London Borough of Enfield

Design, build and implement, host and support of Enfield council’s website and Web CMS

Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications
27 SME, 2 large

Completed applications

Completed applications
27 SME, 1 large
Important dates
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Published Friday 31 January 2020
Deadline for asking questions Friday 7 February 2020 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications Friday 14 February 2020 at 11:59pm GMT


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Summary of the work Enfield Council is looking to replace its web CMS and Website. This work will include the redesign of the website, improve Customer Experience, user research, implementation and build, content migration, testing and deployment, hosting, maintenance and support, consultancy and training.
MVP to be delivered by August 2020.
Latest start date Monday 16 March 2020
Expected contract length 2 years with option for 6 months extension at the sole discretion of LBE
Location London
Organisation the work is for London Borough of Enfield
Budget range Circa £135,000 - £165,000

About the work

About the work
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Why the work is being done Enfield council is replacing its entire CRM, CMS and Customer platform (webforms, customer account, integration to line of business applications) to replicate all its current functionality to ensure Business continuity; fulfil future requirements and achieve digital transformation; deliver an affordable platform suitable for future investment without compromising on quality.
Problem to be solved The current website needs to be rebuilt and replaced. It was implemented in 2015/16 and the CMS is built on an unsupported open source platform called ADX.
Furthermore, the overall visual design and user-experience of the website has not been updated since launch. UX design work needs to be carried out and implemented in a CMS which would be appropriate for investment and long-term use.
In addition to re-platforming we are looking to make significant improvements to modernise the look and feel, search, navigation, content types, forms, accessibility and the mobile experience of the website.
Who the users are and what they need to do As a resident, business or visitor I need to have an online experience that is simple and intuitive for me so that I can succeed in transacting first time.

As a council web team we need to have front end design, UX and UI which supports residents, works across a variety of devices and will work as part of a chosen CMS. It also needs to be fast and easy to use by non-technical and technical staff alike.
Any work that has already been done:
• End user customer feedback
• User behaviour data and analytics
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
Existing team Web Manager
Web developer (x2)
Web content editor (x3)
Current phase Discovery

Work setup

Work setup
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Address where the work will take place The Supplier will need to attend meetings and workshops at a combination of the Supplier’s site and Enfield Council, Silver street, Enfield London EN1 3XA.
Working arrangements Supplier will be able to work remotely but must be available for meetings in Enfield council as and when required. Travel time and expenses must be covered by the Supplier.
Security clearance No specific security clearance required

Additional information

Additional information
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Additional terms and conditions To be agreed

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Skills and experience
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Essential skills and experience
  • Provide a single example of your experience of having delivered a public/industry website;
  • Experience of hosting CMS and Websites;
  • Experience of having delivered content managed websites which integrates to a CRM solution;
  • Experience of delivering editorial workflows which can be used by distributed teams without the need to know mark-up or styling;
  • Commitment to deliver an MVP launch by Aug 2020;
  • Experience of provision of websites with Accessibility that is WCAG 2.1 compliant
  • High quality data reporting facility and analytics
  • Experience of iteratively managing projects to include stages of on-going development and support, testing and deployment;
  • Qualified and skilled personnel to manage and contribute to the various stages of the project;
  • Experience of enabling clients to be independent and self-sufficient in their future website development;
  • Experience of producing a website that is mobile responsive
  • Experience of providing high quality training;
  • Experience of migrating content from another CMS;
  • Experience of search engine optimization – maintaining and improving the existing SEO quality post launch.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Experience of providing a multi-site search functionality;
  • Provision of a personalised web experience for customers
  • Proven record of contribution to open source CMS or other proprietary CMS with a large userbase;
  • Certified and experienced Scrum staff as part of supplier's permanent team;
  • Experience of working with client-side Product Owner(s);
  • Any general certifications (ISO 9001, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials).

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How suppliers will be evaluated
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How many suppliers to evaluate 5
Proposal criteria
  • Essential and desirable skills and experience;
  • Technical solution;
  • Approach and methodology;
  • How the approach or solution meets user needs;
  • Estimated time frames for the work (MVP must be delivered by August 2020);
  • The risks perceived and how they will be managed
  • Team structure and qualifications
  • Value for money;
  • Managing support and on-going development;
  • Recommendation and costings for design, build and implementation, hosting, managing deployments etc;
  • Case Study;
  • Work History;
  • Implemented Scenarios in a Sand box (Test environment) with URLs, login details for LBE Web team to explore.
  • Above criteria 13 will be required in the second stage of procurement from shortlisted suppliers
Cultural fit criteria
  • Determine and indicate the pre-requisite conditions, technical platform and resourcing needed by LBE to help deliver the various phases of the project
  • Indicate the resourcing and skills required by LBE to maintain and develop the functionality to continue independently
  • Take responsibility for their work
  • Work as a team with our organisation and other suppliers
  • Be transparent and collaborative when making decisions
Payment approach Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

Questions asked by suppliers
Supplier question Buyer answer
1. You mention CRM system, is this to be included or will it just integrate with your CRM? If so, please can you advise what CRM system you will use? A new CRM is being procured simultaneously and independently so it is not included. The precise CRM has not been decided but the award will be made early in March 2020. The CMS provider will be required at this stage to indicate a capability to work with the market leading CRM offerings in the UK
2. Can you please confirm if the £165k budget includes hosting and support for the 2-year contract period? It includes hosting and support for the 2 year period
3. Do you need content to be migrated from the old CMS to the new one? It will be necessary to migrate content from the old CMS
4. Is the content still up-to-date / accurate or do you need help with copywriting? The content is up-to-date and a content audit is being undertaken.
5. Does the scope of this project include the login area "Enfield Connected" on No. The functionality for 'Enfield Connected' is included as an aspect of the CRM procurement.
6. Do you have a longer list of user stories matching to the different personas group / user needs? Yes. As part of the full procurement, the MVP will list the full range of forms accessed via the website. These effectively dictate the user stories required
7. Is there any dynamic forms logic to be considered? All forms will eventually be handled within the selected CRM solution, so won't need to be considered as part of the CMS solution.
8. What are the missing functionalities you would like to have on the new site? To an extent these are outlined/implied within the Requirements Specification and include (but are not limited to) things like content personalisation, content roll-back, dynamic (multi-site) search, configurable search, in-built QA tools, searchable media library, content age readability checker, browser push notifications, SEO analytics/recommendations engine, etc.
9. Is there any backend / backoffice integration to 3rd party platforms? No. The backend integration will be carried out by the CRM
10. Are you happy to keep the Google Translate feature or need more control? Google Translate will be discontinued soon, and will be replaced by a 3rd-party accessibility product.
11. Could you please confirm whether a discovery phase is currently underway and whether this is being conducted by an internal or external team? If a discovery is not already underway, is the indicative budget inclusive of discovery? A content audit is being carried out internally and there are plans to assemble focus groups from LBE employers and citizens of the borough. However, LBE are looking to the supplier to provide guidance and an approach to discovery. The indicative budget is inclusive of this discovery phase.
12. Is the budgeted amount mentioned for the 2 years? Also, is it expected to cover: platform choice, revised style guide, revised information architecture, content migration, CRM integration, testing etc? Yes. It is expected to include all these aspects.
13. You have a requirement for the CMS to integrate with a CRM.
(1) Do you have a CRM that you intend to keep?
(2) Are you currently procuring or do you intend to procure a new CRM?
A new CRM is being procured simultaneously and independently and is viewed as an essential and long lasting element of the customer experience for LBE. The precise CRM has not been decided but the award will be made early March 2020
14. Have you made any strategic decisions regarding technologies, vendors, etc.? If so, what technologies have been chosen? In line with government guidelines, we have a preference for open source technologies however we do consider propriety technologies where better value can be established.
15. Have you made any decisions on your existing CRM solution regarding replacement versus upgrade, technology, vendors, etc.? LBE are simultaneously purchasing a new CRM and will award the contract early in March 2020
16. Can you please advise the procurement/delivery stage you’re at regarding the digital transformation programme, and replacing your entire CRM, CMS and Customer platform? The CRM and CMS are being procured independently. We intend to award CRM in March 2020.
17. Can you confirm that this particular procurement and budget is just for the CMS and not the Forms, CRM and My Account? It is for CMS and Website only and not forms, CRM or MyAccount
18. Can you please advise the procurement/delivery stage you’re at regarding the digital transformation programme, and replacing your entire CRM, CMS and Customer platform? The CRM and CMS are being procured independently. CRM contract to be awarded in March 2020.
19. Can you confirm that this particular procurement and budget is just for the CMS and not the Forms, CRM and My Account? It is for CMS and Website only and not forms, CRM or MyAccount.
20. You have indicated a budget of £165,000 for this project. We believe this budget is likely to be insufficient to deliver the full scope of the project, as it is currently described.
Can you confirm whether this budget figure could be increased prior to supplier selection in order to deliver the project in full or, alternatively, would you deem it acceptable to deliver part of your requirements for this budget and defer non-essential features to a later project?
The budget is only indicative. If suppliers estimate the figure as greater than this amount for the level of service delivery described in the brief, LBE will reassess the appropriate budget. Applicants who are shortlisted will be able to estimate in detail against our cost model. This will enable suppliers to provide costings against a range of options.
21. In response to previous questions you seem to have indicated that the scope of this project both does and does not include the integration with your new CRM solution. Please could you clarify if suppliers should include an allowance of time for the integration of the new website/CMS with the CRM solution? LBE would be partially guided by the supplier’s assessment. It is intended that the CRM and CMS solutions are capable of being implemented independently. Web forms are included as a part of CRM. LBE would expect the look-and-feel of these forms to be consistent with the design standard defined within the CMS. For the MVP, the web solution must at least retain all existing links to the web forms (CRM) and all other links. The new CRM will not function without the CMS so an integration exercise (development and testing) will need to be included.
22. You are currently procuring a “market-leading CRM” as a separate exercise. Subsequent to that you will be asking the winner of the CMS bid to integrate their product with the CRM. Suppliers will have varied capability in this regard. We are unable to discover the procurement for the CRM.
(a) Would we be able to take part in the CRM procurement as well?
(a) What is the “market-leading list of CRM currently under consideration by you?
You are not able to take part in the CRM procurement because it is at an advanced stage.
The list of potential CRM providers include those with experience in UK council implementation, selected to work independently of the CMS solution provided. There will be an integration exercise to ensure the final product is coherent. The CMS will link to web forms which are part of the CRM environment although the website will need to conform to common design standards. It is an essential part of the procurement that the CMS supplier selected is not dependent on its own proprietary CRM.
23. Would you consider a bid from a consortium, if the lead partner in the consortium is on the framework? As this is just an expression of interest, we are prepared to weigh up responses on their own merit
24. In line with government guidelines, we have a preference for open source technologies however we do consider propriety technologies where better value can be established. Is this also a primary consideration for the CRM you are procuring? It is not a primary consideration for the CRM procurement
25. This procurement, and the enforced separation between purchasing a CRM and a CMS reflects a strategic position councils would have adopted five years ago.
You have stated that open source is not a primary consideration for CRM and also that you ‘only’ consider propriety technologies where better value can be established. We deliver an open source CRM which has run a large Unitary Council for the last 4 years and is also being currently implemented to replace 2 other Council proprietary CRMs because of its richer functionality and huge savings in licence-fees.
Why are you not seeking Best Value?
LBE are committed to providing the best value for the customers of the borough. The idea of value should be read as ‘value for money’,not simply as reflecting a cheap price, where the overall quality of the CMS is paramount. LBE are not inherently opposed to a single supplier providing both a CRM and a CMS. The CRM procurement has been similarly directed towards obtaining the highest quality product. LBE are looking for a CMS provision that has the capability of being decoupled from the CRM both in technological and functional terms although a level of integration is expected.
26. The process of Q&A despite it being open for questions for a reasonable period has been compromised by the delay in answering questions previously, and the Q&A has been wound up before there was a more complete dialogue. Can the Q&A therefore be extended to ensure that proper consideration of options and views is transparently considered and completed? Unfortunately there is no possibility to extend the Q&A deadline. All previously raised questions were answered within 2 to 3 working days.
27. Are the any CMS's which you would like to avoid, and if so why? No, each CMS will be considered on its own merit against the high level requirements described in the Expression of Interest
28. How many pages will be in scope for content migration? Currently:
1. Main website - 563 pages
2. WordPress sites - 15 sites which are not strictly required for MVP. However, shortlisted suppliers will be asked to separately price this tranche of work. Each of these sites may contain multiple pages but shortlisted suppliers will have access to this list enabling more precise estimation of the work involved
3. Third party hosted websites - 39 sites. This is not expected to be part of MVP but shortlisted suppliers will be asked to separately price this tranche of work. Each of these sites may contain multiple pages.
29. Where new content creation or content updates are required to populate new user experience and creative designs, will this be within the scope of the services required? Although the MVP for the website and CMS will essentially recreate the current content and integrate with the CRM, there is the expectation that the website will gain a new look-and-feel and will provide enhanced content as long as this maintains our current MVP provision deadline. The true scope of this work is expected to be uncovered during a 'Discovery' phase after the appointment of a supplier
30. Will you be able to share your existing user feedback and analytics to shortlisted organisations? yes
31. Is there a reason you are using the domain for the website? Is migrating the domain to part of the scope of the project? It will be part of the rationalisation process to ensure that we will principally use and gradually decommission the use of
32. Are SEO services part of the scope of the project? Yes and included within the MVP
33. Are analytics services part of the scope of the project? Yes but will require some definition within the project. The main body of customer journey reporting and analytics (e.g. no. of missed bin collections ) will be contained within the CRM. Reporting and analytics pertinent to the website and CMS will be expected to be within the scope of the MVP
34. Are you intending to retain your existing 3rd party functionality providers such as Cookiebot or Snapengage, or is replacing any of these services within the scope of the project? We are open to suggestions to replace these if justified
35. Have you defined the MVP required for August 2020, or is this to be defined during the discovery process? The MVP definition will be included in the requirement definition for shortlisted suppliers. It comprises a scoping definition of MVP and lists of web pages from 1. main Enfield web pages 2. WordPress sites 3. 3rd part hosted websites
36. Who will be the project stakeholders from the council? Will you have an internal project manager for managing internal processes and stakeholders? There will be a project board which will contain a senior responsible officer, representatives from ICT, the web team, including technical staff and representatives from the business. There will be an internal Project Manager managing internal processes and stakeholders
37. How many users will need training? approximately 15 at this stage
38. Do you require 24/7 coverage for either hosting or application/CMS support? Yes we require 24/7 support and Website resilience to ensure that the Council's main interaction channel is open an online 24/7. The Technical requirements will specify this once published
39. Do you have any defined SLA requirements for your hosting or application/CMS support, or are you looking for recommendations? We have defined SLA requirements for hosting and application/CMS support. Any recommendations will be considered as well.
40. Is there any non-content data stored within your CMS that will need to be migrated to your new platform (e.g. historic form submissions)? It is the intention for the CMS to hold little or no standing data although there may be instances where some is needed for practical and performance reasons. We would expect this to be examined in the Discovery phase.
41. How do you currently measure your website performance? Do you have defined hard or soft KPIs which will apply to the new site? We currently use Google analytics and Sitemorse to track website usage and performance. We have a KPI to monitor website availability
42. Do you have any technology preferences for the new site (e.g. because of existing internal knowledge you are keen to retain), either relating to the CMS platform or technical stack? No technology preference for SaaS products.
43. Do you have established browser/device support requirements, or are you looking for recommendations on this? We have a requirement that the website runs on all the main browsers across all devices
44. Do you use any 3rd party authentication systems (e.g. Active Directory) for internal users? We use Microsoft AD and ADFS for staff login to laptops and to SSO login to 3rd party compatible systems.
45. Other than the CRM provider, are there any other external agencies or stakeholders who are involved with the operation of your website who we should take into account in considering our recommended process? We use a few products such as Swifttype to drive search and Snapexchange to drive livechat but are open to other solutions
46. Is your budget inclusive or exclusive of VAT? The indicative budget is exclusive of VAT