Start date: Monday 2 April 2018
Value: £439,400
Company size: SME
City Of Bradford Metropolitan Council (CBMDC)

Digital Transformation Partner

19 Incomplete applications

16 SME, 3 large

18 Completed applications

11 SME, 7 large

Important dates

Wednesday 24 January 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 31 January 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 7 February 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
To partner with an expert in designing services for the digital age to i) deliver significant efficiency savings ii) redesign services to be customer centric/relevant to the districts changing needs iii) redesign services to be digitally enabled/improve customer satisfaction, and iv) assist in developing an internal culture and skill set.
Latest start date
Monday 2 April 2018
Expected contract length
18 months
Yorkshire and the Humber
Organisation the work is for
City Of Bradford Metropolitan Council (CBMDC)
Budget range

About the work

Why the work is being done
The Council needs to make savings, increase efficiency and also meet the expectations of the districts citizens in delivering services which are centered around their needs. It wishes to take an agile service design approach to transformation in order to make significant and accelerated progress to meet these key aims. this work will directly contribute to the outcomes defined in the Councils Plan and assist in delivering the £30.7m savings by 2020.
Problem to be solved
The Council needs to save money, become more efficient whilst enhancing the experience of customers and staff. Many processes and interactions involve traditional interventions. The customer and staff experience can be fragmented with no consistent digital delivery across services. The mindset in many areas remains a legacy delivery model and considerable changes need to be made to processes, being truly customer centric and addressing digital skills. Key target services are yet to be defined but candidates for redesign will include adult and children's social care. We are looking to increase design and change capacity and capability for digitally led transformation.
Who the users are and what they need to do
As a citizen, visitor, customer or business I want to engage with the Council in my own way at my own convenience. As an elected member I need to engage with my community, have information to make decisions and understand any issues. As a member of staff I need to work flexibly, be empowered and rewarded for my work. I also need to work in an open and transparent environment. As a partner I need to work collaboratively, have a shared vision for the place of Bradford and be clear on roles and responsibilities.
Early market engagement
Meetings have been held with four potential suppliers to discuss their approach and credentials in relation to: organisational design and transformation; digital development and improvements; and how service design has improved specific organisations. This included case studies of work which suppliers have undertaken for other organisations. This early market engagement has helped shape our thinking and shifted our focus from redesigning existing services to make them more efficient, to considering the art of the possible to redesign services end to end, back to front and in all channels. By truly putting the customer at the heart of defining the problem, this is expected to lead to the potential for more fundamental organisational transformation.
Any work that’s already been done
We have run Discoveries in Housing Options and Revenue and Benefits to determine the benefits of an agile user centric design approach. The Housing Options work has resulted in some internal development work and a well defined set of requirements that are currently out to tender. The Revenues and Benefits work resulted in a better understanding of the customer journey and provided the basis for a future self service portal procurement.
Existing team
The Council has an existing Programme Management team who are aligned with outcome work streams and oversee the Outcome and Budget delivery plans. We see this as needing to be supplemented by change agents to collaborate with the services on transformation projects. Each service has multiple project managers who work predominantly using the waterfall method. The IT service has a number of agile trained staff who have also worked on our other discovery projects.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
City Of Bradford Metropolitan Council (CBMDC), Bradford, BD1
Working arrangements
On site, in services, with users and with our internal teams as much as possible.
Security clearance
Where working directly and independently with vulnerable people the providers staff may need to hold DBS clearance. In the absence of this, staff from the relevant service areas would need to be present and need to be considered as part of the work.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
Payment for work packages is expected to be scheduled in line with the delivery of key milestones with a final payment on successful completion and sign off by the Digital Programme Strategic Board. Where appropriate payment will also be contingent on agreed transformational savings being met. Subsequent work defined in the discovery and alpha stages may be subject to a further procurement process.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • 2% Demonstrable experience of delivering agile based service discovery and alpha outcomes to support complex transformation/ delivery of savings in a large-scale delivery enviroment. Please include a reference contract
  • 2% Have experience of deploying an effective culturally integrated team to hit the ground running on the required date that consistently delivers to plan.
  • 2% Demonstrate expertise in agile service discovery, alpha outcomes, transformation/savings in areas such as adults & children's social care. Including experience in change management, driving internal/external culture and behaviour change
  • 2% Have proven ability to lead and coach public sector organisations through the digital transformation process aligned with the agile service design methodololgy
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • 1% Demonstrate experience of holding innovation labs
  • 1% Demonstrate experience of the wider smarter cities agenda

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • 14% Please describe how your approach and methodology meets our needs?
  • 13 % Please Provide a case study to demonstrate how your approach meets users needs
  • 13% Please describe your experience of delivering large scale savings through digital transformation projects in tight time frames
Cultural fit criteria
  • 10% Have demonstrable experience of working as part of a team within an organisation and outline your style & approach to challenging the status quo.
  • 10% Provide an example of where you have worked transparently & collaboratively when making decisions and recommendations
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. With whom did you have the early market engagement and can you please share the input/output of that process
We have had broad discussions with PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, FutureGov and Kainos on how they have worked on similar contracts. The inputs are as per tender, the outputs have helped refine the tender.
2. What measures will you take to ensure that the candidates applying will be marked fairly against the four mentioned suppliers
All bids will be marked in line with the scoring criteria provided to bidders. The evaluation panel will be made up of 3 members, 2 of whom were not involved in the early engagement. Any information provided to CBMDC as part of the early engagement will not be considered in the evaluation. The assessment methods published (i.e: written response, case study etc...) will be the only information taken in to account in reaching a score.
3. You mention two discoveries that you have already started. Are you looking to run a discovery within the Adult and Child social care space, or run several discoveries in parallel (one of which would be the Adults and children social care discovery?
We’ve already completed discoveries in housing and r&b. nothing currently ongoing or planned and we would work with the successful bidder to identify discovery opportunities
4. What is the budget for this piece of work
The Council has considered this and determined a budget now due to several clarification in this process and can confirm it has a budget of up to £0.5m.
5. Once yourself and the supplier had worked out where discoveries could take place, would these be put out to tender
As per the information provided, this work will cover identification of discoveries, the discovery and alpha phase delivery.
6. How were the four organisations spoken to selected? What information was supplied to these organisations to inform discussions and could this be shared with interested bidders? • To what extend have the organisations spoken had a direct input to the specification? • Is there a preference for any particular approach put forward by the providers spoken to? • Is there anything that emerged from those conversations which the Council would not wish to see reflected in other bidders submissions?
he organisations were selcted as they are part of an established Networking group. The converstaions were high level and no information other than that provided to all bidders in this process was provided. The organisations have had no direct input in to shaping the requirments. The converstaions have support the shaping of our thinking from redesign to an end to end design which is reflected in the information provided to bidder. The council has no preference for any particular approach. There was nothing which emergaed that the council would not wish to see reflected in any bidders submission.
7. Has the Council worked with any organisation to date on development of the digital agenda? If so, what is the outcome of this work? • Has the Council done any initial work on digital beyond that summarised in the request and what were the outcomes of this? • Has the Council determined a budget for the discover / alpha phase
The Council has not worked with any organsiation to date on development of the digital agenda. The Council has not done any initial work on digital beyond that summarised in this process. The Council has considered and determined a budget now due to several clarification in this process and can confirm it has a budget of up to £0.5m.
8. The contract length is stated as 18 months. Can you confirm what additional outcomes (over and above discovery to alpha) are to be delivered in the that timescale, and what additional budget (over the £0.5m) has been set aside for these other outcomes?
No additional outcomes to be delivered in the timescale. We expect spend to save business cases to be generated through the discovery and alpha phases that may lead to additional investment. Nothing has currently been set aside.
9. Can you confirm the budget stated of £0.5m is to cover all three items mentioned in question 5: identification of discoveries, the discovery and the alpha phase delivery? Can you confirm the anticipated timescale for delivering these outcomes?
Confirmed. Timescale to be determined during the initiation phase, maximum 18 months.
10. Can you confirm the only questions which need to be submitted by 7th February are the 4x essential skills and experience and 2x nice to have questions
11. 1. Will understanding the digital skills gaps and coaching needs of CBMDC staff be part of Discovery
12. 2. Do you have in mind any specific outputs or outcomes from the initial Discovery phase?[
] This will depend on the type of service but as a minimum we would expect the products as defined by the GDS Agile Delivery Manual.
13. 3. Are you ultimately looking for a single provider to deliver all outcomes or open to joint bid and/or partnering with multiple suppliers
We are looking for a single partner to head up the bid, any partnerships should be well established