Army HQ, Andover, Hampshire

The Provision of a Data Analytics Capability as a Service (DACaaS) (DInfoCom/0184)

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Important dates

Thursday 23 June 2022
Deadline for asking questions
Thursday 30 June 2022 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Thursday 7 July 2022 at 11:59pm GMT


Off-payroll (IR35) determination
Contracted out service: the off-payroll rules do not apply
Summary of the work
The Provision of a cost effective, flexible and scalable Data Analytics Capability Managed Service that enables the exploitation of data including data from in-house and external applications under-pining effective decision making and planning.
Latest start date
Saturday 1 October 2022
Expected contract length
2 years
South East England
Organisation the work is for
Army HQ, Andover, Hampshire
Budget range

About the work

Why the work is being done
The Army Data Analytics Team (ADAT) is the Army HQ's centre of specialism for producing analytics to the Army TLB. The Data Analytics Capability (DAC) contract is key in supporting the growing need for analytical projects and change programmes, utilising new data and data quality tools and plays a significant contribution in meeting the demand for high end MI and BI, and analytical innovation.
Problem to be solved
Operating large data sets integrated from multiple sources to provide single authoritative data sets which enables interrogation, comparison, and analysis and exploitation, through reports, models and dashboards. The service will be required to provide support in maintaining existing services whilst developing new requirements directed by ADAT.
Copies of the Statement of Requirement and and Written Proposal Template are available from
Who the users are and what they need to do
The users of this these are split in to 3 types:

Specialist users trained with skills in data wrangling and mining to produce data analysis using predictive, forecasting, modelling, and statistical techniques.

Self Service users, creating and producing their own reports and dashboards under the guidance and support of ADAT.

Consumers of reports and dashboards through a single sign on mechanism through MODNET used to answer day to day questions.
Early market engagement
Not applicable
Any work that’s already been done
The current service providers use SAS, OBIEE and Power BI Software Suite of tools providing the appropriate number of trained and skilled resources to meet specific requirements as directed by ADAT.

The service is provided between the hours of 0900 and 1700hrs Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).
Existing team
The current service provides a core team which flexes between 4 and 6 analysts dependant on the skills required to deliver the outputs embedded within ADAT. This service works closely with a very small mixed team of civilian and military personnel, but interacts with customers across the Army. Surge resource will be embedded in individual project teams.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Army Headquarters is located on the outskirts of Andover in Hampshire, SP11 8HJ
Working arrangements
Provide a managed service in support of the Army HQ Data Analytical Capability as directed by the ADAT. Work must be completed working collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders consisting of civilian and military personnel and other suppliers and consultancy providers. The authority expects the resources to work in Army HQ Andover with occasional site visits in the UK . Remote working is permitted by exception, subject to security constraints and the need to access stakeholders and MoD systems.
Security clearance
All those individuals that fulfil this requirement will need to hold a minimum level of Security Clearance (SC) for the duration of the contract and be subject to vetting.

The service supplier also warrants that staff are willing and eligible to obtain higher clearance levels if required.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
DEFCON 5J (Edn 18/11/16) Unique Identifiers
DEFCON 76 (Edn 06/21) Contractor's Personnel
DEFCON 129J (Edn 18/11/16) Business Delivery Form
DEFCON 513 (Edn 04/22) Value Added Tax (VAT)
DEFCON 516 (Edn 04/12) Equality
DEFCON 518 (Edn 02/17) Transfer
DEFCON 531 (Edn 09/21) Disclosure of Information
DEFCON 534 (Edn 06/21) Subcontracting and Prompt Payment
DEFCON 537 (Edn 12/21) Rights Of Third Parties
DEFCON 550 (Edn 02/14) Child Labour and Employment Law
DEFCON 566 (Edn 10/20) Change Of Control Of Contractor
DEFCON 642 (Edn 07/21) Progress Meetings
DEFCON 658 (Edn 09/21) Cyber
DEFCON 694 (Edn 07/21) Accounting For Property Of The Authority

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrate experience of delivering Data Analytics and technically supporting a wide range of tools including SAS 9, SAS VIYA, Power BI and OBIEE within last 3 years (with dates). (2%)
  • Demonstrate depth of skills capability across major Analytics platforms to support the Authority on platforms that may be used in the future (i.e. SAS, Palantir, Salesforce, Tableau, Qlikview, etc.). (1%)
  • Experience of Level 1-4 platform administration of SAS 9 and SAS VIYA on both Microsoft and Linux. (1%)
  • Holding of a SAS Platform Administration 9 certification within last 3 years (with dates). (1%)
  • Experience within last 3 years of successfully building secure analytical requirements that collect/manage personal and/or sensitive information with appropriate controls and protection in-line with sector security regulations (e.g, JSP440). (1%)
  • Demonstrate experience of developing and supporting the release of analytics using tooling including technologies such as Git, Azure DevOps, Oracle Data Integrator. (1%)
  • Experience deploying suitably skilled, security cleared experienced personnel to assist the Authority for roles which they are employed against the SFIA framework within last 3 years (with dates). (1%)
  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge, skills experience with the SAS tool suite ie. Enterprise Guide, Visual Analytics, Visual Forecasting, Text Analytics, Data Mining within last 3 years (with dates). (2%)
  • Experience providing documentation to Authority standards, policies, processes; demonstrating business rules, processes and standardisation across MI and BI providing the Authority with transparency within last 5 years (with dates). (1%)
  • Experience in conducting assessments and cataloguing of the as-is data, system and reporting landscape to inform future reporting capabilities. (1%)
  • Experience in supporting responses to Freedom of Information Requests submitted to the Authority. (1%)
  • Experience or working with Data Analytics using Open-Source languages such as Python and R. (1%)
  • Experience of data science, machine learning and the of APIs with last 2 years. (1%)
  • Completion of a Supplier Assurance Questionnaire (SAQ) to demonstrate compliance with the Cyber Risk Profile against Risk Assessment Reference: RAR-805585789 (Threat Level: N/A). Interim Supplier Cyber Protection process: (1%)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Experience and understanding of how algorithms are designed, optimised and applied at scale to enable the selection of appropriate statistical methods for sampling, distribution assessment, bias and error. (1%)
  • Recognises/exploits business opportunities ensuring more efficient/effective ways to use data science and the use of data science tools to tackle business/organisational challenges within last 3 years (with dates). (1%)
  • Demonstrate a user centric design solution to meet user needs while taking account of agreed cross-government ethics standards. (1%)
  • Demonstrate experience working with other contractors, technologists, analysts integrating/separating data feeds to map, produce, transform, test new scalable data products meeting user needs within last 3 years (with dates). (1%)

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Approach and methodology and how the solution meets the users’ needs. (5%)
  • Commitment to quality of the deliverables, outcomes and experience of the resources, and rapid remediation / replacement if an issue occurs. (5%)
  • Provide core team structure and CVs of those who could be part of the service and their experience relevant to this requirement. (5%)
  • Ability to flex up and down resources to meet the demand of the project during different phases, whilst ensuring quality and consistency. (5%)
  • Value for money. (5%)
  • Provide two referenceable client-focused case studies where your company have provided the desired service similar to this requirement. (5%)
  • How the approach or solution meets your organisation's policy or goal. (3%)
  • How risks and dependencies have been identified and approaches to manage them. (2%)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Ability to communicate effectively with staff, technical SMEs and senior management to identify pragmatic solutions to problems within resource constrained environment. (2%)
  • Recent proven experience of an open, transparent and collaborative working relationship at all levels with excellent communication and co-ordination skills when conducting daily stand-ups, team meetings, presentation and demonstrations. (1%)
  • Ability and willingness to work collaboratively within a multi-vendor delivery environment to achieve outcomes working as one team. (1%)
  • Willingness to challenge the status-quo with a no blame culture and encourage people to learn from their mistakes. (1%)
  • Social Value (Fighting Climate Change): Describe the commitment your organisation will make to ensure that opportunities under the contract deliver effective stewardship of the environment. (5%)
  • Social Value (Equal Opportunity): Describe the commitment your organisation will make to ensure that opportunities under the contract deliver a reduction in the disability employment gap. (5%)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Please can you confirm where documentation for this opportunity can be found?
The Digital Marketplace does not have the facility to upload documents.

Copies of the Statement of Requirement and and Written Proposal Template are available upon request from:

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