Awarded to Sopra Steria Ltd

Start date: Monday 12 November 2018
Value: £2,500,000
Company size: large

HMCTS Digital Change Directorate - Court Store Product Enhancement Team ('PET') & Product Support

3 Incomplete applications

1 SME, 2 large

3 Completed applications

2 SME, 1 large

Important dates

Friday 8 June 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Friday 15 June 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Friday 22 June 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
Delivering 2nd & 3rd line support for a live application as well as ongoing backlog delivery, you must be an organisation with excellent Agile delivery skills and able to rapidly draw on considerable technical expertise to support your on-site team.
Latest start date
Friday 31 August 2018
Expected contract length
24 months
Organisation the work is for
Budget range

About the work

Why the work is being done
• As part of the Crime Programme, the Magistrates’ Court Store application was delivered nationally in March 2016. This application is now part of the live services operated by HMCTS.
• HMCTS Digital Change Directorate (‘DCD’) now requires 2nd and 3rd line support plus delivery of backlog of enhancements for the Magistrates’ Court Store application via a Product Enhancement Team (‘PET’)
Problem to be solved
• The requirement is for:
a)_2nd/3rd line support. This will persist for the full term of the contract; and
b)_Enhancements/backlog delivery. The Backlog is estimated to be sufficient for x1 sprint team for 24 months.
• You must source and run an Agile delivery team. You must provide DevOps services to ensure smooth operation of the build and release process through HMCTS’ SDLC.
• Indicative role classes/functions include but are not limited to:
DevOps Engineer
Developer (Front End|Backend)
Support Function
Who the users are and what they need to do
Function and Purpose of the Solution

Court Store & Bench is a case management data store for HMCTS which enables automated receipt of case paperwork from the CPS, access for third party users (such as Probation and Magistrates), and robust data housekeeping and archiving.
The Court Store provides a store for digital case file information and provides sufficient security, housekeeping, audit and archiving functionality to remove the need to produce a paper case file.
The Bench provides access to specific documents within the Court Store, shared by the court to 3rd Parties, such as Magistrates, via mobile devices.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
Existing team
The team will be working within the Digital Change Directorate ('DCD').
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Assume that all work must take place on MoJ premises.
The primary site is intended to be MoJ, 102 Petty France, Westminster, London, SW1H 9AJ. For tendering purposes assume work will be out of this location.
Work from other London sites may be required from time to time.
Once the service is established, other locations may be in scope/possible (but always co-located team(s)).
Working arrangements
The supplier’s team will be required to work onsite at the primary location working a five (5) day week. The Service is being delivered with the GDS Service Manual (e.g. agile delivery aligned to scrum methodology). For any work performed at a location different to that of the Primary location/London (outside M25), all reasonable travel and expenses costs shall be met in accordance with the rates set out in the MoJ travel and subsistence policy. Expenses will require prior approval from HMCTS before being reimbursed.
Statements of Work will be issued for project phases and typically cover 3-6 months
Security clearance
All supplier resources must have Baseline Personnel Security Check (BPSS) clearance which must be dated within three months of the start date. See for further guidance.
Some roles may require SC security clearance (including but not limited to where access to Live data is required)

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • <0.5pt>E1_Evidenced experience of working in multi-discipline environments delivering digital improvement outcomes (inc. high transaction digital services) to national organisations & working in complex & highly regulated environments.
  • <0.5pt>E2_Evidenced experience of delivering & supporting apps to high security requirements/standards.
  • <1pt>E3_Evidenced experience of Agile app. delivery within large complex environments – demonstrating end to end best practice & approach.
  • <1pt>E4_Evidenced experience of integrating 2nd/3rd line support within Agile process frameworks & for live applications (Opens Source & COTS) within a DevOps type environment.
  • <1pt>E5_Evidence of delivering end to end ticket & incident ownership/management including liaison/interfaces with other support teams & incident reporting ie Root Cause analysis.
  • <3pt>E6_Evidenced experience of operating DevOps & continuous delivery principles in live national scale operations. Reference practices that enable safe, sustainable releases into live production, mitigating risk to existing operations.
  • <2pts>E7_Evidenced experience in migration of a production Cloud service from one Cloud hosting provider to another, without impacting service availability.
  • <2pts>E8_Evidenced experience in application capacity & performance management inc. performance testing, analysis & resolution.
  • <4pts>E9_Evidenced experience in both Postgres Database & OpenLDAP Administration, performance management & DevOps scripting & automation using Ansible.
  • <3pts>E10_Evidenced experience in solution architecture at the Software, Component & Hosting Level
  • <3pts>E11_Evidenced experience of working with multiple cloud vendor technologies & tools (e.g Azure & UKCloud, VMWare)
  • <0.75pt>E12_Evidenced experience in developing for Alfresco product: Specifically examples of having implemented Webscripts, AMPs, Rules, Customisations.
  • <0.75pt>E13_Evidenced experience of supporting the Alfresco Enterprise Edition product stack in a complex production setting.
  • <1pt>E14_Evidenced experience in development & support of an Angular 5 application, consuming RESTful services
  • <0.75pt>E15_Relevantly experienced resources ref><Build tools> Jenkins, Maven & Gradle <Javascript development> jquery, node.js, javascript, Ghostdriver <Applications servers> Tomcat, Linux (CentOS, Redhat) & containers <Collaboration tools> JIRA, Confluence.
  • <0.75pt>E16_Relevantly experienced resources ref><Strong scripting> Python, Perl, Bash <Cloud hosting> Vmware Vcloud director <Cloud design> VM templates, networks, gateways, firewalls, site-to-site VPNs <Load balancers> HAPROXY, Apache Web Server
  • <0.75pt>E17_Relevantly experienced resources ref><Automation> Salt, Ansible,Rundeck <Monitoring> Icinga, Xymon <SCM_tools> Git, Gitlab <Logs/reporting> Kibana, logstash_(ELK). Evidence necessary skillset to deliver sound/release-ready software released via small/frequent pieces of automated effort.
  • <0.75pt>E18_Relevantly experienced resources ref>Security: reverse proxies, security policies, encryption & hardening
  • <0.75pt>E19_Relevantly experienced resources ref>General: ESB Messaging svs, Web_applications on Tomcat&Spring Boot; or commercial JEE application_servers,J2EE, ruby & python, Mule(ESB), Alfresco_One 4.2.*&5.2.*, OpenLDAP, git+git flow, SVN (source control), PostgreSQL, CentOS
  • <0.75pt>E20_Relevantly experienced resources ref>Frontend Development: Spring Boot, Java 8, Angular <Backend Development> Spring Boot, Java 8, Alfresco Webscripts (JavaScript & Java 7), AMPs
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • <1pt>N1_Evidenced, relevant Linux/CentOs competencies (or equivalent): cloud platform. Ensure that you detail the relevance/applicability of any equivalent in your response.
  • <1pt>N2_Evidenced, relevant Linux/CentOs (or equivalent) competencies: application development. Ensure that you detail the relevance/applicability of any equivalent in your response.
  • <1pt>N3_Evidenced use of acquired organisational knowledge to make change recommendations for improving business processes.
  • <1pt>N4_Evidenced, relevant experience of delivering to GDS/Digital by default standards (or equivalent).
  • <1pt>N5_NCSC Cyber Essentials (or equivalent) Accreditation
  • <1pt>N6_ISO27001 Accreditation

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • <3pts>P1_Detail your methodology for delivering both the required support & product enhancement outcomes to Agile process framework principles & to a high quality. Detail a mechanism to flex team size.
  • <3pts>P2_Demonstrate a clear, in-depth understanding of the requirement inc opportunities & hazards. Detail your conceptual understanding of the requirement, inc. an initial service RAID register & detailing any assumptions/dependencies.
  • <1pt>P3_Detail your proposal for mobilisation of the service inc discovery, knowledge transfer, team onboarding/service transfer. Include scenarios for reasonable handover time & no handover time. Detail all materials needed.
  • <2pts>P4_Detail your proposal for delivery of product enhancements to modern software delivery practice including micro-services, SOA compliant design, containerisation, RESTFUL & HATOES design patterns.
  • <2pts>P5_Detail the manner in which you will deliver high quality outcomes to DevOps & continuous delivery principles.
  • <3pts>P6_Detail your proposal for the proper use of Automation in service delivery. Outline the tools used, & your strategy for which aspects of the solution managment to automate
  • <2pts>P7_Detail your proposal for Issue ownership & management from receipt of ticket (from 1st line) to resolution & washup.
  • <1pts>P8_Detail your proposal for continuous improvement & service/technology enhancement inc. transfering core technologies (3rd party) product & roadmap knowledge, making recommendations, planning & executing approved changes.
  • <3pts>P9_Confirm that you will meet the service levels (see draft SoW [to be provided if shortlisted]). Detail the manner in which you will do so.
  • <1pt>P10_Detail your proposal for for providing out-of-hours support if required & for release support (may take place out-of-hours inc weekends/bank holidays). Assume x1 maintenance or release event /wk
  • <1pt>P11_Detail high quality recruitment/screening processes for sourcing suitably skilled resources including commitment to provide high calibre substitutes/replacements (3 week target) & with BPSS or SC clearance.
  • <1pt>P12_Detail the manner in which you will effectively manage the addition, rotation & replacement/substitution of team members without reducing team efficiency & whilst minimising knowledge loss.
  • <1pt>P13_Detail the manner in which you will effectively ensure team retention & minimise staffing churn.
  • <1pt>P14_Detail the manner in which you would effectively manage underperformance of the team or individual team members so as to minimise service delivery impact.
  • <1pt>P15_Demonstrate your ability to stand up your service & team by a) Providing CV’s for your team b) providing a map of team members/skill to service deliverables
  • <1pt>P16_Demonstrate the high quality of your proposed team structure by adding reference contract/ case studies examples, including links to the map of team members / skills.
  • <1pt>P17_Confirm team availability for the contract start date.
  • <1pt>P18_Demonstrate a deep\accessible resource pool by detailing access to resources (short & medium term). Detail proportions of in-house/sub-contract/mix. For any non in-house resources demonstrate supply reliability & good governance.
  • <1pt>P19_Provide up to 3 verifiable, client-focussed case-studies for equivalent services. Cross-reference your wider proposal (inc named resources) with key case-study elements to demonstrate applicability/evidence likely contract delivery/performance quality.
  • <1pt>P20_Detail any value-add that you propose to deliver in terms of general benefit & also of cash value equivalent to HMCTS.
Cultural fit criteria
  • <1pt>C1_Collaborative culture - Evidence/propose solutions for operating blended team(s) with HMCTS &/or 3rd parties. Include scenarios 1) leading 2) not leading 3) Functions held by others e.g. Scrum Master, Testing
  • <1pt>C2_DevOps Culture - Evidence/propose solutions for working to a DevOps ethos demonstrating an exellent appreciation of cultural challenges inherent in organisational/technical change & fast release cycles.
  • <2pt>C3_Collaborative/can-do culture - Evidence/propose solutions for supporting your team(s) with access to a wider/deeper pool of expertise within your organisation inc. flexing team size to solve challenging/P1 issues
  • <1pt>C4_Culture of Social Responsibility - Detail the manner in which you will support HMCTS' social mobility agenda. May include apprenticeship support, use of grads, sponsored hackathons etc
Payment approach
Time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Email to request a supplementary briefing.
2. Is the number indicated next to the questions the scores/weightages?
3. NCSC Cyber Essentials (or equivalent) Accreditation and ISO27001 Accreditation are listed in the nice to have criteria section. Will you favour suppliers with this over suppliers without?
Only to the extent that there is a score attached to the requirement
4. E19 makes reference to more than a dozen technologies. How should we demonstrate we have relevantly experienced resources within the 100 word limit? This question could create a favourable biased towards an incumbent who can simply cite their existing engagement.
We would not expect huge detail. Generally we would expect an assertion that a supplier has the skills experience and high level statement on experience. We acknowledge the restrictions on space and would simply note that they apply equally to all parties.
5. ISO27001 Accreditation is listed as a nice to have. Are organisations who do not have this accreditation wasting their time responding to this opportunity?
This is not a mandatory requirement but there are points available for it. We cannot advise on whether an application would be a waste of time.
6. E14 asks for evidence in development & support of an Angular 5 application. Since Angular 5 was only released late last year this requirement feels overly restrictive. What specific features of Angular 5 are you exploiting?
Angular v5.2.6 as the front end framework (view library)
NgRx v5.1.0 for state management
Webpack v3.11.0 for module bundling
Also utilising the local storage to persist user session details
7. Is there an incumbent supplier currently providing support and enhancement services for the Court Store solution?