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Digital Transformation Programme (TRIPOD) Scrum Team Services

Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications
11 SME, 6 large

Completed applications

Completed applications
16 SME, 6 large
Important dates
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Published Monday 5 June 2017
Deadline for asking questions Monday 12 June 2017 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Monday 19 June 2017 at 11:59pm GMT


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Summary of the work A 2 year contract to provide Scrum Team services to assist in delivering new digital services and systems as part of the TRIPOD portfolio. We are looking to partner with a supplier who will add value in developing in-house capability, including skills and knowledge transfer, and provide continuity of service.
Latest start date Saturday 15 July 2017
Expected contract length 2 years but will be dependent on speed of delivery of the TRIPOD portfolio, as such may be shorter
Location Wales
Organisation the work is for Intellectual Property Office
Budget range £500k to £1.5m although exact budgets are yet to be defined.

About the work

About the work
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Why the work is being done The IPO is transforming its customer services and back office processes through a portfolio called TRIPOD (Transforming the IPO Digitally). This will result in the introduction of a number of new digital systems. Migration to these new systems is complex, demanding a series of transitional states from old to new. New systems, solutions and applications are developed and integrated into operational status in accordance with a well-defined service transition process. We require a supplier who can add value to this portfolio through the provision of suitably skilled roles and resources to form Scrum Teams to work with IPO teams.
Problem to be solved The IPO is seeking to partner with a supplier in order to effectively resource and support the introduction of new digital platforms as part of the TRIPOD portfolio. A single supplier is sought to provide Scrum teams to consist of a Scrum Master, Solution Architect, Developer & Tester resource for each project. The current projects under consideration for this - Online Deposit Accounts, Patent Renewals, Identity and Access Management (IDAM). The supplier will ensure continuity of service between Statements of Work and develop a strong working relationship that allows skills and knowledge transfer to take place to in-house teams.
Who the users are and what they need to do The breadth of scope of the TRIPOD portfolio to transform its customer services and back office processes, the users affected will be our external customers and internal staff across the IPO.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
Existing team Core project and continuous improvement teams include: SRO, Product Owner, Developers and Testers, User Experience Specialists, Business Users and IT key staff.
Current phase Not applicable

Work setup

Work setup
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Address where the work will take place Intellectual Property Office, Cardiff Road, Newport, NP10 8QQ
Working arrangements The SCRUM Teams will work as an agile delivery team working to the Portfolio Manager & SRO for tasks and ways of working. Work pattern will be standard office hours Monday to Friday (40 hours per week), however it is expected that a flexible approach will be taken and agreed between the IPO and successful supplier as each SoW is agreed throughout the life of the contract.
Security clearance SC Cleared, or willingness to work towards SC clearance

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Have demonstrable experience of providing the relevant skills, roles and resources against a variety of technologies required to form a Scrum Team, particularly those roles listed in this requirement
  • Have demonstrable experience of collaborative working with existing ‘in-house’ teams, including coaching and mentoring, and knowledge sharing.
  • Have demonstrable experience of successfully understanding user needs and designing services to support them
  • Have demonstrable experience of successfully developing using a pragmatic Agile and other programme methodologies and practices.
  • Have demonstrable experience of scaling up and down teams to accommodate either new requirements, or changes within the delivery pipeline.
  • Have demonstrable experience of providing additional and/or value added activities when acting in the role of a partner supplier to an organisation
  • Must have demonstrable experience of merging capabilities across teams
Nice-to-have skills and experience

How suppliers will be evaluated

How suppliers will be evaluated
Opportunity attribute name Opportunity attribute value
How many suppliers to evaluate 5
Proposal criteria
  • Details of resource capacity and how this is flexed in response to client demand
  • Case study evidence of delivery of similar services to similar clients, public sector preferred.
  • Day rates for proposed resources and how these demonstrate value for money.
  • Overall approach and methodology to meet requirements
  • Ability to meet published essential skills and requirements
Cultural fit criteria
  • Have excellent communication skills with staff at all levels of the organisation
  • Be positive and professional in their attitude
  • Will take responsibility for their work
  • Be willing to collaborate and partner, including with other suppliers
  • Be transparent and collaborative with all stakeholders
  • Proactively share knowledge and experiences with members of team
  • Be innovative and promote ideas and suggestions as applicable
  • Attempt to achieve value for money in all activities
Payment approach Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. Is it essential that the work take place on-site in Newport, or can it take place at the supplier's site? All work must take place on-site in Newport.
2. Can you confirm that this work is considered to be outside of IR35? It is anticipated this work will be outside of IR35.
3. Could you clarify what is meant by "merging capabilities across teams" in the last required essential skill and experience? This means the ability to enable individuals from the IPO business areas to take on knowledge/expertise as part of the scrum team, for the duration of the project and to ensure continuity of the work after completion.
4. Will the supplier be responsible for the delivery of each project outcome, while still working collaboratively with, and transferring knowledge to, the Core project and continuous improvement teams? Yes the supplier will be responsible but under the direction of the Portfolio Manager and project SRO.
5. You mention that “a flexible approach will be taken and agreed between the IPO and successful supplier”. Once work has commenced and team culture established, are you open to an element of off-site working from supplier base locations, while still being on-site 3-4 days per week? We would be looking for a minimum of 4 days when and if the project is on time, in scope etc and subject to the approval of the SRO.
6. Which roles within the teams will the IPO fulfil? IPO roles - SRO, Product Owner, UX team, Customer Liaison
7. How will the time and materials and so price, be capped? Will it be by time or against deliverables in the SoW? How much flexibility is needed around the teams and the individuals working at Newport? I understand this is against deliverables but each project is governed by the time set for each phase it will operate in e.g Discovery is 4-6 weeks, Alpha is usually 12-16 weeks etc
8. Is there a web-ex planned for this procurement? No we not looking to host a web-ex.
9. Can IPO outline what roles make-up the current in-house team(s)? SRO, Product Owner, UX team, Customer Liaison team – all teams overseen by the SRO of TRIPOD and Portfolio Manager.
10. Can IPO give an indication of how many Scrum Team members they anticipate needing across all projects as part of this proposal? On all the projects mentioned the supplier will need to provide
Solution Architect
Scrum Master
Developer (minimum 1)
Tester (minimum 1)
11. Will all the resources be expected to start at the same time? If so, when is this expected start date? Within each team / project - all resources will be expected to start together. We anticipate a start date of 10th July or sooner if possible.
12. Can IPO outline which areas they anticipate needing the supplier to provide coaching and mentoring? This is a transfer of knowledge to in-house staff – not a coaching / mentoring role- as the project is completing and before the supplier resources complete a project.
13. Are you expecting to align delivery of this program with the GDS Service Standard? If so, would experience of delivering to GDS standards be considered essential? Yes this is delivered according to GDS standard and knowledge/experience of this would be welcome.
14. Do you have a preferred technology stack, or are you open to options for each project? We have a few technology stacks including java/scala and dot net. It is dependant on each project.
15. Will all teams be required for immediate deployment on the latest start date or could there be a phased introduction? This is likely to be a phased approach
16. In the summary of work you mention the 'new digital services and systems' to be implemented. Can IPO outline how many digital services and systems are being migrated, and which ones in particular are under consideration for this proposal? The detail has been provided in the criteria.
17. Can IPO outline what work has been done to date on the design of new digital services and systems? What is the expected timeline for the migration of services? And can you share the service transition process mentioned above? The timeline will be determined by the work. Some Discovery work has been completed.
18. How does IPO anticipate that the scrum teams provided will work with the existing delivery teams? Will work with existing teams as part of the same portfolio.
19. Can IPO outline what delivery stage each mentioned project is at? E.g. Discovery/Alpha/Beta/Live. Are the projects following the Agile delivery lifecyle? Yes they have commenced and are either in Discovery or Alpha.
20. Are there any other suppliers already involved in delivery of the TRIPOD portfolio? If so who is this supplier and what services are they providing? Only suppliers providing solutions, not resources. Not naming suppliers.
21. Is there any resistance to Agile in the organisation? No resistance.
22. Are the systems all green field developments or is there a need to adapt existing legacy systems and address the technical debt that these carry? A mixture of both.
23. The overview refers to a series of transitional states from old to new. Is there a roadmap for these transitions already in place, or is part of the brief to develop this roadmap? A roadmap exists which details and is managed by the Portfolio Manager.
24. What tooling is currently in place, e.g. Agile Lifecycle Management, source code management, continuous build, automated test and continuous deployment? If the tools aren't in place, are there plans to invest in such tooling? Tooling is in place and will be confirmed as the Procurement advances.
25. What would success look like for this project, at a high level what is the business value that it aims to achieve? Projects have been delivered in time on budget to the approval of the TRIPOD board and knowledge etc transferred to in-house teams.
26. Is there a fully empowered, decisive and knowledgeable Product Owner in place? Yes there will be.
27. Is there an Executive Sponsor who understands and believes in Agile principles and values, and promotes these at the Executive level? Yes
28. What technology stack do these new digital systems sit on? We have a few technology stacks including java/scala and dot net. It is dependant on each project.
29. For knowledge and skills transfer can you define the make up and structure of the internal teams that would be receiving this? This would be the other roles on the projects plus the in-house team that will be responsible at project end.
30. What is the level of Agile maturity in the current internal teams? - are they all skilled Agile practitioners? - do they self-organise? - are they multi-skilled? - do they deliver functioning software at the end of every iteration? Currently there is a high level of maturity but no practitioners. Teams currently self-organise and are multi skilled. We would expect the supplier to meet the same.
31. Are the internal teams all co-located. If not are they all on-shore or is there any off-shore development? Project teams are co-located.
32. Have the projects under consideration commenced? If so, what stage is each at (Discovery/Alpha/Beta) and are any suppliers already engaged on them? Yes they have commenced and are either in Discovery or Alpha.
33. Can you please share the roadmap described in Q23? Either at this stage or with short-listed suppliers? This will be shared with the short-listed suppliers.
34. Why do need SC clearance? What roles within the team would you consider for other security clearances? It is policy that staff working in/for the IT department have SC clearance.
35. Would you expect supplier to provide different teams for Online Deposit Accounts, Patent Renewals, IDAM projects since they are phased? Are you expecting any part of these projects to run simultaneously, so that IPO may require more than 1 team from the selected supplier? Yes different teams are expected and they will be running simulaneously.
36. Would there be a gap between the projects being executed in the phased manner? Gaps are only anticipated where spend control has to be approved by GDS. Preparation for this would start to take place in plenty of time to reduce the gap.
37. How do decisions of strategic level / recent political changes effect the active projects mentioned in this notice? The projects will continue.
38. What kind of tools do you currently use / envisage using for your Knowledge retention? This will be shared with the short-listed suppliers.
39. Do you currently have a high level resource plan for the Scrum teams? Yes
40. Can you confirm that merging capabilities between teams refers to merging code written by multiple developers. Yes
41. Do you have an incumbent supplier or proposal that you are looking to replace/challenge with this ITT? No incumbent supplier or proposal.
42. There are many different methodologies for delivering agile projects. Do you have a particular approach to agile you are looking to work with e.g. SAFe? We are open to different methods but the team would need to work with and agree approaches with the TRIPOD portfolio manager.
43. Many organisations implement Agile to reduce rework. Is the IPO also looking for partners who can add value by streamlining operations? Yes
44. Has the process, resources (internal and external) and timescales been agreed with stakeholders at this stage? Yes
45. As part of this process, will we be allowed to meet stakeholders to understand what key decision makers see as a successful outcome for this engagement and how to best approach the project – both technically and commercially? Yes. During evaluation of shortlisted suppliers.
46. Please advise if an official project plan is available with indicative timescales for delivery? This would be shared with shortlisted suppliers.
47. To help us understand the makeup of the scrum team, please can you provide detail of the technologies in use and/or required as part of this delivery. We have a few technology stacks including java/scala and dot net. It is dependant on each project.
48. Please can you clarify what are the expected deliverables and outcomes. This will be confirmed later in the process and continue on during each project.
49. Do you expect the resources for all 3 projects to start a discovery phase on 10th July which would support a ramp up of resource from the minimum resources outlined in the response to question 10? If not, please could you give a view on the resource profile and ramp up from day one. Resources would start on the appropriate phase for that project e.g. Discovery, Alpha etc. We envisage 1 solution Architect, 1 Scrum Master and a minimum of 1 of other named resources.
50. Are you expecting any mutualisation of roles across the projects scrum teams e.g. solution architect? No roles would be solely for each project.
51. Is there a maximum number of resources you would expect per scrum team for future Alpha, Beta and Path to Live phases? Resources would start on the appropriate phase for that project e.g. Discovery, Alpha etc. We envisage 1 solution Architect, 1 Scrum Master and a minimum of 1 of other named resources.
52. In your experience, what makes one external partner more successful than another? How can we add value when working with the IPO above and beyond delivering technical skills? e.g. drivers for innovation, shared-risk model, knowledge transfer as organisation moves to self-sufficiency, leveraging investment as a new revenue stream etc. A partner who is able to demonstrate their ability to influence the IPO in its delivery of other workstreams has always been successful within the IPO and will continue to do so. Experience, Innovation and shared risk all add value, as do plenty of other actions.
53. What are your expectations from a vendor for successful knowledge transfer or development of in-house capability? As a partner we would expect an efficient handover on completion of the workstream. We would also expect to share best practices etc, in order to increase our in house capability.
54. In order to be able to compare bids like-for-like, can IPO confirm whether they will be evaluating suppliers' prices on a proposal for the full 2 year contract or on day rates for each specialist required? Evaluations will primarily be based on the day rates provided by suppliers for each of the suppliers and the volumes/ratios of each role we anticipate we will require.
55. Can you please outline steps and dates in the procurement timetable, up to and including supplier award, i.e. proposal or presentation dates? These dates have not yet been finalised as they will be dependent on the number of responses we receive and the subsequent time it would take to evaluate and shortlist suppliers, the number of suppliers we actually shortlist and the availability of suppliers to attend presentations. We do aim to complete the process as quickly as we can however.
56. Are IPO expecting to deploy full teams to each of the mentioned projects? Or will capabilities be spread across multiple projects? If so which capabilities are required by each project? The tender is for full teams and we expect these to be deployed against each of the projects mentioned.
57. Can you tell us your definition of Capped T&M’s – our understanding is that this refers to suppliers finishing a project early – ie any cost savings generated from finishing a project early will be passed to the buying department. Our understanding is that this does not equate to a maximum price for a project which must be finished regardless of how long it takes (assuming a satisfactory quality of work delivered)? If you reach the limit before the work is deemed finished, are you expecting that the supplier completes the work at their own cost? Whilst we have stated capped T&M in this requirement the likelihood is that each SoW may have a different payment mechanism depending on the requirements of that particular SoW. This will be discussed with the successful supplier on a case by case basis and the most appropriate payment mechanism agreed by both parties.
58. Can you share the weighting for technical assessment per question (essential skills and experience)? There are no weightings per question, each question is weighted equally and as such equally important. Suppliers will score either a 0, 1, 2 or 3 as per the published scoring guidance.
59. Please can you confirm your expense policy for this engagement We will expect expenses to be applied in accordance with the IPO's expense policy. A copy of this can be made available to shortlisted suppliers on request.
60. Can you describe how this procurement relates to the recent IPO procurement for Digital Transformation Programme - Development Services? The development services procurement is to procure specialist assistance for IPO scrum teams in the specific area of development, helping enhance skill sets and encourage knowledge sharing within the team whilst also delivering specific outcomes. The scrum teams tender is to procure teams who are able to deliver a solution in its entirety on behalf of the IPO.