Awarded to PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

Start date: Friday 1 June 2018
Value: £3,225,000
Company size: large
NHS Improvement (NHSI) (Monitor will be the contracting body)

NHS Improvement Data & Analytics Product Development & Platform Enhancement

10 Incomplete applications

5 SME, 5 large

20 Completed applications

7 SME, 13 large

Important dates

Thursday 1 March 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Thursday 8 March 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Thursday 15 March 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
The specialist resources required will work in blended teams, gathering requirements, developing, delivering and supporting digital outcomes for programmes of work such as CTP and PFMS. They will act as hands-on role-models playing a key role in delivering NHSI digital systems and improving long-term velocity and quality.
Latest start date
Tuesday 1 May 2018
Expected contract length
Two years.
Organisation the work is for
NHS Improvement (NHSI) (Monitor will be the contracting body)
Budget range
The procurement contract envelope is for up to £3.225m (£1.6125m per annum)
Approved budged for the engagement is currently at £3.225m for the term (£1.6125m per FY) and any increase to this would be subject to additional business case approvals not yet sought.

About the work

Why the work is being done
NHSI is delivering a number of programmes driving cost savings of 5 to 10 billion pounds per annum ensuring the long term viability of the NHS. At the heart of NHSI is the Strategic Information Platform (SIP), a data warehouse providing the single source of truth powering analytical products and services with over 3,000 users, driving decision-making, enabling improvement and timely intervention. This opportunity is to provide the team to run the software development life-cycle from requirements gathering to improve the SIP and deliver analytics and data services powered by it, using agile methodologies and continuous integration and delivery.
Problem to be solved
Staff within NHS organisations and those in NHSI require relevant, timely, robust and accessible insight to drive decision-making.
The analytical insights must be data-driven and locally, regionally and nationally actionable, with best practice and support to assist end-users.
NHS Improvement requires Business Analysis, Project Management, Development, QA and Continuous Delivery expertise to enable a rapid and ongoing shift in the maturity, productivity and Quality of its data services and analytical offerings.

NHSI requires highly competent, specialised resource to rapidly and continuously improve and automate processes for the SIP data warehouse and associated data services and products.
Who the users are and what they need to do
As Director of Data Warehousing & Development, I need highly competent teams to enhance the SIP data warehouse and its satellite applications and services, improving their performance, resilience and scalability to provide data services and analytics capabilities to NHSI, so that strategic initiatives such as Model Hospital, GIRFT, National A&E and Cost Transformation can be rapidly delivered, maintained and continuously improved.

As a member of the Resources Directorate, I need a flexible resource that can improve the core data platform and satellite programmes, delivering measurable business benefit through delivering on product roadmap commitments whilst continuously improving technical capability and processes.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
The SIP Data Warehouse is utilised by vertical and satellite applications such as Model Hospital, Provider Finance Monitoring, GIRFT and the A&E Dashboard. The core infrastructure is on-premise with varying degrees of automation and use of Cloud technologies. Utilising the power of the Microsoft Analytics Platform System, the SIP interacts with other systems, applications and utilities such as Alteryx, Tableau and web applications built using a variety of technologies. The continuous improvement and growth of the SIP platform and its core services and applications is driving decision-making for some of the most high profile improvement programmes in the NHS.
Existing team
Product development teams in NHSI technology and data are comprised of both permanent employees and staff employed by a number of suppliers. In total there are over 60 staff working in product and platform development for NHSI Technology & Data. Approximately half of the current resource are staff employed by suppliers. Teams are cross-functional and blended enabling agile product development and knowledge-sharing while minimising single points of failure.

The successful supplier will be expected to provide key staff to act as role models in this blended setup leading by example as hands-on contributors and mentors.
Current phase
Not applicable

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
An appropriate physical presence within the NHSI office(s) in London and with product teams is required. Remote working will be used when relevant and approved and a hybrid onsite/off-site/offshore model will be considered.
Working arrangements
Continuous improvement and agility through the application of agile tools and techniques in an environment where Quality Assurance is embedded in all processes from requirements gathering to development and delivery. Team members will be expected to work with and play a key role in implementing continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Agile Business analysis and QA through the application of techniques such as BDD will be a key part of this engagement. Automation of all processes from data ingestion to testing and delivery will be a key deliverable. Agile ceremonies and processes will be adhered to and continuously improved through retrospectives.
Security clearance
Satisfactory clearance (Level 2 or above in all requirements) per the NHS IG Toolkit; and confirmation of ICO registration. Supplier's staff will be expected to complete NHS Improvement IG training. Evidence of internal processes and training around IG. IS027001 desirable. Developers required to sign specific NHSI data sharing agreements.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
All IPR shall vest in NHS Improvement. No license or permission to use the artefacts delivered by the Supplier is granted except insofar as to deliver the requirements of NHSI.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrable track record of rapidly improving technical maturity of organisations through effective application of tools, people and processes (30 points)
  • At least five years Agile product development including Business Analysis, Project Management, Development & QA (20 points)
  • Evidence of working in blended teams with clients and other suppliers/partners as technical subject matter experts, delivering change through effective collaboration and leadership (20 points)
  • At least five years of cutting edge development of data services and analytical products using best of breed technologies including the Microsoft stack (20 points)
  • Prior success in delivering highly automated on-premise and cloud-based data warehouses and associated APIs, services and applications (20 points)
  • Experience of implementing, maintaining, enhancing and utilising, highly effective automated testing frameworks (15 points)
  • Experience of building BI visualization dashboards both custom (e.g. AngularJS, ReatcJS, .NET) and off the shelf (e.g. Tableau) (15 points)
  • Ability to work closely and in genuine partnership with key individuals in NHS Improvement (15 points )
  • Proven track record of using data science to deliver competitive advantage and insight to organisations (15 points)
  • Experience of delivering highly scalable and resilient data and analytics system on Microsoft Azure (10 points)
  • Continuous Integration and DevOps experience using a variety of tools and techniques (10 points)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • At least five years experienceyears’ experience of building secure, performant APIs for Big Data / Data Warehouse solutions.
  • Proven track record of defining and implemetingimplementing coding standards and improving code quality iteratively to deliver measurable business benefit.
  • Proven track record in defining and implementing test strategies in agile environments with a high degree of automation.
  • Understanding and experience of using NHS data sets.

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Approach, methodology and evidence of relevant past work as detailed in suppliers' proposal and references (20 points)
  • Relevant expertise and experience of key team members (20 points)
  • Immediate access to team resources with the required skills, knowledge, and experience needed to complete the work including roles and example CVs of typical resources) (15 points)
  • Demonstrate the ability to flex resources rapidly through partnerships to provide niche skill & expertise such as Tableau dashboard design/optimisation or cutting edge Cloud and DevOps technologies (15 points)
  • Demonstrate effective utilisation of on-shore, near-shore and off-shore resources to provide value for money without adversely affecting velocity & quality (15 points)
  • Demonstration of clear and concise understanding of the purpose and objective of the work and its significance to NHS Improvement and the wider NHS (10 points)
  • Ability to concisely frame and articulate the problems we want to solve (10 points)
  • Evidence of successful working in blended teams with clients and other suppliers (10 points)
  • Demonstration of depth of understanding of our requirements (10 points)
  • Relevance and quality of presentation (20 points)
  • Demonstration of a relevant case study as part of the interview aligned to our requirements (20 points)
  • Answers to questions during the interview/presentation stage (10 points)
  • Value for money (15 points)
  • Price will be assessed on the projected velocity and quality of delivery of a like-for-like resource profile which shortlisted suppliers will return as part of their proposal
Cultural fit criteria
  • Work as a "one team" with our organisation and other suppliers (20 points)
  • Share knowledge and experience with other team members (20 points)
  • Agile and flexible to changing/uncertain requirements (20 points)
  • Transparent and collaborative when making decisions (20 points)
  • Experience in developing an agile working culture (10 points)
  • Challenge the status quo (10 points)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

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