Awarded to Corporate Project Solutions

Start date: Thursday 21 July 2022
Value: £69,409
Company size: SME
West Sussex County Council

Design and implement a new MS SharePoint365 intranet with a review and migration of legacy content.

7 Incomplete applications

7 SME, 0 large

18 Completed applications

17 SME, 1 large

Important dates

Tuesday 26 April 2022
Deadline for asking questions
Tuesday 3 May 2022 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 11:59pm GMT


Off-payroll (IR35) determination
Contracted out service: the off-payroll rules do not apply
Summary of the work
West Sussex County Council: To lead and design a user-centred SharePoint 365 intranet :
- Discovery phase
- UX Design Concept, build out and testing
- Data tagging, maximising search ability and governance frameworks
- Existing site content review and phased migration plan
- User training staff
-Post go-live support
Latest start date
Monday 20 June 2022
Expected contract length
7 months
South East England
Organisation the work is for
West Sussex County Council
Budget range

About the work

Why the work is being done
A new intranet will support staff working remotely and meet the digital goals for transforming the organisation.

The Council wishes to provide information with easy navigation, increasing self-serve and address its end of life SharePoint 2010 intranet with a replacement solution by 14 October 22.

The proposed solution is intended to
- Deliver improved navigation to increase self serve
- Meet the accessibility design standards and regulations
- Create Content Management structure and templates going forward
- Establish appropriate governance and administrative rights and roles, mapping permission levels
- Confirm content types, metadata document properties, document security and version control parameters
- Analyse existing content and lead internal review to identify content for deletion, archive or migration
- Develop training for service content administration going forward
Problem to be solved
The Council currently operates on SharePoint2010 with an embedded FAQ tool that has not delivered expected outcomes.

Issues we are trying to resolve are listed below:

- The system is not intuitive; navigation and search of the existing site is difficult to use
- A large proportion of the content is duplicated with multiple responses in the FAQ tool
- Navigation and irrelevant responses has caused user dissatisfaction
- There is a need to relaunch and promote SharePoint as a collaborative interactive platform
- Content has evolved over time and requires review and deletion
Who the users are and what they need to do
As a member of staff working in the Council I need to be able to:

- have a ‘go-to place’ to access important updates and information that I am confident is maintained
- find the latest Corporate communications, news feeds from the landing page
- as a manager be able to find supporting information, resources, policies and procedures to support and manage my staff
- access HR, Finance systems to activate processes such as book leave, check payslips from the landing page
- find and share information about my and other teams, to understand peoples’ roles including surfacing a staff directory
- find quick links to other business systems to enable the day job
- access SharePoint from any device, anywhere to support my hybrid working arrangements
- find, create, share, use and edit content easily
- be supported systematically to curate content I am responsible for to ensure it is managed as current, required and relevant or removed in accordance with our retention policy.
- access collaborative tools and spaces to participate in informal communities and team engagement
- be engaged and involved in the concept development and design process and roll out
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
The Council has/is
-completed analysis on page usage
-migrating from MS Exchange on premise to MS Exchange online
-rolled out Teams in islands mode conferencing facilities only

- Links to SharePoint team sites from the intranet will stay in Sharepoint2010 and be addressed at a later stage and as a wider organisational project
- Any links to external systems will be delivered with URL links
- Approximately 90% of staff are licenced for Microsoft365 E3
- users are managed through Active directory and synced with Azure AD
Existing team
The successful partner will work with a project team, whose members include:

-Chief Information Officer and Head of IT (SRO)
- IT Lead Architect
- IT Technical Architect
- IT Information Architect
- Communications Engagement Officer
- HR lead
- User representatives to support testing and design
Current phase
Not started

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Offices are based in Chichester, West Sussex with hybrid/remote working possible
Working arrangements
We need a partner to work with us on hybrid/remote basis and anticipate some in-person workshops for discovery and design in our Chichester office
Security clearance

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrate experience in Microsoft’s Modern Collaboration Architecture ( MOCA), SharePoint 365, Migration from SharePoint 2010 (2%)
  • Demonstratable evidence and experience of delivering SharePoint intranet projects for organisations of a similar size and complexity to West Sussex County Council (2%)
  • Experience of full lifecycle building an intranet site for a complex and diverse organisation (discovery, stakeholder management, design, build, content creation, launch, support) (2%)
  • Experience of delivering innovative intranet projects that have transformed the online experience for users, balancing function with creativity and modern design (2%)
  • Ability to mobilise a project quickly, work in an agile way and work to timeframes (1%)
  • Knowledge and experience of designing fully accessible intranet sites and which support digital inclusion (1%)
  • Ability to present research findings and insights to a non-technical audience, including senior managers and effectively manage stakeholders (1%)
  • Ability to deliver high quality but low technical maintenance intranets (1%)
  • Evidence of creating content which optimises engagement and meets effective standards of usability and accessibility (1%)
  • Experience of creating intranet brand guidelines that set tone of voice, content and image style that fit with an organisation’s corporate identity (1%)
  • Expert in configuring and implementing effective tools for intranet search and content management (1%)
  • Expert in setting up an intranet for continued improvement using analytics to deliver actionable insights (1%)
  • Be able to deliver effective training for intranet editors including train the trainer sessions (1%)
  • Experience and knowledge in migrating, cleansing and rationalisation of existing intranet content to ensure only current, relevant signed off data is migrated to new intranet (1%)
  • Evidence of hosting, supporting and maintaining intranets, including offering a fully replicated development environment for testing upgrades and configuration changes (1%)
  • Evidence of Cyber Essentials Plus or Cyber Essentials with ISO27001 (1%)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • nowledge and experience of delivering reusable templates that can be re-purposed and used on specific areas of an intranet (1%)
  • Experience of implementing third party accessibility and website governance software (1%)
  • Experience of using video, images and other media to enhance intranets (1%)
  • Automated tools for content migration (2%)

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Demonstrate and explain how the solution meets estimated timeframes and meets user needs and Digital goals (this can include a mock site) 10%
  • Provide a proposed team structure including skills, experience, responsibilities and relevance of individuals, and explain how you will ensure the team successfully delivers the required outcomes 10%
  • Provide examples of how you have identified and taken ownership of risks, issues, and dependencies and how you have managed their mitigation and resolution. 8%
  • Explain how you’ll ensure collaboration during the project between users, stakeholders and digital in-house teams. Give examples of where you have successfully applied this approach 5%
  • Demonstrate how you will deliver value for money throughout this contract 2%
Cultural fit criteria
  • Provide an example of how you have successfully challenged the status quo and the benefit this bought to the Buyer (5%)
  • Evidence how you will be innovative, creative and forward thinking (5%)
  • Evidence how you will provide honest and expert feedback,manage conflicting opinions and lead WSCC to the right outcome (10%)
Payment approach
Fixed price
Additional assessment methods
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. What is the current size of the data (Terabyte/GB’s of data to be migrated)?
Current published content before review and split over our 2 current systems SharePoint2010 and a separate FAQ solution.

Current SharePoint intranet– database size is 8GB
• Text pages – 147
• Files – approx. 150 mb in 13512 files (Most of these are internal site structure rather than file attachments)

FAQ solution – 3MB text
• Files - 169 files at approx. 5mb in size
• Text pages – 1669
2. Any custom solutions, If yes, how many farm and user solutions are deployed in current environment
No custom solutions and looking to build a MVP only
3. Do you have any integration with inhouse or third party applications like SAP, Saleforce, CRM etc. ?
We would not be looking to deliver 3rd party integration and would use URL links to signpost staff.
4. Do you require any branding on the new platform ?
We would want the WSCC branding to be used. More details can be provided to the shortlisted suppliers.
5. What kind of Post go live support and training coverage you are looking at ?
Post go live support would be to address any maintenance issues and iterations required.

Training would require up to 10 nominated staff to become experts in content management and will require any other knowledge transfer such as metric set up and insight on use.
6. How many users are using the current sharepoint2010 environment.
7000 staff
7. Within the opportunity overview it states that 90% of staff are currently licenced, will this be 100% staff by go-live?
10% of staff are using a different platform with the potential to transfer them in the future but not to be considered at time of go live. Additional licences will be bought as plans dictate.
8. Is there any existing HTML, CSS or JavaScript being used in the SharePoint 2010 environment
No scripting required in the MVP to be created
9. Are there any workflows in use that need to be migrated to the new environment?
We currently have a publishing workflow built on SharePoint 2010 and used by our intranet team. Our plan is to devolve responsibility further to Services and would look to build a publishing workflow into the MVP
10. Please confirm current use types for SharePoint 2010 – is it used for departmental file/content repository collaboration? (e.g.creating word/PPTX/Excel content and collaborating on it). Is it used for Published final content repository only (i.e.not used for file collaboration) or is it a mix of both use types? – please provide an indication of the number and overall size of content to be migrated in these use types (i.e.overall size of collaboration files, overall number of Published content (Pages&Files). A summary of the SharePoint 2010 usage scenarios (e.g.used by departments as their file repository or used for News&Published information/F&Q only)?
We are looking to build a published final content repository to cover the below content and excludes and file content within our team sites which will not be migrated.

• Corporate news items
• Specialist zones and supporting policy documentation, training guides
• FAQ’s
• Landing page with relevant information, links
11. Please provide an overview of the current Intranet team – number of content owners/number of content
Communication team – managing newsroom and organisational messages and content

Outsourced team who are due to return to WSCC in Oct 22 manages all other content and publishes on behalf of the organisation
12. *Q11 in full*
Please provide an overview of the current Intranet team – number of content owners/number of content contributors/number of administrators/number of Technical support team
Communication team – managing newsroom and organisational messages and content
Outsourced team who are due to return to WSCC in Oct 22 manage all other content and publishes on behalf of the organisation

Content page owners – 250 approx. across 2 systems (Sharepoint and FAQ)
Content contributors – the organisation feeding into our internal team of 7 managing all publication
Content administrators – 10
Technical support – 2
13. Please provide details (and high level breakdown) of content in SharePoint 2010 being considered for migration i.e. overall amount of content (Overall size of all content/number of files/number of Pages
See response to Q1
14. Do you have an Information Governance Framework in place for Microsoft 365 at present?
We are looking for a supplier to support us in developing Governance starting with the Intranet
15. Are you happy that Microsoft’s standard SharePoint Online sites meet your own accessibility design standards?
Our requirement is for the supplier to provide a solution that is compliant with WCAG2.1
16. How much data do you expect to migrate to the new Intranet?
See response to Q1
17. There are many unknowns around the migration activities at this stage – is fixed price delivery negotiable where this is the case?
No. We are looking for responses based on Fixed price.
In terms of the migration we anticipate the content review will remove a proportion to be migrated.
18. Are you happy with your current Intranet structure? Do you expect to change the ‘location’ of key information in line with new navigation?
We are looking for a supplier to advise on the best way to set up location of key information within the current site. Note the majority of documents are held in referenced sites such as HR.
19. Do you expect your internal communications team to design, develop and deliver all promotional activities for the new Intranet?
Yes our internal comms team will be responsible for the launch of our new product
20. What kind of templates are you requiring ‘going forward’? (Office templates or site templates or library templates?)
This can be discussed but anticipating site and library templates going forward. Our aim will be to deliver a content managed intranet only.
21. What licences if any do the 10% of staff without E3 licences have? What are the future licencing plans for these 10%?
10% of staff are using a different platform with the potential to transfer them in the future but not to be considered at time of go live. Additional licences will be bought as plans dictate
22. Which other M365 applications are you currently using? (Teams, Forms, Yammer etc,.)
As stated in the procurement we are using Teams conferencing in island mode. Forms and Yammer are not currently in use.
23. Please may you provide additional details relating to the level of support expected/required post-go-live?

And is this included within the 7-month timeframe?
See response to Q5
24. Are you able to provide an estimate for the amount of current content that will need reviewing as part of the work?

Do you expect any existing SharePoint functionality to be migrated into the new intranet?
1)See response to Q1

2)We require delivery of an intranet site only