Awarded to Netcompany UK Limited

Start date: Monday 27 July 2020
Value: £2,700,000
Company size: large
Field Army IX Programme


6 Incomplete applications

5 SME, 1 large

4 Completed applications

2 SME, 2 large

Important dates

Thursday 21 May 2020
Deadline for asking questions
Thursday 28 May 2020 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Thursday 4 June 2020 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
The Field Army’s Information Exploitation (IX) Programme in partnership with Army Digital Services (ADS) undertakes software application development to meet the business needs of the Army and Defence partners. There is a requirement to continue these development outcomes for existing and new applications.

Cyber Risk Assessment Reference is RAR-NREA99NR (Moderate)
Latest start date
Monday 27 July 2020
Expected contract length
until 31 March 2021
South East England
Organisation the work is for
Field Army IX Programme
Budget range

About the work

Why the work is being done
Field Army (FA) is the largest command in the British Army and provides trained force elements to operations. Army Digital Service (ADS) is an internal software house that supports Army requirements for application development/hosting/service management. This work is part of an ongoing programme between FA and ADS; ADS enables IX Programme Agile development activity through the provision of development platforms/specialist advice/related data/governance and accreditation services which support Commander FA and wider Defence drive for business transformation. Currently the applications are developed using Oracle Application Express (APEX) framework and are hosted on in-house Army Hosting Environment and typically interface with the Army Data Warehouse. Increasingly there is a drive for internet accessible applications through personal (non-MoD) devices and hence a relationship with Joint Server Farm through the Defence Gateway may be exploited as may other development frameworks including .Net.
ADS utilises DevOps to deliver applications through a full automated delivery pipeline onto the production environment, using Oracle and Mircosoft production platforms on AHE. There are 11 existing and planned applications in the FA portfolio which require outcomes to be delivered across the full DevOps pipeline from discovery through to development/test/deployment/3rd line support.
Problem to be solved
Provision of a cost effective, flexible and scalable development service that can meet the demands of Field Army’s IX Programme and the services provided by ADS. Service requirements are technology agnostic, although predominately Oracle APEX.

Who the users are and what they need to do
The users of the applications are members of HM Forces and Civil Servants across the Army and wider Defence. The users are required to log on to the Ministry of Defence Network and browse to the appropriate url. Access is predominately granted via single sign on.

The users need secure, performant and available application services to provide information in the right context to undertake their business functions to enable the day-to-day operation of the Army and wider Defence.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
Existing team
The existing Field Army Development Team operates under the direction of the IX Programme and consists of about 45 business analysts, developers, testers, scrum master, delivery and change managers. Enabling support is provided by a combination of military personnel, civil servants and contracted services from external suppliers.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
The place of delivery for the contract shall be at such location(s) as agreed between the outcomes supplier and the Authority. The primary location for ADS is Andover, Hampshire.
Working arrangements
The supplier will deliver in-line with IX Programme direction and within ADS standards, policies and processes. ADS uses Azure to provide a remote development capability enabling the development service to work with customers both on and off-site. Once code is ready for deployment it is brought onto ADS on-premise cloud dev/test environments, to be deployed through the DevOps pipeline onto the AHE, via System Integration/security testing/pre-production. Each with testing against the capability.

Expenses are to be in accordance with MOD Statement of Business Travel Guide, Fuel costs will not be granted for travel between home and Andover.
Security clearance
Security Clearance (SC) will be required for the duration of the role. Incumbents are to follow both the letter and spirit of Army Headquarters security regulations. The minimum acceptable security standard is BPSS, SC will be required on a case by case basis.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
DEFCON 5J (Edn 18/11/16) Unique Identifiers, DEFCON 76 (Edn 12/06) Contractors on site, DEFCON 129J (Edn 18/11/16) Electronic business Delivery Form, DEFCON 513 (Edn 11/16) Value Added Tax, DEFCON 516 (Edn 04/12) Equality, DEFCON 518 (Edn 02/17) Transfer, DEFCON 531 (Edn 11/14) Disclosure of Information, DEFCON 534 (Edn 06/17) Subcontracting/Prompt Payment, DEFCON 537 (Edn 06/02) Rights of Third Parties, DEFCON 550 (Edn 02/14) Child Labour/Employment Law, DEFCON 566 (Edn 12/18) Change of control of contractor, DEFCON 642 (Edn 06/14) Progress meetings, DEFCON 658 (Edn 10/17) Cyber, DEFCON 694 (Edn 07/18) Accounting for Property of the Authority

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrable experience within last 3-years of delivering multiple, concurrent and complete Agile delivery-teams comprising Scrum Masters, Testers, Developers and Business Analysts, to meet business requirements. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of delivering resources who follow Agile methodologies to design and develop secure, scalable enterprise level applications using Oracle APEX. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience within last 3 years of delivering polyskilled SFIA level 4 to 5 development resources with a minimum of 5 years’ recent experience in Oracle APEX outputs. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of delivering polyskilled SFIA level 4 to 5 development resources with a minimum of 5 years experience in C# outputs. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience within last 3 years of delivering SFIA level 4 to 6 Scrum Master, Business Analyst and Automated and Manual Test resources. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of delivering services into an Agile /DevOps organisation. Working within SCRUM/Kanban frameworks within multi-skilled development teams capable of contributing to the team beyond development. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience in SQL Server, SSRS/Power BI, EF Core and applicable ORMs and the CheckMarx security console. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience in PL/SQL, Oracle Database 11g/12c, BI Publisher and WebLogic server, Oracle RESTful Data Services (ORDS), ApexSec Security Console. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience and successful delivery in a multi-vendor environment (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of providing DevOps expertise to build and manage applications using container technologies in the form of Docker and/or Kubernetes. (1%)
  • Demonstrable expertise in automated unit testing using tools and frameworks including utPLSQL version 3, SQL Developer, MSTest, NUnit and XUnit. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience with last 3 years of successfully integrating systems via APIs, including on-premise and other cloud-based services, including Azure and Amazon AWS. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience last 3 years of successfully building secure web applications that collect/manage personal and/or sensitive information with appropriate controls/protection in-line with MoD JSP440/or similar regulations from other sectors. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience in developing RESTful web services across different technologies and securing those services via OAuth2. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience using Static Code scanning tools to diagnose security issues within applications. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience in Windows 2012 R2/2016, 2019, Red Hat Linux 6.x and 7.x operating systems. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of developing and supporting the release applications using a DevOps pipeline including technologies such as Git, TeamCity 9.x., Confluence, Ansible, JIRA and TFS/Azure DevOps. (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience of using Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) using tools such as Selenium Javascript, Mocha, Chai and Cypress. (1%)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Experience of working within Government Digital Services (GDS) standards (1%)
  • Demonstrable experience within last 3 years’ experience of providing SFIA level 4 to 6 developers for some of these development technologies Java, Go, Python and MS Low-Code technologies (1%)

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Say how you will meet the buyer's requirements. (4%)
  • Describe the approach and methodology to meeting the requirements outlined in RFP (4%)
  • Describe the approach for transition of service, running and knowledge transfer and working in a multi-vendor environment. (4%)
  • Give examples of KPIs and SLAs that you would be prepared to commit to for this contract (2%)
  • Provide evidence of skills and experience of the team who could be doing the work. Provide illustrative CVs of resources that could meet the authority’s essential and desirable requirements. (6%)
  • Provide the team structure, and explain how they’ll work together. List the roles, their responsibilities that you anticipate in each role for each stage of the work. (3%)
  • Provide two referenceable client-focussed case studies where your company has provided the desired service capability. (4%)
  • Ability to mobilise the team resources quickly and the approach to service continuity. (3%)
  • Explain how you plan to retain key resources/ skills for the duration of the contract and how you can commit to meet ADS’s continuous need for development activities. (1%)
  • Ability to scale up and down resources, whilst ensuring quality and consistency to meet the evolving demand for applications. (1%)
  • How the proposal will optimise costs, and generate savings. In particular minimising transition costs between the current team and the new supplier. (4%)
  • Identification of the risks and dependencies associated with this requirement and potential mitigation. (1%)
  • Provide an exit plan for the transition to an alternative supplier at the end of the contract and enable the transition (3%)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Recent proven experience in working with a product owner to derive requirements. (2%)
  • Recent proven experience of an open and collaborative working relationship at all levels with a no blame culture. (2%)
  • Recent proven ability and willingness to work collaboratively within a multi-vendor delivery environment with effective communication and co-ordination across stakeholders. (3%)
  • Proven ability to added value to Field Army/ADS through the use of innovation, continuous improvement and cost savings utilising technology. (3%)
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Can the authority please confirm the IR35 status of any resource supplied under this engagement?
As the Authority is contracting out the services to a third party and the workers do not personally provide their services to the Authority, IR35 does not apply in this instance. Field Army/Army Digital Service would be willing to accept a substitute, have limited supervision in terms of requesting outcomes and no mutuality of obligation to the supplier. Our behaviour and working practices are designed to be in keeping with a service provision.
2. The incumbent Supplier very likely has direct knowledge of the previous budgets/prices for these outcomes. Not advertising a budget for this work might put other potential suppliers at a disadvantage if the incumbent Supplier decides to submit a bid. Can you please provide an approximate budget so that other Suppliers can remain competitive, especially as price has a 30% evaluation weighting?
The Authority has ensured that the incumbent Supplier has no direct knowledge of the budget for this requirement. The pricing for the potential Call-Off Contract will be based on the number of resources and the man day rate provided in Proposal criteria. The Authority will not be releasing the budget, as we want to achieve value for money through competition.
3. On Friday 22 MAY we requested a copy of the SoW. We received an automated reply stating the recipient only has intermittent access to emails. We still haven't received a SoW. Given that the end of the question period is tomorrow, can the Authority please provide a link to the SoW? Thank you
A copy of the Statement of Requirement has now been issued. Sorry for the delay but this was due to the Bank Holiday and Privilege Day.
4. The SoR stated the duration of the requirement is until 31st March 2020. Please can you clarify the duration.
I must apologise for the error. A revised SoR has been issued with the date of 31 March 2021.
5. What mix of on site and off site work is envisaged?
The typical routine from the current provision, prior to the COVID restrictions, was for each individual SCRUM Team to be co-located in Andover for around one week in every three on average, with the other two weeks of outputs delivered remotely. Assuming the restrictions are eased in due course the authority would envisage returning to a similar working pattern. Regardless, however, the authority will retain the option to vary this on a team and/or individual resource basis and insist that outputs are delivered from a centralised location where it considers it appropriate to do so.