Crown Prosecution Service

CPS - Client-side Capability Partner

28 Incomplete applications

21 SME, 7 large

0 Completed applications

Important dates

Tuesday 20 September 2022
Deadline for asking questions
Tuesday 27 September 2022 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 11:59pm GMT


Off-payroll (IR35) determination
Contracted out service: the off-payroll rules do not apply
Summary of the work
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is undergoing a significant amount of transformational change within its mission critical legacy systems. The successful bidder will provide the Digital and Information Directorate (DID) with Client-side Partner Capability.
Latest start date
Monday 24 October 2022
Expected contract length
12 months, with up to 6 months possible extension
No specific location, for example they can work remotely
Organisation the work is for
Crown Prosecution Service
Budget range
c.£2-5m (for the 18 months)

About the work

Why the work is being done
CPS are undertaking considerable digital transformation activity with a view to ensuring that they develop the right next generation technology solutions for CPS core business operations.
CPS have launched a FCT programme that will shape our most critical systems and infrastructure and transition to a new operating model and supporting supplier landscape.
FCT tools will be coming to an end of the critical stage of options identification and technical roadmap development and require a surge in technical and delivery leadership at this critical juncture.
CPS will need to deploy the right level of enterprise and technical architecture required to ensure we maintain the right level of independence from incumbent supplier(s) to drive the Organisational and Digital Transformation Strategy, Planning and Implementation.
CPS are currently managing a significant portfolio of change digital Innovation capability has gained sponsorship and business support to further develop the internal capability to enhance the using experience and operational capability through the deployment of technology/digital solution that drive operational efficiency.
The Client-side Capability Partner working closely with CPS DID leadership and teams to provide the surge in capability and capacity required to bring best practice ways of working, tools, and experience to drive delivery efficiency.
Problem to be solved
DiD have a Portfolio of Digital Change projects that are at different stages of delivery and we have existing team in place, but we are looking to have a Client-side Capability Partner to bolster existing project team’s capability, provide central enterprise, technical and delivery oversight and assurance and support the implementation of the FCT Programme, Change and Innovation Portfolio.
CPS generally adopt agile ways of working and any Partner we will be expected to support the CPS in the development and adoption of both ways of working and tools to embed efficient and effective delivery practices.
It is envisaged that the CPS will issue Statements of Work (SoW) for different projects, programmes or assignments that will require differing a wide breath of digital skills and experience. Each statement of work will set the outcomes/outputs required, any delivery constraints (location, time, cost etc).
Who the users are and what they need to do
As the DID Director I need to have the right capability to support the In-house function over this period of significant digital change delivery to provide me and the organisation with the right amount and level of skills and experience to ensure successful delivery.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
The Client-side Partner is a new capability that will provide the surge capacity required to support the current In-house and professional services capability.

As part of the Management Consultancy Framework 3 procurement we did have a Digital Leadership Partner but this contract will come to an end prior to Client-side Partner mobilisation.
Existing team
The successful bidder will work closely with the DID In-house capability and incumbent Application and Hosting, and Innovation suppliers acting as the CPS Client-side Partner.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
No specific location, for example services can be delivered remotely or at supplier own offices but may be required to work at client (London, York, Leeds and Wakefield) or supplier offices (London or Reading) depending on specific activity. Specific requirements could alter under each Statement of Work as this will be based on project/assignment needs.
Working arrangements
No specific location, for example services can be delivered remotely or at supplier own offices but may be required to work at client (London, York, Leeds and Wakefield) or supplier offices (London or Reading) depending on specific activity. Specific requirements could alter under each Statement of Work as this will be based on project/assignment needs.
Security clearance
A minimum of DBS will be required and depending on service SC clearance may be required.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Evidence your experience providing Client-Side Capability Delivery
  • Evidence your experience in mobilising multi-disciplinary teams to meet project/programme and organisational digital needs
  • Evidence your experience of implementing tools and ways of working to support Digital “Agile” delivery
  • Evidence your experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme, Mobilisation using Agile methodology
  • Evidence your experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme implementation using Agile methodology.
  • Evidence of your experience of driving value and efficiency out of digital delivery
  • Evidence of your experience of carrying out lessons learnt and route cause analysis activity
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Evidence of your experience of Business Case development (HMT 5 box Model)
  • Demonstrate experience of utilising Power BI with Microsoft Azure as an enterprise Business Intelligence capability
  • Evidence of your experience in working in the HMG Criminal Justice System

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Approach and Methodology
  • How the approach or solution meets user needs
  • Value for money
  • Team structure
Cultural fit criteria
  • Evidence your experience of working alongside the client and incumbent supplier(s) to drive change and cohesive delivery to drive value
  • Evidence your experience in supporting the mobilisation and delivery of an “digital innovation” capability (including development teams)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
  • Case study
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Who from your team will be scoring applications for this opportunity and what positions do they hold?
It will be members from the Commercial and DID Senior Management team
2. As previous procurements are a matter of public record, and as per DOS guidance, could you please advise who the incumbent supplier is?
There is not an incumbent supplier as this is a new capability. The MCF Digital Leadership Consultancy is being carried out by PA consulting but this is not the same scope of services.
3. Can you please provide an anticipated timeline for this procurement that includes dates
1) Shortlisting Notification for Stage – W/B 3rd October 2 2) Submission Deadline for Stage 2 – W/B 17th October 3) Presentation w/b 17th October 4) Evaluation period W/B 17th October 5) Award Notification w/b 24th October – Please note the start date is w/b 31st October not 24th October as originally advertised
4. Can you confirm if shortlisted suppliers will have the opportunity to present?
5. Has any external supplier been involved in the initial scoping work? If so, who?
In terms of scoping the Client – side Capability Partner work this has not involved any incumbent supplier.
6. What roles would you expect the supplier to deliver?
The Services required will be from a wide digital delivery skills .It is envisage these will include Technical and Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysts, Agile PM/Coaches, Scrum masters, Developers, Test Managers etc.
7. For the avoidance of doubt, could you please confirm the budget for this opportunity is £2m to £5m over 18mths?
8. 1. What mission critical legacy systems are in scope for this Client-side partner role?
Advice on supporting Change Implementation (Client-side advice) on the DiD change portfolio will include projects on the current CMS (Case Management System).
9. 2. Who are the incumbent suppliers (e.g. Application, Hosting, Innovation) and what is their scope of work?
A&H Contract is CGI. Innovation have various providers whose contracts are coming to an end by the end of the year.
10. 3. What organisational structures and roles will need to be considered for transformation?
It will depend based on projects/Programme demands but mainly the DID Directorate.
11. 1. What operational efficiency improvements have been targeted through delivery of the portfolio of change?
Better use of technology to reduce current case backlog and increase collaboration across the Criminal Justice System.
12. 2. Who comprises the CPS DID leadership?
Do not see why this is relevant.
13. 3. What client project capability is already in place?
Mixture internal Staff and small group of Contractors
14. 4. What kind of agile ways of working are already in place at CPS?
This is quiet a long list, ultimately we look to deploy up to date methodologies, processes and tools.
15. 1. Is there an expectation that the client-side partner will need a flexible surge capacity to deploy on different Statements of Work and different times?
16. 2. What is the most pressing problem to resolve in the next 3 months?
Mobilisation of a key client side assurance capability for 2 key programme (Digital Case File and Future Casework Tools)
17. 3. Who was CPS’ Digital Leadership Partner?
Already answered , PA Consulting.
18. When is the current Discovery phase expected to complete and what are the key outputs of importance to a new Client-side partner?
For FCT we expect this to complete by the end of the calendar year with key outputs being a OBC Business Case, Commercial Strategy, Target Operating Model, Implementation Plan/Roadmap and requirements
19. Can the Authority confirm that the Digital Leadership Partner mentioned under work already done will be able to bid on this opportunity ?
Yes they will. Although ethical walls are in place and the Digital Leadership Delivery team are not allowed to contribute in any bid activity.
20. Please can the Authority describe the skills and experience that exists in the DID in-house team?
A wide variety of Enterprise and Technical Architects, Security, Programme and Project Management, Business Analysts, Service Management, Commercial and Financial experienced personnel.
21. Please can the Authority describe the technologies anticipated to be involved in the delivery of the FCT Programme (given the options identification process is coming to an end) and the projects in the Change and Innovation Portfolio?
No technology decisions have been made.
22. Can the customer please reconfirm budget for this piece of work is it c. £2m to £5m or is it c. £2.5m?
Between £2m to £5m.
23. Can the customer please offer a little more detail with regards to current in house capability……….depth and breadth of coverage…..number of people involved
DiD currently have a internal Change and Portfolio team of over 30FTE’s
24. Whilst we recognise that there is likely to be some flex in our team size based upon timing and variety of tasks to be delivered, can the customer please give a rough indication as to expected team size of “Client-side Partner”?
It will depend at any point of time base on project programme needs (envisaged each project /programme with have different statements of work) but would expect between 5 to 10 FTE Initially.
25. What is the current technology stack used if any?
Currently Oracle and Microsoft as well as other more minor apps.
26. Can you please clarify what you mean by “portfolio” and “programme” which are terms used in the Essential questions?
Standard definition : A program is a group of projects that are similar or related to one another, and which are often managed and coordinated as a group instead of independently. A portfolio is a group of different programs and/or projects within the DID organisation, which may be related or unrelated to one another.
27. Will there be a formal presentation stage as part of this procurement exercise, and if so, could you provide an indicative timeframe for it?
Yes at stage 2. Expect it to be w/b 17th October.
28. Does supporting the CPS in this client side delivery partner role mean the successful bidder will be conflicted out of any supply side work during the Implementation Phase?
This will need to be reviewed once we have agreed the commercial strategy but, yes we believe the Client-side Partner is likely to be conflicted out
29. For the first stage response, please can you let us know how best to advise you that we will be responding as a consortium?
Please just refer to the fact in your response “The Consortium has” etc
30. Could the Authority please clarify what the intended difference in meaning is between:“Evidence your experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme, Mobilisation using Agile methodology” and “Evidence your experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme implementation using Agile methodology”. We are not clear what is meant by mobilisation in this particular context.
Ultimately we are referring to Mobilising capability rather than (i.e. initial activity such as Business Case, Strategy development, Planning, forming effective teams etc).
31. As this is client side support, will the supplier who wins this contract be excluded from bidding for other, wider digital project work within CPS (outside of this contract)?
Please see Q xx above. Although this will be considered on a case by case basis we would assume yes we the Client-side Partner is likely to be conflicted out.
32. Can CPS please clarify what commercial responsibilities and risks the supplier is expected to be responsible for as part of this contract. We are asking this because we are trying to determine whether: a) this contract is simply to provide additional resources and capability or b) take have some responsibility for delivery and ownership of project risks?
This will be on a case by case basis, supplier will be responsible for the quality of any products, deliverables and services contracted under the Statement of works. Risk ownership would be agreed on a case by case basis.
33. please can we raise an initial question: can you detail the key or most frequently required capabilities for this opportunity, and if possible, the capacity required?
This is impossible to predict at this stage beyond that in the description and questions already answered.
34. Can the authority confirm that ‘Evidence your experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme, Mobilisation using Agile methodology’ is asking specifically about suppliers’ experience in supporting digital portfolio and programmes at Mobilisation stage?
35. Can the Authority clarify Q7 whether ‘lessons learned/route cause analysis’ is in relation to project/programme delivery or in the context of the management of a live service.
Could be either depending on project i.e. Statement of Work
36. Will this be staff augmentation or outcome based deliverables?
It will depend on specific statement of works it could advisory as well as outcome based depending on CPS needs.
37. Where SC clearance is required, do you support waivers to start work, whilst waiting for clearance to be processed to allow our staff to be mobilised faster?
This will need to be assessed on a case by case basis.
38. The opportunity mentions the programme is in discovery phase, will our people be expected to move into later phases of delivery or will this be entirely discovery type work?
One of the Programmes (FCT) is in discovery phase other are in different stages. The Client -side Capability Partner could be deployed across the whole of the DiD Directorate depending on CPS need i.e project, delivery, Transition to live and indeed Live service continuous improvement discovery to Live
39. The payment approach states ‘capped time and materials’, can you explain what this means in the context of this opportunity?
This is defined under the contract terms
40. The payment approach states ‘capped time and materials’, can you explain what this means in the context of this opportunity?
“Capped time and materials
A capped time and materials approach is the same as a time and materials approach but there’s a limit on how much you have to pay for the work. If you reach the limit before the work is finished, the supplier has to complete the work at their own cost. If the supplier finishes the work before they said they would, you only pay them for the time they took to do the work.”
41. Will this be awarded to 1 supplier or will multiple suppliers be fulfilling the contract?
One contract will be awarded but consortium bids will be considered/welcomed.
42. We have a full and wide range of digital, transformation, business and technical skills inhouse. However we sometimes work with SME partner organisations to fulfil niche or last minute requirements. Should this be the case, would this be acceptable in this contract?
Yes, it is the suppliers choice how they fulfil the requirement.
43. Will there be an offboarding / transition plan from any current incumbent and do you have a knowledge management system/process to facilitate the handover/Knowledge transfer?
No, there is not an incumbent as such. We will have products/deliverables and briefings and knowledge transfer from existing project teams.
44. For the fifth essential skill “Experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme Implementation”. Are you looking for examples of where the supplier has delivered digital portfolios and programmes or where they have managed the implementation of these, in a programme or portfolio management capacity?”
Experience in actual Delivery as well as overseeing delivery in this case.
45. Can you please clarify what you are looking for from Question 4 as the wording of the question is confusing?
Please see other question response, we assume you question is on “Evidence your experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme, Mobilisation using Agile methodology” in which case we mean evidence experience on Mobilising Agile delivery Project, Programme and Portfolio’s
46. Can you please clarify what you are looking for from Question 5 as the wording of the question is confusing?
Please see other question response, we assume your question is on “Evidence your experience in Digital Portfolio and Programme implementation using Agile methodology” in which case we mean evidence your experience in Agile project and programme delivery/Implementation.
47. Re Q6: Is your emphasis in this question on creating an effective and efficient digital delivery process (i.e., the digital delivery process is the objective of the question) or on the role of digital transformation in driving more efficient business operations (i.e., the business process is the objective)? –
We are looking for evidence of your experience of driving value and efficiency out of digital delivery – example of where you have driven efficiency and value previously and how you did it.

The deadline for asking questions about this opportunity was Tuesday 27 September 2022.