Find a user research studio

To find a user research studio, you need to tell suppliers what facilities you need and when. They’ll then tell you what they can do and how much it will cost.

Before you start

  1. Prepare your requirements and set evaluation criteria.
    For example: a lab in York with a desktop PC and an observation room
  2. Get approval to buy what you need.

Create a shortlist

  1. Download the list of user research studios from the Digital Marketplace.
  2. Filter the list of studios on location and your requirements to create a shortlist.

Contact your shortlist

  1. Contact the Crown Commercial Service to get contact details for the suppliers on your shortlist.
  2. Send your requirements and evaluation criteria to shortlisted suppliers.
  3. Answer supplier questions.
  4. Suppliers will tell you if they can meet your requirements.


  1. Evaluate suppliers responses on:
    • availability
    • location, facilities and accessibility
    • price
  2. Award a contract to the supplier that best meets your needs.

Read more about how to hire user research studios.

Download the list of studios

List of studios (CSV)

Get help filtering the list at