Find an individual specialist

You can use the Digital Marketplace to find a specialist, such as a developer or a user researcher, for a specific piece of work.

You need to write ‘requirements’ to describe the work and tell suppliers to provide a specialist. The specialist can’t work for you outside the scope of your written requirements.

Before you start

  1. You can talk to suppliers to prepare your requirements.
    Download list of suppliers.
  2. Get budget approval.

Write and publish your requirements

  1. Write your requirements and say how you’re going to evaluate specialists.
  2. Publish your requirements and evaluation criteria so suppliers can apply for the work. This information will be published on the Digital Marketplace where anyone can see it.

Answer supplier questions

  1. Post all supplier questions and answers on the Digital Marketplace.

Evaluate suppliers

  1. Shortlist and evaluate specialists’ applications.
  2. Award a contract to the specialist that best meets your needs.

The buying process should take around 4 weeks.

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