Awarded to CGI

Start date: Thursday 10 February 2022
Value: £1,805,000
Company size: large
Ministry of Defence

701428388 (DInfoCom/0163) - Provision of DLMC E-Learning Application Support and Development (ELASD)

3 Incomplete applications

0 SME, 3 large

2 Completed applications

1 SME, 1 large

Important dates

Friday 17 September 2021
Deadline for asking questions
Friday 24 September 2021 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Friday 1 October 2021 at 11:59pm GMT


Off-payroll (IR35) determination
Contracted out service: the off-payroll rules do not apply
Summary of the work
The customer requires a supplier to provide outputs in support of the Defence Learning Environment and working with the programme design partner and future delivery partner to help develop and implement solutions for DLMC services. This initially focuses on support to applications such as Moodle, Mahara, Alfresco and Learning Locker.
Latest start date
Wednesday 26 January 2022
Expected contract length
2-Week Transition starts 26 Jan 22, 24-Month Core Contract (10 Feb 22–09 Feb 24), 6-Month Option
No specific location, for example they can work remotely
Organisation the work is for
Ministry of Defence
Budget range

About the work

Why the work is being done
The DLMC programme is responsible for sustaining the Defence Learning Environment (DLE) and the design, development and delivery of sustainable pan-Defence Learning Management & Delivery Information Services. In support of these twin objectives, DLMC requires an e-Learning application support and development partner to:

a. Deliver application operation and support a MOD-specific instance of Moodle 3.9 Learning Management System, integrated with Mahara, Alfresco and Learning Locker, hosted on the MODCloud Internet Connected Environment (ICE) on an AWS platform,

b. Deliver functional change and provide advice/guidance on how Defence can meet business needs through the exploitation of learning applications and technologies.
Problem to be solved
Knowledge, skills and experience in specific technologies are needed to support the existing DLE and provide development advice/guidance and implementation of the learning applications in support of DLMC aims.

Cyber Risk Assessment Reference is RAR-850864385 (High).


To Note: The Technical Evaluation (80%) will be divided as follows:

- Essential Skills and Experience - 45%
- Nice-to-Have 0%
- Proposal Criteria 15%
- Cultural 10% Plus Social Values 10%
Who the users are and what they need to do
• Training Analyst/Designer
• Quality Manager/External Auditor
• Data Analyst
• Learning Establishment Administrator
• Trainer / Assessor
• Directed Learner
• Elective Learner
• Line Manager
• Learning Governance Administrator
• Senior Sponsor / Commander
• System Admin
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
For Outcome A, DLE is an existing system with current support arrangements due to expire early in 2022. Support for the application suite is needed to maintain the capability.

For Outcome B, DLMC is currently undergoing a discovery phase which will result in the problems being identified. Alpha phase will follow, during which time some support from this contractor will be required to provide advice/guidance and possibly some minor bespoke configuration of the application suite.

Ongoing support for both outcomes will be required for the duration of the contract.
Existing team
Programme team are a mix of crown servants and client-side support via a contracted team. Discovery and Alpha activity are being conducted by a separate contractor. The existing supplier for this aspect of the work will provide a two (2) week handover period to the Successful Supplier.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Work will be anticipated to be largely remote, but may involve meeting attendance at:
• Andover, Hampshire,
• Corsham, Wiltshire,
• Shrivenham, Oxfordshire.
However these are anticipated to be occasional (no more than quarterly). Virtual meetings will be requested on a frequent basis.
Working arrangements
DLE is on MODCloud (ICE) and DLMC programme is being run from Andover. Work will be anticipated to be largely remote, but may involve meeting attendance at Andover, Corsham and/or Shrivenham but these are anticipated to be occasional (no more than quarterly). Virtual meetings will be requested on a frequent basis.
Suppliers at the EOI Stage will be required to include their Travel and Subsistence (T&S) costs within their Pricing Proposal. Expenses are to be in accordance with the MOD Expenses Policy.
Security clearance
SC clearance is required for all resources representing or provided by the supplier. The Authority will not sponsor SC/DV clearance (TBC by the Authority). Clearances must be in place from the start of contract and remain valid for the duration. You can read the process for obtaining clearance at:

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
DEFCON 5J - Unique Identifiers,
DEFCON 76 - Contractors on site,
DEFCON 129J - Electronic business Delivery Form,
DEFCON 513 - Value Added Tax,
DEFCON 516 - Equality,
DEFCON 518 - Transfer,
DEFCON 531 - Disclosure of Information,
DEFCON 534 - Subcontracting/Prompt Payment,
DEFCON 537 - Rights of Third Parties,
DEFCON 539 – Transparency,
DEFCON 550 - Child Labour/Employment Law,
DEFCON 566 - Change of control of contractor,
DEFCON 642 - Progress meetings,
DEFCON 658 - Cyber,
DEFCON 694 - Accounting for Property of the Authority.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Provide examples within the last 2-years of transitioning to service and undertaken running and knowledge transfer for a similar requirement to include the risks, dependencies and mitigation. (7%)
  • Describe an example where you have identified opportunity for improvement to application/ capabilities and how you have enabled this. (3%)
  • Provide a matrix detailing the competencies of resources who will deliver these outputs covering evidence of experience in the technologies in the requirement -Moodle, Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP, AWS.(14%)
  • Provide a matrix detailing the competencies of resources who will deliver these outputs covering evidence of experience in the technologies in the requirement -Mahara, Alfresco and Learning Locker. (10%)
  • Explain how you will meet any delta in experience with the skills and technologies listed in the Statement of Requirement. (3%)
  • 6. Provide examples within the last 2-years of scaling SQEP resources whilst delivering a similar requirement, ensuring quality and consistency to meet the evolving needs of the customer/users. (2%)
  • Demonstrate and provide evidence in the last 2 years where you have had to explore and learn new technologies in order to meet evolving business requirements. (3%)
  • Explain how you plan to retain key resources/skills for the duration of the contract. (3%)
Nice-to-have skills and experience

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Outline the approach you would take to meet this requirement, including any assumptions made in writing your proposal. (8%)
  • Demonstrate how you will comply with the SOR "Ways of Working" requirements (Paragraphs 13-20) with anticipated timeframes for obtaining compliance (5%)
  • Provide KPIs and SLAs that you would be prepared to commit to for this contract and whether these would differ in provision of the two Outcomes. (1%)
  • Provide an Exit Plan plan for the transition to an alternative supplier at the end of the contract to enable the transition. This should outline what the plan would comprise.(1%)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Provide evidence within the last 2-years of ability and willingness to work collaboratively within a multi-vendor delivery environment with effective communication and co-ordination across stakeholders with a no-blame culture.(5%)
  • Provide evidence within the last 2-years of proven ability to add value through the use of innovation, continuous improvement and cost savings utilising technology. (3%)
  • Provide evidence within the last 2-years of ability to communicate effectively with all members and solve issues amongst complex integrations. (2%)
  • SOCIAL VALUE - Describe how you will consider equality and diversity in the provision and operation of services. (3%)
  • SOCIAL VALUE - Demonstrate action to identify and manage cyber security risks in the delivery of the contract including in the supply chain. (5%)
  • SOCIAL VALUE - Demonstrate action to support the health and wellbeing, including physical and mental health, in the contract workforce. (2%)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Please could the authority confirm who the incumbent is for this opportunity?
The incumbent is Learning Technologies Group (UK) Limited t/a Leo Learning.
2. Within the ‘Essential Criteria’ questions please could the buyer explain how suppliers are able to ‘Provide a matrix’ for questions 3 and 4 within the 100 word limit of DOS?
Detail the number of resources available, showing the number of years’ experience against each technology:
Technology (more than 3-Years) / (2-3 Years) / (Less than 2-Years’ experience)
“Moodle 3/1/0”
For Moodle, 3 resources have more than 3-years’ experience in its application, 1 resource has 2-3 years and no resources with less than 2-years’ experience.

Moodle 3/1/0
Linux 3/0/1
Apache 1/3/2
MariaDB 0/2/1
PHP 1/1/3
AWS 4/2/4
This approach uses 12 words for Q3 and 6 words for Q4. Please use the remainder of the words effectively to provide examples of using these technologies.
3. Can the MOD confirm the approximate budget range for this task?
The Authority has a budget, but to ensure we obtain Value for Money I am not in a position to divulge the budget.