National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Digital Workplace Services Implementation Partner

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14 SME, 12 large

0 Completed applications

Important dates

Thursday 29 April 2021
Deadline for asking questions
Thursday 6 May 2021 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Thursday 13 May 2021 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
1. lead the design, build and rollout activity for the digital workplace services within our blueprint, integrating collaboratively with the NICE team.
2. support establishment of internal capability, allowing NICE to become self-sufficient to operate their digital workplace as soon as possible, supplementing gaps in current capability in the meantime.
Latest start date
Sunday 1 August 2021
Expected contract length
2 years
North West England
Organisation the work is for
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
Budget range
£2,500,000.00 excluding VAT

About the work

Why the work is being done
NICE needs to put in place critical enablers to deliver its ambitious new strategy (, including the Digital Workplace programme which will modernise and transform how we work. Programme objectives are:
- remove inefficient and inconsistent practices
- take advantage of modern security, automation and standardisation capability
- collaborate safely with external partners
- release capacity from efficiency and productivity improvements to reinvest in our strategic activity and the development of our people
- enable knowledge sharing across the organisation through seamless collaboration operating beyond established groups
- allow staff to focus on value-add activities and continuously improve delivered quality
Problem to be solved
The current digital workplace comprises a patchwork of unintegrated systems and services and a narrow implementation of Microsoft 365, primarily focused on enabling MS Teams to support homeworking. To deliver the NICE strategy we must modernise and improve our digital workplace. Building a modern Digital Workplace will allow NICE to operate much more securely and efficiently, enable knowledge sharing across the organisation through seamless collaboration operating beyond established groups, allow staff to focus on value-add activities and increase the quality of work performed
Who the users are and what they need to do
Corporate Governance team: understand how optimising use of digital tools can embed records management and information governance compliance so staff are empowered to collaborate safely and securely.

Staff: a digital workplace environment that reduces the amount of manual overhead I currently have and unblocks some of the silos and collaboration constraints that exist across the organisation so that I can focus on my work content and quality rather than the tools and process management

Staff: find out who is working on what quickly so that I can find the right people to collaborate with and create a more joined up working experience
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
NICE have completed an initial phase of work, the following has been produced:
1. Current state assessment of the IT and information landscape
2. Definition of a Digital Workplace Vision for NICE, underpinned by a number of design principles
3. Outline definition of a high-level Digital Workplace blueprint, comprised of a number of primary services, support services and underpinning capabilities
4. High level roadmap for rolling out the blueprint services
5. Preparatory work to ensure a state of readiness for implementation (security, technology, information governance)
6. Suite of personas / role profiles and high level epics that meet their needs
Existing team
The supplier will be part of the programme team which will include: head of digital workplace, a programme manager, business change leads, records managers, infrastructure engineer, project manager, M365 specialists.

NICE are looking for a supplier partner who has tried and tested experience in implementing digital workplaces for public sector organisations; and will work with us collaboratively on design and implementation, mentoring our team and supplementing gaps in our expertise.

Throughout the duration of the contract, the team will engage and work with other colleagues across the business as required for the design, build and adoption of digital workplace services.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Some work may be delivered remotely, particularly while COVID restrictions apply. Where onsite service provision is required by NICE, this will primarily be at Manchester's NICE office, with a posibility of some in the London office.

Level 1A, City Tower
Piccadilly Plaza
M1 4BT

2nd Floor, 2 Redman Place
E20 1JQ
Working arrangements
Supplier will be able to work independently but will be expected to work as part of a wider team with frequent and repeated interaction with colleagues across NICE as needed.
Where suppliers are required to visit the NICE offices, travel and accommodation costs included in the bid must adhere to the NICE travel policy.
Security clearance

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
Additional clauses will apply regarding safeguarding of personal data in line with GDPR principles. Supplier may be required to use NICE equipment such as a laptop.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • When responding to each criteria you should ensure that you demonstrate experience with a specific example and identify proven outcomes:
  • Experience of strategic influencing and successfully guiding business change in the context of organisation-wide transformation programmes
  • Experience of successfully developing a digital workplace blueprint using a service-based approach
  • Experience of design and build of Microsoft 365-based digital workplace services
  • Experience of successfully defining and prioritising an implementation roadmap for a digital workplace environment
  • Experience of successfully planning and implementing a digital workplace environment based on Microsoft 365
  • Experience of successfully transforming an organisational approach to records management and migrating from an existing legacy structure
  • Experience of considering the needs of information governance and master data management to enable successful knowledge and information management in a digital workplace
  • Experience of successfully driving business change through automation, standardisation and adoption of new digital services
  • Experience of the definition of modern operating models for the operation and support of digital workplace services based on the Microsoft platform, and the development of the necessary capabilities
  • Experience of governing and operating digital workplace services on behalf of, or in partnership with clients
  • Experience of building digital workplace learning and development capability and tools supporting this capability
  • Experience of design and build of digital workplace services supporting management of organisation contacts, stakeholder and external partner relationships
  • Resourcing capacity/capability to provide a range of technical/consultancy expertise covering Microsoft365, Dynamics 365, Azure, data management/security/enterprise architecture with ability to mobilise several small teams simultaneously and responsively
  • Supplier accreditation in appropriate industry standards covering Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, enterprise architecture, data management. Should be Microsoft Gold partner.
  • Commitment to social responsibility through a formal social initiative (eg. supporting local charities, community engagement promoting integration and involvement, work opportunities for disadvantaged people, supporting local culture/heritage, volunteering, etc.)
  • Must be able to commence work no later than August 2021.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
Experience of implementing a digital workplace in a complex public, health, or academic environments where knowledge and information is the key asset.

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Describe your approach to creating an implementation roadmap for NICE's digital workplace and implementing that roadmap
  • Describe your approach to designing and building digital workplace services and capabilities that meet the needs of NICE
  • Describe your approach to defining and implementing an operating model for the ongoing operation of new digital workplace services
  • Describe your approach to driving the adoption of new ways of working though the establishment of new digital services at NICE
  • Describe your approach to demonstrating the impact of change activity in terms of benefits and value-add for the organisation
  • Describe your approach to adapting to a changing landscape and changing priorities, ensuring you can continuously demonstrate best value for money.
  • Describe management, measurement, governance and reporting processes and methodologies you will put in pace to manage the work throughout the engagement
  • Describe your team experience, capabilities and ways of working. Describe how you will ensure availability of appropriate resource/expertise throughout the contract to ensure delivery to planned timescales and quality
  • An illustrative proposed roadmap with high level timescales, costs and clearly documented assumptions to address the design and implementation of NICE's digital workplace blueprint (Presentation Only)
  • Example case study for an organisation where information is the key asset. Describe how you have helped an organisation transform through implementation of a digital workplace environment. (Presentation Only)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Describe your approach to collaborative ways of working to be adopted throughout the partnership with NICE
  • Describe your approach to delivery and user-centred design in the context of implementing digital workplace services
  • Describe your approach to business change and the adoption of new services
  • Describe your approach to stakeholder engagement and to influencing change where stakeholders may be reluctant or resistant (Presentation Only)
  • Describe how you will work with NICE internal programme resources and provide guidance/mentoring as well as direct involvement in implementation delivery where skills and capacity is available (Presentation Only)
  • Describe your approach to enabling NICE staff to successfully own, operate and further develop the outcomes/benefits being delivered. Provide examples of where you have done this before (Presentation Only)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Is there an incumbent supplier who has been working on the Discovery phase of this work?
2. Are there any incumbent suppliers (supplying parts or all of this service)?
Yes we have worked with 2 suppliers so far to date.
3. Could you please clarify whether Microsoft Gold Partner status is mandatory for this opportunity or whether good strong evidence of same / similar service provision will be acceptable?
‘Gold partner’ status is preferred but evidence demonstrating same/similar service provision would be taken into consideration.
4. Please can you clarify how Social Value/Responsibility assessment fits within the percentage weighting and headings of Tech/Culture/Price for your first round of evaluation?
The question is of equal value to the others in Essential Skills and Experience for the first round shortlisting stage
5. Can you please clarify what you mean by “capped T&M” for this contract. Does it mean:
a) You will be holding the supplier to a set number of days for the delivery (via statement of work) and if the supplier doesn’t deliver all of the backlog within that price you will expect the supplier to pay for the extra days to complete the work; or
b) You have a capped budget for the programme and the supplier will operate on a T&M or fixed price basis for individual statements of work?
Capped time and materials DOS definition:
A capped time and materials approach is the same as a time and materials approach but there’s a limit on how much you have to pay for the work. If you reach the limit before the work is finished, the supplier has to complete the work at their own cost. If the supplier finishes the work before they said they would, you only pay them for the time they took to do the work.
Work will be agreed via a number of Statements of Work, each will operate on an individual Capped T&M basis.
6. What is the current type of Microsoft 365 License
7. Please specify the total No. of users / sites & geographical locations needs to be migrated to Microsoft 365. (Geographical Location – To ascertain license implications)
c.800 users across 2 uk offices, migration to M365 has already taken place. Licenses are in place to support all users (E3).
8. Any third party PBX integration with MS Teams (In Scope or Out of Scope)
out of scope at this point
9. Any third party integration with Microsoft 365 (Eg.Security & Monitoring Tool)
To be considered as part of the programme
10. Does the Customer require Microsoft 365 Support services?
Possibly but this is not in scope for this contract; ie if NICE decided to contract for Premier Support or similar it will be managed by the in-house team, although consultancy advice on appropriate needs /support models may be sought.
11. What are the expected timelines for Migration/Implementation
The overall programme is for 2 years
12. Is there a need to do a Network Assessment for MS Teams? (To calculate the bandwidth requirement)
No, MS Teams is already in use with full adoption across NICE
13. Has any POC been done for MS Teams? If yes, was there any challenges faced?
MS Teams is already in use with full adoption across NICE. Key challenges relate to information governance and records management.
14. Will this deployment be across multiple domains?
15. Who are the two current incumbents?
Civica and CapGemini
16. Can you please clarify whether ongoing managed services will form part of this contract?
No, ongoing managed services are not in scope for this contract.
17. Can you confirm your appetite for us using off-shore resources where appropriate?
We are open to all bids regardless of the mix of on-shore, near-shore or off-shore resources. We will consider the appropriateness of the nature of the resources according to their role in the delivery of the service/outcomes.
18. We note that Question 1 states ‘When responding to each criteria you should ensure that you demonstrate experience with a specific example and identify proven outcomes:’. Can you please confirm that this does not require an answer and will not be scored?
This is an instruction not a question
19. Is experience of implementing digital workplace for public sector organizations a mandatory criteria? If not, does it have any weightage in the overall evaluation criteria?
This is ‘Nice to Have’ and scores equally with the other criteria.
20. From an EMS perspective, have any security and compliance workloads been configured?
Yes, conditional access
21. What is currently being used to support mobile devices?
22. Is Power Platforms being used?
23. What is used for remote access?
VMWare Horizon view but this is likely to retire
24. Is there any software asset and license management tooling in place? If so, which product?
Not yet
25. What is currently being used for device provisioning and management?
26. What is the current standard device specification?
1 year old HP Elitebooks, i5-8265U 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM running Windows 10 Enterprise with STP.
27. Which products and services in M365 have been enabled and are in use?
All enabled, primarily Teams in use
28. Pillar 3 “increase the use of our guidance, monitor adoption and measure impact on health outcomes and inequalities”. Are there requirements for measurement and existing benchmarks?
Out of scope for this
29. Have all the security / compliance / regulatory requirements been documented as part of the existing discovery phase?
30. a)Have you considered what are the key security / compliance components within Microsoft 365 are the priorities for this delivery, e.g. DLP, ATP, Defender, Exchange Online Protection?
b)Are you looking to migrate to or integrate these services with any existing security products?
a) ATP/Defender already in use; others still under consideration but likely.
b) Possibly but not yet known.
31. 15. Can you please clarify the learning and development capability for “Experience of building digital workplace learning and development capability and tools supporting this capability”, e.g. Digital Workplace knowledge hub for staff on SharePoint / Teams or a third-party customised solution?
Either – we are interested in your experience and how you have approached this for other organisations
32. What is the existing records / data management tooling?
33. Has a target solution been identified that meets business and regulation requirements?
34. What support you are looking for from the supplier on this project, e.g. full, partial or none for project management, technical SME and business change?
At proposal stage we will be asking suppliers to propose what they think is needed to support this major business transformation working with some existing roles in-house.
35. Have you considered which Microsoft 365 services are priorities for this delivery (e.g. Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, Exchange, Windows 10, MDM etc)?
This is not a technology-driven programme, priorities for deployment of tools will be driven by prioritised epics relating to cross-cutting services that are likely to use a combination of all M365 technology together.
36. What are the ‘primary services’ as mentioned in the existing work description?
These are based on common business forms of collaboration such as ‘project collaboration spaces’. Full information on the services and blueprint will be shared with suppliers who are shortlisted for the evaluation stage.
37. How many personas, role profiles, and epics have been created?
6-8. Full information on the these will be shared with suppliers who are shortlisted for the evaluation stage.
38. Is there an estimate for time split between on-site and remote working
39. Has a decision been made on whether to move to the central tenant?
NICE will remain on its own tenant.
40. What specific records management requirements do you have?
Not possible to answer here and is not needed to respond to the shortlisting criteria. We are interested in your experience in relation to this using M365 capabilities.
41. Can you confirm how you plan to carry out the Price evaluation? Do you plan to ask suppliers for:
a) A rate card?
b) A price for an illustrative statement of work based on a set of requirements that you provide?
c) Some other mechanism?
a) A rate card; and
b) A price for an illustrative statement of work based on a set of requirements that you provide
42. No of endpoints and types of endpoints (Desktop/Laptop/Mobile/VDI)
Desktop – none
Laptops – c.800
VDIs – c.150
Mobiles c.100
43. “When responding to each criteria you should ensure that you demonstrate experience with a specific example and identify proven outcomes”. Please will you confirm what is expected for this response. Thank you.
This is an instruction not a question. No response required
44. For the first phase of the tender, the first question for bidders to respond to under Essential Skills and Experience is a guidance statement – “When responding to each criteria you should ensure... proven outcomes:”
Can you please clarify if bidders are to response to this statement?
This is an instruction not a question. No response required

The deadline for asking questions about this opportunity was Thursday 6 May 2021.