Awarded to Triad Group Plc

Start date: Sunday 1 March 2020
Value: £6,120,000
Company size: SME
HM Courts and Tribunals Service

HMCTS Crime Programme Business Analysis Services.

23 Incomplete applications

19 SME, 4 large

32 Completed applications

25 SME, 7 large

Important dates

Monday 28 October 2019
Deadline for asking questions
Monday 4 November 2019 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Monday 11 November 2019 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
Provide flexible-team of 18 experienced-BA’s (including Practice Lead)in accordance with best-practice&recognised standards to:

• Provide programme/business assurance of comprehensive feature/increment delivery
• Drive&oversee delivery of high-quality and consistent requirements
• Ensure features are delivered to a high-level
• Develop/deliver effective stories for refinement
• Maintain JIRA backlogs&confluence to a high-level.
Latest start date
Monday 3 February 2020
Expected contract length
24 months with option to extend for further 6 months
Organisation the work is for
HM Courts and Tribunals Service
Budget range
The Target Day rate range for Business Analysts is between £625 - £725 per day, and under £900 for the Business Analysis Practice Lead.
Pricing will be evaluated out of 35% and pricing submission documents will be issued to suppliers who pass Round 1. Suppliers will be evaluated as per DOS criteria. The initial Statement-of-Work and Roadmap is available upon request. It is recommended that interested parties request this document.

About the work

Why the work is being done
HMCTS Reform, Crime Programme is designed to develop efficient, proportionate and accessible digital services to enable access to justice via appropriate modern channels. The Common Platform is an increment based delivery programme using a blend of Agile and Waterfall methodology.
Problem to be solved
HMCTS Reform, Crime Programme is designed to develop efficient, proportionate and accessible digital services to enable access to justice via appropriate modern channels. The Common Platform is an increment based delivery programme using a blend of Agile and Waterfall methodology. To support this development an effective strategy for business analysis is necessary to develop and deliver an effective cross programme service (including, requirement analysis, report writing, supporting team members, collaboration with stakeholders, to enable the programme to go live with confidence.
Who the users are and what they need to do
1) As a citizen, view/track my case and plea online, be alerted to changes and for the case to proceed efficiently. 2) As a prosecutor, prepare and manage my case to enable an efficient and effective prosecution. 3) As a defence practitioner, understand the evidence of a case to best advise my client. 4) As a HMCTS administrator, manage the delivery of justice services so the process is delivered efficiently. 5) As a member of judiciary, access all relevant information so that I can make a judgement
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
The Crime Programme is established and has been running for a number of years.
We have multiple services already live on the platform including a citizen facing service in the form of online plea as well as a pre-charge capability for CPS and an initial case working function which enables single justice procedure cases to be handled within magistrates and crown court. The focus over the next few months is to deliver the full court capability which will enable the decommissioning of all current legacy systems that support the criminal justice service of today.
Existing team
The current projects all have teams in place. Each existing delivery team comprises a delivery manager, a technical lead, a business analyst, one or more front-end and back-end developers and one or more QA specialists. It is expected that the successful provider will provide the business analyst capability within these teams and across the overall programme.
Current phase
Not applicable

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Primarily Southern House, Wellesley Grove, Croydon CR0 1XN. (Although some visits to other locations may be required.)
Working arrangements
The Service is being delivered against the GDS Service Manual. SoW/Work-Orders will be issued to define the development outcomes of each project phase and typically span 3-6 months. The supplier team will be required to work onsite at the base location working a (5) day week. For any works performed at a non-Base location and outside London (outside of the M25), all reasonable travel and expenses costs shall be met in accordance with the rates set out in the MoJ travel and subsistence policy.
All expenses will require prior approval from HMCTS.
Security clearance
All supplier resources must Baseline Personnel Security Check (BPSS) clearance which must be dated within three months of the start date. See for further guidance.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
The initial Statement-of-Work(SOW) will be Time & Materials but the Buyer reserves the right in the contract to use alternative payment mechanisms such as Fixed-Price or Capped-T&M for future SOWs. Suppliers shall provide transparency to the Buyer on the rates paid to resources & any third-parties in the supply-chain on request. Expenses shall be submitted in line with the MOJ Standard T&S, policy and agreed in advance of expenditure.

Supplier shall provide Liability-Insurance & Professional-Indemnity as detailed in the contract.
Suppliers must be able to provide resources within a 2-week notice period with the skills to minimise impact on delivery.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Provide evidence of experience working on a large-scale programme within a fast-paced multi-functional agile team working in a structured agile approach to support development using agile principles and methodologies.
  • Demonstrate your experience of producing high quality documentation including but not limited to Presentations and Briefings, Governance papers, Process flows, Use Case Diagrams, User Stories and User Journeys.
  • Demonstrate your experience managing a backlog of defined user stories,NFRs&acceptance criteria,demonstrating effective use of tools to include but not limited to Jira,Confluence,Visio(or similar)and Excel through all stages of agile development.
  • Provide demonstrable experience of playing a leading role in discovery/inception and ensuring effective integration and collaboration between business experts, user researchers, user experience designers, technical team members and decision-making stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate your experience of using a range of analysis&modelling techniques, e.g.: modelling current & desired future scenarios, business functions & processes, logic & rules, information flows and data structures.
  • Demonstrate your experience investigating operational-issues,conflicts&scope-creep by using effective-communication skills to achieve an acceptable business_solution.Your answer must cite the most challenging operational issue/problem you’ve encountered&what action you took to resolve it.
  • PL to demonstrate effective team-management of the Business Analyst Practice function through:strong leadership skills&ability to tackle difficult&conflicting issues;and ensuring alignment with the architecture function &suggesting fixes with verification steps.
  • Demonstrate your PL’s experience designing Business_Analysis_Practices to optimise delivery speed&quality,building a culture of continuous-delivery&improvement,ensuring that data is regularly analysed,maintained&improved,whilst providing advice&guidance in relation to the Business Analysis Lifecycle
  • PL to have demonstrable experience of strong Client Facing skills,excellent written&verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate with technical&non-technical backgrounds & an ability to understand their key business drivers.
  • PL to have demonstrable experience of creating and implementing business driven strategies and ensure buy-in from all teams and communicate this within the BA community and associated stakeholders.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Proven experience of working with Domain Driven Design
  • Significant experience of delivery of business transformation enabled by digital services
  • Proven experience working with the Digital by Default service standard

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Explain your overall Business_Analysis_Approach,Delivery Methodology&key-artefacts to enable digital-teams to deliver capability within an agile-environment.Explain how these compliment Crime Programme’s requirement&how you’ll apply lessons-learnt from similar projects to this programme(8%)
  • Describe your approach for ensuring that: what is designed&built achieves overall programme vision&meets user needs while compliant with business architecture; the service designed includes business change,not just technical product design(10%)
  • Explain how you’ll implement the first SOW;including how you’ll manage the transition-period(knowledge transfer,onboarding resources&maintaining velocity)to ensure you deliver the outputs in the first SOW&cite any risks you have identified(5%)
  • Explain how your PL will work with your BA’s,other Practice-Leads,delivery-teams&senior-stakeholders to develop&deliver an effective Strategy&Plan to ensure a high-quality-service is achieved across Programme.Include a successful previous-engagement of your proposed TPL(5%)
  • Propose your approach for enabling digital teams,delivering capability and ensuring that knowledge transfer is conducted during handover of project outputs to the HMCTS BAU maintenance team in the live environment(3%)
  • Identify&explain how proposed team-structure will meet our requirements&provide_high-quality delivery&include_6CVs of named-individuals from proposed team(junior-to-senior)demonstrating experience working in agile,multi-vendor-teams)&confirm minimum-experience required for each role(8%)
  • Explain how for contract-duration you will: - Retain key resources; - Sustain pricing whilst retaining suitably experienced analysts within changing-market conditions; - Maintain expected team velocity(5%)
  • Explain your method for attracting, recruiting&retaining high quality,appropriately skilled business analysts into HMCTS in line with the 2-week notice period&what internal processes you’ll undertake to ensure analysts match our requirements(3%)
  • Explain the Value Proposition; value for money, how the proposal will optimise value, and generate savings. Demonstrate how discounts will be linked to volume and duration(3%)
  • Provide three referenceable client focussed case studies where your company has provided the desired service capability; identify the proposed team member(s) from Q6 that were part of the delivery team(5%)
  • Describe how you intend to measure&manage quality&speed of delivery teams&individuals to ensure continuous-improvement throughout the contract,including how you would meet the supplier-targets for every SOW_over the life of the contract(5%)
Cultural fit criteria
  • Explain the approach for working with multi-vendor teams across multiple projects at different locations(1%)
  • Explain how you will ensure collaboration at all levels of the project and programme delivery between users,team members&management.Give examples of where you've taken this approach and how it has worked(2%)
  • Explain how you would maintain a no-blame culture and encourage people to learn from their mistakes; provide examples(1%)
  • Explain how you will maximise the value added by co-locating with the other disciplines during the initial launch set up, mobilisation / transition period(1%)
Payment approach
Time and materials
Additional assessment methods
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. How do I request a copy of the draft SOW?
Please email
2. Will you need 18 people at the beginning of the contract or the core team is smaller and 18 is a max number? Any remote work possibilities?
All 18 resources are expected at the beginning of the contract. On site working is our preferred working practice.
3. Do you require all 18 BAs to start on same day, or would a phased approach based on the roadmap be more practical?
All 18 resources are expected at the beginning of the contract.
4. Which roles are already in place? Eg developers, product owners, scrum masters?
All other roles are already in place
5. Is there an incumbent and if so how long have they been providing this service for?
Triad Group Plc are the incumbent supplier who have a contract since September 2017.
6. Are you looking for a supplier with specific CJS domain experience?
7. Who is the incumbent and can they reapply?
Triad Group Plc are the incumbent supplier. They are free to re-apply should they wish.
8. You refer to BAs already being in place. Are these civil servants or external supplier staff? In the case of the latter are you looking for the successful bidder to take these staff on?
The BAS are external supplier staff. We expect the future supplier to have its own resource pool to fulfil the requirement.
9. What would the email address to send the accompanying CVs to be?
CVs are not required until Round 2. If you are shortlisted you will told how to send in the CVs.
10. Does this fall inside or outside IR35?
CP currently assess this opportunity to be a Services contract and outside of the scope of IR35. We are not in a position to speculate on any future assessments of IR35 which may be undertaken by HMRC.
11. Is there a draft proposal document that we can fill in answers to the "Proposal Criteria", or do we incorporate these answers into the "Essential Skills" category?
The Proposal criteria questions are for the suppliers shortlisted for Round 2. At this stage bidders should only answer the Essential and nice to have criteria via the DOS portal.
12. Could you confirm if the day rates specified are exclusive of VAT?
The target rates are inclusive of VAT
13. Do you see this as a piece of work a Recruitment Company could do, or is it specifically geared towards a consultancy?
The requirement is for a managed delivery service not for the provision of 18 individuals.
14. Can you confirm the number of staff currently delivering the service and how many staff will be needed on day one of the new service?
All 18 resources are expected at the beginning of the contract.
15. Are you expecting all 18 resources at the beginning of the SoW or will the demand vary over time?
All 18 resources are expected at the beginning of the contract. However demand may vary over time.
16. Please would you confirm whether the assessment of stage 1 and stage 2 responses are cumulative or if stage 2 is assessed afresh?
The bidders shortlisted for Round 2 will be assessed on the evidence submitted for Round 2.
17. How long has the existing service been in place? Are you happy with the incumbent?
The current contract started on 1st September 2017. Your second question is commercially confidential.
18. We have recently seen buyers provide guidance on how to exceed expectations at the shortlisting stage. Please provide this.
We will not be providing guidance.
19. Please can you confirm if the current BA's in place are civil servants or contractors?
The BAs are provided by Triad Group Plc. There are no Civil Servants
20. Please confirm whether this is a new requirement, or a requirement to replace an existing contract that is ending.
It is a requirement to replace a contract which is expiring.
21. Please confirm whether there is any previous DOS opportunity that relates to this one, i.e. an earlier award or similar.
The current contract was awarded on DOS in 2017
22. Please confirm whether there is a current incumbent, who the incumbent is, and whether they are expected to tender for this new opportunity.
Triad Group Plc are the incumbent supplier. We will not know the identity of bidders until the competition closes.
23. Can the Practice Lead be part-time? We are confident that would work with our approach and team.
Our expectation is that the PL will be full time but we are open to receiving an alternative proposal which meets our needs.
24. ERROR in QUESTION 12: Could you confirm if the day rates specified are exclusive of VAT?
Correct Answer: The target rates are EXCLUSIVE of VAT
25. You mention all 18 resources are required at the start, but also that resource can be supplied with 2 weeks notice. Does this mean that there will be at least 2 weeks notice to roll off any resources not required for the next sprint / work.
26. Do you actually require a minimum of 18 BAs (including PL) or could an arrangement be reached in the interest of adhering to IR35 that a fixed price for services up until a particular date is agreed upon with the successful bidder deciding how many resources to deploy when, where and how often as long as the client is satisfied that the SOW is being managed, delivered and not falling into exception?
We have reserved the right in the above requirements to contract for SOWs on a fixed price, T&M or any other appropriate mechanism. Fixed price SOWs may be agreed subject to negotiation in the medium term however bidders should note that the first SOW will be T&M.
27. DOS guidelines state that suppliers should provide one example per skill/experience criteria at the shortlisting stage. Some questions refer to multiple products, technologies, techniques and/or skills that may need more than one example to cover. Please confirm your expectation in terms of the number of examples required and confirm how you will maintain equality when comparing answers – for example, not giving more marks for two examples rather than one or vice versa.
Marks will be awarded on the suitability of answers and not on how many examples provided. If more than one example is required to cover the criteria this will be assessed accordingly.
28. Please clarify the definition of an "operational issue" in Essential skill 6
Operational issues refer to issues experienced within the day to day operational running of the programme.
29. What are the responsibilities of the Delivery Manager and will the BAs be directly responsible to that person?
The BA's are an integral part of the delivery and discovery teams which are led by delivery managers.
30. In response to each of the "Nice-to-have skills and experience" points, are you expecting more than one example for each?
No. One example that covers each criterion will be acceptable.
31. Will HMCTS’s flexible working policy (i.e. ability to work part of the week from home or the parent company location) be applicable to the BA team?
No. On site working to facilitate collaboration is expected.
32. Will BAs be assigned to existing project and if so what will the handover entail (scope and timescale)?
Handover will be circa four weeks from contract signature.
33. Will (and if so when) will 'early market engagement' take place?
The competition is already 'live'.
34. Please could the Authority elaborate on what they mean by 'operational' in the context of the following question – “Demonstrate your experience investigating operational-issues,conflicts&scope-creep by using effective-communication skills to achieve an acceptable business solution. Your answer must cite the most challenging operational issue/problem you’ve encountered & what action you took to resolve it.”
Please refer to q 28 above.
35. How does / will the client assess competence of the BAs? What qualifications / experience criteria will be applied?
The suppliers will be assessed in the first round on the quality and relevance of their answers to each of the criterion and how their experience relates to Crime’s requirements and programme.