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Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications
6 SME, 4 large

Completed applications

Completed applications
11 SME, 9 large
Important dates
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Published Thursday 3 August 2017
Deadline for asking questions Thursday 10 August 2017 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Thursday 17 August 2017 at 11:59pm GMT


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Summary of the work Delivery partners required for digital transformation outcomes aligned to NHS Digital and Paperless 2020 delivery portfolio
Latest start date Monday 2 October 2017
Expected contract length Until 30 Nov 2018 with option to extend up to a maximum of two years (Initial SOW for 6 months).
Location London
Organisation the work is for NHS Digital
Budget range The Call-Off contract will have a maximum value of up to £28m per annum. This cap is the cumulative total of spend approval across all NHS Digital DOS suppliers up to 30 November 2018. Therefore, this is the cumulative aggregate spend across all such suppliers and is not indicative of the spend under this proposed Call-Off Contract. Each Statement of Work shall detail the allocated spend to that particular project.

About the work

About the work
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Why the work is being done To meet business demands a procurement is required for outcome based cross-programme services. NHS Digital is seeking suppliers to deliver outcomes to support a number of programmes which are part of Paperless 2020. This Statement of Work (SOW) will establish a call-off contract through which this SOW will be awarded and used for future allocation of SOW's. This will allow the Suppliers to deliver development services pursuant to SOWs agreed under this Call-Off Contract. Services may be delivered across any of the Buyers existing Portfolio of Programmes. SOW's will not be exclusive to any Supplier or Framework.
Problem to be solved The Buyer requires development partners, with specialist skills in transformation of large scale public facing digital services, to assist the Buyer in the development of quality digital outcomes for a portfolio of programmes, including those that fall under Paperless 2020. Such programmes span across a number of areas of the digital health and social care landscape and by way of example could include solutions that cover work in the areas of helping people manage their health and healthcare
Who the users are and what they need to do Examples:
As a person moving home, I need to register with a GP, so as to get access to primary care services
As a citizen/patient, I need to access quality, trusted healthcare content, campaigns and services; so as to help me manage my health and healthcare
As a GP, I need access to quality content, campaings and services, so as to refer my patients to digital services that can help them manage their healthcare
As a patient/citizen, I want to know that the healthcare services in my area are providing high quality, safety, and value for money
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done Paperless 2020 is an established portfolio with programmes working on different outcomes, organised in 10 domains. Domain A, as an example, has 5 programmes aligned to nhs.uk; delivering personal health record and citizen identity services; apps and wearables; widening digital participation; and wifi. The programmes are delivering a mix of content, campaigns and services, at varying stages of maturity, using multi-discipline teams and agile methodologies. The programmes have multiple workstreams at different stages. These build up through a process of initial discovery and subsequent alpha, beta and live stages, aligned to principles from the digital by default service standard
Existing team The Suppliers will be working with the Buyer's incumbent development teams and with other third party suppliers
Current phase Not applicable

Work setup

Work setup
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Address where the work will take place Primarily based out of NHS Digital's offices in London (currently Buckingham Palace Road), however the Supplier may also be required to work in other NHS Digital offices in Leeds (currently Bridgewater Place)
and Exeter.

While we value co-location as our primary mode of delivery, we also expect a proportion of the work to be delivered using distributed agile methods
Working arrangements Working with the on-site team as specified in the statement of work, with options available for distributed agile working at the Buyer's discretion. This is required for collaborative working and security reasons. No expenses shall be paid for working at allocated base NHS Digital location. Expenses will be paid in line with the contract schedule 1G if required to work at a different location
Security clearance As per security requirements as defined in the Digital Outcomes and specialist 2 Framework Agreement Call-Off Contract together with any additional requirements as detailed in the SOW

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions Additional terms are outlined in the draft call-off contract.

See instruction document published on NHS Digital eSourcing suite, Delta Access Ref: ZB377HREM9. Delta Link: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Have evidence of successfully delivering 5 or more service transformation projects for high volume, high availability digital services
  • Have evidence of working in blended, multi-discipline, multi-vendor team environments focused on meeting user needs using agile methodologies and delivering digital improvement outcomes
  • Have evidence of effective service design to inform and drive business change in the context of service transformation for high volume, high availability digital services for the public sector
  • Have evidence of working with cloud vendor technologies and tools to support cloud adoption and secure communication between cloud providers and integration with on-premise services
  • Have evidence of successfully delivering high volume high availability digital services in accordance with the Digital Service Standard, including passing appropriate Service Standard assessments (Alpha, Beta and Live)
  • Demonstrable depth of resource and expertise to supply all team roles as recommended by the Digital Service Standard for each phase of service delivery (Discovery to Live)
  • Have evidence of providing additional and/or value added activities when acting in the role of a partner supplier
  • Have evidence of enablement of government department ‘in-house’ teams, building sustainable in-house capability to support, operate and improve digital services
  • Have experience of successfully integrating digital services with Government platforms, such as Verify and Notify
  • Have evidence of efficiently and successfully operating distributed Agile delivery teams in the delivery of public sector digital services involving both on-site and off-site teams
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Have evidence of successful delivery of digital service and transformation solutions into healthcare settings
  • Have evidence of meeting the needs of the NHS IG Toolkit and complying to N3 or HSCN connectivity requirements

How suppliers will be evaluated

How suppliers will be evaluated
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How many suppliers to evaluate 5
Proposal criteria See instruction document published on NHS Digital eSourcing suite, Delta Access Ref: ZB377HREM9. Delta Link: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/
Cultural fit criteria See instruction document published on NHS Digital eSourcing suite, Delta Access Ref: ZB377HREM9. Delta Link: https://www.delta-esourcing.com/
Payment approach Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. The following opportunities appear to have the exact same wording for the requirements apart from being called Lot 1 & Lot 2. Is this clarified in the additional documentation on the Delta Portal? If so neither of the opportunities are open, please could you open them? The digital marketplace requirement is the same but we are looking to appoint two additional vendors (with the capacity/capability to support Domain A needs). So same requirement, goal is to appoint two vendors aligned with this area
2. The procurement documents mention you've already procured some aspects of the Digital Delivery lifecycle, and that you are intending on procuring more of the Call-Off-Contracts (similar to the Discovery one within this opportunity). You also say that you will NOT award more than one Call-Off-Contract to any one supplier. Can you help us to understand what you already have in place and what you have yet to procure? There are five opportunities in total, including this one, and shortlisted suppliers will be asked to express their preference regarding the call-off contract/SOW they would prioritise:





3. If a supplier has submitted an application for: DDC Discovery access to NHS Service Information by urgent care professionals National Record Locator Service, will we receive feedback on the outcome of these applications before the deadline for submission of this application? If possible it would be useful to know (a) outcomes and (b) feedback on previous responses before submission. Successful suppliers will not receive feedback following the shortlisting. Unsuccessful suppliers will receive feedback when they are notified they have not been shortlisted.