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The deadline was Wednesday 15 February 2017
Charity Commission England & Wales (CCEW) & Charity Commission Northern Ireland

Digital Services - Development Capability Partner

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15 SME, 12 large

Important dates

Wednesday 1 February 2017
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 8 February 2017 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 15 February 2017 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
To support CCEW to further develop its digital service roadmap and to build internal digital capability to high skill standards.
Latest start date
Expected contract length
Two (2) years
North West England
Organisation the work is for
Charity Commission England & Wales (CCEW) & Charity Commission Northern Ireland
Budget range
£1.5M to £2.5M

About the work

Why the work is being done
CCEW are mid way through a transition programme to become a digital organisation, enabling charities and the public to interact with us online. We have a delivery roadmap which takes us to 2018. A number of services have already been delivered however a number have not yet been started or are still in discovery. We have a diverse user base ranging from tiny charities through to large corporate charities with varying levels of digital skills, members of the public and other government departments.
Problem to be solved
A development capability, including a technical architect,lead developer,& developers,is required to:
1.Support the continuation of building secure integrated digital services for CCEW,working in collaboration with our in-house team, to allow charitable organisations and others to manage,obtain or submit details.
2.Support an inexperienced internal team to build capability to meet GDS standards,follow guidance (Assessment, Discovery and Delivery) and prepare for GDS Service Standard assessments via the ongoing review process.
3)Provide trusted advisor support to the internal team including handling 2nd & 3rd level support activity to an agreed SLA ensuring that these statutory services meet the defined availability and performance levels.
Who the users are and what they need to do
As a charity user I need a digital service where I can file amendments to dissolution, objectives, and trustee benefits so that I am compliant with the regulator.
As a charity user I need a digital service where I can file our charity annual return so that I am compliant with the regulator.
As a member of the public I need a charity search digital service so that I can interrogate CCEW data repositories for registered charity information.
Early market engagement
No early market engagement undertaken.
Any work that’s already been done
Charity Amendments & Charity Name Change(MVP) digital services will go into public Beta by end of March and Phase 2 services, including Annual Return and Charity Services portal, will complete Discovery by end of March.Authentication design has been reviewed and Discovery is underway.Work is progressing across several workstreams. The services developed to date use Liferay Portal, Drools(BRMS) and Mulesoft Anypoint.A 3rd party supplier has provided support to the work to date whilst we increased our civil servant team,however the current work order completes at the end of March and the transition to the new supplier will commence from early April.
Existing team
CCEW delivery capability is based on a multi-disciplinary team operating in accordance with an agile approach. Our team consists of service management, delivery management, developers, design, test, analysts, user research, content design and subject matter experts. This permanent digital team is a civil service team with many roles undergoing skills training. We also have a 3rd party supplier who provides support to our legacy applications and there may be a need to integrate with these over the lifetime of the contact.
Current phase
Not applicable

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Redgrave Court, Bootle, Merseyside L20 7AP and
Lurgan BT66 6NQ
Working arrangements
CCEW would expect full time engagement from the supplier team to meet the required outcomes. On engagement we would expect this to be a full time, 5 days per week basis (Mon-Fri).

There is some scope for remote working (e.g. 4 days per week on-site, 1 day remote), however, we value very high co-located, integrated teams and face to face dialogue in the spirit of the service standard.

We are seeking a supplier that can scale through the life of the contract and offer a flexible managed resource profile.
Security clearance
Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
Any expenses shall be submitted in line with the Charity Commission standard staff policy covering Travel.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Have demonstrable experience in delivery of solutions to Digital by Default Service Standard (3%)
  • Have demonstrable experience of integration with legacy (3%)
  • Have demonstrable experience in story estimation and sizing of work for agile sprints (3%)
  • Have demonstrable experience of working with open source solutions to deliver value for money outcomes (3%)
  • Have demonstrable experience of working in a multi disciplinary team (3%)
  • Have demonstrable experience of successfully and collaboratively working, coaching and sharing knowledge with Public Sector client teams, particularly those with limited agile development experience (3%)
  • Have demonstrable experience of successfully delivering digital solutions that collect and manage personal and/or sensitive information with appropriate controls and protection (3%)
  • Must be able to provide a flexible resource profile adapting to the varying levels of demand across the engagement (3%)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Demonstrable experience of working with Liferay (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of working with Drools (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of working with Mulesoft (1%)
  • Have experience of working with cloud vendor technology and tools (1%)
  • Have demonstrable experience of successfully integrating digital solutions with Government shared platforms, such as Government Gateway, Verify and Notify (2%)
  • Have demonstrable experience of successfully delivering bi-lingual digital solutions. The solution must be available in both Welsh and English (1%)

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Your approach to onboarding your team to the project (3%)
  • Your management of proposed flexible team resources (3%)
  • Your approach to defining technical architecture and software architecture in a context of legacy systems and a drive towards efficiency (3%)
  • Your approach to data privacy and security in the context of the CCEW (3%)
  • State your team structure and provide up to 5 work histories, including at least two senior developers and a technical architect. (6%)
  • Value for money; proposed resource profile and day-rates for the delivery e.g for Alpha, Beta and Live phases (3%)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Your approach to resolving technical and business risks or issues in a collaborative way that maximises productivity and business outcomes. (6%)
  • Your approach to transfering knowledge and experience to CCEW to support learning from this engagement. (6%)
  • Evidence of how team members are encouraged and rewarded to take responsibility for owning and resolving issues and problems. (6%)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
Written proposal
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. You have stated that you require roles including architect, lead developer and developer, but in order to comply with the GDS service manual, delivery of digital services requires many more roles than these e.g. delivery manager, scrum master, interaction designer, user researcher, content designer, quality assurance tester, web ops engineer, plat, business analyst, performance analyst. Can you be any more definitive about the scope of the roles that you are looking for from the supplier, or equally can you confirm roles from the above list that you are not looking to the supplier to provide?
Our internal team consists of service management, delivery management, developers, design, test, analysts, user research, content design and subject matter experts. We are looking for a supplier who will be able to provide the following portfolio of resources: scrum master, delivery manager, lead developer, developer(s) and solution architects etc. The precise structure of the team and resource model will be agreed on a solution by solution basis, drawing together the appropriate mix of supplier and Commission resource to create the agile team.
2. The proposal states just a written proposal. Can you please confirm if any further evidence is required to further support this?
CCEW would be looking for a written proposal supported by work histories, a presentation and references.
3. What will be the division of work for the incoming team between Bootle, Merseyside and Lurgan, Northern Ireland – where will the resources need to be placed?
The primary location for service development will be our Bootle, Merseyside office. We may however require teams to be based at our Taunton office. If we develop services for Charity Commission Northern Ireland, the team would need to operate from Lurgan.
4. In the notice you mention you require a development capability, including a technical architect, lead developer,& developers, to work with the existing team, and that the services developed to date use Liferay Portal, Drools(BRMS) and Mulesoft Anypoint. However you do not mention any essential tools and technology skills you wish the future team to bring to the Programme. Liferay, Drools and Mulesoft skills are listed as ‘nice to have’ skills and experience. What tools and technology experience do you deem essential to the incoming team?
Fundamentally, we want a supplier that can bring development capability in line with GDS service & technology standards and principles. Our current strategic architecture is built on the technologies listed. Whilst we have not mandated the adoption on this platform, in our evaluation we will be looking at the total cost of ownership as part of the “price”, and will assess how adoption of any additional technology stacks will impact the lifetime costs for our digital services portfolio.
5. Are you planning to continue to work with the existing supplier beyond their March 17 contract end date, or are they withdrawing from the programme or unable to continue?
The supplier was commissioned to deliver our first phase of digital services up until end March 2017. There will be a rollover as we transition and on-board our new supplier, and agreement of the transition and on-boarding process will be reached post contract award.
6. You mention you are working with an existing supplier, can you share who that supplier is?
NTT Data and their sub-contractor EAL (Enterprise Architects Ltd)
7. You mention you need a team to meet the required outcomes, can you be more specific about what the required outcomes are?
Upon resolution of the procurement exercise, the chosen supplier will be required to support CCEW in the delivery of phase 2 of our digital services implementation, namely – Charity Annual Returns and statutory filings; charity amendments and the development of a Charity Services portal. Further planned developments which form part of the digital roadmap will be shared as part of the on-boarding process.
8. Hello, I will appreciate if you can respond to the following questions: 1. You have stated that “A 3rd party supplier has provided support to the work to date whilst we increased our civil servant team”. Can you advise the name of this supplier and whether they will be bidding for the role of the development capability partner?
NTT Data and EAL (Enterprise Architects Ltd). We cannot comment on their intentions with regard to this procurement.
9. Hello, I will appreciate if you can respond to the following questions:
1. Can you share the details of the technical architecture adopted for the programme?
2. In addition to Liferay, Drools, and Mulesoft are there any other open source tools and technologies that are in scope?
3. Can you provide details on the DevOps tools currently used within the programme?
4. Can you provide details on the legacy systems within the commission and the requirement for integration with them?
1) Please email for our Technical architecture
2) No other open source technologies are in scope other than already described. We will be looking for future services to integrate with 3rd party web services such as address lookup; bank account validation and Companies House. Development of the charity portal will introduce new requirements to provide services such as web-chat and a replacement authentication service. The solution architecture for these will be agreed as part of the new service relationship.
3) Jira/Confluence/Testrail - introducing gitlab,docker,jenkins
4) MS Dynamics CRM, Outreach from Toplevel Computing, MSSQL Server and Objective from Objective Corporation.
10. Can you please outline your procurement process plan including the date when suppliers will be informed if they have been short listed for stage 2, and the timelines for stage 3. This request is to facilitate our own planning, should we be short listed.
24/02: Deadline for suppliers to submit completed evidence templates
28/02: Inform shortlisted suppliers
06/03: Deadline for written proposals to be submitted
08/03: Supplier presentation day
31/03: Notify suppliers of the panel’s assessment
01/04: Observe standstill period and commence on-boarding process
11. Hello, Can you confirm the following please. On the DOS portal it states: a) ‘Closing date for applications is 15 Feb 2017. We assume that this relates to suppliers expressing their interest on the DOS portal. Please confirm. b) Closing date for submission of evidence is 20th Feb. Please confirm what you are expecting by this date. c) Closing date for submission of proposal is 6th Mar. Is this the full proposal response? If not, please clarify. Regards,
a) We confirm that 15 February is the date for suppliers to express an interest.
b) Deadline date for submitting evidence is 24 February.
c) Closing date for proposal submission is 6 March.

If shortlisted for presentation this will be 8 March in central London.
12. Could you advise which 3rd party supplier has been assisting you thus far?
NTT Data and Enterprise Architects Ltd.
13. Hello, I will appreciate if you can respond to the following: 1. Can you provide details of all roles and a forecast of team size expected over the duration of the contract? 2. Do you have a service delivery roadmap that can be shared with the suppliers? 3. Can you explain the process you will go through to arrive at a shortlist of 4 suppliers? Are you going to use the standard DOS template for evidence submission, if not can you share the templates in advance? 4. Do you have an existing product backlog that can be shared?
1)Our team comprises service management,delivery management,developers,design,test,analysts,user research,content design and subject matter experts.Sizing of supplier team will vary throughout the contract lifecycle dependent upon delivery&support required however,a detailed roadmap will be supplied during the on-boarding process. See indicative resourcing model at
2)Immediate requirements are to support the delivery of our phase two services: Annual Return 17 and Charity Services Portal.Our digital roadmap is being developed and not finalised however, see draft for information at
3)We’ll use the standard DOS template of evaluating suppliers
4)Development of Annual Return service hasn’t started–see user stories which form the product backlog
14. Please show details of your target architecture adopted for the digital services programme.
Target/ technical architecture can be found by following this link: