Awarded to Anaeko Ltd

Start date: Monday 27 April 2020
Value: £70,000
Company size: SME
Northern Ireland Water

X195 Water/Waste Water Pumping Analytics (dashboard)

9 Incomplete applications

6 SME, 3 large

15 Completed applications

9 SME, 6 large

Important dates

Monday 2 March 2020
Deadline for asking questions
Monday 9 March 2020 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Monday 16 March 2020 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
This project is to help NIWater with Pumping Analytics to help provide continuous pumping performance statistics (dashboard style) with a live scoring system. The project is broken down into the following categories
1. IOC (Intelligent Operations Centre) Dashboard
2. Inputs
3. Outputs - what we would like you to do
Latest start date
Monday 20 April 2020
Expected contract length
60-90 days over 3-4 months
Northern Ireland
Organisation the work is for
Northern Ireland Water
Budget range
£50,000 - £70,000

About the work

Why the work is being done
Water and waste water pumping are core processes with NIW networks. As pumping stations pump significant amounts of water and waste water, they consume large amounts of energy to do so. Therefore we need to fully analyse the pumping patterns at all of our sites to visualisation operations and gain insights into potential efficiencies and cost savings.
We also pump within our water and waste treatment plants which will require the same analysis to provide insights into efficiency and cost saving. Some work has already been completed at NIWater in regards pumping efficiencies although we require assistance to ensure that we are make the most efficient and effective use of that data to learn how our networks are operating and how we can realise efficiencies.
Data can provide us with insight we cannot see under normal circumstances:
• Are assets costing more money at certain times?
• Are assets operating under optimal conditions?
• Can some operations be modified - can we model, or simulate potential outcomes?
• Can we analyse trends from the data, anticipate failures, or suboptimal operation
• Can a dashboard show savings or potential issues?
• Can we automate our networks to make them more "intelligent"?
Problem to be solved
This project is to help us with Pumping Analytics to help provide continuous pumping performance statistics (dashboard ) with live scoring. A RAG status for all pumps in operations is required with a league table of performance, which has further filtering capabilities. The project consists of the following categories

1. IOC (Intelligent Operations Centre) Dashboard
a. Simple scoring (e.g. speedometer style) to show RAG status.
b. Asset health metric
c. Geo/ Business alignment
d. Allow for weighting factors to be applied if necessary
e. Alerting functionality
f. Facility/ Asset level capability
g. Drill-down capability to further assess problems
2. Inputs
a. Data quality metric (Grading of assets A to D)
a. Availability, frequency, null and outliers to be considered
b. Energy data (every 30 minutes)
c. Flow data
d. Pressure data (suction, discharge)
e. GIS/ Spatial data (elevations, type, etc.)
f. Tariff information
3. Outputs - what we would like you to do
a. Assess data and problem pumps
b. Combine data and automate (ETL) - Data Warehouse/ Cloud
c. Visualise data - performance metrics
d. IOC - alert & detect trends using predictive analytics
e. Support for solution
f. Configuration weighting (site dependant factors - gravity, more pumps etc.)
Who the users are and what they need to do
• Head of Energy – What is my electricity spend in the network and by using predictive analytics, how much can I save if I did things slightly differently?
• Head of Assets – How are my assets performing throughout my network (1. Water, 2. Waste Water). Using analytics and data patterns, can we spot low performance, can we increase performance by using predictive models?
• Head of Business Intelligence - how can I see an accurate, up to data dashboard of costs/ performance on each network and also have the ability to filter the data for a particular region, site, facility or asset if needs be?
• Head of M&E - how do we get better predictions of our assets to be able to plan better preventative maintenance schedules?
Early market engagement
We have purchased Microsoft Power BI Pro and Premium for analytics projects, so the ability to integrate with Azure will be of particular interest. This allows the supplier some latitude in the development of the best solution to adopt going forward that makes best use of our data and systems already in place.
Any work that’s already been done
Some initial investigations have begun into:
o Energy savings - pumping at different times to account for tariff differences.
o Pump efficiencies - when is the best time to pump?

This information will be made available as needed, provided the right data sharing agreements and contracts are in place.
Existing team
Head of Analytics
Business Improvement Project Manager
Business Analytics Project Manager
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Customer Insights Manager
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Northern Ireland Water
Westland House
Head Office
40 Old Westland Road
BT14 6TE
Working arrangements
Work as one team with the NIW Analytics delivery team, whether on-site or off-site. Regular updates on progress to ensure projects are properly scoped, planned, client must be briefed on issues, risks and delivery milestones.

Participate in organizational activities if applicable, enabling shared learning, and embed knowledge transfer activities to Data Analytic staff into all stages of activity.
Ensure models built are easy to use/maintenance by NIW Analytics team.
Flex resources to the needs of the project, and work constructively alongside other partners.
Comply with NIW policies/procedures.
Integrate with Microsoft tools already in place: Power BI, Power BI Premium.
Security clearance

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully developing reusable predictive analytical models to detect and predict potential anomalies (assets - pumps etc.) (10points)
  • • Demonstrate experience of successfully developing predictive models in relation to customer data (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully productionising/embedding predictive analytical models into reports and operational systems (10points)
  • Demonstrate strong expertise and experience of sanitising and modeling data from multiple sources (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully upskilling/transferring knowledge to the internal customer's team in relation to predictive analytics (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully handing over the models to the customer, to allow the customer to maintain and refresh these models (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully working collaboratively with a client as part of a joint team, essentially as an extension of the development team, gaining
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully gathering continuous feedback from stakeholders on work and enhancing work as a result (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience of following data security and information governance processes and procedures including in respect of special categories of personal data (10points)
  • Demonstrate how your team keeps abreast of new developments and techniques in relation to predictive analytics (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience with GIS/ Telemetry/ SCADA systems to produce data sources, or make requests for data needed (10 points)
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully flexing resources up and down at short notice within a given project to meet needs (10points)
  • •Demonstrate experience of successfully developing clear and concise dashboards that indicate RAG status of assets in a location (facility, site) as part of an “Intelligent Operations Centre”. (10 points)
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Demonstrate experience of successfully developing predictive analytic models in the public sector (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience of working successfully in several different industries/sectors (10points)
  • Demonstrate experience of working successfully using ‘agile’ methodology with an internal client team who have limited experience of agile working (10points
  • • Demonstrate experience of successfully developing predictive analytics models that are similar to water industry. Eg Financial analytics or other utilities. (10points)

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Identification of a RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies) list that needs to be considered as part of the plan. (10 points)
  • Description of how you will identify all stakeholders in these activities. (10 points)
  • Description of how you will use our current data and what insights could be gained in the early stages (10 points)
  • Description of how you could integrate an early alerting system in the event of a growing
  • Description of how we can migrate information to the cloud (if not already available). (10 points)
  • Describe how you will provide knowledge transfer to up-skill the BI team. (10 points)
  • Description of how you will document procedures, results as we complete projects. (10 points)
  • Description of how the models will be tested to prove that they are actually working and providing the right level of prediction and insight. (10 points)
  • •Proposed team structure you will require including CVs (10 points)
  • A plan including milestones must be presented to ensure the following data sets are fully understood.
  • •Describe the dashboards you could implement to show us cost savings, efficiencies, league tables of performance by geography (spatial data). (10 points)
  • •Description of how you will build models that will drive machine learning to help us become proactive towards maintenance, plus anticipate failures before they happen. (10 points)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Collaboration. You will be an extension of our development team, how will you ensure there is collaboration within the team ( 10 points)
  • Experts. We need to understand our data fully, analytics should help us make more informed business decisions. Please demonstrate how your solution will fit our requirements.10 points.
  • Knowledge Transfer How will you provide knowledge transfer to our in-house staff? (10 points)
  • Trusted partner - How will you bring us to the next level in analytics and gain the ability to predict network and asset behaviour to reduce outages? (10 points)
  • Reliable - How will you ensure that you have dedicated resources for the entirety of this engagement? (10 points
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
Case study
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Is this opportunity open to companies based in the Republic of Ireland?
2. Can we place EU citizens (non-UK residents) on this project?
3. Will the budget range £50,000 – £70,000 include expenses?
4. While work will take place at the Northern Ireland Water head office, will part-time remote/offsite work be tailored?
Part Time and Remote Working will be facilitated
5. Working arrangements require flex resources. Will adding resources during the project be supported by additional budget to the initial contract price?
There will be no additional budget over and above the stated budget range.
6. Do we need to submit a case study as part of the initial proposal?
7. Is there any incumbent supplier?
8. Are you currently using any predictive modelling? Using which tool/language?
Yes we are using Microsoft Azure, coupled with Power BI Pro/ Premium. Languages mostly Python, R and SQL.
9. Could you please share existing technical landscape & nature of data sources?
Data generated from sensors at all sites measuring various parameters (pressure, flow, levels etc.) which feeds into a SCADA system. A subset of that data is transferred locally into Telemweb where we can generate reports and data sets from various data points. We are migrating some data to Azure to utilise cloud resources.
10. Could you please also confirm what security clearance is required (accessni)?
Access NI Basic level is required for all appointed contractors who will be attending NI Water sites. This security clearance can be obtained by accessing the following NI Direct site website and paying a fee of £18.00.
11. We propose the service is delivered through a mixture of on-site and off-site resource, ensuring appropriate specialist skills and experience are provided on a cost effective basis. Do NIW have in mind the percentage split between on-site and off-site or is it up to the supplier to specify?
NI Water is not prescriptive about the split of time between on site and off site. Our objective is that we can deal directly and or have people available to come on site for face to face updates, progress, issues meetings as required.
12. Can you elaborate what you mean by Capped T&M? Would expenses be charged separately?
Capped time and materials includes travel and expensive.The available budget is also inclusive of travel and expenses.
The price submitted by the tenderer will be fixed.
13. We have specialists with the highest levels of security clearance for UK Government Accounts; these resources will not necessarily have AccessNI clearance as they are based in England. Will that preclude us from bidding?
No this will not preclude you. However every contractor coming onto an NI Water site must have basic AccessNI clearance. This is obtained by assessing the following NI Direct Website and paying a fee of £18.
14. How often does the data in the dashboard need to be refreshed?
Every 30 minutes would be a reasonable assumption for a data refresh.
15. Does the solution require historical trends or is it a point in time only?
The solution, or model used would be based on historical data but the dashboard should display the latest data for the latest refresh.
16. Will there be one view of the dashboard or will multiple user groups need to be catered for?
There should be 1 view of the dashboard available in the cloud. We can use our own internal authentication to decide who gets to see it.
17. Is it possible to provide an offline copy of the application and its questions?
No, we cannot accomodate this.
18. Who will own the intellectual property for any digital tools developed as part of the project?
NI Water will own the IP.