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Incomplete applications

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Completed applications
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Important dates
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Published Friday 7 July 2017
Deadline for asking questions Friday 14 July 2017 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Friday 21 July 2017 at 11:59pm GMT


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Summary of the work Recruitment of participants for London based user research days for a new digital passport service which allows members of the public to renew their British passport online
Location London
Research dates Between September 2017 and June 2019. Exact dates to be confirmed
Organisation the work is for Her Majesty's Passport Office
Budget range

About the work

About the work
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Early market engagement None

About the research

About the research
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Description of your participants • All to live in the UK and be British nationals
• All to hold a current British passport
• None to have a lost, stolen or damaged passport
• All to be fluent in English
• None to be dual nationals
• Even split of gender
• All must be 26 years or older
• Spread of ages and socio-economic groups
• 50% of participants to demonstrate low levels of digital/online skills and
• confidence
• Nobody to be involved in designing or building websites, or any other
• digital products or services
• Nobody to work as a photographer or in photographic services.
• All must be willing to have the research sessions recorded on video
Assisted digital and accessibility requirements We require our supplier to recruit assisted digital users - people with extremely low confidence and skills at completing online tasks
Research plan We will be running regular lab based research days usually London based. Each lab day will comprise of three 1 - to - 1 usability test sessions lasting 60 minutes each. The recruitment provider would need to recruit for these days as and when needed rather according to a fixed and pre-determined schedule.
Research location A London based research lab is expected to be used. The exact location to be communicated as each brief is provided
Access restrictions at location None
Number of research rounds We will commit to 10 rounds but need a provider with flexibility to provide up to 100 research days
Number of participants per round A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 participants per day, plus one all day spare.
How often research will happen No set schedule and flexibility will be required. We will give 10 working days notice. During peak times we may require two rounds of research to be recruited for in a week.
Evening or weekend research

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Able to recruit against the requirements in the general recruitment spec. (10 points)
  • Able to produce screener for recruitment (3 points)
  • Able to provide regular (daily) updates on recruitment progress (3 points)
  • Will provide a document with participant profiles for review (3 points)
  • Will replace drop outs or wrongly recruited without extra charge (3 points)
  • Will handle payment of incentives to participants (3 points)
  • Able to recruit target profiles in the London area (5 points)
  • Able to recruit the target profiles nationwide (around the UK) (3 points)
  • Able to recruit Adults aged 16 -25 (3 points)
  • Able to recruit genuine assisted digital users (5 points)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Check quality of recruits by phone (2 points)
  • Confirm attendance prior to each session (e.g. night before or morning before) (2 points)
  • Recruit parents with children under 16 (1 point)
  • Recruit dual nationals living in the UK (1 point)
  • Recruit participants who have changed name by marriage (1 point)
  • Recruit participants who have changed name by deedpoll (1 point)
  • Recruit lost/stolen passport holders with aid of HMPO list (1 point)
  • Recruit damaged passport holders with aid of HMPO list (1 point)
  • Recruit overseas British citizens with aid of HMPO list (1 point)

How suppliers will be evaluated

How suppliers will be evaluated
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How many suppliers to evaluate 5
Proposal criteria
  • Ability to recruit target profiles
  • Approach and methodology
  • How the solution meets user needs
  • Approach to risk management
Assessment methods Written proposal
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence






Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. When will the supplier be awarded the work? We are planning to award the contract at the end of August 2017 with the contract commencing on the 4th September 2017
2. At what point are we able to share our proposed quote for the work? Suppliers are asked to state: •if they can meet the essential skills and experience requirements •if they can meet the nice-to-have skills and experience requirements •provide evidence for the skills and experience they say they have. Based on this, we will then produce a shortlist of suppliers and ask for them for detailed proposals and evaluate to find the one that best meets our requirements. The indicative date for the request for proposals is 28th July 2017.