Physical datacentre space

The Crown Hosting Data Centres framework is available to all central government departments, arm’s length bodies and the wider public sector.


The Crown Hosting service offers:

  • mission-critical datacentres
  • a secure environment for transition to the cloud
  • a flexible, pay-for-what-you-use model
  • power uptime availability that exceeds Tier III
  • leading environmental performance


The framework benefits the government by offering:

  • easy access to colocated, secure datacentres with no minimum volume commitment
  • cost savings (because government demand for datacentre space is aggregated)
  • time savings (because there’s no need to manage multiple supplier tenders)
  • simple, transparent ‘pay-for-what-you-use’ pricing so usage can be scaled as required
  • choice of duration commitments that can be ended early without charge
  • volume rebates as volumes rise
  • robust performance service-level agreements, including power uptime
  • strong step-in rights for government to ensure continuity of service if needed

Read more about the Crown Hosting Data Centres framework.

Crown Hosting contact

Email if you need support buying or selling on the Crown Hosting Data Centres framework.