Awarded to Kainos Software Ltd

Start date: Monday 22 June 2020
Value: £8,000,000
Company size: large
HM Land Registry

Technical Delivery Partner

17 Incomplete applications

14 SME, 3 large

20 Completed applications

13 SME, 7 large

Important dates

Monday 9 March 2020
Deadline for asking questions
Monday 16 March 2020 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Monday 23 March 2020 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
A partnership on a range of digital and technical programmes as part of HM Land Registry's Transformation Portfolio. You will provide expertise and specialism to boost capacity and enhance capability. You will work alongside our in-house digital teams supporting DDaT technical delivery, software development, technical architecture, webops and test practices.
Latest start date
Monday 11 May 2020
Expected contract length
The expected contract length is 12 months with the potential to extend up to a 2-year contract term.
South West England
Organisation the work is for
HM Land Registry
Budget range
Budget approval is subject to Cabinet Office spending controls, service assessments and HM Land Registry governance.
A pipeline of activity is foreseen over the next 12-24 months, with an indicative budget against the requirements for this capability being approx £6m - £8m, but that scope could expand or contract.
Each SOW will be assigned a set cost to enable tracking
HM Land Registry does not commit to any minimum or maximum spend at this point.

About the work

Why the work is being done
HM Land Registry has a strategic commitment to transform into a digital, data-driven, registration business. We are implementing a large, complex and ambitious portfolio of change over the next 2 years. HM Land Registry continues to review and invest in its internal capability to deliver these changes. We need a Technical Delivery partner to help us to uplift our internal digital capability with a range of skills, whilst providing a short-term uplift in capacity.
Our Digital, Data and Technology Directorate is primarily based in our Plymouth location. As well as a Technology Group which builds and supports new services we have a range of specialist teams who we are in the process of re-organising into Practices, this requirement is for a single partner to boost our technical capability.
HM Land Registry will take the lead responsibility for delivery of programmes. You will work as part of blended HM Land Registry and supplier teams. We are looking for a partner therefore who will be able to provide these capabilities in one contract, alongside the value-add of having worked in Digital, Data and Integration projects.
Problem to be solved
HM Land Registry is transforming its internal and external digital and data services. This demands DDaT delivery management across a range of programmes and projects, including the following:
• To digitise and automate new user-facing services.
• To automate and improve HM Land Registry's internal application processing and casework systems and processes
• To refresh existing technical architecture and build new technical capabilities
• To build a new digital register to enable future services and create data products
• To continue to enhance our local land charges service offerings
• To improve our customer data and implement a SaaS CRM product
• Data Migration to support cloud strategy, building API’s to use this data
• To enhance the capability of HM Land Registry's in-house digital development teams in order to build and support new digital services
• Any other technical activity in support of implementing our business strategy
Who the users are and what they need to do
User groups of HM Land Registry's services include:
•Citizens who require a better and more consistent experience when requesting land information, registering land interests and/or tracking land transactions
•Solicitors/conveyancers/mortgage lenders who must be able to transact using digital services when acting on behalf of buyers and sellers in registering land interests
•Caseworkers who process land registration applications require more automated, intelligent and consistent casework tools to enable more time to focus on quasi-legal decisions and judgements
•Other professional/commercial/academic groups with an interest in land information, including start-ups in the proptech sector
Early market engagement
HM Land Registry has a large Transformation programme in train. This opportunity forms part of the ongoing evolution of the resourcing model for that Portfolio. We have previously advertised for Delivery Partnerships to support individual programmes within the portfolio. We will be advertising a range of Capability-based contracts over the coming months to provide support across the whole portfolio.
Any work that’s already been done
HM Land Registry has a large digital delivery programme in progress, with a number of services in live and beta phases and a prioritised roadmap of other services in inception, discovery, and alpha phases. We have the following programmes currently in flight:
Digital & Data programme
Service Improve Programme
Customer Programme
Infrastructure Programme
Local Land Charges programme
Existing team
We have 22 multi-disciplinary, multi-supplier teams predominantly in-house supplemented with supplier staff, currently delivering new products and services.
Current teams are at a variety of different project phases, some in discovery, some alpha and some in beta.
Additional suppliers may be appointed to support any part of the transformation programme.
Current phase
Not applicable

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
The majority of HM Land Registry's agile development teams are based in Plymouth, UK and this is where most of the work will take place.
There may be a requirement to work at other HMLR locations, including but not limited to Croydon and Gloucester.
Working arrangements
This will be a 5 day per week (Monday to Friday) commitment and, although there may be some scope for remote working, our focus is to build co-located and integrated teams at our offices in Plymouth.
Detailed working arrangements, including team location, size and make-up, will be contained within each statement of work.
The technical delivery partner must follow HM Land Registry's IT and security procedures and policies in relation to access, data and equipment use.
Security clearance
HM Land Registry requires all supplier staff to have baseline personnel security standard clearance. There may be a requirement for some of the work to require security clearance checks. This will be detailed in the statement of work.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
The standard terms and conditions of a DOS framework agreement call-off contract apply.
Any claim for travel and subsistence will be made in accordance with HM Land Registry's travel and subsistence policy.
T&S will not be paid for travel to the "home" office which will usually be Plymouth and specified in the SOW.
This contract will be subject to the published Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 01/18 – Supply Chain Visibility. Shortlisted suppliers will be requested to complete the information set out in PPN 04/19.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Have evidence of providing individuals capable of managing delivery at all levels on complex transformation programmes with many dependencies and integrations working across multiple workstreams and teams.
  • Have evidence of iteratively delivering complex transactional digital services using a range of techniques including agile and across multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Demonstrate extensive evidence of rapidly and successfully onboarding in a complex organisation. This should include aligning with organisational standards/culture and building key relationships.
  • Experience of improving and increasing pace of delivery.
  • Experience of delivery management across all levels within a programme. Evidence required of creating the right environment for effective delivery to time, cost and quality resulting in a satisfied customer.
  • Experience of software engineering across a large change portfolio within a complex technology landscape. Evidence required of applying relevant/modern technology, using agreed standards and tools, to achieve a well-engineered result.
  • Experience of test engineering across a large change portfolio within a complex technology landscape. Evidence of developing risk-based test strategies, test-driven development and techniques for testing distributed software and SaaS
  • Experience of technical architecture across a large change portfolio within a complex technology landscape. Evidence of designing micro-service-based architectures, complex problem solving, top-down architecture and working collaboratively with other architects/TDA.
  • Experience of infrastructure engineering across a large change portfolio within a complex technology landscape. Evidence of scaling/embedding DevOps culture, providing specialists experienced with designing/operating secure and resilient cloud/container-based services.
  • Demonstrate experience of effective knowledge transfer relevant to work undertaken.
  • Demonstrate experience of working in partnerships with organisations to understand capability and capacity needs and ensure the right skills are delivered and effectively embedded.
  • Evidence of building capability in client departments and leaving a self-sufficient, sustainable internal capability
  • Experience of providing training in the relevant disciplines to increase client capability, including hosting and supporting learning and development events.
  • Your organisation promotes a collaborative culture and you can demonstrate where you have successfully worked as part of a multi supplier team.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Experience of working in a Land Registration or property sector environment
  • Prior experience of working in a Government setting
  • Have assisted in the set-up of technical communities of practice.
  • Have the ability to provide multi-skilled people that are able to provide a variety of capabilities required.

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Quality: How you ensure commitment to the quality of the deliverables, outcomes and resources and ability to rapidly identify/ remedy / replace if an issue occurs.
  • Delivery: Your method for measuring and maintaining speed of delivery, including your approach to supporting the drafting of SoW’s that capture clear deliverables and take accountability for achieving these deliverables
  • Capability: Your approach to upskilling an organisation and building capability
  • Innovation and Organisation: approach to identifying and assessing opportunities within the organisation and securing the appropriately skilled resource to meet the deliverables
  • Capacity: Your ability and approach to deploy multiple resources at customer locations specifically in the South West
  • Accountability: Your approach to managing your resources on site as part of a multi-vendor, multi-disciplinary environment, taking accountability for achieving deliverables
Cultural fit criteria
  • Collaborating in a team: Demonstrates effective collaboration with multiple organisational stakeholders and multiple vendor personnel in order to achieve successful outcomes for both the organisation and users
  • Collaboration across teams: Proactively collaborate across multi-disciplinary agile teams in order to deliver transformational end to end services that work for users.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Demonstrates a clear process for transferring knowledge to permanent staff within a client organisation
  • Stakeholder Management: Ability to manage stakeholder and create harmony, be able to explain technical detail to non-technical people, and non-technical detail to technical people
  • Learning and Develpment: Demonstrates effective methods of upskilling Business Analysts in an organisation
  • Continuous Improvement: Reinforce a culture of continuous improvement and iteration in all teams.
  • User Centricity: Champion the value of user research, user-centred design, and evidence-based decision making
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Is there an incumbent supplier?
HMLR have been working with a number of suppliers delivering services in support of our transformation programme. Two of our programmes, Digital & Data and Service Improve are supported by our delivery partner Kainos.
2. Is there an incumbent supplier?
HMLR have been working with a number of suppliers delivering services in support of our transformation programme. Two of our programmes, Digital & Data and Service Improve are supported by our delivery partner Kainos.
3. Is there a current incumbent?
HMLR have been working with a number of suppliers delivering services in support of our transformation programme. Two of our programmes, Digital & Data and Service Improve are supported by our delivery partner Kainos.
4. Does this work fall outside of IR35?
HMLR will be using this contract to work with a supplier who can provide technical delivery specialists for each SoW. Specialists must be employed or contracted by the supplier - known as working ‘off-payroll’ or ‘outside IR35’.
Work being supported by this contract will be outside of IR35.
5. What is the timeline for the process? Application feedback, Presentation, Award.
Application feedback is expected to be issued in early April, presentation are anticipated for mid April, with contract award in early May.

Fixed dates will be shared with the shortlisted suppliers at the point of notification of shortlisting.
6. Is this a single supplier contract?
The outcome of this exercise will be to award a single contract. Suppliers are able to partner in their response, the contract will be between HMLR and the prime suppliers with other suppliers captured as sub-contractors.
7. Is there a single incumbent supplier providing these services at present?
HMLR have been working with a number of suppliers delivering services in support of our transformation programme. Two of our programmes, Digital & Data and Service Improve are supported by our delivery partner Kainos.
8. Are there multiple incumbent suppliers providing their services at present?
HMLR have been working with a number of suppliers delivering services in support of our transformation programme. Two of our programmes, Digital & Data and Service Improve are supported by our delivery partner Kainos.
9. Would we be able to work out of any of the HMLR offices. For e.g Swansea? (we have AWS staff living nearby we could potentially move onto this project)?
Though there may be the potential for some remote working, the primary location for this contract will be in Plymouth and we would not be able to commit to resource being based out of any of our other offices.
10. Given your budget, do you envisage having a single team active full-time or a blend of roles to supplement capacity & capabilities?
HMLR’s approach is to work in blended teams which will support capability and capacity.
11. How mature and developed is the development roadmap? In particular what is the anticipated elapsed time between a work package requirement being raised and the Statement Of Work being approved/authorised?
The roadmap of work is sufficiently developed that there would be minimal time being raised and the SOW being approved / authorised. We would seek to work with the delivery partner to develop a series of SOW's drawn from the roadmap of work as applicable.