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Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications
12 SME, 3 large

Completed applications

Completed applications
13 SME, 7 large
Important dates
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Published Friday 6 July 2018
Deadline for asking questions Friday 13 July 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Friday 20 July 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


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Summary of the work To deliver for the new regulatory body for social workers - Social Work England - system integrated end-to-end (GDS compliant) digital services including front-end website and back-office case management/CRM delivered for full testing by April 2019. To include secure service and data transition from the current regulator and interim website.
Latest start date Monday 3 September 2018
Expected contract length 2 years - with an expectation to be extended. Private Beta to be delivered by 01/04/2019
Location No specific location, eg they can work remotely
Organisation the work is for Social Work England (SWE)
Budget range

About the work

About the work
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Why the work is being done SWE will become the new, independent regulator of social workers. It will be a public protection body, setting quality criteria for development of social work standards.

Its services will include: information provision; accessible social workers register; registration and renewal payment of social workers; report and manage concern; enabling professional excellence through education, training and CPD and a directory of approved social work courses. Its regulatory functions are clearly defined.

We need an system integrated hosted GDS compliant digital service and back office case management/CRM delivered for testing in April 2019. Data must be transferred from the current regulator.
Problem to be solved Building on Discovery, deliver integrated end-to-end hosted services including:

Register, registration, renewal
- social worker validation and payment
- check social worker's status

Information provision

Fitness to practice (FTP)
- Raise a social worker concern
- signpost to external routes
- case/process management

Education and training
- Provider course approval
- Approved course directory

- social workers upload their evidence of FTP

Successful secure data and service transition from HCPC and interim website.


Integration to solution components.

Complete private beta version 01/04/2019; iterative improvement and real data will be tested until August 2019 then public beta/maintenance BAU handover.
Who the users are and what they need to do Includingbutnotlimitedto:

As CEO I need to ensure SWE protects the public
As a parent I need to raise a complaint about a social worker
As a local authority I need to check the register of social workers
As a provider I need to get approval from SWE for my course so that it can be accredited
As a social work graduate I need to register as a social worker
As a social worker I need to upload my evidence so that I can show my continued fitness to practise
As SWE I need to take fees from validated social workers
Early market engagement We will hold a short Skype telephone supplier event during this stage of the process to provide further clarification. The details of the event will appear in the clarification Q & A below. Similarly any questions answered will also appear in the clarification section.
Any work that’s already been done Discovery with personas, user needs, prioritised user stories backlog, regulation back-end process maps, requirements for CRM and high level technical solution design.

Cabinet Office spend control approval for Alpha and Private Beta.

An interim website went live in May 2018 for transitional information and to support recruitment .

Research on regulators.

Secondary legislation

User database

Lessons learnt from other regulators

A small team is exploring key user journeys, iterating the user story Jira backlog and understanding additional users to convert to further stories and new personas

A further detail information pack will be provided to shortlisted suppliers.
Existing team Departmental IT oversight, Digital lead, Senior Responsible Owner, business analyst, senior user researcher, branding agency, interim content designers, regulator consultants, subject matter experts, communications manager, DFE/SWE programme manager.

We do not currently have the capability for key data, CRM and technical roles for our alpha and beta including solution architects, support, developers, CRM functional consultants and data architects within the existing team.
Current phase Alpha

Work setup

Work setup
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Address where the work will take place Social Work England will be based in Sheffield but this work does not need to take place in Sheffield.
Working arrangements Reporting into Digital Lead.

Project must be delivered in line with ‘Agile’ delivery including stand-ups, ceremonies etc as per GDS service standards. Back-end processes may be delivered waterfall.

Collaborate with the SWE implementation team to create an inter-organisational team.

Use Jira and other tools enabling cross-site working.

Written status reports

We plan to divide up statements of work with specific outcomes.

This is part of a traditionally delivered programme of work. Formal delivery management with plans, milestones, dependencies, risk logs and other artefacts are required.

Meet DfE/DH/SWE programme, architectural, technical and security standards and governance.

Travel expenses won't be reimbursed.
Security clearance Security clearance is required.

DfE requires all supplier staff to have baseline personnel security standard clearance (BPSS).

To note there will be handling of individual level and aggregate level data which is official sensitive.

The supplier will need to be compliant with the DfE's Departmental Security Standards.

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions We shall have the right to terminate the Contract at any time, by giving 28 days written notice to the Supplier, and DfE's liability thereto shall be limited to costs reasonably incurred by the Supplier up until the termination date only. Suppliers must confirm acceptance of this term.

All IPRs (as defined) in the Project-Specific IPRs and the Deliverables shall vest in the Buyer unconditionally and immediately upon their creation. The Supplier shall procure all necessary permissions or licence from relevant third parties as necessary to allow the Buyer to receive the
Services and use the Deliverables.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Experience of delivering end-to-end hosted digital services including development of website integration with CRM/Case management and customer service process function and set-up and configuration in a circa 6 month development
  • Demonstrable experience of recommending and implementing sustainable and GDS compliant technology and architecture choices for an end to end digital service
  • Demonstrable experience of working as a joint team with commissioning organisation and operating within its governance
  • Experience of delivery including Agile to GDS principles and standards
  • Demonstrable experience of rapid and iterative user research and user experience activities including for users with accessibility and assisted digital needs
  • Demonstrable experience of producing engaging content that meets user needs
  • Demonstrable experience of transfer of data and service from another organisation
  • Experience of integrating systems in a secure, and efficient way, using appropriate architectural patterns and technology to ensure systems are loosely coupled and performant
  • Experience of design and delivery of an end to solution using modern industry standard technical patterns and practices
Nice-to-have skills and experience Demonstrable experience of working and delivering with regulators and health and social care organisations

How suppliers will be evaluated

How suppliers will be evaluated
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How many suppliers to evaluate 5
Proposal criteria
  • Evidence of successfully delivering to time, cost and quality VFM (most economically advantageous tender MEAT) similar digital services and outputs in line with the GDS’s Design Principles and Service Standards
  • Evidence of delivering GDS compliant user research, user experience and service design capability and activities for a digital service during an Agile iterative development
  • Evidence of setting up and configuring a CRM or case management system or similar to deliver the end to end formal processes and therefore services of an organisation
  • Estimated timeframe for the work – demonstrate how work will be organised
  • Evidence of recommending sustainable technology choices and the delivery capability for an end-to-end digital service
  • Evidence of connected iterative web and CRM/ case management development and delivery serving an organisation’s customer service offer and formal processes
  • Evidence of meeting accessibility needs
  • Evidence of producing content as a key part of the user experience that meets user needs
  • Evidence of how you will identify and manage risks and dependencies
  • Evidence of configuring and setting up services to manage and report on data securely and effectively
  • Evidence of integrating systems in a secure, and efficient way, using appropriate architectural patterns and technology to ensure systems are loosely coupled and performant
Cultural fit criteria
  • Demonstrate delivering in traditional governance to keep senior stakeholders sighted, up-to-date and engaged
  • Demonstrate your approach to understanding the organisation goals of the new regulator and the set-up project team and how this digital work will support project success
  • Take responsibility for their work
  • Share knowledge and experience with the SWE team
  • Demonstrate how you will work transparently and collaboratively with the project team and interdependent team including IT infrastructure to form an inter-organisation team
  • Be able to work and communicate with stakeholders with low technical expertise
Payment approach Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. Can you share details of your aforementioned market warm-up event? We will be having a short 30 minute market warm-up session on Tuesday 10/07/2018 to start promptly at 3.35pm. This session is designed to provide more detail on the opportunity and the work done so far.

Please join us by phone:

+442033215238 (Dial-in Number)
Conference ID: 36641814

The SWE team will do introductions but we will not be asking participants to introduce themselves.

If there is time for questions and answers during the session we will publish them on here afterwards.
2. Can you please supply the job description for this role and confirm if all candidates proposed will be interviewed. There isn’t a job description for this service opportunity. We plan to meet with shortlisted suppliers.
3. Please could you confirm who did the Discovery work? The Discovery was delivered in house with a small team of civil servants supplemented by contractors via different suppliers.
4. With the SWE team based in Sheffield, do you anticipate the successful supplier co-locating? Some.

To work effectively we anticipate some face to face contact including when the supplier first starts and for ceremonies including sprint planning. We expect the majority of day to day contact will be remote using effective Skype conference and Jira and other tools.

Bidders may recommend effective ways of working.
5. Hello, Could you share the outputs of the discovery phase? Many thanks “Unfortunately due to the format of DOS we cannot share the outputs of the discovery phase at this stage. We plan to share some of the outputs to shortlisted bidders including the current user story backlog, end of Discovery pack and existing process maps.

To note the Jira backlog currently includes mature user stories for the regulatory processes of registration and fitness to practice products, together with in-depth process maps. We have prioritised user stories for both Education and Training and Finding SWE Information in Excel format. We are currently evolving both the user stories and maps.
6. Do you have a preference for SaaS? Due to the small / medium size of SWE the preference is full SaaS for the digital solutions. Whether this is one or many SaaS products that are interoperable we don’t mind. Our principles are configure rather than customise / build from scratch.
7. How much is the anticipated budget for this work? We have chosen not to state the budget for this work to ensure we can assess quality value for money bids as per our published criteria.

We assume that what’s built could actually be configured Software as a Service and this will assist with value for money.

Similarly much can be gained from regulatory functions and similar products delivered elsewhere.
8. Can you tell us about the user research and IA so far? • 160 + users consulted (interviews & focus groups) from 26 User groups
• 8 user groups still outstanding but in progress – to be completed by mid-August
• Created 13 personas to date
• Converted output of research into user stories which have been prioritised and are being transferred to JIRA
• Creating wireframes around the more mature processes starting with Registration and Fitness to Practice – creating user journeys and forms to be tested with users
• Working on developing other assets to be able to test with user to start defining the IA.
9. You mention using suppliers and contractors throughout discovery. Could you please confirm whether or not any currently engaged suppliers or incumbent suppliers are included or excluded from taking part in this exercise. Could SWE also indicate their attitude towards using COTS CRM platforms in order to achieve their goals and if any were utilised as part of the discovery. Can SWE share the outputs of the discovery phase with shortlisted suppliers? We would consider utilising COTS CRM platforms. Similarly we have preference for configuring and reusing technology and due to the size of Social Work England SaaS over PaaS.

Our only current supplier is a Hays managed service for our user research resourse. They are welcome to apply if they are on the framework. We have no other suppliers engaged.
10. Can the successful supplier use a combination of local, landed and offshore resources to deliver SWEs’ Requirements? Suppliers are free to provide any team configuration, outsourced, blended and cosourced as they see fit, providing they are able to meet the Government and Department's security assurance processes around offshoring.
This would include ensuring that any personal data, and government data is kept within appropriate protective boundaries, and that the data processing and access to data is restricted to people within that boundary. This can be achieved by outsourced and blended teams with the appropriate controls in place, but the supplier would have to demonstrate the appropriate controls to the satisfaction of the departmental security assurance process.
11. Can you tell us about the technical solutions required? The supplier will need to design the architecture of the solutions and the solutions themselves. For example: Registration would likely need the capability of web (public facing interface), payment and register / customer relation / database capability / case management capability.
12. What will be the storage size expectation within the case management and CRM and associated services? This is an important consideration. We currently do not know but cases can have up to 500 artefacts attached to them that will include scanned documents and files of different types.
13. Will the supplier need to clean the data as part of the data transition? The cleaning of data is out of scope of this work and will be managed elsewhere. We expect the data to be as clean as possible when the supplier receives it. However we would expect the supplier to carry out their own data quality assurance checks and make any final changes modifications to ensure the data is in a usable state for their system to function fully and effectively.
14. For data what are the current regulator’s legacy systems? Are they modern? We are having conversations but this is what we know so far:

For education data they are using on premises Dynamics CRM; for registration a Java and SQL system; for case management a custom built solution.
15. Hi, Do you anticipate this new service will be subject to GDS assessment? Suppliers must be able to demonstrate how they will adhere to the Technology Code of Practice in development of any services, and that products are being developed against the Digital Service Standards.

With our exemption we have agreed with GDS that it will be beneficial to have a GDS workshop at the end of phases (rather than formal assessment). However we expect that internal assessments will take place before services move into the next phases which may be similar to GDS assessments.
16. Do you envisage retaining your internal user research capability throughout the project? We are looking for the supplier to provide end to end services including the user research.

A throughout handover will need to take place from the current service.

However, if necessary we can potentially be flexible for the current service to be continued.
17. Can you confirm if you are looking to stay on WordPress CMS are open to suggestions? We are agnostic about the CMS. We are open to suggestions that meet user need and are value for money.
18. Clarification re IPR As an option, we would not charge license fees for our software, but IPR would be retained by us and would not be owned by you. So we would be giving you a free use license but retaining our IPR. Is this acceptable? Does it meet your requirement? We will own the solution design (including architectural diagrams). Further to this, we will own the IPR for any and all additional data models and associated databases design for the solution. However, the IPR of any supplier-provided SaaS components will remain with the supplier.
19. As a result of user research, do you envisage the regulation processes changing? Thanks. UR will inform the way in which SWE sets its internal processes and operations. The regulatory framework determining how Social Work must operate in terms of discharging its regulatory functions is set by Government and includes parliamentary processes to make secondary legislation, which are complete. These regulations set out SWE duties and powers. Within this secondary legislation, SWE has rule making powers – this will allow the regulator to set its operational processes in rules. SWE must consult on these rules and the outcome of these consultations may affect the way in which SWE sets its operational processes and procedures.
20. Could you please clarify your position on retaining IPR on the various deliverables? We will own any software components specifically developed for SWE, including any design/architectural artefacts, data models, database designs, etc. We will retain IPR over any SWE data stored in any software components and will require free and easy access to that data on request. The IPR of any supplier provided software components and non-SWE data stored within the supplied software components (e.g. services consumed in a SaaS model) will remain with the supplier