Awarded to Lagom Strategy Ltd

Start date: Thursday 15 June 2017
Value: £27,650
Company size: SME
Department for Transport – specifically the THINK! Marketing campaign team

THINK! Website Development - Discovery Phase

22 Incomplete applications

21 SME, 1 large

14 Completed applications

11 SME, 3 large

Important dates

Wednesday 10 May 2017
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 17 May 2017 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 24 May 2017 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
Undertake research including user research to identify the best/most effective way to deliver a redeveloped website.
Write up recommendations in a report clearly outlining requirements and options for delivery of Alpha Beta phases.
Present findings, recommendations and options to DfT team. Transfer of knowledge and skills to the THINK! team.
Latest start date
Monday 12 June 2017
Expected contract length
4-6 Weeks
No specific location, eg they can work remotely
Organisation the work is for
Department for Transport – specifically the THINK! Marketing campaign team
Budget range
Capped at £30,000 - Capped Time & Materials.
A milestone approach will be employed.

About the work

Why the work is being done
Launched in 2009, THINK!’s website content has grown to meet the needs of different audiences, across five different sites:

All of these sites reflect the time in which they were launched 8 years ago and are now out-dated – both technologically and visually. We want a new single user/audience-focused site that brings everything back under one roof in a way that is visually appealing, a pleasure to navigate across different devices, and fit for purpose for modern communications.
Problem to be solved
To create a new THINK! campaign site fit for purpose in terms of usability, accessibility and in terms of housing a range of content in a number of formats. The website will be built using open source.

All technology choices need to follow GOV.UK service manual guidance.(

The website needs to have the technical ability to house educational resources including downloadable content (i.e. interactive videos and lesson plans) to be accessed by teachers and the public. We may also incorporate games or elements of VR such as 360° videos/images so the new site will need to able to support this.
Who the users are and what they need to do
The THINK! team (internal) – will need to be able to maintain and update the new website themselves. Training will be undertaken but the new website will need to have this usability.
Teachers/road-safety professionals/parents/children and young people: access (view/interact/download) road-safety education resources (see above). We specifically want Teachers to register to use the resources as a means of providing us with specific user information as well as provide us with the mechanism to re-contact them about road-safety news and information.
Stakeholders and members of the public – access, interact with and share campaign content and advice about road safety.
Early market engagement
We have not engaged with the market.
Any work that’s already been done
We conducted user research in November 2015 from a survey on our website. Link:

While still relevant, the research is limited as it only represents one section of our target audience (stakeholders). The new site needs to appeal to both members of the public and our stakeholders in equal measure.

We have completed a ‘page structure’ document. Link:

Please also see further detail in the specification annex. Link:
Existing team
The appointed agency will be expected to work closely with members of the THINK! campaign team, our in-house web developer and our education creative agency who will be producing our new child and teen resources. You may also need to work with relevant stakeholders such as road safety officers.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
The majority of the work should be conducted at the agency’s own site.

However, we would like the agency to work at our offices for a total of five days for the duration of the project. Exact days will be decided with the agency, once the contract has been appointed.

Address: Department for Transport, Great Minster House, Horseferry Road, SW1P 4DR
Working arrangements
We would like the discovery phase to be completed within approximately 6 weeks, with a completion date of July 14th.

We would like to work to milestones:
Week 1-3: Research
Week 4-5: Analysis
Week 5-6: Options, recommendations, upskilling

Exact milestones will be determined with the agency, post appointment.

We require weekly status updates via email and telephone detailing achievements of key milestones and issues that may impact timescales and cost.

We would like a short presentation or report at the end of each milestone and the options, recommendations and upskilling should be in the form of a report and presentation.
Security clearance
The agency will require current security clearances (BPSS) to work at GMH.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
N/A. DOS2 Framework Terms and Conditions will apply.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Must be able to deliver project within 4-6 weeks, ideally within 4-5 weeks.
  • Analysis and evaluation of existing web structures, content and customer journeys – creating information architecture.
  • Delivering projects for websites with multiple customer groups.
  • Delivering projects at speed with clearly identified deliverables and timescales.
  • Able to identify each stage of the project and what it will include.
  • Excellent planning, coordination, communication and project management skills.
  • Experience and success in customer profiling techniques and how these are used to inform website development.
  • Knowledge of SEO and how this could be incorporated into website development.
  • Clear understanding of strategy to launch a new website, minimising negative impact on SEO.
  • Knowledge of latest technologies and how to incorporate this into website development.
  • Experience of using clear development methodologies, with a clear idea of how this would work in conjunction with a client’s internal development team.
  • Experience of extensive testing internally and with end users and clear identification of what this might include.
  • Experience of managing content migration.
  • Experience of technology needed to allow users to opt in to sign up for updates and how this details will form a ‘back-end database’.
  • Experience of working on a project that has helped to create a successful customer focused website.
  • Experience of identifying best practice externally (i.e. other websites) and utilising these learnings.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Experience of working on projects for websites aimed at any of the following: - teachers - children or teenagers - young men
  • Experience of working on successful projects for websites that are both informing and entertaining.

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Approach (5%)
  • Identification of all elements of the research/discovery phase of the project. Identify activities and outcomes throughout and how this will inform technical development, design and content development. (5%)
  • Research methodology - part of the process will include seeking feedback internally and from stakeholders. Suppliers should identify what this process will look like. (5%)
  • How the approach or solution will meet user needs (5%)
  • Estimated time-frames for the work (5%)
  • Identification of risks and dependencies and offered approaches to manage them (5%)
  • Incorporating new technologies/innovative thinking to website development (2.5%)
  • Team structure (2.5%)
  • Value for money (15%)
  • CV (5%)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Experience of working as a team with organisation similar to ours or who have similar audiences (5%)
  • Experience of sharing approach, knowledge and skills with internal team members and listening to their feedback (5%)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Does the budget include VAT?
No, this excludes VAT.
2. You have listed a specific approach to how you want the discovery to be run. Would you be open to a slightly different approach which we feel would result in a more successful project?
Yes. You are welcome to suggest a different approach, as long as clear reasoning and benefits for this approach are specified.
3. Would you arrange security clearance for the chosen supplier?
No, unfortunately it takes too long to arrange security clearance and would delay the start of this project.
4. Do you have quick access to user’s e.g. teachers?

Your timelines are short and doesn't seem to allow time to find and book users for user research.

This research will fall in school term time and from experience teachers need time to schedule around lessons.
GDS recommends 4-8 weeks for a discovery. However a short discovery is only practical if you have access to all the user roles. Please could you advise?
We do not currently have direct access to teachers.

However, the appointed supplier is expected to work very closely with our education agency. We can explore gaining direct access to teachers through this agency.

We are also able to arrange direct access to stakeholders who use the website, such as road safety officers.
5. Hi there, The brief for this work is to carry out the research and deliver a piece of consultancy surrounding structure and information architecture however, the questions in the application form allude to SEO, content migration which we don't believe is scope of this project - can you please confirm? Thanks
The supplier needs understanding or experience of using SEO, content migration etc. so they are able to provide options and recommendations for the Alpha/Beta phase.
6. Hello, Given the relative short timescale can you give an indication when short listed companies will be notified of selection and how long they will have to prepare a full proposal.
The procurement process is a system generated by the Digital Marketplace.
The initial tender process will close on 24th May 2017. The shortlisting sift will then take place. It is estimated that the result of the sift will be communicated to tenderers on 25th May (however this may be extended if required), with the 4 successful Tenderers then having 1 week to submit their full proposal for final evaluation.
Please be aware that the Suppliers’ Guide provides further information regarding processes and can be found at
7. We don't have current security clearance (BPSS) which you have said will be required to work at GMH. Can that feasibly be obtained in a realistic time frame for this project, or does that mean we can't apply for this opportunity?
No, unfortunately it takes too long to arrange security clearance and would delay the start of this project. Only agencies with current security clearance can apply.
8. Could the buyer answer whether development of the website is part of their requirements or is this a discovery phase only?
This is for Discovery only. However the successful Tenderer will be required to provide options and make recommendations for Alpha/Beta stages. A further procurement will be run to appoint a supplier for the Alpha/Beta stages, if it is decided to progress this to Alpha/Beta.
9. Is NPPV2 clearance acceptable as a higher alternative, in lieu of BPSS clearance?
Current NPPV clearance is sufficient but dependent on the clearance being validated and confirmed by the awarding police force.

Please therefore provide contact details of the police force who processed your clearance.
10. When do you anticipate the presentations to be?
Presentations are TBC. If necessary, we will hold these on 30th May (most likely PM).
11. When do you anticipate the presentations to be?
Presentations are TBC. If necessary, we will hold these on 30th May (most likely PM).
12. What is driving your short timeframes? Obtaining users, booking users and doing thorough research using a range of techniques to get a full understanding for a comprehensive set of recommendations would be very difficult to do in your timeframes. Would you be open to stretching this out to 8 weeks? This would not have cost implications.
Our short time frames are determined by our need to start the Alpha Beta phase by a certain time.

Once an agency is appointed, we will help to gain access to users and do not envisage this taking very long.

Our timeframes remain at 6 weeks. However, if a supplier believes that more than six weeks is needed (but no more than 8), they can add this into their response but will need to clearly define the benefits and gains for extending the process.
13. You have requested "creating information architecture" as an essential skill. IA creation can either be done in a Discovery or early in an Alpha. Are you wanting this to be done in this discovery given you tight timeframes?
Yes we would like information architecture to be completed in the discovery phase. The appointed agency should work closely with our website developer to determine a recommended approach.

Our timeframes remain at 6 weeks. However, if a supplier believes that more than six weeks is needed (but no more than 8), they can add this into their response but will need to clearly define the benefits and gains for extending the process.
14. What is determining the 14th July completion date?
We would prefer completion in 6 weeks in order to then tender for Alpha/Beta with the view to completing the Alpha/Beta by mid-September. However, if a supplier believes that more than six weeks is needed (but no more than 8), they can add this into their response but will need to clearly define the benefits and gains for extending the process.
15. Is it required that all staff who work on this project have security clearance or only those that visit GMH?
All staff who work on this project are required to have security clearance.
16. Is it possible to allow a lead time of at 10 days to identify and recruit a quality sample of representative users to conduct the research with?
Our preferred delivery timeframe is 6 weeks. However, if you believe more time is required (but no more than 8 weeks) , please ensure that your response clearly outlines:
- The rationale and benefits for extending the lead time, and
- Revised timings and delivery milestones
17. Hello, I just wanted to check that it's definitely not possible to apply for this project if we already hold BPSS. There are providers who offer a 48 hour turnaround so this shouldn't be a blocker for the project?
Suppliers are required to hold current security clearance at the time of submitting applications – Wednesday 24th May.

If you do not have security clearance at this time, unfortunately you cannot apply.
18. Do all team members need security clearance or could it work with just the project lead having clearance?
All staff need to have BPSS clearance.
19. Two quick questions: 1) Is a content audit of the current site within the scope of the project? 2)Is there scope and capacity to create new content or will the site be required to continue to use the existing content? Thanks
Yes – we will require a content audit and would expect to review our current content in line with user feedback. Based on that feedback, we will review what content should be kept/repurposed and what new content might need to be created.
20. Is an AccessNI check sufficient to meet your BPSS requirements?
We require a BPSS check because it is more detailed than AccessNI.
21. Please could you expand on what evidence is required to answer the following skills and experience criteria: - able to identify each stage of the project and what it will include. E.g. are you looking for the suppliers to outline the methodology for this project or are you looking for suppliers to outline their experience in delivering Discovery projects that outline the next stages.
We are looking for both:
i) We have asked for a CV of your work history and case studies of similar projects you have completed in the past in order to demonstrate your skills and experience of delivering a discovery project.
ii) We have asked that proposals outline the methodology for delivering the discovery work with the view to providing options and recommendations for Alpha/Beta stages.
22. Is the max 30k budget inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
Please see the response to question 1 published on Thursday 11th May:
No, this excludes VAT
23. Is the max 30k budget inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
Please see the response to question 1 published on Thursday 11th May:
No, this excludes VAT