Awarded to Interact Consulting Limited

Start date: Saturday 3 October 1981
Value: £120,000
Company size: SME
Greater London Authority

GLA Digital Team On-Site User Researcher

8 Incomplete applications

7 SME, 1 large

16 Completed applications

14 SME, 2 large

Important dates

Monday 9 July 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Monday 16 July 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Monday 23 July 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Specialist role
User researcher
Summary of the work
GLA Technology Group wishes to contract with a digital agency to provide a full-time user researcher to be based at City Hall for one year to undertake this important role.

RfP link (for info only at this stage):
Latest start date
Saturday 1 September 2018
Expected contract length
12 months
Organisation the work is for
Greater London Authority
Maximum day rate

About the work

Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
Working within the Digital Team with other researchers.
What the specialist will work on
The key activities for this engagement are to provide:

•User research planning and execution with GLA staff, Londoners and other appropriate representatives of users of GLA digital systems

•Communication of research insights to digital product owner and other stakeholders

•Arrangement of resources for the above

•Training of GLA on user research tools and techniques

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
London, City Hall.
Working arrangements
The base location of the work will be at City Hall where the consultant will be expected to be onsite for the majority of their work. However, there will be occasions when they will need to work off site within the boundaries of London - e.g. when undertaking sessions in dedicated studios, performing “pop up” research, etc.
Security clearance
Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) security clearance

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
Standard Digital Marketplace (digital outcomes and specialist) terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Have baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) security clearance
  • Have experience of working with multidisciplinary Agile teams
  • Have experience of owning every stage of research including session planning, script delivering results to a wide variety of stakeholders preparation and undertaking sessions as well as compiling reports
  • Have experience of leading on recruitment of research candidates
  • Have experience of working with research candidates spanning a range of demographics ensuring minority / hard to reach groups, such as those with accessibility needs, are represented
  • Have experience of working in a wide range of contexts including dedicated labs, guerilla testing and onsite research (businesses, user homes, etc)
  • Have experience of usability testing with a wide variety of prototypes (paper outlines, clickable demos, early software deliveries)
  • Have experience of using of a wide range of user research tools and techniques (e.g. customer experience mapping, etc)
  • Have experience of delivering actionable user research insights in every stage of a project including discovery, delivery and post go-live (for continual iterative improvement)
  • Able to present findings and related design / business recommendations and customer insights to senior decision makers
  • Have experience of providing value-for-money user research with limited budgets
  • Have experience of training other members of staff in user research tools and techniques
  • Keen to evangelise user centered design principles best practice within the GLA
Nice-to-have skills and experience

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
  • Be keen to share knowledge with GLA staff
  • Be able to work with internal organisational staff and the general public
Assessment methods
  • Work history
  • Interview
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. What is the day rate for this role?
Your most competitive rate for a Researcher who has all the specified skills and experience
2. Is the start date flexible? Our candidate can start from 24th Sept.
We're prepared to be flexible for exceptional candidates.
3. Can you please give a little detail on which programme/programmes the user researcher will be working on?
The GLA Digital team works on a wide variety of projects and campaigns.

Examples of projects include Talk London ( and Homes for Londoners (

Examples of campaigns include London Needs you Alive ( and National Park City Week (
4. In the details you state that the "expected" contract length is 12 months. When the contract is issued - will it be > for a full 12 months or 6mths + 6mths?
It's for a full 12 months with the same agency but we'd be okay discussing the possibility of the person undertaking the work changing at the halfway point.
5. Please can you advise as to a budget ceiling so that we can best identify the right person for this role.
We would like Suppliers to submit their most suitable candidate to fulfil all requirements. To ensure commercial value for money, the GLA will not be advising a budget ceiling.
6. Please can you confirm if this role falls inside or outside IR35?
The GLA policy is that the IR35 check is done at the point a tender award decision is made and contractor has been identified. This is before signing the contract or raising a purchase order. The GLA anticipate the role will fall outside of IR35 however this cannot be guaranteed until the HR check has been completed. Therefore any Bidders must be aware and compliant with IR35 regulations.
7. Is there a current incumbent?