Awarded to AMT Evolve

Start date: Wednesday 2 October 2019
Value: £50,000
Company size: SME
Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate, Department for International Trade

SharePoint Digital Records Management System Design/Implementation

12 Incomplete applications

9 SME, 3 large

16 Completed applications

14 SME, 2 large

Important dates

Tuesday 16 July 2019
Deadline for asking questions
Tuesday 23 July 2019 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Tuesday 30 July 2019 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
To design and implement a digital records management system using SharePoint for the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA). Document storage processes, including folder structures, security and process flows must be clearly understood and consistently applied by all staff. This will be the foundation for controlling, managing and exploiting our digital information.
Latest start date
Friday 9 August 2019
Expected contract length
6 months with optional 3 month extension
South East England
Organisation the work is for
Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate, Department for International Trade
Budget range
£40,000 - £50,000

About the work

Why the work is being done
The TRA is a new organisation that will ensure the UK can continue to provide a safety net to domestic industries after the UK has left the EU. We have a window of opportunity to establish a records management system before the organisation is fully operational. Document storage processes, including folder structures, security and process flows must be clearly understood and consistently applied by all staff. This will be the foundation for controlling, managing and exploiting our digital information.
Problem to be solved
There is no agreed approach to organising information on Sharepoint. Business Areas have developed a straw-man for a document storage approach, using a traditional folder system.
Investigations are the heart of our organisation and our records management system must support this function. It needs to facilitate process flows and records of decision making. We will receive and handle large volumes of data daily.
Information security is a high priority - we need to restrict access to some areas of SharePoint and be able to audit this.
This approach must enable us to meet our GDPR and FOIA duties.
Who the users are and what they need to do
There are four business areas (120 people):
Corporate Services, Investigations, Analysis, Legal
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
Existing team
Corporate services knowledge, information management team. We will set up a SharePoint working group to include people from IT, communications and the 3 business areas.
Current phase
Not started

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
North Gate House, 21-23 Valpy Street, Reading, RG1 1AF
Working arrangements
Monday to Friday 9-5 office hours based in our office (in Reading). Embedded in the Corporate Services team where necessary and from own office at other times.
Security clearance
All must have BPSS as a minimum. Preference for contractors to already hold SC clearance, however we would be willing to sponsor the SC clearance process at the supplier's expense. One person in the team with SC clearance would be preferable

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Detailed knowledge and experience of designing and implementing the following technologies: SharePoint including Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business
  • Experience of migrating on premises SharePoint environments into Office 365
  • Experience of document management systems and techniques
  • Ability to leading technical design workshops to gather and confirm customer requirements
  • Experience of defining information architecture
  • Experience of presenting technical solutions to non-technology focused personnel
  • Solid understanding of the wider technology landscape and impact to design including networking, security
  • Strong client facing and relationship management skills
  • Ability to adapt and prioritise workloads to meet client objectives
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • GDPR and FOIA experience
  • Change management experience within a client organisation with stakeholders that may demonstrate aversion to change
  • Training and coaching experience with clients and stakeholders with lower levels of technical expertise
  • Training material design experience

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • The proposed approach to developing, configuring and implementing a SharePoint solution
  • Approach to engaging with the TRA to gather requirements and articulate these back to the team
  • Estimated time frames
  • Ability to commence quickly
  • Proposals to work with the team and also remotely
  • How the proposal reflects the uniqueness of the TRA
  • Value for money of the proposed solution
Cultural fit criteria
  • Work as a team with our organisation
  • Transparent and collaborative in approach
  • Delivering consistently within an agile environment
  • Willing to develop our skills through coaching
Payment approach
Time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Your need is for records and document management. Are you determined to use Sharepoint or would you be willing to consider an alternative and improved solution?
No - SharePoint will be the only system we will work with
2. After the initial requirements gathering, is it essential that staff are located on site full time in Reading? Or, are you happy for an Agile delivery, with Fixed Price, with daily Skype/Team Scrums, and monthly face to face workshops?

To deliver a Records Management solution in SharePoint, in our experience it will not take 6 months full time effort (plus your budget of £50k does not allow for this). Thoughts?
We don't expect the staff to be on our premises full time. The staff are welcome to work remotely and to provide monthly statements of work, but the expectations are that some level of face to face engagement takes place. 6 months is a guideline, however we are confident this could be done much quicker and not necessarily full time.
3. Do you have a DPO, if yes, are they a stakeholder in this project? If no, do they have someone responsible for information governance and records management?
Yes we do, and yes they will be a stakeholder in the project
4. Why is this positioned as 6 month contract? Based on all information provided at this point we would expect no more than a 10-12 week engagement as sufficient to achieve all outcomes required
This was based on an estimate and provisions to cover training and change management as and when required, but we are also of the view that the requirements can be met at a shorter timescale
5. Who/which function will be responsible for BAU management of the tech and the policies?
We have a Knowledge and Information Management team that will lead the project alongside communications and IT colleagues
6. Are there any critical 3rd party systems to TRA that need to be considered for this project?
7. Could you please confirm the process to Written Proposal and Presentation, ie following submitting an application will there be either supplied by TRA or the opportunity to meet the involved parties to complete a detailed Statement or Work. Could it also be confirmed, if defined, the expected total number of work days during the initial 6 month period and if there is additional available budget should this project require the optional 3 month extension.
The shortlisted suppliers will be invited to submit a proposal, the proposals will be scored as per the DOS process. The candidates will be invited to the TRA to present their proposals and for a face to face discussion. After the presentations take place, we intend to inform the successful party within 3 - 5 working days. The additional 3 months have been factored in as a contingency, however we believe that the project can be delivered much sooner.
8. Which version of SharePoint is the target platform (assume SharePoint Online)
Are requirements geared towards an off-the-shelf solution or is there budget for custom development?
What level of reporting is required if any (e.g., data extraction, exchange of data, PowerBI etc.)?
Is any Information Architecture design (e.g., document classification) required as part of the scope of work?
Are there any file migration requirements?
SharePoint Office 365 (Online version), we will be working with an off the shelf package. Reporting must account for data extraction, exchange of data etc. Information architecture design is a key priority for this project. The organisation is brand new and we will not need any file migration from any other system(s)/ all information is currently on SharePoint
9. "Business Areas have developed a straw-man for a document storage approach, using a traditional folder system."
Q. Are these to be the building blocks of the new system, but with an open approach to utilising SharePoint functionality e.g. Metadata.
Or are businesses areas aware that a new straw man approach will need to be built based on new knowledge of SharePoint functionality being educated to the teams.
We are expecting advice on the best way to use SharePoint functionality, including education on new approaches – we have an open approach, if we need a new structure, different processes, or the use of metadata, that will be fine as long as it meets our business needs.
10. "We will receive and handle large volumes of data daily."
Q. How is this data received? Are we talking emailed data? Are we talking Scanned Data? (Need OCR and Scan to SharePoint)
The data could come in different formats, it might be scanned and if so, we may need to use OCR. Most likely the data will be word documents, Excel or PDF.
11. Q. Is the organisation open to the use of 3rd party SharePoint add ons? e.g. OCR, bulk file uploads, etc, or do they only want to utilise OOB SharePoint
There would be a preference for OOB SharePoint, however, if during the discovery phase it is clear that some 3rd party add on will improve functionality, we will look at feasibility and cost.