method for achieving this is likely to be confirmed during Discovery.
28. Who is the current payments provider? Do you intend for this to change?
The current payments provider is a large, well known industry service. There are no plans to change this as part of this project.
29. Do you intend to migrate users from the existing permissions database into the new system?
The current permissions is used where Drone Operators wish to request permission to use their drone for in a manner note ordinarily permitted by the Air Navigation Order (ANO). The new Drone Registration service is legally required to be used by all Drone Operators, regardless of whether they need to apply for a special permission to the CAA. It can be assumed that there will be no migration of permissions database.
30. Do you expect the new service to be hosted under an existing domain, and be made part of the existing websites there? (for example:,;
The hosting for the new service is expected to be determined through Discovery, however is likely to be under or
31. To clarify, are details of registered pilots to be made available for public browsing?
Limited details of registered Drone Operators and Remote Pilots who have completed competency testing are to be available to public browsing.
32. To clarify, is the course content already available for Remote Pilot education courses and examination questions, and have the assessment criteria already been determined? If not, who will be producing this?
Educational syllabus and exam question bank will be developed by the CAA and DfT. The supplier is expected to provide the ability for the CAA to deliver and manage this content
33. Which of the existing team roles are (a) CAA staff, (b) independent contractors, (c.) supplier provided consultants, and if so from which supplier? Which of the existing team members were involved in the feasibility study? Which of the existing team do you intend to be involved in the next phases?
The ‘Existing Team’ listed in the advert are predominantly CAA staff and are envisaged to be involved throughout the project. Some of these were involved in the Feasibility Review, as were other stakeholders in the CAA who will be available to support the delivery.
34. Have technical decisions already been made that will shape the next phases; Where technology decisions have already been made, can the supporting materials be made available to us? Will new/alternative technology approaches be considered?
No technology decisions have been made. A blueprint architecture based on CAA standards exists, however alternative approaches will be considered where appropriate as a result of Discovery findings.
35. Has contact already been made with people for all 5 different types of user; will the team be supported in making contact with people for all user types?
Likely users within the CAA are already represented within the ‘Existing Team’. The supplier will be supported in making contact with the various user groups, however the CAA expects the supplier to be able to explain their approach to user research.
36. How much of the existing content do you expect to include in the new service? Who will write new content, or curate/edit existing content?
Educational syllabus and exam question bank will be developed by the CAA and DfT. The supplier is expected to provide the ability for the CAA to deliver and manage this content.
37. Is the formulation of a Contact Strategy/Communications Strategy in scope? (For example, determining how CAA will alert existing users to service changes, how migrated users will be managed/informed/updated, etc.)
External communications to support launch of the new services are expected to be undertaken by the CAA. The supplier may be asked to input, but will not be expected to deliver these
38. Is the issuing, chasing, collection, etc. of fines/penalties expected to be in scope for this project?
39. What legacy systems or system integrations are expected to be required in the project?
This is expected to be validated during Discovery, and prioritised according to a must do/could do method.
40. For existing users who have already been given permission to fly drones, will the new registration and remote test process (a) re-verify users (b) collect new payment details (c) re-confirm user information previously provided; Or, do you expect the new system to be completely green-field?
The current payments provider is a large, well known industry service. There are no plans to change this as part of this project.
41. What criteria will CAA be using to judge whether an evidence answer 'exceeded' requirements and therefore scores full marks (3)?
CAA will be issuing its initial evaluation criteria of initial expressions of interest by close of business Wednesday 15th August.
42. What criteria will CAA be using to judge whether an evidence answer 'exceeded' requirements and therefore scores full marks (3)?
CAA will be issuing its initial evaluation criteria of initial expressions of interest by close of business Wednesday 15th August.
43. What criteria will CAA be using to judge whether an evidence answer 'exceeded' requirements and therefore scores full marks (3)?
CAA will be issuing its initial evaluation criteria of initial expressions of interest by close of business Wednesday 15th August.
44. Suppliers are requested to provide indicative costs for the Alpha and Beta phases alongside their pricing for the Discovery phase. What criteria will be used to assess the indicative pricing given it is against largely unknown requirements at this stage in the tender process?
Full evaluation process and method will be detailed in the CAA's tender document, however we will be asking shortlisted tenderers to provide an outline price (cost estimate) for Alpha and Beta, which shows the basis of the calculation, any assumptions, justification and any tolerances included.
45. Will there be an additional competition at the end of the Discovery phase for suppliers to tender proposals for the alpha and beta phases, and if so will it be open to all or solely those who were shortlisted for the discovery phase?
The completion of the discovery phase will determine next steps, however at this point CAA is seeking to identify suppliers who are capable of delivering all three phases (discovery, alpha and beta) to safeguard the delivery of the registration programme in line with legislative timescales.
46. Can you confirm what the criteria is for the evaluation of the response template. Do the answers to "must have" questions need to be Yes to be compliant? (Similar to Essential Skills on DOS2) and "should have" equate to "nice to have" skills.
Please see answer to Q43.
47. do all roles need to have SC clearance? Would the CAA support the application for SC Clearance for individuals in Alpha/ Beta phases of the project.
Please see answer to Q23.
48. What time and availability do we have from SMEs to speak to them? specifically on granular questions on the 'remote pilot training and testing' content
SME's will be available, within reasonable bounds, as required by the project team to answer queries around legal, policy and content.
49. Can we ask the rationale behind Azure experience being required?
As detailed in the advert, proven experience of working with Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS (CAA standards) to deliver these online services. This is expected to include use of the CAA's existing instance of MS Dynamics 365 CRM service in Azure.

MS Azure is the CAA's standard cloud technology platform, however we are open to proposals around possible off the shelf or SaaS solutions where appropriate.
50. How is the new registration service intended to work with the existing 'Permission for Commercial Operations' application and registration system?
Please see previous response to Q29
51. Can you provide a list of some of the existing technologies already in use within the CAA (e.g. cloud hosting, development languages, databases, authentication services, DevOps/Continuous deployment.
Please refer to the initial advert where all relevant technology information is provided, but note that currently CAA is solution / technology agonistic.
52. What scoring mechanism will CAA use to evaluate the expression of interest responses?
CAA will use the recommended DoS evaluation scheme to review responses. Responses will be evaluated upon the evidence provided based on score 0 - 3 (0 = not met or no evidence, 1 - partially met, 2 - met and 3 - exceeded).
53. What is the classification of requirements on CAA's response template?
Contact Details - no classification (for information only)
Discovery phase capability - ESSENTIAL
ALPHA / BETA deliver against CAA's problem statement - CORE
ALPHA / BETA support of solution - CORE
BETA integration to public - NICE TO HAVE
Technical (Microsoft Azure) - ESSENTIAL
Experience of Government as a Platform services - NICE TO HAVE
GDS working experience - ESSENTIAL